Football: Bears hoping D-line is finally intact

Defensive end Mustafa Jalil, sidelined the past few weeks by a knee injury, practiced on Tuesday and could be ready to play by Saturday against Southern Utah, coach Jeff Tedford said.

Here’s more on Cal’s D-line issues, plus other assorted notes.

There is nothing new to report yet on the status of OT Matt Summers-Gavin, who is scheduled to undergo an MRI on his injured left knee Tuesday afternoon. Will keep you posted.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    Didn’t see the game. I am beginning to think its the white helmets. Are we 0-4 wearing them?

  • Steve W

    So if Steve Williams admitted his defensive unit was fatigued in the Nevada game on Saturday, are there going to be a few extra windsprints for the boys this week? With all of the platooning that goes on in college football these days, there isn’t much excuse for players to be gassed in a game.

    I know that someone is going to get on here and tell me why I’m wrong, but I think that lack of conditioning was a key factor in the game on Saturday. Does anyone know if Tedford is a stickler on conditioning and what coach or coaches he imparts this part of the practice plan on?

  • Rollonubears

    The offense doing zilch made it pretty tough for te d to get a blow. But compared to Oregon. We’re all in horrible shape.

  • daredevilfan

    Steve W you are wrong (hehe)

  • MikeD

    > I know that someone is going to get on here and tell me why I’m wrong,

    chronic 3 and outs with :20 taken off the clock will gas a defense every time.

  • wehofx

    Yeah! The O didn’t give D time to catch their breaths.

    But the other problem I find disheartening is that the brain trust dealt w Nv pistol before and know about their hurry up. Yeah a little short handed but they knew what was coming – a whole lotta snaps real fast. And they weren’t ready fitness wise. Not even close.

    When we tied the score I was hopeful. But the d was gassed and D didn’t even come close to stopping nv’s last drive.

  • 707 Bear

    Cal defense faced 89 plays–57 rush and 32 pass.

    The losers in last years Super Bowl–New England–faced 68.

    This is a troubling trend in the hurry-up college landscape. How many plays/collisions should a 20-year-old defensive lineman face in a game?

    I think Oregon gets towards 100 plays in some games.

    Go Bears!

  • 707 Bear

    I think Oregon gets towards 100 plays in some games. (maybe too high)

    Last year’s Cal v Oregon game. 43-15 Loss.

    Oregon ran 76 plays—25 pass + 51 rush.

    89 is a big number.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #7 – 707 Bear

    “This is a troubling trend in the hurry-up college landscape. How many plays/collisions should a 20-year-old defensive lineman face in a game?”

    So are you suggesting we treat this like the Nationals do with Strasburg. Count the number of pitches per game and then yank him from the game.

    The only way to beat it is to have a power game where you control the tempo on offense. Trade TDs if you have to. USC beat Oregon last year in a shootout.

    However with a dinosaur coach like you have and a JC QB too you won’t beat much of anything this year except for the brown paper bags everyone will be wearing in the stands at CMS at the end of the year.

  • 707 Bear


    Safety of the student-athletes needs to be considered.

    Remember when 11 games was a full season. Now it’s 12.

    Next year (I think next year), with the new national championship format, two teams will play 14. When you factor the higher number of plays per game in college versus the NFL, many players are playing nearly as many downs as the grown ups in the NFL over their 16 game schedule.

    Just saying, 89 plays is a lot to face in one afternoon.

  • covinared

    Those who watch games closely would note that D lineman are shuffled in and out regularly during a defensive series. Depth is very important at that position. No huddle offenses exploit this. that’s why we took some flops a couple years back against oregon.

  • wehofx

    89 plays vs 76 against o. Bigger difference that I expected.

    Great reason to use 2 te jumbo package and pound the ball between tackles that jt talked about but did not use. I know some of you hate that boring and predictable play calling. Also know it’s no guarantee of first downs. But based on past experience against nv and ucla, I don’t know, maybe time to try something different???

    Like Pats, can also get creative with te motioning to slot and backfield/fullback/H back.

  • Eric


    The double TE set works well to set up play action – particularly if run it through a power I (i.e., one WR). Watch the Green Bay offense, and see how they constantly mix/match formations to suggest run options, and with AR they have the best play action plays in the league.

  • Interesting article about ARodg.


    I would argue that the stadium upgrades were a direct result of Rodgers freakish talent, and to a certain extant that of Marshawn Lynch. We saw talent that we’d never seen at Cal before, sorry T Tayloy, P Barnes, D Barr, Pawlawski, etc. Sorry C Muncie and R White. But Rodgers and Lynch were a cut above anything we’d seen before, and it made us hungry. It made us think JT was a genius. Remember how good M Phillip, A Merz and R O’Callaghan were on the OLine? They made JT look like a genius, running the ball down the other teams throats at will.

    It was the talent that got that stadium built, it had NOTHING to do with JT. Nothing…the handling of the Ayoob situation in ’05 was the writing on the wall, that was JT’s 4th season as coach. Now it is his 11th!

    And let’s not forget that Tedford TOTALLY LUCKED INTO RODGERS! JT was scouting the TE Cross that day. That was no doubt the most fortuitous ($$) event in JT’s life, and sure we enjoyed the crap outta Rodgers and Lynch et al and we almost made the RB, but it has certainly allowed JT to stay at Cal WAY longer than is acceptable for a man making his type of money. Thoughts?

    And at least the doggers lost too…magic number at 22.

  • Steve W


    I get what you are saying, but how bout the 10-win 06 season and the 07 season, where Cal had arguably its two biggest wins ever against Tennesee and Oregon before Longshore rolled his ankle? Lynch and Rodgers were long gone by then.

    I think I kind of agree that something snapped in Tedford’s brain after the OSU Riley debacle in the middle of the 07 season, and he has never been the same since. Since that moment, you can count two quality wins on your little finger – the back-to-back wins against Arizona and Stanford in the 09 season.

  • Eric

    @Steve W

    I have to respectfully disagree. In 2006, we were completely unprepared for Tennessee. I was there, and it was obvious from the kickoff. Now run that same problem through 2008-2012.

    But even worse were the U$C and Arizona losses. We had U$C, and gave it away by very poor play-calling. And the Arizona game management in the 4th quarter was a harbinger of things to come.

    The 2006 team was extraordinarily talented at WR, RB, O-Line, and certain parts of the defense.

    2007 was, in some ways, pretty misleading. We lucked into the high ranking because every team ahead of us kept losing. The win against Tennessee was impressive (albeit it took deSean’s run back on Zack’s sack to break the game open) but we did not look good at all against Colorado State, La. tech was a cupcake, the Arizona game was a misnomer because we got out to a huge lead based on turnovers, and we definitely lucked into the win against Oregon.

  • wehofx

    As someone who held out as a JT supporter until last week, I think jt had it going – as in elite hc – right up till 07 osu debacle.

    Did he loose locker room? Huevos? Work ethic?

    Eric, #13, ya, greenbay’s O is a thing of beauty with AR at the wheel. pats use of 2 te package is a bad example. It is a pass first O just like Greenbay.

    A better example is Harbaugh’s 2 te power run game at furd. Even with 8 in the box they’d still force it. (Ya, I know the threat of Luck throwing made it that much tougher to D.)

    If kept pounding it on ground, say one 35 to 40 yard series ending with punt/fg attempt in each half, cut down clock enough that nv’s 89 becomes 80-83. More rest for d not to mention even running 3 and outs chew up significantly more clock than passing 3 and outs.

    This is optimistic, but throw in on 65 to 75 yard drive mostly on the ground and you got nv’s snaps down/minus another 5 to 8. Still a crazy number of snaps for the D but better. Wildly speculative but then, a little more rested D gets one or two more 3 and outs.

  • Steve W

    C’mon Eric, 10 wins is 10 wins. It would have been 11 if Desean jackson’s left pinkie toe didn’t crease the sideline on his td run that was called back in the fourth quarter. I submit that the 07 season would have been totally different if Longshore had stayed healthy. He was playing at a pretty high level. You can’t luck into a win against a talented team at Autzen. The Bears sewed up that game with one of the greatest clutch goal line tackles I have ever seen.

    Nope, I still maintain that Tedford snapped after the OSU game and has’t been the same since.

  • Eric

    @Steve W – I think Tedford actually lost it in the 2004 Holiday Bowl. Many people forget, but one critical play in the 2007 Oregon game was a false start that took Oregon out of FG range when it had been rolling. That, plus the three turnovers Oregon committed in the 4th quarter before we get to Marcus’s epic hit at the goal line. Oregon was leading after 3 quarters, 17-10. I call that lucky for us (which, as Cal fans, we all know virtually never happens to us. See Carson Palmer).

    2006 – this is where we differ. Yes, 10 wins is 10 wins. We also had 3 losses, and we didn’t go the Rose Bowl. Why? Coaching. Watch the last drive of the Arizona game ask yourself why the f___ Tedford was having Longshore throw instead of running, leading to the pick that killed it for us. Then watch the 2004 Holiday Bowl again and ask yourself why the f___ Tedford insisted on throwing the ball to 5th string receivers instead of pounding the ball with JJ Arrington and that beast of an o-line.

  • 707 Bear

    Ah, nothing like a Longshore mention to bring back memories.

    Just for fun: How many offensive players that played with Nate cashed/are still cashing NFL checks?

    I came up with a quick 10.

    Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #10 -707

    And that is why a team develops depth.

    Using your same argument don’t you think 89 plays are a lot for the offense too (expecially the offensive linemen)? Fatigue works both ways and on Saturday your team demonstrated that 20 year older didn’t work hard enough in the summer to get into shape. So much for the benefit of that new athletic center.