Football: Still not a sellout, but getting closer

We got this sort of vague answer Wednesday from Cal when we inquired about ticket sales for Saturday’s Memorial Stadium re-opening vs. Nevada: The ticket office reports having sold in the “high 50,000s” for the game, and expects a sellout.

Not sure why the numbers aren’t a bit more precise, but you have to imagine they’ll get there if they’re only 5,000 or 6,000 away from a full house.

Even three empty seats would be a little embarrassing considering the builup, the historic nature of the occasion, the expected delightful weather, etc.

Anyway, if you haven’t purchased a ticket and want to attend, probably need to get to it.


Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    For a lot of people, it all comes down to the product on the field. I’m really excited for this game, even though I can’t attend, but this stadium update means a lot more to the athletes, and the wealthy donors (who don’t seem to be buying up enough tickets) than it does for the students and young alumni. For them, the only difference is sitting on metal instead of wood, finally seeing the right color in the end zones, and feeling a little more comfortable that if “the big one” hits, mom, dad and grandpa sitting on the other side won’t fall into the bay.

  • Calduke

    Rollun; You use to be a Cal-Bear supporter.

  • Rollonubears

    I’m just throwing out a couple reasons for why it’s not already sold out. It’s not a brand new stadium for more than half the fans. And it’s a .500 team of late. I’m still elated, and pumped for opening day.

  • BlueNGold

    I seem to remember some posts here awhile back that predicted ’empty seats for as far as the eye can see’, or something equally poetic and profound, once CMS reopened. I guess that if you always predict negativity, doom and gloom, you are bound to be right at least some of the time, but you will certainly look awfully foolish a lot more of the time(not to mention wholly lacking in any credibility) by doing so.


  • covinared

    not many ucla tx left. check out stubhub for sc seats. there are still plenty. if we go in 3-0, it will be hard to get a seat.

  • Larry

    All I know is that I will be there on Saturday, barring death. I’ll be screaming my ___ off. Don’t really care who else shows up or not.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I seem to remember the AD saying that the ESL seats will be a big hit with the alumni. What shills has the AD given those unsold seats to for this game so that it doesn’t look like a half empty seats from the 35-35 yard lines on the alumni side.

    Just wait when you guys nosedive after the tOSU and USC games. Lots and lots of empty seats.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #6 Larry

    Did you buy one of those $19 specials? You can fill up a lot of seats with that kind of giveaway plan.

    What about those empty yet to be purchased ESLs? Who will be sitting in those “sold” out seats? I can just hear Sandy on the phone calling up potential high income buyers. “We have a special deal for you. Come to our opening game for free compliments of our generous AD”.

    Now with no TV contract, the income stream looks less promising. Stay tuned for the next chapter of “CMS – Who Will Be Left Holding the Bag?”