Football: Mike Pawlawski to join Cal radio team

Former Cal quarterback great Mike Pawlawski is joining Cal’s radio team as game analyst.

Pawlawaski, who led the Bears to victory in the Florida Citrus Bowl to cap a 10-2 season in 1991, will be long-time play-by-play man Joe Starkey’s sidekick in the booth for Cal’s game, carried on KGO-810.

A member of the Cal Athletic Hall of Fame, Pawlawski has 12 years experience doing radio and spent eight seasons playing professional football.

“It’s great to come back home to the Cal family I love,” Pawlawski said. “Fans will get an impartial look at Cal football and my analytical opinion of it, but it’s great to be back home. I have incredible memories from my time at Cal, both with my teammates and all the people that bleed blue and gold that are fantastic to work with.”

Pawlawski takes over for another former Cal quarterback Troy Taylor, who resigned in the offseason after seven campaigns in the role to become the co-head football coach at Folsom High School.

“To come in behind him, I just hope to carry on the kind of professionalism and due diligence that Troy did this whole time,” Pawlawski said. “He was as good as they get it.”

Pawlawski has been a national, West Coast and Pac-10/12 college football and Arena Football League television color analyst since 2000, working for entities such as Comcast SportsNet, FOX and NBC.

“Football is what I do,” Pawlawski said. “I like to describe the game in a way so people listening to the broadcast can understand it. I like to give them my insight and translate it into English to help them recognize what’s happening on the field. I try to give them the insights that they can’t see, the things that they may not be looking for.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Friends. Today mexico plays brazil in the gold medal soccer game. If you have no horse in this race think of your friend juancho and root for mexico. Jeff i look forward to the upcoming post on this game.

  • gobears49


    Not sure you read my post in another blog article that suggested you organize an event where people who comment on this blog meet at Kips before a Cal football game at one or two of the back tables at Kips upstairs. You could put up a sign to designate the table named “Cal blog.”

    Go Mexico and Go Bears.

  • BlueNGold

    Was’t Troy Taylor hired to replace Pawlawski when he got hired by one of the TV networks? Sounds like things may not have worked out so well there. Anyways, good to have Mike back doing Cal games, and good luck to Troy in his coaching endeavors. Just be careful up in Folsom. I hear it may be inhabited by trolls.

  • Juancho

    Definitely read and replied to it gobears. I agree with your idea.

    MexIco ! Mexico ! Mexico !

  • Juancho

    Your amigo Juancho is tearing up watching Mexico receive the gold in soccer.

  • steveNTexas

    Adelante Mexico Prefiero escuchar historia de football que los guerra de drogas. Mexico es muy linda.

  • Will

    Pero Juancho tiene que aprender a nadar.

  • Juancho

    Thank you brothers for the solidarity. I agree steveN and will. Although will as i told a coworker at this stage i have to never learn to swim. Otherwise ill recognize what i missed.

  • southseasbear

    Juancho, may this great upset over a traditional powerhouse be portent of things to come for our Golden Bears this season.

  • Juancho

    Agree with you southseas. Today Cal has won the gold medal in mens soccer.

  • Rollonubears

    So, Espn reports Petrino has visited with the cal coaching staff? I suppose if he’s looking for a destination that limits the likelihood of his being “tempted” by the ladies we’re a pretty good fit.

  • Will

    Alex Morgan.

  • Concordbear

    Rollon you must roll with some Victorias models, Cal has tons of hot chicks.
    Not as many with bleached blond hair and fake tits as other schools but we doing all right my friend.

  • rollonubears

    There are a few “golden” bears, I’ll give you that. And Alex Morgan is certainly one of them. Plus, I suppose the older we get, the better everything seems on campus, in that regard. Petrino would be an interesting hire. I just find it really odd that Tedford would consider him.

  • Juancho

    Id like to see tedford hire petrino.

  • Juancho

    Also. I think the yoga pants or leggings trend helps girls look more attractive. Sometime swhen im on campus i wish that trend took off when i was there.

  • Juancho

    How long before we form a search party to look for jeff. Hasnt posted in two days.

  • wehofx

    Dana Vollmer & Jace Williams (2nd base).

    Actually a number of Hotties on the rare but welcome times I get back to campus. That said, to be a sexist jack hole – my apologies to any women who take offense – our cheerleaders our not very attractive but that is what makes Cal Cal.

    Yeah, where are you JF? According to Twitter 2-a-days started yesterday.

  • daredevilfan

    Sorry but this site is completely underwhelming me during this key time before the season. If they can’t allocate reasources to cover spring football, then they are going to lose me as a reader. There are other options out there.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #19 – I don’t blame you. You should attempt to see it from JF’s POV. Your HC closes all practices except for a few minutes of “look see.” What exactly is the guy to do?

    For more futility check out some of the other local rags. SF Gate has three articles – one about a kid who hasn’t played any football in 4 years because he is attempting to stay academically eligible even though he suffers from ADD. A second article is on your WR coach who hasn’t coached college in many years. A third article is on Coach Teddy Bear teaching the fundamentals to one of his QBs. That story comes up every year! No use re-writing a new one.

    Notice that one of the pictures is that of your punter. HAHAHAHA.

    Don’t blame JF. Blame the Taliban in charge of the program.

  • Juancho

    Anyone else getting worried jeff lost his job or something ? Starting to remind me of when jo left.

  • Will

    For what it’s worth, this article of his was published today:


    He might have written it before though.

  • daredevilfan


  • BadBill

    Now if they’d only fire Joe Starkey and replace him with Roxy Bernstein, we’d have a terrific radio team that clearly describes what’s happening on the field!!!!

  • Davidson

    I don’t why any of you guys still come to this website. It’s the least updated blog (slowest information) and has the biggest troll dominating any discussion. It’s like the worst of the worst.

  • wehofx

    What site(s) do you suggest? (one that is troll free)

    I have a thang about pay sites but I’m now considering it. I have a bad feeling about JF and CCT. I stopped reading the chron a coupla years ago because of amy and a number of other tedious posters.

    I hope I’m wrong about this site continuing because I really enjoy reading most of the posters – especially after the 250 + epic LOI thread.

  • wehofx

    …and I think JF does good work.

  • Juancho

    I think JF does great work. And I love this site. There’s an undeniable comraderie that’s developed from seeing the same poster names year after year. Even when we disagree (Covinared).

  • I too really enjoy this site, despite its shortcomings and you know who. And I also would like to see a tailgate or something this season where we could actually get to know each other a tad. Maybe a tightwad hill pre-game game of Edward 40-hands?? Or not… Ideas?

    Go Bears!

  • daredevilfan

    So let’s just make our own activity. My assessment of the team, position by position:

    DBs – I was pretty darn impressed by Marc Anthony and Steve Williams during most of last year, and that was without what I would call a real significant pass rush. If they can stay healthy and up their game, and we have a better pass rush, then this could still be a strength. It is a bummer that we don’t have McLure as he was looking really good too, but per reports our young guys are playing well and we actually have some depth here. Josh Hill should hopefully provide some leadership to this group. Overall, I think this unit can be pretty special, and maybe we can back to the days when we had a great turnover ratio.

    LBs – After a couple strong drafts in this area a couple years back, this unit should be ready to explode. Hopefully they live up to their pre-draft hype. McCain, Whiteside, etc. should start to really show their stuff. Again, hopefully besides causing some 3 & outs, we’ll actually get some good turnovers to help our O.

    DLs – Very similar to LB’s, had some great drafts, should be rising to the top. Jalil, Gabe King, Moala should become household names, with leadership by Payne and Tipoti. Time to reek some QB havoc.

    Defense – Overall, I am hoping that Clancy can take over this team and have the Defense become the real identity for this team. Our recent draft didn’t seem as strong, so if we have a great defensive years, more kids will come.

    WRs – We’ve got arguably the best in the nation here, but then a lot of youth around him. Sure the youth is very promising, but can they deliver when team double or blanket cover Keenan. We need that to happen badly, so hopefully the coaches are having these kids drink from a fire house right now.

    TEs – This has been a disappointment in recent years, so its nice to hear that it is a focus now. Our Qbs could really use that safety valve, and with a strong running game, you don’t need to force a homerun ball, just have a go-to dependable 5 yard TE play. Hopefully Richardson is the real deal or Hagan can break out. Let’s not overthink ourselves or get too complex, let’s just do what we do well.

    RBs – I agree with the early reports that this could be a real deep and good group here. I wasn’t sold on Isi at the start of last year, but I thought he did a stellar job all things considered, and I became very impressed with CJ as the year went on. In fact it started to seem like old JT football last year when we could have run, but instead kept trying to throw and shot ourselves in the foot. With Brandon coming on for the future, let’s keep this RB star development going.

    OL – This is where I have the most curiosity and concern. We’ve got a couple dependable names and then a lot of unproven guys. And if we can’t run, I don’t see our QB carrying us. Luckily JM is a master of getting great stuff out of his guys, so I will remain hopeful here. But we can’t have this group get dominated or we will be in a world of hurt.

    QBs – Gulp. Same as always, this position is the key to the team and I just don’t know what we have here. I don’t care about stats vs. bad teams. I want to contend with the big boys. My gut tells me that Maynard will be serviceable, and might be just good enough for the year to be okay. Personally, I either want great or underachieve to the point where we get some new coaching life to us. But if we keep it simple and learn to execute, and let the defense dictate the game, we might be okay. I’ll be looking out of the corner of my eye for Kline all year but will do my best to have faith.

    Offense – Overall it’s a mixed bag because we have a lot of talent, but it feels a bit discombobulated and I’m unsure if they can get it to click. So again, I’m hoping to keep it simple, pound the ball, take your shots down the fall after you lull them into submission. But mostly let the defense shine and don’t give the ball away.

    K/P – D’amato should be fine and maybe starts to shine. A new punter is scary, but if we can block for him, this can’t be too critical. I’m more concerned with the blocking and tackling of our special teams, but we’ve got some talented athletes to help out with this so as long as they are coached well, they should at least hold their own.

    Overall – Laying it out as done above, I’m more optimistic than I had thought. We’ve got a lot of great pieces and great potential. But we’ve seen that year after year. Can we get them all to play together and achieve? Is the play book too complex? Can the players relate to the coaches to get a real team chemistry? Can we be mentally tough against the great teams and not be down 21 to 0 after a quarter? I think we can, but the proof will only be shown on the field.

    Prediction: 8-4


  • MikeD

    knock knock, umm, hello, testing 1,2,3, is this thing on? hello?

    @Davidson, suggest away. We’re hip deep into Bear preseason camp and we’re getting crickets from the staff, something seems to be up

  • wehofx

    For what it’s worth, chron/crum haven’t posted anything since sat.

    Daredevil, I’ll take the hand off and run with it.

    From #cal #calgang twitter feed:

    LD: D Coleman and P Lopa (sp) are both in walking boots. Moala concussion. JC LB moved to DL to provide depth to suddenly thin unit.

    OL: C Adcock starting at RG – replacing Galas – someone I had high hopes.

    Wild unsubstantiated tweet says Phil Knight U will get nearly identical sanctions as SC: 2 year bowl ban. Substantial scholly cut for 2 years.

    What I think:

    OL: In JM I trust. F Tagaloa sounds like a beast as in future NFL beast. If any Coach can get a true frosh – I think there’s also 1 more highly rated frosh OL – to make a significant contribution on OL, it’s JM. Agree RB’s and LB’s really do seem ready to dominate. Secondary I’m not so sure but if front 7 can pressure qb, it bodes well for secondary. I also expect DL play to much improved with departure of the ‘ho – as noted, top 3 recruiter in the country but a shitty position coach. The new guy isn’t a rock star position coach but he sounds good. We’ll see.

    Heartened by the news JT is going to emphasize TE’s and R Rodgers(sp) also sounds like a future NFL beast. To state the obvious, Belichek type use of TE’s bodes well for ZM, RB’s and WR’s.

    Frosh wr’s Treggs and Harper sound like they’re stepping up and will play this year. I will enjoy watching KA’s last year.

    If ZM’s improved as JT’s advertised, I say definitely 8-4 maybe even 9 and…never mind. But if ZM struggles against NV or Southern Utah, I sure hope JT will not hesitate to pull the trigger and play Z Kline or whoever is second on the depth chart. I will be more than happy with a split after sc and ohio. But there can be NO blow outs.

    Finally, on paper, u dub and sc are putting together impressive classes for next year – as Juancho noted, we are not. Anyone heard/read any news on who is going to step up and replace the “ho?

    Or do you think JT will have to hire a hot shot recruiter to hold the fort until Avery Sebastian/Sebastian Avery finishes his NFL career? (Yeah, I’m still drinking the Kool Aide.)

    Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey rookies. Listen and learn.

    The economics being as poor as they are do not allow the newspapers the same ability to pay a staff of journalists. It is not uncommon for a paper to have one (or at the most two) sports journalists.

    The rest who write get paid small amounts for each story/blog they submit. I know for instance one Bay Area paper has a young intern writing for the 49ers. He doesn’t even attend the games unless he pays for it on his own. He gets under $100 per story. He gets no access to the lockerroom for interview purposes.

    He watches the game on TV and then writes up the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if JO had the same thing happen to him and JF isn’t facing the same situation.

    What doesn’t help is your HC runs the program like the Taliban. You are asking for coverage from journalists who get to see 10 minutes of a practise. How much do you expect them to report.

    YOu guys are nothing but a bunch of whiny crybabies. You know the real problem is with your HC and his paranoia that someone may take videos of his playcalling and post it all over You Tube. Frankly the only thing accomplished by placing his plays on video is to assist insomniacs.

  • Larry

    I feel good, ok maybe “better” about ZM at QB than last yaer. They should try some plays like the one Kaepernack scored on in the 9er game, with Maynard.

    RB is in great shape. OL scares me. That is our biggest weakness heading into the season. LB will be awesome this year. DBs too. DE needs to watch out for injuries, but some DT’s can move over, so again, not too concerned.

    Implementing the TE is LONG overdue. That is what this offense has been lacking. Plus common sense would say that using the TE would take some pressure off the QB and young WRs, not to mention helping to set up the run.

    I see 8 -9 wins with hard work. A little luck, 10 wins are possible. I think this team will overachieve, and I’m usually more pessimistic than that.

  • daredevilfan

    Great insights Wehofx and Larry. Any other thoughts from the gang? A couple of DL injuries sound scary, but they don’t sound too bad. I do hope we get a new person to focus on recruiting. I believe it is more important than most people realize. Especially when you are going to stay within the law as we will.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    “Especially when you are going to stay within the law as we will.”

    Ike Curtis

    Jelani Gardiner

  • Will

    It’ll all come down to Maynard. I have faith in the D to put together a solid season….and Maynard MIGHT be able to have a solid season with his experience. But if he fails to live up to that….we’ll be looking at 6 or 7 wins.

  • Steve W

    ZM has shown little ability to light it up against the top level teams. He looked pretty horrible last year against SC, Oregon, and UCLA. And let’s not forget that Marvin Jones won’t be around this year to bail him out with great catches on poorly thrown balls.

    It’s all going to come down to the patchworked O-line and their ability to open holes for the running backs. If we can limmit ZM to around 20 throws a game and punch out 150 yards or more on the ground each game, 8 wins are possible.

    BTW, I recommend the ESPN Pac 12 blog for staying up to date on Cal and other teams in the Pac 12. Ted Miller does a nice job of reporting on the conference and throws in any available Cal coverage from the local media. I live in LA, and I am envious of the way the Times covers the Bruins and Trojans down here.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Will – LOL. Nice try for your first football related post ever. Wow I can see why you don’t post that depth of football knowledge more often. LOL. If Wayward fails to have a “solid” season you predict the team will still win 6-7 games.

    Which ones Will?

    Your season will deteriorate as quickly as you can say UCLA 2011 loss and Texas 2011 loss.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Steve – Great post. I hope Will is taking lessons from you.

  • Will

    You may be envious of the Times coverage of the Bruins, but UCLA Fans sure are not. BruinsNation bashes the quality of the Times all the time.

  • Steve W

    Me thinks the BruinsNation readers must be spoiled rotten if they complain about one of the best newspapers in the country with arguably the best sports section. Let them spend a few months reading the Chronicle and then spout off on how bad the Times is. Last year, ,columnist TJ Simers was relentless in his criticism of HC Rick Neuihisal before he was canned. Is there even one columnist in the Bay Area who cares enough to cover the Bears?