Football: Cal-S.Utah postgame notes

A few tidbits, afterthoughts, quotes and ramblings off Cal’s 50-31 win over Southern Utah:

— Jeff Tedford said that LB Chris McCain (shoulder) and TE Richard Rodgers (ankle), both injured during the game, will under MRI exams. Their status going forward, obviously, is uncertain.

— Zach Maynard summed up the Bears’ first-half turnover and penalty issues by referring to  “head-case situations where we backed ourselves up.”  Wideout Keenan Allen gave the team just a C-plus grade for the performance.

— Cal had beaten five previous FCS opponents by an average of more than 43 points — and led just 20-17 entering the fourth quarter.

— No one from Tedford through the half-dozen players who came to the interview room would be pinned down on how much the Bears must improve by next Saturday to contend with Ohio State. A lot of talk about “executing.” Suffice that if there isn’t substantial improvement, the Buckeyes will deliver the execution.

— This is ancient history, with little relevance to this season, but it’s interesting trivia that the Bears are 1-5 all-time vs. Ohio State, without a win since 1920.

— I thought Maynard actually played quite well for the most part, completing 17 of 23 passes. But . . . he was intercepted on the screen pass intended for Brendan Bigelow and badly overthrew Eric Stevens on the 3rd-and-goal play from the 1.

— The running game deliverd 289 yards, including 104 by Isi Sofele, who was hardly part of things a week ago. And they did it without top O-lineman Matt Summers-Gavin, out with a knee injury. Of course, they did it against Southern Utah, not Ohio State or USC.

— Same thing with all the big plays in the fourth quarter — Marc Anthony’s 61-yard INT return, Keenan Allen’s 69-yard punt return, Daniel Lasco’s 77-yard TD run. How many of those happen against Pac-12 level competition?

— That crowd count (57,745) — tickets sold, not warm bodies in the house.

— The freshmen WRs — Chris Harper and Bryce Treggs — have combined for 20 catches for 251 yards through two games. Not a bad start.

— Freshman OT Freddie Tagaloa played in the fourth quarter, meaning he will not redshirt.




Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

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  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Can you please get the scoop on the Maynard/Tedford lovers argument today? Thanks.

  • wehofx

    McCain? Man, he had a good game.

    Big win for mora. That’s how we used to play. Aggressive play calling. Only took him one half to figure out how to stop qb keeper/option as opposed to 3 and half games it took cp.

    JF, did anyone ask about zm’s hissy fit at post game presser? If not, can you ask jt during the week?

    If he doesn’t like the question, what can he do? Keep you out of practice? Joke. I think you do a great job but imo it’s time for jt to answer some hard questions.

  • Rollonubears

    Keenan Allen’s 69-yard punt return

    This should have been a lost fumble. Maybe 6 the other way.

  • 707 Bear

    Southern Utah….a 1AA school.

    79 plays—-34 rush, 45 pass (Nevada ran 89)

    10 for 20 on third down (Nevada was 11 for 20)

    What is happening? I thought the D was supposed to be the strength of the team.

  • Cal will not win another game this season if JT remains the HC – mark my words.

    Honestly, after witnessing today’s ineptitude, what game on the schedule should Cal be favored in?

    I couldn’t believe this: its 4th and 1 at the 1 and JT settles for a FG against an FCS school? Are you kidding me? If I was Sandy, I would have fired JT after the game and stated THAT exact play as THE reason why. Nothing else needs saying. But I will continue…

    Let Gould take over tonight, and I think the Bears could actually win a few more this year, albeit not in the next week or two…anyone but JT at this point is an upgrade.

    I am afraid that its gonna get Holmoe ugly around here real soon. At least the stadium is nicer though, right Sandy? JT – time to resign you nincompoop.

  • Larry

    Those TE & short passes our defense can not stop. 3 & outs killing us. WTF?!

  • Woj

    @BlakeStreetBear Says:
    Cal will not win another game this season if JT remains the HC – mark my words.

    Finally, a fan who sees Cal for what it is – a woefully undisciplined, unimaginative team with a lousy D and even poorer head coach.

    Since Colorado is not on the schedule, yes, 1-11 is a possibility but I’ll assume somehow Cal can win a game at home somewhere (hopefully Stanford) and on the road.

    2012 final Cal record = 3-9.
    Next 2 games against Ohios St. and USC are 3+ TD losses.

  • tc

    Much needed win however the next 4 games against Buckeyes, SC, AZ, UCLA will be ugly if they play like they did these past two games. And knowing Tedfurd, sad to say, Cal will again be the bottom dwellers of the Pac 12. Maybe if Cal stink it up this season, Teddork will get fired which will probably be a good thing.

  • calbearclaw

    No one’s a harsher critic of Tedford than I am. I’ve compared him to Kim Il Jong and characterized him as something of a Central Valley meathead.

    But 1-11? Come on. We all know the ebbs and flows of the long season. They’ll get it together on a few Saturdays at least. I’ll be in Columbus next week fooling myself into optimism at kickoff.

    Let’s hope that he’s simply been given this year at CMS and that he’ll be evaluated fairly at the end of the year. Anything less than 5 wins should get him fired.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Still missing in action…

    More BearTalk from GoGoBears. I guess he is embarassed for standing up for Maynard who is now under fire from every UCB state fan who has gotten off of the bandwagon. No guts, no advise.

    Pressf5. LOL.

  • gobears49

    Didn’t watch the game (I was doing stuff that was a lot more fun). But as soon as I saw the score against a lousy team, I knew that Cal had stunk up the place again. Really disappointed in the D. What does Pendergast have to say about that subject? If we can’t stop a lousy Southern Utah team, how can we hope to stop a good team. Maybe Ohio St. will roll up 100 points! Maybe after that game the NCAA will enact a mercy rule and stop the game when it gets too out of hand..

  • ScottyBear

    Posts from Moron on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. How many hours on a Saturday night to compose that boring song? Absolutely no life. Even worse, absolutely nothing relevant to say. Not even interesting. You are just a little fast shitting dog, running around leaving piles of caca then moving on to your next little pile. Truly boring and pathetic.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Can you ask Tedford what the argument on the sideline with his coach was all about?

    And while you are at it ask him about his confrontation with Maynard.


  • GriZz

    It took until the the second quarter for Cal to take the lead…We were actually trailing Southern Utah at home — granted it was just three points, but still unacceptable.

    The Firebirds are not a good football team but still had a faster start then Tedford’s Bears on the road. Maynard was lucky that the Southern Utah LB tripped over him because his interception in the 1st quarter should have been a pick-6 putting the Firebirds up 7-0.

    It doesn’t make sense how the Bears always seem to come out flat. Penalties, two early bad turnovers (opening kickreturn was fumbled as well) and just unprepared, uninspired play. Its not like they were on the road in the SEC, no excuses, just poor coaching and game planning as usual.

    When the camera’s caught Maynard’s and Tedford’s demonstrative confrontation on the sidelines I thought to myself — JT may not make it through the season. We were losing to Southern Utah at home and our Senior QB is caught yelling at our coach…Embarrassing. But embarrassment is Tedford’s middle name.

    Of course JT will try to down play the incident but it cannot be overlooked. The confrontation had to be going on for some time before the cameras caught it, causing enough commotion to attract cameraman’s attention…Bad, just bad…Very bad stuff. Something is seriously wrong with JT’s program.

  • BlueNGold

    Hey moron,
    Are you too retarded to ask your own questions? Why should JF or anyone else trouble themselves asking these stupid questions that you keep posting here? If you seriously want answers to the drivel you post, then start asking them yourself, like the adult you never became. You obviously have mastered emailing. Time to be a mature and self sufficient grown up and take care of your own business. I am sure daddy will be greatly relieved when you finally do so.

    Nine years of trash talking trolling and counting…and you call the other posters here ‘losers’? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Anyone with even an once of brain matter can see who the real ‘loser’ on this blog is.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #16 BlueNGold

    So what will be the score of the game this Saturday against Ohio State. I will extend the same bet to you I did on both the first and second games of the year. Let’s see it coward.