Football: Nevada game thread

FINAL: Nevada 31, Cal 24. No post-game joy among the Bears after the big Memorial Stadium re-opening.

“It’s great to be home,” Cal coach Jeff Tedford said, “but you want to come out and play better and win the football game and we didn’t get that done.

“I’m sorry we didn’t play better and (we) let the fans down.”

“I am surprised,” said Cal star receiver Keenan Allen. “Very disappointing.”

QB Zach Maynard, held out of the first three series after missing an academic appointment in June, finished 17 for 30 for 247 yards and two TDs, but also fumbled the ball away in the fourth quarter. Tedford called it “a very average game” for Maynard.

Freshman wideouts Chris Harper and Bryce Treggs each caught touchdowns in their college debuts, but Harper fumbled late and Treggs had a drop.  “The mood is very quiet,” Treggs said. “We’re reflecting on the loss and how we have to respond so we dont feel this way next week.”

Defensively, once more, the Bears had no solution for the Nevada pistol attack. Tedford conceded the Bears couldn’t get off the field, as evidenced by Wolf Pack drives consuming 12, 14 and 16 plays.

“They have a fast scheme . . . they like to do a lot of confusions,” Cal linebacker Chris McCain said. “We just messed up in the game.”

Mostly, Tedford said, it was a sloppy performance on the wrong day.

“We didn’t play very well,” Tedford said. “Too many mistakes, communcation breakdowns, we didn’t take care of the football well enough, key penalties. We weren’t sharp.”

MSG UPDATE: Nothing to report on the status of tackle Matt Summers-Gavin, who limped off the field late in the game. Tedford said he wasn’t sure about the nature or severity of the injury. Should know more Sunday.

BAD HISTORY: Nevada had not beaten Cal in Berkeley since a 6-2 win in 1903 — one month before the Wright Bros. got off the ground for the first time. Fair to say the 2012 Bears are still grounded.


7:24 4th Q: Maynard’s 32-yard completion to Keenan Allen sets up 6-yard TD toss to freshman wideout Chris Harper. Cal ties it 24-all.

4:38 3rd Q: Bears trail just 21-17 after 40-yard FG by Vincenzo D’Amato.

5:31 3rd Q: Kameron Jackson recovers fumbled kickoff from Khalid Wooten at the Nevada 23.

5:39 3rd Q: Keenan Allen goes 39 yards for a TD on an end-around pitch from Isi Sofele and Bears are within 21-14.

6:20 3rd Q: Jefferson converts on 2-yard run, capping 79-yard, 12-play drive that gives Nevada a 21-7 lead. The Wolf Pack’s first win at Berkeley since before the Wright Bros. got off the ground now has wings.

HALFTIME STATS: Nevada has 206 yards, Cal 168. Wolf Pack has rushed 28 times for 129 yards, Cal 15 times for 33 yards. Fajardo has 88 yards rushing and is 12 for 15 for 77 passing yards. Maynard is 8 for 13 for 127 yards. Leininger has punted five times for a 39.0 average, with just one returned.

4:38 2nd Q: Freshman WR Bryce Treggs catches 37-yard TD pass from Zach Maynard for Cal’s first TD in new stadium. It’s 14-7 and the crowd is alive. The series was set up by a bit of luck — a wildly bad Nevada shotgun snap on 3rd and 4 from the Cal 19 forced the Wolf Pack to punt.

0:00 1st Q: QB Cody Fajardo goes 49 yards with a keeper around right end for a TD and Nevada leads 14-0 after the final play of the first quarter. Total yards: 170-43. Fjardo is 8 for 9 for 54 yards passing and has 8 rushes for 81 yards.

4:34 1st Q: Nevada scores 1st TD in new stadium. Stefphon Jefferson goes in from the 2-yard line, capping an 16-play, 80-yard drive in which QB Cody Fajardo ran 4 times for 30 yards and was 6 for 6 passing for 34 yards. Bears don’t seem to have a handle on stopping the pistol to this point.

BOOMING: Freshman Cole Leininger’s first put — 46 yards with no return.

KICKOFF: Brandon Bigelow takes the opening kickoff at the 3 and returns it to the 33.

GAME CAPTAINS: Running back C.J. Anderson, center Brian Schwenke, defensive end Aaron Tipoti and safety Josh Hill are the Bears’ game captains. Wonder if Maynard might have been in the mix under different circumstances.

NEWS FLASH: Quarterback Zach Maynard will NOT start after missing a tutoring assignment early this summer. He is expected to play. The assumption is junior Allan Bridgford will get the call.

WELCOME: The renovated Memorial Stadium is filling up. The Cal marching band is on the field. Drum major Kevin Kraft did not drop the baton. All is right in the world for Old Blues. Stay tuned here and we will keep you updated on all the firsts at the new facility.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve W

    You gotta admire Nevada HC Chris Ault. The man wins year after year after taking the discard recruits that nobody from the PAC 12 would take. And the he invents a pistol offense that teams like Cal will never be able to handle because they don’t have the patience and intelligence to defend it. Coy Wire, the tv color man today, marveled at how efficiently and quickly Nevada ran that offense today. From snap to whistle and then snap again, he noted it was the fastest pace he had ever seen. Cal’s D line just looked gassed and confused.

    What does Tedford do to speed up play and confuse defenders? He runs the team to the line of scrimmage without a huddle and then has Maynard stand there for about 20 seconds while supposedly reading the defensive alignment. How did that work for you today, Jeff? Pathetic.

  • Will

    No use in arguing with a fool, guys. And no use antagonizing him either, unless you want a James Holmes 2.0. Being serious here.

    The team needs to regroup and work out more kinks before the big road swing.

  • calbearclaw

    Will, you’re right. I just felt like this animal needed to be put down once and for all. Wasn’t in the mood for MoreVDs indulgences after today’s debacle.

    So I’m forking over more than a grand to go watch the Bears in Columbus in two weeks. Anyone else in the same boat? The Bears need to grow up fast. I just wish they had a different chaperone.

  • calbearclaw

    There is no way Tedford gets fired this year or next the next year after that with Sandy “You’re coin a heckuva job Teddie” Barbour. He can lean on the new stadium this year and will be given two years with Kline.

  • Steve W

    Dan, I want Bruce Snyder, or someone just like him. He came to Cal as an O coordinator from the Rams. He wasn’t on too many radar screens at the time. In his first three years, his Cal teams were often over matched. But they played with such passion and were fun to watch. When he got his own recruits, he produced arguably the best Cal team in the modern era, the 91 team with NFL players like Sean Dawkins, Mike Pawlaski, Russell White, Eric Mahlum and Todd Steussie. And then he proved it was no fluke by going to ASU and taking them to a Rose Bowl in four years. Their last Rose Bowl, btw.

    I want someone just like him.

  • Dan

    So Steve, who is that guy?

    Also, It is mind boggling to me that Sandy Barbour gave Tedford this ridiculous what seems like a lifetime extension with no negative performance clauses and we’re stuck with this guy for 4 more years. He’s stealing money and he’s the MOST OVERPAID COACH in America.

    He is going to annihilate this program the way Ben Braun did to the BB program. They still haven’t recovered.

    Mark my words- the new Memorial Stadium will not be The House That Tedford Built- it will be The Debt That Tedford Built. When the crowds are 40,000 and under and many of the big donor seats are unsold, the finances here will be ugly.

  • 707 Bear


    Couldn’t agree more on the Memorial debt.

    More than a few empty seats in the ESP section.

    One high rent University Club section has 58 seats seats available at $11,994 per year. That’s $695,652 of revenue–unsold–for one year.

    I’ll be in the cheap seats every game until I drop, but I just don’t believe the public will support football unless it’s a consistent 8+ game winner. That’s what makes this program’s future interesting/scary/important.

  • Steve W

    Dan, not sure who that guy is other than to say it might not be someone obvious. No one knew who Chip Kelly was five years ago. I!m just saying the UCLA route of taking a head coach from two NFL teams might not be the way to go. Besides, I don’t think Chris Peterson is ever leaving Boise.

    One thing is for sure, though. Our next great HC is out there somewhere, and it might not take $2.4 million to get him. We just need to identify him. Here’s the qualities I would be looking for:

    Youthful in appearance. An innovator in his chosen field, whether it be defense or offense. A tireless recruiter, think Tosh Lopoi or Lane Kiffen. High energy to rally the players. Not afraid to discipline the players when needed. And finally, a nut about conditioning. The Cal players, especially the D linemen, looked like they skipped out on a few wind sprints today.

  • Dan

    Good points Steve-

    I want to add- and this is harsh- Maynard is not a winner, he is not a leader. That’s a killer from a senior QB. AND – He is NO better than last season. The P12 network is dissecting what I witnessed today.

    I got some background today at the game from a very reliable source re: his rumored academic issues. To be sure, much of the rumors were accurate. It would help if he went to class every day and if he paid more attention in class when he did show up or got more sleep before going to class – let’s leave it at that, but very troubling, especially from your QB, especially at Cal, especially from your so-called principled, moral head coach.

  • CalBearister

    Maynard is not a winner – but that makes him the perfect Tedford QB. I mean, he’s the guy who produced nearly a decade of abysmal QBs. He did decent work with Boller and Rodgers was just a natural talent. Since then, name one QB at Cal who hasn’t left as a worse player than he came in (which is pretty much what Ben Braun did with talent).

    Fire Tedford.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Good morning. Here are a couple of thoughts (and they are being offered free of charge).

    1. The beatwriter at the SacBee actually wrote a great article on the game yesterday.I don’t want to steal any of JF’s thunder but there are some classic quotes.

    “But after Saturday’s stunning loss, Tedford, in his 11th season, probably won’t argue that our state’s job security and pension plans are excessive.”

    “So while the Bears couldn’t wait to get back home, they played as if they had forgotten what the place looked like.”

    “But a stadium is still just a stadium. Lipstick only conceals so many blemishes.”

    2. What was with Maynard pointing to his left arm after every completion? Was that a sign of disrespect to the Cal state fans? An in your face moment for all of you bullies

    3. The excuses have already begun. SFGate reports how the Cal state players were complaining of slippery field conditions. Ask that Nevada runningback who put up 150 yards on you and their QB who ran for another 100. LOL

    4. Still no word from our esteemed advisor to the Social Welfare stars. That’s reminiscent of the 2007, 2008, 2009 seasons. Perhaps he can explain the rumors made by a poster on Bear Insider who said that Maynard doesn’t take his studies very seriously and has no intention of doing so.

    5. Finally,

    USC – 49
    Hawaii – 10

  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • daredevilfan

    Back in San Diego from game. Lots of great pregame energy. New tradition of team getting off bus on street, touching bear, going up steps. Great pep rally. Tried to enjoy it all (blondies/TOP) before noon because I was unsure of waht to expect. Solid plano on my part. First, I thought stadium looked great. Mostly in common areas and restrooms and such but still was impressed. Team was completely unprepared. Must have spent too much time in all those nice conference rooms in the videos. KA did alright but not his usual self and no footing. Maynard didn’t lose for us but nothing spectacular. Bad choice for JT to start our era by sitting some starters. OLine and DLines got dominated. That spells doom. It wasn’t turnovers or penalties and we have the better players. It was coaching and we were unprepared. Maynard was last person off the bus and last person jogging onto the field. No leadership there or energy. Bottom line…we’ve got to find a way to buy out JT. We just have to. We need a new spark or we will waste the energy around a new stadium.

  • CalBearClaw

    Hey MoreVDs, your Yanks won last night. Congrats!

  • CalBearClaw

    MoreVDs roots for all winning teams despite having no links to them! Isn’t that precious! It also called the Heat winning last year as well as Spain’s World Cup win. VDs loves all winning franchises.

    “Daddy, Daddy, stop it Daddy.”

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #114-115 CBC


    Why not ask how many of the posters on this board were around when Holmoe and Gilby were the coaches?

    This is the worst front runners amongst college football fans in the country. Bruce Snyder even told me that.

  • Pug

    Jeff, being from Berkeley, I think we all believe in free speech.

    However, your blog comments are being dominated by a troll. Someone who, in effect, is shouting everyone else down.

  • Will

    The First Amendment only applies to restrictions imposed by the government, so JF has every right to ban any comment that he wants.

    But both JO and now JF have shown that they’re only in it for the page clicks….so Pug, don’t expect JF to do anything about it. Just install Greasemonkey.

  • CalBearClaw

    Page clicks equal paychecks Will. This isn’t Faraudo’s hobby, it’s his livelihood. Look what happened to his predecessor.

  • MikeD

    if you all installed the greasemonkey script the troll wouldn’t be an issue


  • Eric

    Just got into to Cork, Ireland. Great, great city. And now for several pints, because I am still agog at yesterday’s complete letdown.

    Have scrolled through the comments, I think only one of the Tedford defenders said anything, and conceded that this is close to being the straw. I would really like those who deride Cal fans who criticize Tedford to step up and either defend what happened yesterday or lay blame where is due.

  • Big D

    I think everything was already said about yesterdays game, so not much else to say other than shameful and disgusting.

    The stadium was nice to look at. Easier to depart from since they have that larger exit over the north & south tunnel to where you don’t have to go all the way up and around to get in/out. Concessions were cool, however the lines were too long, but maybe that was due to it being the first game and so packed, also I got the sense that people were still figuring out the stadium. I would suggest eating somewhere before going into the stadium otherwise you may miss a qtr of the game, which yesterday was fine by me. East side didn’t change much. Better food stands, but port-o-poties still there.

    Also, many of those ESP seats were empty even though they claimed a sellout crowd of 62,000+.

  • daredevilfan

    So I’ve never really been at the point before to do anything but complain about JT, but I now feel time is of the essence and maybe there needs to be more of a united effort to respectfully but forecefully get him out. Any ideas out there on a way we can put some pressure on Sandy to listen to the fans? We need leadership that is younger, more in tune with the times and more energetic. We somehow lucked into a tie late yesterday and had the ball, albeit deep in our territory. And there was not one player on our sideline waving a towel or anything. The culture is not one of energy and confidence. That combined with the lack of our CAL athletic department to use any microphones or announcers to spur the crowd, leads to a boring lackluster “homefield”. The blames comes from the top and it is time for change, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #123 – Daredevil

    Sandy to Tedford – “Jeff, it is time to talk about your redundancy”

    Tedford to Sandy – “Show me the money and all $10M of it. Until then these meetings are redundant.”

  • Easy Ed

    Look Bears. The Pac-12 has slowly descended to the SEC West. This decline has been slow and steady. Moral bottom feeders like Chip Kelly, Pete Carroll, Steve Sarkisisan, Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach are the new norm as their teams dominate the conference. These guys cheat, steal and lie their way through season after season and get their teams to BCS games. So now we as Bears must ask ourselves, where do we want our program to go? 8-6 with a coach who demands that his players attend classes or 12 win seasons with a bunch of guys who make the police blotters?

    Still, as much as I like Tedford, I’ve reached the point where I can’t defend the game yesterday. Nevada may end up as a top 25 team but man! How could Coach T claim to have prepared for that game and have a D play that poorly against the pistol. After a sleepless night I must say that I am depressed and tired.

    All in all, I’d still rather than be a Bear than a Toejam! GO BEARS.

  • Steve W

    I don’t think it’s going to take alumni and booster pressure to insure this is Tedford’s last season. From what I saw yesterday, the natural course of events will all but assure that Tedford’s last day in Berkeley will come in late November. I’m looking at the schedule and see one more win: next week. The weak sisters in the PAC 12 – Colorado and Arizona – are not on the schedule. And all the teams that Cal beat last year are arguably much better now.

    This season could be shades of 2001 in a hurry – a bunch of talented players who have given up on their head coach. I think that happened half-way through the 2007 season and could happen much sooner this season.

  • clonedoc

    @Easy Ed

    Please don’t turn this into a dichotomy or a choice between maintaining our academic/moral stature or having winning football. These are by no means mutually exclusive and I’m sure you and most on this site can name numerous examples where both are the norm, in football and/or basketball (the main draws as far as college sports go). Thank you to everyone on this site who is as enraged as I have been the last few years. NO MORE DEFENDING, NO MORE JUSTIFYING, NO MORE RATIONALIZING. NEW FACILITIES ARE NOT A DEFENSE. ACTION!!! JEFF (AND SANDY AS WELL) MUST GO!

    I wish I could think offhand of more possibilities for replacements. There already have been several mentioned above. As another poster indicated, the next “great thing” may likely not be a name at the tip of anyone’s tongue currently, but a successful, innovative assistant with recruiting credibility as well. Knowledge of “the Twitter” and “the Facebook” a plus.

  • Easy Ed

    Clondoc I agree with most of what you said but facts are facts. I can still remember Tom Osbourne losing National Championships until he brought in the thing patrol. Same thing with Oregon and of course we all know about USC, Florida and Miami. Every now and then a program can get a superior player like Aaron Rogers (Cal was a BCS team in 2004) or Andrew Luck (let’s see how Stanford does without him) but as a whole they can’t maintain the excellence of these football factories. Basketball? Totally different situation.

    In short, I agree we have no more excuses, we may not be LSU or Alabama but we have the facilities and talent to put a better product on the field than what I saw on Saturday. Speaking of which, Direct TV sucks, I had to go over to someone’s house with Cox Cable. But then again, the way the Bears played yesterday maybe Direst TV is trying to save me from a stroke!

  • Rollonubears

    Maybe Comcast will buy out JTs contract. Lots of folks thinking about switching this week jus had a change of heart.

  • clonedoc

    But at least Osborne was contending for national championships prior to then. Question whether his subsequent actions put him over the top. However, NC aside, perennial Top 25 team and contending yearly for the conference championship and in certain years the national championship should be EXPECTED and are all very achievable while maintaining what makes Cal great off the field and not bringing in a negative/criminal element.

  • Dan

    Easy Ed @ #125/128-

    The comparison of the slickster (yet most successful) coaches in the Pac 12 to the morally wonderful Tedford does not ring true. Let’s just start with Maynard- as Ive heard, in the spring, Maynard was not even showing up to at least one of his classes. When he was finally forced to (the football offices got wind of it) , he showed, sat in the back, and literally put his head down on the desk and slept- repeatedly. The coaches knew about this. Clearly the academic rumors floating around about our QB had more than a thread of truth to them. He had to take 9 units in summer school to be eligible to play in the fall. How can that be possible unless he treats the academics part of his being at Cal as a joke? Please keep in mind that this is behavior from our QB, who should be a team leader. The fact that Tedford has repeatedly praised him to the media as a leaders that has matured and improved (when to me is neither mature or improved) doesn’t speak well of Tedford. Then you have the whole deceiving debacle of him not starting yesterday as a surprise to everyone. The coaches have known about this since June and told no one about it until right before kickoff. Oh, except for the players- they knew about days before. There are red flags all over the place just in these details, not to mention what we have seen on the field for years. Oh, and Maynard was supposed to sit out the first quarter yesterday- but when things weren’t going too well, that punishment was amended on the spot.

    Please let’s not criticize all these other PAC 12 coaches as morally bereft by contrast that Tedford and Cal football are bastions of virtue. I’ve have read so much on here over the years how Tedford’s supporters think that the alternative to him is either Tom Holmoe type football (losing) or crooked football (winning). Really? Aren’t Cal grads and fans be smarter than that? Is Chris Peterson crooked? Is Chris Ault, whose less talented teams have embarrassed Cal 2 of the last 3 teams crooked? Was Jim Harbaugh crooked at Stanford? Heck, is Chip Kelly crooked? Just for fun, if you could wave a magic wand and have Chip Kelly as the Cal coach, would you? I would in a split second. Why do I know that MANY Cal fans think that Cal is somehow some morally superior place than almost everywhere? Please.

    Also, we are all wondering if somehow Sandy Barbour would somehow be able to fire Tedford or find a way to buy him out. She’s as bad as he is. She’s the one that gave him a seemingly lifetime contract- this is worse than Barry Zitos contract. She’s the one that butchered the whole dropping sports situation. Shes every but as bad in her job as Tedford, we just don’t see that on display as often as we see Tedford’s less than mediocrity on 12 fall Saturdays every. Yet there was good ol Sandy front and center out there cutting the ribbon at mid-field yesterday.

    PAC 12 and D1 football are big business. Cal needs a dynamic, aggressive, confident, progressive, creative, hard working leader that can and will field a team that inspires us and makes us proud most of the time- without breaking the rules. Tedford did that for 5 years, yet he will make an annual fortune for 15 years or more here at Cal. The lost potential revenue prior to this years was bad enough- and make no mistake that there has been a TON of lost potential the last several years as attendance has dwindled and tv coverage has lessened as Cal football has become worse and worse- and less relevant. That was without the astronomical debt that now exists and must be serviced.

    The question that will become very obvious is not whether can Cal afford to fire Tedford (thus eating his contract and paying a new coach and staff), but can Cal afford not to?

    Sandy Barbour and the wealthy donors that make these decisions whiffed badly by waiting 3 years too long to get rid of Ben Braun. The basketball program has never yet recovered. Tedford’s teams are now worse than Braun’s were, and the time is dragging on to where its going to drag on longer than it did with Braun. Cal entered into the high stakes game of business by committing almost $500 million by deciding to enter the D1 football arms race. I believe it was the right decision to do so, but when you don’t have a competent person running these programs, the damage will be great. The price to be paid is now a lot more than sucking at football.

  • Easy Ed

    Man this is tough, but Dan you’re probably right.

  • Dan

    Agreed Ed, this tough. And the fact that things are so obvious and we are all virtually helpless makes it even tougher.