Football: Back in Berkeley, Episode 2

Here is “Back in Berkeley — Episode 2,” courtesy of the Cal athletic department.

For those of you who missed Episode 1, we’ve got that, too.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Did anybody else notice from 1:30 to 1:37 in video #2 the writing on the whiteboard in the background was blurred out? I guess they are really paranoid that other teams will see their plays? The weird part was it looked like their time schedule that Tedford was dictating in the audio.

  2. Love these videos. Bit of hypocrisy though. Tedford put in the zach kline rule where he cant talk to media because he hasnt played a snap. But he has kyle boehm in here. Makes me worry that tedford will overthink/ over protect kline. We know kline is our biggest shot at returning to relevancy. Tedford knows it. Kline knows it. Hell he chose to wear #8 the number of his idol Rodgers.

  3. Juancho-

    I think it’s more about being a freshman than not playing a snap. Tedford did the no-media thing to someone else before. I want to say Keenan his freshman year? Or was it Jahvid during his freshman year? I don’t remember who it was, but he has done that before.

  4. Well it seems arbitrary at best. Treggs has had plenty of pub.

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