Football: Here’s a surprise — new Oregon unis

Maybe you care, maybe you don’t . . . but you’ve got to admit that Oregon introducing its latest game-day fashion statement is always an intriguing/nauseating/amusing/predictable/excessive/ridiculous/creative ritual in the Nike-driven world of the Ducks.

Take a peek if you wish.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rocko

    A letter sweater hanging around the shoulders would complete the ensemble along with a pair of Gucci loafers.

  • Easy Ed

    Phil “Sugar Daddy” Knight strikes again. He is such a great guy with a big heart. Builds the Oregon program by charging $315 for a pair of LeBron shoes that cost $10 to make with child slave labor. GO DUCKS!

  • Juancho

    Here are my ideas for new Cal uniforms:

    1. Top Dog Theme. The helmet has a classic Top Dog logo. The jersey looks like a bun and dog in it. With just a touch of onions and mustard.

    2. A marijuana plant theme.

    3. Zach Kline’s face on the helmet.

    4. One modeled after our Rugby shirts.

    5. A tye-dye jersey.

  • rollonubears

    Those are all fantastic Juancho! We could get all-hemp unis to go with the plant theme. That top dog theme could carry through the whole season with a different dog featured each week.

  • milo

    UO-Niketown Eugene, RULES the FASHION WORLD beotches!

    Next up for UO-Niketown: inmate serial numbers on unis

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Since so much of this season’s camp coverage has been about the food being offered at the remodeled dump called a stadium, here are some suggestions for your new unis.

    1. A pile of humus

    2. Chopsticks with sushi

    3. Hunger Bowl motto (since that appears to be your destiny with every bowl season)

    4. Andrew Luck cattousing Cattouse

    5. The words “No doubt about it”

    6. A picture of JT sending a Twitter with the words “I am now relevant”