Football: Pac-12 opens 3-1, with four snoozers

Not much drama on opening night of the Pac-12 football season:

— UCLA 49, Rice 24: Jim Mora Jr. became the first UCLA coach to debut on the road with a victory as the Bruins overcame three blocked PAT kicks and routed Rice in Houston. Johnathan Franklin rushed for 214 yards and three TDs.

— Utah 41, Northern Colorado 0: John White rushed for 119 yards and Jordan Wynn passed for two touchdowns and the Utes handed Northern Colorado its 19th loss in its past 20 games.

— Arizona State 63, Northern Arizona 6: Taylor Kelly was 15 for 19 for 247 yards passing in his starting debut and coach Todd Graham easily won his first game for the Sun Devils. ASU led 42-0 at halftime and finished with 305 rushing yards.

— BYU 30, Washington State 6: Wazzu fizzled in coach Mike Leach’s debut, netting minus-5 yards rushing and failing to score a touchdown at Provo, Utah.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    The Cougs will beat you the guys. Mark this down.

    1. Their QB Tuel is just the kind of QB that beats you. He can roll out and throw on the run

    2. He has 4 lean, tall WRs. Wilson will torch you guys.

    3. Leach is now the coach – he has already torched you guys!

  • JimBob

    Hey NCs, did you read about Armand’s suit against U$C in the Bee? His attorney is really good. Hope he really sticks it to the Toejams.

  • Will

    JimBob, listen to MikeD and install the Greasemonkey script.

    That being said, as a lawyer, I do think that the complaint you mention raises interesting issues. My guess is that it will settle after some legal rambling. Dreyer has a reputation for being an excellent trial lawyer. He’s not the type of guy to take on a case because he’s desperate for clients. He sees something in this case, and $C has enough $$$ to make this case go away by settling.

  • covinared

    it seems armstead’s damage theory is too speculative to go anywhere on the merits, but his leverage lies in potential embarrassment of exposing sc to doping up its injured players to get them on the field. the connection to the doping and the heart attack sounds tenuous, as is the loss of 1st round draft $.

  • Will

    Establishing causation will definitely be a problem for Armstead. But like you said Covina, the publicity that would arise from a prolonged trial would not be good for $C. Their lawyers are going to try to toss the case with a Motion to Dismiss, or a Summary Judgment Motion. If those fail, they’ll probably settle just to move on.

  • H8sRed

    I’ll take Cal’s defense any day over BYU’s.

  • Steve W

    Roger Dreyer is the most successful personal injury lawyer in Sacramento and maybe even the whole state, and he doesn’t take on cases that he thinks he has a chance of losing. USC would be best served to settle out of court and avoid the public eye on this one. But I hope it goes to trial so that whole program can get dragged through the muck yet again. Go Hawaii!!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy knows Roger Dreyer. USC is a class school and will treat the situation with honor. Pat Haden is a quality guy and will make sure that the right thing is done.

    I would be more concerned with how you will stick the taxpaying public with that new remodeled dump. $320 million is a lot of dough and Soical Welfare workers don’t make that much to defray those costs.

  • covinared

    LA jury, sacto atty. another sc recruit who did not hit pay day = nuisance suit.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    USC owns the legal system and the courts in LA. Armstead can count on USC doing what is right. They have a lot hanging on the line. Even though every great recruit begs to come to USC this is the kind of thing that rival coaches will use in a negative way. USC is too honorable to do something like that. We do not prey on weak sisters.

  • CalBearClaw

    I’m a casual observer of the site and a Cal alum. So what’s with this MoreNcs character? Are you a Stanford guy with who takes football a bit too seriously? Someone fill me in on this odd character. He’s half entertaining and half distrubing. Anyway, everyone enjoy the game tomorrow. here’s too a good season. Cheers.

  • CalBearClaw

    I’m a casual observer of the site and a Cal alum. So what’s with this MoreNcs character? Are you a Stanford guy with who takes football a bit too seriously? Someone fill me in on this odd character. He’s half entertaining and half disturbing. Anyway, everyone enjoy the game tomorrow. Here’s to a good season. Cheers.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy just took some quiz on UCB football history. He got 14/15.

    I asked him going back against what team did USC score the most points against?

    I also asked him if there was a question that went like this – What Pac 12 football team had the second lowest APR in the reports just released?

    Finally I asked him how he answered that question about the number of Heisman winners from UCB. He asked me back – What question was that?

    I said – “Exactly”.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #12 CalBearClaw

    No I am not a Stanford fan. I am a USC fan but I also possess the highest level of college football knowledge on this site. However you will never know since the rest of these posters are threatened by me.

    I called perfectly the beatdown Texas Tech put on UCB in Holiday Bowl and then came back again in 2006 and called the beatdown against the Vols perfectly too.

    for many years I reported on facts with both programs (USC and Cal state) before the news even broke. That is a fact my friend!

    I am ready to engage any poster who is serious about football. I put up with the rest of that nonsense and just attribute it to poor sportsmanship.

  • discdude


    Install greasemoney

    Then, install the userscript below and never read a word of what the troll posts again…I haven’t read a word in over 2 years.


  • shaka

    Hey NC, your beloved coliseum is the dump of dumps, managed by corrupted officials, and soon to sc’s albatross. Check back in a year, and you will have a seat in your name, right?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #16 Shaka

    What an odd thing to say. Let’s talk about tradition and then let’s talk about more tradition. SC would never play anywhere else and by the way I love where the visiting fans sit. HAHAHAHA

  • rollonubears

    I thought we weren’t going to feed the troll.

    Go Bears! Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome.

  • BlueNGold

    One of the really great things about the reopening of CMS is being secure in the knowledge that a certain troll and its sorry excuse for a Cal alum daddy will not be in attendance.

  • covinared

    as long as there is a glory hole, he’ll be there.