Football: Nevada post-mortem ramblings

Uncomfortable numbers and uneasy thoughts on Cal’s 31-24 opening loss to Nevada:

— The Bears ran the ball 27 times (not counting two sacks) and only six carries went for more than 5 yards. If coach Jeff Tedford believes this is one of his better stables of running backs, then the offensive line didn’t get it done.

— Awaiting word on the health status of OT Matt Summers-Gavin, who limped off the field in the 4th quarter. MSG is the Bears’ best O-lineman, and if he cannot return soon the Bears will feel it.

— Just a thought, but why would the Bears unveil a surprise no-huddle offense against a team that practices against it every day?  Probably wouldn’t have needed it vs. SoUtah, either, but might have been a good wrinkle to spring on Ohio State.

— Bears had more first downs via penalty (4) than rush (3). Not a formula to lean on.

— Nevada was 11 of 20 on third-down conversions; Cal just 3 for 14.

— The Wolf Pack was 4 for 5 in the red zone. Cal had just one red-zone opportunity and didn’t convert it.

— Zach Maynard will have better games, and taking his first snap with a minute-and-a-half left in the first quarter didn’t help him. But an unimpressive showing by backup Allan Bridgford, who was 1 for 8 passing for 8 yards.

— We’ve heard a lot during camp about tight end Richard Rodgers. He didn’t catch a ball vs. Nevada.

— The Cal defense forced Nevada QB Cody Fajardo into just seven incompletions on 32 attempts. The Bears cannot allow 78 percent and expect to win.

— Fajardo torched the Bears for 327 yards rushing and passing. Uh-oh . . . in two weeks, Cal faces Ohio State and QB Braxton Miller, who had 368 combined yards vs. Miami-Ohio.



Jeff Faraudo

  • Lady Bear in LA

    What happened at the end of the 4th quarter? After Nevada scored a touchdown and went up 31-24, I saw the kickoff, Keenan Allen attempting to lateral the ball to Sofele, and Nevada recovering it and running into the end zone. At that point I got disgusted and left the sports bar. So how come the final score was 31-24 and not 38-24? I thought for sure Nevada scored on that bonehead play!

  • Will

    Nevada was offsides on the kick, so they rekicked.

  • konamike

    The game wasn’t as close as the score. We didn’t stop NV; they stopped themselves w/ penalties & turnovers. We played like it was the 1st scrimmage of spring ball. No poise; disorganized and worst of all..got man-handled on both sides of the ball. Don’t bother watching after So. Utah. It’s gonna’ be UGLY aga. OSU & SC. Now that Tedford’s got his home on the market maybe he knows it’s time to get out of Dodge.

  • CalBearister

    4-8 would be an accomplishment for this team. 3-9 seems more likely. If Sandy thinks Coach Tedford is an “icon,” good luck paying for the debt on Memorial. An “icon” and “QB guru”? Hardly.

  • Pug

    I knew the offense was going to be bad. Sofele and C.J are OK, but they sure aren’t Jahvid Best and Marshawn Lynch. Maynard is a loser and always will be. The fact that Tedford now has an even worse quarterback than Kevin Riley shows the program’s decline. This guy is not a starting QB in the Pac 12. Put the freshman in and get him some experience.

    The defense is what is so disappointing. They’ve recruited well (mostly Tosh Lupoi) and have some talent. Why they never have the discipline to stop gimmicky offenses, I’ll never know.

    Tedford’s departure is a foregone conclusion at this point, and I really like the guy for what he did early in his coaching reign at Cal. You can’t have a bad team with the financial pressures from the new stadium. Cal has to win now and Tedford has them headed in the wrong direction.

    The good news is that the right coach can turn things around quickly, like Harbaugh did with a dreadful Stanford team. Cal’s got the facilities and some talent on the roster. Now they need the right coaches.

  • SteveNTexas

    Well we are in agreement here with Tedford, and the Pac12 will suffer further with the latest USC Scandal.

    My contention is we are running into the same pattern with Monty and Cal Basketball.

    The Pac 12 has had some of the worst years in its history and this has softened our own decline over the past few years. Our recruiting is horrible and non -competitive.

    When i first posted these thoughts on Monty after having the worst 2010 Pac 10 class (or next to worst) everyone scoffed- now maybe 30% agree.

    We have all we need to be top tier athletic program -we just coaches who relate better today’s players and who can recruit them.
    It was the same patter with Bobby Knight -towards the end of his career – his overly strict even abusive tactics hurt his recruiting ability.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy just said that he will call up some of his retired Haas Business School profs and ask them to volunteer their expertise on financing that stadium. After that stinker the only thing that will save it is another round of Obama stimulus.

    HAHAHAHA…Daddy cracks me up.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Vegas is now taking odds on what game the first Maynard boos will come raining down on him from the fans.

    I say next week against the Women’s Knitting Circle Team if the first two drives stall without any points.

    Cal state fans are notorious for booing their own.

  • SteveNTexas

    Moren what your dad did to you is not the least bit funny.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #9 – Steve

    What your AD and your HC has done to your program isn’t either.

    Once again Daddy proves his insights are impeccable. He said it is time not to renew his 5 tickets which he has had since the 60’s. He said this stadium project is going to turn ugly.

    Steve – your little tantrum re. SC embarrasing the Pac 12 was laughable! You can do better than that pal. Unfortunately in your haste you have now sent MikeD back into hibernation (no pun intended).

    BTW my uncle who lives in Houston sent all 3 of his kids to USC. At the private high school they attended (Kincaid???) the most popular private school for college is USC. So I don’t buy your story pal. Try another lie.

  • CalBearClaw


    Wait a minute. A concerned poster states that what Daddy did to you after the 84 UOP game was not funny.

    You follow that by saying that the state of the Cal football program isn’t funny “either?”

    So you’ve just admitted the wretched truth concerning your childhood trauma to this entire board. I’ve finally cracked the case.

    We can now forgive you for hating our lovable Golden Bears. Daddy was wrong for what he did, plying you with Top Dogs and putting on the Oski mask to lighten the mood.

    We’re here for you VDs. Remember – it’s not your fault.

    And bash our Bears all you want if that gives you some peace. Good luck my friend.

    And Go Bears.

  • MikeD

    ignore the troll so that you don’t ruin it for the rest of us

    four words from me: Bobby Petrino, and stat

  • CalBearClaw

    Done. You won’t see another VD related post from me.

    So there are two emotions marking our fanbase right now: fear and powerlessness.

    Tedford’s termination, for some maddening reason, is a non-starter. I wish that was not the case but it is. Therein lies the feeling of helplessness.

    Then there’s the fear. This is a program we all truly love. It’s not a professional franchise ruled solely by marketing and money. This is our school, our city, our family. And right now it feels like the family home is facing the threat of foreclosure. A catastrophic season could hurtle us back into the dark ages of Cal football and steal from us a source of real pride and pleasure.

    When the only person with the power to address this sitution (SB) does nothing but posture and feed us inanities the sense of doom starts to really set in.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #11 – CBC

    OMG Inspector Clousseau as returned. I thought you left a long long time ago. I thought maybe that feigned excuse of having rheumatoid athritis was true.

    I stopped aswering to every rumor and fictitious story made up on this board (and others) about me.

    They represent nothing but laughable attempts to marginalize me.

    Unfortunately your fans have never been known for having much integrity otherwise you wouldn’t use that “We are the No 1 Public University” mantra to refer to your undergraduate school.

  • Sean

    In other news:

    By Jeff Goodman | College Basketball Insider
    September 2, 2012 12:17 pm ET

    USC coach Kevin O’Neill has taken his first hit of this season as the school announced that leading returning scorer Maurice Jones won’t play this season due to academics.

    By Gary Parrish | College Basketball Insider
    September 1, 2012 3:47 pm ET

    A key figure in an ongoing corruption scandal at the Los Angeles County assessor’s office said he gave a little more than $3,700 cash to former Southern California basketball player Davon Jefferson while the one-and-done standout was still in school, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. The development appears to highlight a clear violation of NCAA rules and suggests O.J. Mayo wasn’t the only Trojan from the 2007-08 USC roster who was on the take.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey guys

    I am ready for another “Back to Berkely – Part 4”

    This one can be called “The Beatdown”

  • Larry

    In order to get a VD you have to get some. I don’t thing a picture of Lame Kiffin and some hand lotion will do the trick. Maybe Daddy can use some of that money on Heidi Fleiss and Co, then maybe he would be MoreVDscoming.

  • wehofx

    One game a season does not make. I know I sound like I’m on drugs but JT could still right the ship and get a split at osu and $c. That said, S Utah would be the perfect game to ease Zak Kline in as the starting qb. DareDevil’s report about ZM’s demeanor before and during the game is the last straw for me. His “Me.
    Me. Me.” pointing at his arm instead of embracing the team says it all. He’s no leader. Desperate times, desperate measures. Start Z Kline.

    At the time SB gave JT his contract, I thought it was a good move. I’m sure part of it was agent generated hype, but JT was hot and getting interest from major programs and nfl. It was also prior to the C Weiss and Rich Rod debacles at ND and UM.

    I have a feeling there is not the alumni $ like at ND and UM to buy out such a large long term deal like jt’s. Anyone have any insight/info?

    MikeD, I think Petrino is too much of a Win-at-any-cost type to be a good fit at Cal. Although maybe with his latest crash and burn, Cal might be the perfect place for him to rehab his image, IF he’s learned his lesson.

    A hot young HC is Charlie Strong. Seems like he’s doing an excellent job at Louisville.

    Finally, CBC & SteveTexas, to state the obvious, the troll thrives on negative attention. The more negative, the better. When you reply to the troll, you are complicit in its HiJacking of the thread. You make the thread about the troll. Grease Monkey. Please.

  • Larry

    In order to get a VDyou have to get some. I don’t thing a picture of Lame Kiffin and some hand lotion will do the trick. Maybe Daddy can use some of that money on Heidi Fleiss and Co, then maybe he would be MoreVDscoming.

  • Larry

    Please get over Kline playing this season. It’s not going to happen until we have gone through the 3-4 QBs ahead of him due to injury. He would just regress anyway into a headcase.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #17 – Larry

    Is that all you got?

    Oh sorry, you repeated yourself again on #19.

    I guess that is all you got.

  • jabes

    JT got the right to play out the first season in CMS with the team bouncing back from the UCLA game last year. There is no way to replace a coach after a bowl game, even if the Holiday Bowl justified such a move–which to me it did.

    So, JT gets this season to prove he can be relevant in the Pac12, and face plants right out of the gate.

    This decision won’t/shouldn’t be made until around Big Game. However, without any signs of improvement, it’s a move Sandy has to make or the problem won’t just be this season–it will be toxicity for any recruiting and selling of ESP seats.

    Here’s the sunny side. Cal is a good job. Facilities, location, academics, conference, and an AD that DOESN’T have an itchy trigger finger. If not Chris Peterson, someone with a similar (if not as flashy) resume. UA, ASU and WSU were able to get quality coaches, Cal will too.

  • Woj

    Tedford has failed. It is time to let him go. This isn’t rocket science. Tons of reasons ad proof exist Tedford is Tedfraud who lucked into getting Boller for a year and Aaron Rodgers for 2 years. Cal has been in a downward spiral since the 2007 game against Ore. St. where a win would have garnered a #1 ranking. No ranking at all since 2009, tons of blowout losses, and now a rotten egg versus a mediocre Nevada team at home.

    Tedford knows the writing is on the wall. He’s selling his house now, give him a long vacation soon.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #22 Jabes

    Maybe all that you said is correct except you left out one important detail.

    Where is the $10M coming from in order to buy out Tedford. As stand-up of a guy as The Advising Bear makes him out to be, I don’t think he will walk into your AD’s office and refuse the buy-out money.

    Just saying…

  • Woj

    Fire Sandy Barbour too after Tedford is canned this year. This contract extension is so ridiculously skewed towards Tedford and away from financial flexibility of Cal and the taxpayers of CA, she should be canned too for signing this egregious contract.


    This contract is going to make you puke, you have been forewarned

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #25 – Woj

    This is exactly what I have been telling all of you. It’s about the money but all of you Social Welfare/Sociology types just type on here all day long with your ideas which miss the obvious point.

    “Show me the money!” demanded Tedford to his AD when the talk turned to termination.

  • ConcordBear

    Cal fans deserve direction and leadership right now. The AD and Tedford must provide it, steady the ship and have a solid to strong season.
    How they do this I don’t know, BUT that’s what they get paid so well for.
    We’ll see if they are up to these important jobs.
    Memorial Stadium is a thing of beauty and now a state of the art modern marvel. The whole facility is top notch and should be the foundation for tremendous success. But, we need smart winning leadership to guide us there. The rest of the season will determine if our AD and football coach are rocks or marshmallows.
    Southern cal gnat, I’m sorry about what your father did to you, I now understand your plight. Post anything you need here to rid yourself those awful father son times. As long as our host, the great JF can take it!

  • What a beautiful stadium! What wonderful fans, weather and setting…but what an absolutely AWFUL product on the field! And LOTS of empty donor seats too…kinda hard to miss all those bright yellow unoccupied seats at midfield. Maybe the donors who sit there were smart enough to stay away from this latest Jeff Tedford “lead” catastrophe.

    “I guess JT deserves to coach this season since he was one who got the stadium upgrades.”

    That is total BS. His product has been middling to poor since the most boneheaded Cal play of all, the famous Riley scramble in ’07 that prevented a #1 ranking – that is JT’s fault for even allowing the opportunity of a scramble in a situation like that with a FIRST TIME EVER RS FRESHMAN STARTER! <– yeah, still bitter about that one coach.

    As the stadium plan was already well on its way, Tedford should have been let go after the horrible 5-7 season. A new coach could have used last year to implement a system, and by yesterday we could have watched, AT THE VERY LEAST, an interesting and/or novel team. But what we got was more of the same boring, inept, depressing, fan and recruit-losing crap.

    Sandy has a jewel of a stadium and a loyal fanbase, we've seen Memorial rock in the last 10 years. But its been awhile since this fan has been excited for his beloved Bears.

    Please resign Jeff Tedford. Sell the house, take the money you've made and get outta dodge. Admit failure (or don't) and pass the torch. Coach in high school or something…I am sure there is an AD position available somewhere in Fresno…

    At least the Giants won again…sigh…

  • I would argue that these are the guys “who got the new stadium built”, along with guys like coach Gould and apparently Tosh “douche-bag” Lupoi:


  • 707 Bear


    I must respectfully disagree with your “loyal fan base” comment.

    Nebraska has a loyal fan base of 70,000.

    We have a loyal fan base of about 30,000. I was at the last game at Memorial where a bowl birth was on the line. At most 25,000.

    Most of the fan base can’t afford $2700 for the cheapest ESP seat. Corporate types will go to the Raiders and 49ers. This is not good.

    Memorial will be filled if it’s an 8-9+ win per year program.

    The two 10-win years within three caused a false sense of security: this led to JT’s contract and the 350 million new Memorial.

    Let’s see how many people—less the high school band kids–are at Saturday’s game.

    I’ve said it before: The Bay Area has barely enough true college football fans for one program, let alone 2 1/2 (sorry SJSU).

  • 707 Bear

    One more on the loyal fan base.

    The year at SF was a disaster.

    I can remember receiving notice from the Athletic Department that I wasn’t guaranteed tickets to the SF season—even though I was a Blue Zone season ticket holder–because the demand was expected to be so high. They used this “expected high demand” to get me to become a donor. Heck, we didn’t even sell out the SC game.

    The SF season said it all with regards to fan loyalty.
    The students aren’t loyal; they couldn’t be bothered to take a free bus ride across the bridge.
    The non-student fan base isn’t loyal; remember how we were outdrawn by Fresno State at the Stick.

    This program is at a serious crossroads.

    Fasten your seatbelts……

  • wehofx

    #27 okay just read wilner’s article from may ’07. Got my smoke on and coupla 4 newcastle so I could easily be wrong but – if the article is still accurate – seems to me jt’s buyout, if fired at the end of this season, is 3.6 mil. His base salary for 2 years. The current contract ends in ’14. One year was automatically added for the 9 win season in ’08. (the good old days.)

    Approx 1 mil elevator for coaching in hpc and Memorial reno that was due yestereday – and imo jt deserved it. No elevators for hc of year, pac 12 title, bcs game.

    So all the only elevator left is 1 mil retention bonus if he is hc in ’13. Which if he is fired, is not payable. (Or are we on the hook for that 1 mil even if he’s fired?)

    If I’m right, if fired at the end of this season, jt would be owed 1.8 mil for ’13 and 1.8 for ’14, the last year of the contract. (Or am I missing something?)

    3.6mil is real $ but with new pac 12 tv contract it seems like a viable solution that is not financially crippling. Especially considering what’s at stake as pointed out by BlakeSt, ConcordB, 707 and others.

  • Steve W

    The big-time husband/wife Cal donors who gave $10 million to the Cal athletic department and had part of the stadium named after them would have been better served to have their money buy out JT’s contract.

    NOTHING is more important to Cal athletics than to have the fan base re-energized about the football team. It ain’t gonna happen with JT. I think that’s becoming clear to even his most ardent supporters. None of them have posted diddly squat since that rotten egg yesterday.

    Look for 40,000 people at the game against Southern Utah on Saturday. I read that 2,000 of those people will be the stadium construction team and their families.

  • Rollonubears

    Thank the heavens we got this stadium done. They can’t take it away. And now that it’s here, they’ll have to put a good product on the field sooner rather than later.

  • Dan

    With all due respect to the few on here that pointed out it was only the first game of the season and JT could right the ship. Wow. The mediocrity in EVERY aspect of the game yesterday … That was not the first time we’ve seen that from a Tedford team. It was like the 50th time. Thinking he can “right the ship”? The absolute definition of insanity. But hey, I love the fact that you can be that optimistic, if that’s what it was.

    #32 Wehofx – I hope your numbers are accurate. A little ugly, but not nearly as bad as I thought we were stuck with. I thought his contract was fully guaranteed through 2015. If you calculate the lost revenue potential, the hit is probably recouped in 1-2 years.

    If he gets the boot, we HAVE to hit a grand slam in his replacement. I know I’ll get shot for this, I might try to take a shot at Justin Wilcox – IF – he brings back Tosh Lupoi with him. We’d have a top 5-10 class very year and young aggressive coaches that kids will go to war for. Ok shoot me for thinking outside the box a bit and letting bygones be bygones, lol.

  • shaka

    Cawabunga Dan and Wehofx. If fantasy football and Sunday morning qb’ing are the themes of the day, why not throw in a Pete Carroll campaign for 2013. Monty first, then Pete. Bite troll..you can’t help yourself.

  • Dan

    Re: the stadium- I saw the entire west side and also sat there on the northern 30 yard line. Apparently the entire east side is virtually the same. Soooooo …

    We got 1/2 of a new stadium for $321 million?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #37 – Dan

    Yes that is correct.

    And you also have a full football team playing the same losing ways under 1/2 of a head coach who makes the most of any state worker.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #35 – Dan says

    “…I know I’ll get shot for this, I might try to take a shot at Justin Wilcox – IF – he brings back Tosh Lupoi with him. We’d have a top 5-10 class very year and young aggressive coaches that kids will go to war for. Ok shoot me for thinking outside the box a bit and letting bygones be bygones, lol.”

    Actually I think most state fans will applaud this. Pastor Rick says why is it when it comes to integrity and character issues it is everyone else’s problem but not ours.

    Fans on this board love to take the high road but if it means missing out on all of those 5* recruits because your major recruiter had enough sense to beat it out of a losing program then instead of settling for the high road you settle for a sewer. That’s your kind of fans.

    At least you are honest about it.

  • BlueNGold

    #37 @Dan-

    Your ‘half a stadium’ comment is just ignorant. For starters, all the bench seats on the east side are new. Then you add in the new scoreboards and video screens, new PA, new food prep facilities, new amenities inside the stadium and better sight lines. The major component of the project was the seismic work which had to be done to make the building usable. And then consider the new access routes and plazas constructed outside the stadium rim. So, the idea that only part of the stadium was upgraded is simply not true.