Football: Old business revisited — Tedford tells Seattle Times `no hard feelings’ toward UW

We covered this topic last month at Pac-12 media day, but figured you probably can’t get enough on this soap opera topic.

Coach Jeff Tedford told the Seattle Times has has “no hard feelings” toward Steve Sarkisian or Washington in the aftermath of Sark poaching a couple of his assistant coaches last January.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Easy Ed

    Class act Coach T. Stay above the fray in public but I hope you have the memory of an elephant and the patience of a buzzard becaue I really want to get those SOBs at UW!

  • ConcordBear

    UW, Shaq and Tosh have karma to watch out for.
    It always comes back to bite you.
    The way UW is doing things is not a way to build a program. They will get theirs, just wait and see…

  • gobears49

    The linked Seattle Times article shows another article about how well Shaq Thompson is doing at Washington (see the link below), and it looks like he may start this year. Probably could have been the same for the Bears.


    There is obviously nothing that can be done to prevent a coach from leaving, but there should be some, creative, way to penalize the coach the leaves or the school he is going to if it is discovered that the coach told a recruit he was thinking of leaving to coach at the other school before he actually left. For starters to consider, how about cutting back on one scholarship for the destination school for each recruit the coach told he was leaving to go to before he actually made that announcement public, without any requirement that a recruit actually sign with the destination school?

    That rule might make schools a bit more circumspect about hiring assistant coaches from other schools, though there is a substantial proof problem associated with this, which will take up a lot of peoples’ time. This rule will probably never see the light of day, but it perhaps can inspire someone to suggest a better, more workable, rule.

  • Will

    Can’t blame Shaq for what he did – he’s just a kid. But Tosh…that’s another matter. Karma’s a boomerang…

  • milo

    UW’s program has a literally build in curse. Those dumb dawgs will be scrambling to dismantle their stadium once they realize something un-dawg-like is buried in the concrete.

    Yeah, karma’s a bitch. Gonna haunt them dawgs forever.

  • Not Forgetful

    Since it was largely Tedford’s inept handling of Lupoi which caused the problem, I can see why he’d want to bury the issue. Alums, students and the media should not let him off so easily.

  • Juancho

    To be honest i would have preferred if Tedford said something to the effect that theyve got that game circled on the schedule. Alumni sure do.

  • H8sRed

    Not Forgetful is a misnomer, because you clearly have forgotten that Tedford gave To$h two raises and after the second one got To$h’s assurance that he was not going entertain any more offers from $ark. Given everything Tedford did for To$h, you would think he could have relied on To$h’s word, but we all know now what his word is worth.

  • wehofx

    Agree H8sRed. At first I defended the ‘ho. A coaching career is about experience and then, vertical moves and ‘mo $. Learning and working with a variety of Coordinators and HC’s. Great example is the way JT bounced between Fresno State and Oregon going from qb coach to OC back and forth, up and up. But not burning any bridges.

    I’m in entertainment biz. Like most performance based biz, a long lasting career is based on performance but running a close second are personal relationships and trust. As I got the story on the ‘ho’s duplicitous behavior ie recruiting Shaq T for Cal and then switching to u dub the next morning, I lost all sympathy.

    For those of you with twitter, @CoachTedford #bearcamp is taking questions for JT that he’ll answer tmrw. I asked about M Harris’ place on depth chart.

    Go Bears!

  • daredevilfan

    Juancho, agreed. Although I respect Tedford as a solid human being, I want more fire and attitude from our head coach. We need swagger and we need to also teach our kids not to be doormats. Sarkisian is another SC snake and I wish I could meet him in a back alley sometime.

  • Eric

    I have previously touted Khalfani Muhammed as a recruit we need to get. Then he went and won the 100 meter and 200 meter California state championships, and now is getting a lot more buzz. Unfortunately, I have heard that he is becoming more and more interested in UW. Upsetting. His dad was a track star at U$C, but I don’t think U$C has offered a scholarship (yet).

    Anyway, the kid is a solid citizen. When Sherman Oaks Notre Dame plays in Dublin on 8/31, it should be on a Fox Sports affiliate and you can check him out.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey guys

    This is old news. Can we move along? Bitterness is very toxic to well being.

    On another note, I heard that Shaq will be in the nickle package and definitely playing as a true freshman.