Football: Center Brian Schwenke wants a piece of Memorial Stadium history — the first TD

Senior center Brian Schwenke, talking with reporters after practice on Wednesday, said he sees no reason why he cannot daydream about being the first player to score a touchdown.

We think it’s a fine idea, too.

Frankly, there’s little chance he will follow in the footsteps of former Cal All-America center Edwin “Babe” Horrell, who scored the first touchdown in Memorial Stadium’s 1923 debut game.

(Click here for 10 pieces of trivia about the first game played at Memorial Stadium).

So who do you think will crack the end zone for the first time Saturday?

Isi Sofele?

Keenan Allen?

C.J. Anderson?

Someone from Nevada?

Let me know, and I’ll tally up your votes.




Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    Isi on a 40+ yard run!

  • Matt

    Keenan on a crossing pattern from around midfield, shakes a defender, and shoots up the sideline for a touchdown.

  • covinared

    isi usually gets caught from behind by 40 yards.

  • Crawford

    Bryce Treggs

  • rotfogel

    Steve Williams, our best CB in quite a while, int return for TD!

  • wehofx

    CJ on 5 yard A gap blast.

  • Larry


  • Calfan1

    Keenan Allen on a punt return

  • Raf

    Maynard, 3 yrd roll out.

  • FireItUp

    Moala with a fumble recovery in the endzone.

  • Big D

    Maurice Harris fade route. Everyone will be looking for Allen to get the ball.

  • David


  • randythebear

    Rodgers — Tedford opens with what he learned on his trip to New England.

  • ThisisCal

    Bryce Treggs

  • milo

    Flea flicker pass…from Allen to Treggs.

    Go Bears!

  • Maynard, first play from scrimmage, QB option, he keeps it and runs 66 yds for paydirt!!

    If the Bears are gonna succeed this year Maynard must use his feet!! He has some wheels, he has some moves. USE THEM TEDFORD!!!

  • wehofx

    BlakeStreet, last year I said no way on ZM running. He makes Vick look like a big dude. But the way it sounds Bridgford and Hinder – not to mention ZK – raised their games, yeah, should definitely take advantage of ZM’s running ability.

    I also hope maybe against NV and definitely against S Utah, Bridgford gets to play at least a quarter.