Football: Southern Utah game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal 50, Southern Utah 31. The Bears score 30 fourth-quarter points to put away an FCS opponent playing a Pac-12 team for the first time. Cal (1-1) has one week to sharpen things before facing No. 14 Ohio State in front of 100,000 screaming football lunatics in Columbus. Big plays in the fourth quarter and superior athletic ability made the difference here, but Cal cannot count on that a week from now. More later.

10:47 4th Q: Maybe it’s now over. Marc Anthony returns Sorensen INT 61 yards, getting nice block along the way from Todd Barr. Anthony’s TD makes it 34-17.

14:54 4th Q: Maynard’s 19-yard TD pass to Keenan Allen pushes Cal lead to 27-17. Caps eight-play, 60-yard drive in which Maynard was 4 for 4 for 47 yards.  TE Richard Rodgers on sidelines after limping off following 1st career reception during drive.

8:27 3rd Q: Sorensen passes 5 yards to Henna Brown, capping 12-play, 75-yard drive that gets Southern Utah within 20-17. Will all those mistakes come back to haunt the Bears? Thunderbirds moved the ball with confidence on that drive and come most of the way back from what seemed a deep hole at 20-3.

THE BREAKDOWN: Cal has a 353 to 83 edge in yards at halftime, a 15 to 4 edge in first downs. But two turnovers and 10 penalties for 96 yards keeping it closer than it should be. Maynard is 12 for 17 for 173, but missed wide-open Eric Stevens on what should have been a 1-yard TD pass. Sofele has 14 carries for 92 of Cal’s 180 rushing yards. SoUtah has 19 carries fo 23 rushing yards.

HALFTIME: Calamitous end of half for Bears. An offside penalty on kickoff (their second of the game!) and a pass interference in the end zone (against Steve Williams), gives Southern Utah final untimed play from 37. Sorensen completes TD pass to Cameron Morgan, who outleaps Marc Anthony and Michael Lowe, tips ball and catches it while falling to ground in back of end zone. Cal challenges ruling — it stands. Cal’s 20-3 lead is trimmed to 20-10.

0:25 2nd Q: D’Amato kicks 27-yard FG and Cal leads 20-3. Once again, a mistake derails what could have been more: a fumble on 2nd-and-1 from the SoUtah 16 leads backward march, ending in FG.

5:22 2nd Q: Sofele runs 12 yards for TD, capping 37-yard drive set up by 25-yard punt return by Keenan Allen. Maynard had 23-yard pass to Bryce Treggs to the 12 to set stage for TD. Even their own mistakes (a holding penalty and an illegal snap on the 5-play drive) cannot stop the Bears. Cal leads 17-3.

9:40 2Q: Bears go 94-yards in seven plays for 10-3 lead. Sofele had a 22-yard run and a 14-yard receptions and Anderson a 35-yard run on the drive. Total yards: Cal 252, SoUtah 35.

1st Q stats: Cal 108 yards, Southern Utah 26. But two turnovers and 50 yards in penalties allowed Thunderbirds to forge 3-0 lead.

0:22 1st Q: Colton Cook kicks 40-yard FG to give SoUtah a 3-0 lead. Cal already has 50 yards in penalties and two turnovers.

COIN TOSS: Cal captains: Kendrick Payne, Robert Mullins, Tyler Rigsbee, Eric Stevens. Southern Utah wins toss — will defer. Cal gets ball first.

ORDER IN UNIVERSE: Drum major catches pre-game baton and Bears are wearing all blue, including helmets. Now they just have to play well.

WELCOME: Back at Memorial Stadium this morning with, frankly, less hoopla surrounding the stadium renovation and the Bears. Cal lost 31-24 to Nevada last week and almost nothing the Bears do against FCS foe So Utah will tell us much . . . provided they don’t lose again. No chance.

Word is Bears will wear blue pants, blue jerseys and blue helmets, although they are in pants and T-shirts right now. Cannot imagine we will see white helmets again anytime soon.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    This is sad, but after that punt, I think sandy b has larger stones. So sad.

  • clonedoc

    Nice drive, good play calling. Great throw by Maynard and route run by Allen. I will also give credit when it’s due. 27-17.

  • covinared

    steve: just because a guy was a great player does make him a coach. joe kapp.

  • Dan

    That 4th and 2 decision to punt… We must have the biggest wuss as a HC in all of football. Wonder what Chip Kelly would have done. He’s telling his kids he does not have enough faith and confidence That they can get 2 yards at home vs. A FCS school. He’s been making these wuss call for years now.

    If I knew a loss would cost him his job … Go SUU.

  • covinared

    anthony’s return looked good on gametracker.

  • Easy Ed

    That’s how I saw it!

  • clonedoc

    The defense is playing well today. Linebacker depth being tested but as we all knew before the season, it’s clearly there. Pick 6 by Anthony…I like how physical he is. Still not much confidence in their ability against Urban Meyer, Braxton Miller, and Carlos Hyde next week though.

    Shameful how we’re coached and prepared as a team given above. No QB, no o-line, not a great d coordinator scheming and using that talent, no confidence as a whole.

  • Easy Ed


  • covinared


  • Easy Ed

    Nevada is beating USF 28-20

  • Pug

    The kid from The Woodlands, Texas, Daniel Lasco, made ar real nice run. I’ve been wondering when we’d start to see him. He was highly regrded in high school.

  • clonedoc

    Lasco > Bigelow who I’m not sure is recovered from his high school knee injuries. More of him and Tagaloa now that he’s not redshirting.

  • GriZz

    Tedfraud has to go…

    He’s been running his program for a decade and him and his Senior Quarterback are getting into animated verbal altercations on the sidelines — the second game of the season against Southern Utah at home.

    Completely and utterly unacceptable.

  • Calbearister

    Could be worse. We could be Colorado.

  • Eric

    Yeah, so we had a nice 4th quarter on offense and that was a nice TAINT (touchdown after interception). Did anyone legitimately expect that in the 4th quarter we would have to be playing starters?

    Sorry, Eric is not impressed.

  • daredevilfan

    Didn’t see the game, heard some on radio. Am surprised by some comments about that Defense was good. Maybe a few sacks, but ultimately gave up a lot of points and secondary sounds week again. Against a low level team. Do you think Tedford’s coaches have given up on him? Clancy and Oline coach are top notch but not delivering results so it just makes me wonder.

  • clonedoc


    5 sacks and last 14 points by opposition pure garbage time. Don’t get me wrong, would hardly call them elite and no confidence next 2 games

  • SteveNTexas

    Meanwhile mighty Nevada lost at home to South Florida 32-31.

    Don’t let our victory over a hopeless team delay Tedford’s removal.

  • wehofx

    That was a rough game to watch. Sadly pretty much agree with all of the above negatives about cp, zm and jt – esp the punt. Did anyone else notice zm openly calling out harper on the “missed” route on one of the first plays? lame!

    to state the obvious, number of penalties means we are a badly coached team that is very probably tuning out the coaches, even jm.

    SO positives: lb n forbes, lasco, harper, treggs, r gould continues his superlative work and no huddle/hurry up could be very effective – sadly installed about 3/4 years behind everyone else.

    I still hold out hope we split osu and $c road trip.

    Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    …and big win for m reilly and beavs.

  • milo

    It was a beautiful day in Berkeley and the Bears won.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I think we lose ALL of the rest of the games this season. After the next two weeks which will probably go ~48-0 and ~55-0 how are the Bears gonna regroup with JT at the “helm”? It took 1-10 to get Holmoe axed, it may take 1-11 for JT to go. Get Petrino while he’s out there, or let Gould take over NOW!!! It looked worse than a Holmoe coached team today, despite the W. Southern Utah scored 30 in Berkeley?! F that.

  • 707 Bear

    Back from game.

    Gorgeous day and a good-sized crowd; more than I thought would show after the disaster last week.

    Talk in the crowd: Will this be our only home win of the year? Sad but true.

    We may be a favorite against ASU, but after that…..

    I just don’t see our offensive/defensive lines pushing abybody around.

  • wehofx

    Milo and anyone else who went to the game, observations on zm’s behavior on sidelines? (other than tantrum w jt)

  • 707 Bear


    From the “where’s there’s smoke there’s fire department.”

    Several people—of course they have an “in” with the program—saying negative things about Maynard.

    Lee Grosscup on KGO saying the team needs leader. Saying maybe it should come from the QB.

    One observation about both sides of the ball: lots of players looking confused, frantic. Running on and off the field. Not in the proper place. Far from a well-oiled machine.

  • milo

    I didn’t notice ZM on the sideline, but I wasn’t looking.

    Agree on the OL…if they can’t push around Southern Utah, could be trouble.

  • Jabes

    Saw Zach call out Harper for a bad route coming off the field. Didn’t see the sideline interactions. This team doesn’t resemble early Tedford teams where esprit de corps was evident from HC to walk ons.

  • Jabes

    I don’t get the hate for Sandy. We roasted former AD for letting Snyder get away. As much (or more) than anyone, Sandy kept football at CMS. Tedford had leverage in contract regotiations and used it–the alternative was a coach with no contract when we were looking for recruits and dollars to get CMS done. Sandy could have managed the baseball/etc teams better, but in the end we have all the sports retained plus SAHPC and CMS and we have talent in the program for either Tedford or his replacement to coach.

  • calbearclaw

    I really hope someone questions Tedford about the Maynard incident. Bay Area media is so timid with that sort of thing. We need to hear about it.

  • Boaltblue

    We won. It turned out to be a glorious day and a fun game to watch at Memorial.

    Your constant whining is pathetic and is detrimental to the program.

  • Rollonubears

    Seems pretty clear he was pissed about not going for it’s on 4th from the 2. As were about 30,000 fans. Finally someone on the team had the stones to call out jt on it.

  • I am proud of ZM for wanting to go for it on 4th and 1 on an FCS opponent’s 1 yard line. Who can rationally defend JT’s decision not to? Anyone?

    I think that kicking in that situation makes the players wish they were playing for another coach. That is how I would feel. This example is why JT is a terrible coach and must go. Sandy?

    Another beer please…

  • Eric

    Funny BoaltBlue, but I am still waiting for the defense of last week. Why is pointing out criticisms “pathetic and detrimental to the program”? Please explain your evidence as to how a single post here has had any detrimental effect?

  • Dan

    To clarify – The incident between JT and ZM was not after the wimpy decision to punt, it was after ZM overthrew a wide open Stevens on an easy TD. Seemed like JT grabbed Maynard to inquire and ZM lost it, yanking his arm and shoulder out of tedfords grasp, and stormed off after saying something with ban FU look on his face.

  • Steve W

    Does anyone who watched an inspired UCLA thump Nebraska, or heard that ASU easily took care of Illinois, think that Cal is going to be anything other than 1-5 in early October? I would love to hear their business case. The PAC 12 is a WHOLE lot better now with new coaches in Westwood, Tempe and Tuscon. And it looks like Mike Riley is awake again. Cal is an uninspired mess right now with team disunity that can only be caused by a coach who no longer commands the respect of his players.

    I figured that Nevada was going to lose today because they’re just not that good. And I will bet that Southern Utah doesn’t hang 31 points on anyone the rest of the season.. This is getting scary.