Football season preview: Memorial Stadium raises expectations and Bears welcome the pressure

With the arrival of renovated Memorial Stadium comes pressure to win, and the Golden Bears say they are OK with that. Here’s my season preview story that will appear in Tuesday’s editions.

Here’s more to our season preview package: Predictions on how 2012 could unfold, a look inside the team at difference-makers and fresh faces, a glimpse of three key games on the Bears’ schedule, and facts and figures.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Jeff from one friend to another. What is your bottom line prediction for the year. And who will our wins come against.

    And do i or dont i cry when i see shaq thompson and arik armstead in their respective uniforms ?

    Predictions please.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    On the eve of a new season, I thought you would like to see why Pete Carroll was the greatest Pac 10 coach in history. Great video


  • ConcordBear

    Real good stuff, nice work Jeff.
    Hope the new press box treats you well Saturday.
    Appreciate your coverage.
    Go Bears

  • Yoda

    Pete Carroll? The mediocre NFL coach who bailed on USC after bringing on sanctions? Sure.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    Why do people respond to anything the Moren troll says as if it has any relevance? There is exactly one appropriate response to Amy and it goes something like this:

    “Go away, troll. Nobody wants you here.”

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    My bad. I guess there is one other appropriate response: using that script to block the troll.

    I know there are folks who don’t like these MoreSanctionsComing posts any more than they like Amy’s, but I’m not stopping. If you don’t like it, make a script to block me too.

    If she gets banned, I won’t have to be banned because I ONLY post in response to her. If MoreNCsarecoming gets banned, nobody will ever hear from MoreSanctionsComing again.

    I don’t ever try to dispute any of the BS she brings up or argue with her – that does nothing but give her the relevance she so craves. All I ever do is remind her that she is universally hated and unwanted here, and I implore her to seek help for the obvious mental health issues she is struggling with.

  • MikeD

    ignore the troll(s), sad that one of our own isn’t smart enough…

    Looking forward to Saturday. While there seems to be so much potential it is difficult to try to figure out where this team will end the season at, so many question marks

  • Install it. What a difference it makes. So sad…


  • Is it Saturday yet???

    What about now???

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    Blake, I can’t get the safari plugin to work. I downloaded and installed SIMBL, but the next step after downloading the greasekit is to copy and past it into this file…

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    Even though I have successfully installed SIMBL, there is no SIMBL folder in my application support folder. So there’s nowhere to paste this greasy icon. Any help would be appreciated.

    Can’t wait ’till saturday either, and plenty of pac12 action just 2 days away as well. I LOVE this time of year. Go Bears.

  • Sorry Rollon, I don’t use Safari so can’t help there, I assume there is a way though…good luck.

    Crap, Whiteside ineligible, maybe he learns from this and turns into a total monster for the remainder of his Cal career. He still has 3 years left then right? I liked that guy last year…

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    You are nothing but a coward but even cowards get a chance to make things right. Let’s make a deal.

    Post your final score of the UCB-Nevada game this Saturday. (You do know there is a football game don’t you)?

    If you guess the exact score (just like I did for the 2004 Holiday Bowl beatdown by Texas Tech and the 2006 beatdown by Tennessee) AND/OR you guess the exact amount of points combined by both teams, I will leave this forum for good.

    However if either one of them is wrong you leave the forum much to the delight of all of the other posters.

    Do we have a deal…coward?

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    Thanks BlakeStreetBear. It’s not a huge deal. I don’t like the troll, but I’ve gotten way better at ignoring it.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    There is a script to block you. MikeD writes – 8/22/2012 Update: New version of the script is now available, the change being that troll poster “MoreSanctionsComing” is also blocked! Good Times!

    How sad that a fan of a team is punked and blocked by his own fans. You aren’t wanted here by your own fans. LOL.

    However maybe if you talked about football JUST ONCE then your own fans might show you some grace. Think about it.

  • What troll? 😉

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #4 Hey Yoga

    Let’s talk about what it means to be “mediocre”. I have been amazed by the many sportswriters who point to Tedford as the champion of the turnaround. That needs to be examined more closely.

    When Tedford took over Cal state was a perennial bottom 10 worst team in the nation. So any improvement at all put him as the second coming of Bruce Snyder (who by the way was a friend of mine and asked me to be the asstnt manager for the summer camps). Staying out of the Pac 10 cellar and not being the butt of so many jokes by the other team’s fans would be considered an improvement.

    Now when he took over the Cal state program the Pac 10 was poor – very very poor. The only really great team was USC and it was just beginning with its run of championships under Pete Carroll. Let’s remember what these teams were like.

    Stanford – pathetic and it got even worse until Harbaugh came in with guns blazing.

    UW – a shell of its former self and ready to go belly up under Gilby (ex UCB coach)

    WSU – arguably the worst team in America under Wolfe who was left an empty bucket under Dumbba

    Arizona State – couldn’t win a game in California under Koetter

    Arizona – fired their coach (who beat you guys by the way) and hired Stupid

    It was no big deal to beat these teams even if you were the laughingstock of college football under Holmoe and Gilby.

    Here were the mediocre teams:

    Oregon – mediocre and inconsistent under Bellotti

    pucla – Radio was as laughable as the guy he was named after

    Oregon State – Riley made them achieve more than their talent would allow

    Teddy could always be counted on to beat the patsies of the conference – Stanford, ASU, UA, UW, WSU. Those are 5 easy wins right there.

    Teddy normally split games against the mediocre teams and sometimes teams like OSU put the hurt on his teams.

    So right there, the “turnaround” had more to do with poor competition than it had anything to do with his coaching. The problem is – It raised up your expectations and hopes that maybe winning football had returned to Cal state. No sir!

    Because if you really want to judge just how good your program was just put it up against the great USC teams under Carroll. You won exactly one game and that was during a season when Carroll was just beginning his dominance and the team was rolling into shape. It never happened again.

    You guys were mediocre even during your best years. Now the competition has stiffened with better coaching and you go back down to being a bottom feeder.

  • MikeD

    @Rollon, post a message over on the script site and I’ll give you a hand over there

    @BSB well played sir!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Just showed the board how to shut down a troll like MoreSanctions. Not a peep from it since my post. (See #12).

    Not a whimper…