Football: The real story behind Tedford’s house going on market — sometimes a duck is just a duck

The conspiracy theorists are gonna hate this. The news on Twitter last week that coach Jeff Tedford’s Blackhawk home is on the market apparently has no hidden meaning.

I asked him about it Thursday after practice and he said the home has been on and off the market for more than three years now. Jeff and Donna’s two sons are out of the house, so they are empty nesters in an 8,900-square foot home situated on two acres.

In a nutshell, they’d like to downsize. You wonder how much time Tedford even spends at the house this time of year, given his appetite for work.

Of┬ácourse, the housing market has been soft for some time, and you don’t just sell a $5.35 million home to the first family that makes a drive by.


Jeff Faraudo