Basketball: Top-100 SG Jordan Mathews commits

Got confirmation from Jordan Mathews this morning that he has committed to Cal.

“It was a no-brainer,” Mathews told me. He picked Cal over Kansas State, Wake Forest and Marquette.

Mathews is a 6-foot-3, 195-pound, four-star shooting guard from Santa Monica HS. Rated No. 85 national prospect by Rivals.com.

The son of former USF head coach and UCLA assistant Phil Mathews, he lived in San Francisco until the age of 10. “I feel really comfortable in the Bay,” Mathews said.

Mathews called Cal’s Mike Montgomery “a great coach,’ and said he was sold on the idea that he would be able to contribute early. “I’m very eager to play for him,” Mathews said.

He also is excited to join top-20 SG Jabari Bird of Salesian, who committed on Wednesday.

“Jabari is really good. He’s easy to play with and I’m good friends with him,” Mathews said.

Just as Bird said he planned to try persuading Bay Area prep stars Aaron Gordon and Marcus Lee to join him at Cal, Mathews said he is targeting AAU teammates Lee and Torren Jones, both big men.

Mathews said the chances are “very high” of at least one of them choosing Cal.

Commitments do not become binding until letter-of-intent signing. Early signing period begins Nov. 14.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Concordbear

    The recruits committed to Cal and the prospects seriously looking at joining this growing monster class is a very exciting.
    Can’t wait to see these stars on the court at Haas together to take our program to elite status.
    Go Bears!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    This is sweet. It doesn’t take many to make a great basketball class, and the combo of Bird and Matthews really helps influence the other prospective recruits.

    I have to believe that Monty’s contract extension is a primary cause for this upswing in recruiting, which has been relatively poor under Monty’s tenure so far (for a coach of Monty’s quality). The only thing I can think is that rival coaches kept pointing at Monty’s age and suggesting that he would not be a Cal for long. The extension really quells that to a large degree.

    I still find it hard to believe he has not brought in an top PF or top C, given the style of play Monty employs. A quality big man gets plenty of touches, learns defense, and generally thrives in his system. It’s beyond me that a few highly touted bigs have not come to Cal so far. Here is to hoping a few latch on to Bird and Matthews, which would really vault Cal’s program.

  • Will

    Even if Bird is a one and done, hopefully Matthews will stick around. We could be good for years to come if actually end up landing these guys…

  • rob bear


  • Otro Dan

    Where’s SteveNTexas to eat crow?

  • milo

    Damn and that Monty can’t recruit…and yet the class ain’t done just yet.

    Go Bears! Reel in a Final Four class!

  • wehofx

    Great news!

    Otro Dan, SteveTex was gracious in giving props to Monty on one of the Bird threads. Now if he’d just stop feeding the troll.

    Go Bears!

  • SteveNTexas

    Otro – I had been one of the first to post congrats to Monty- if you went to Cal you should be able to read the names on the posts.

    We still will have a gap from the last few years but this is great news.

  • SteveNTexas

    As for the troll Jeff and his newspaper should access modern technology. Most major newspapers have abandoned the anonymous format and required a Facebook or Google Acct from which to post.

    This would solve two issues.
    1. The troll would lose its anonomity
    2. Even if Otro Dan can’t read -he woud be able to look at the pictures and discern the different posters.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Steve was ‘gracious’ after trashing our head coach for over a year.

    A one post retraction after we got Bird doesn’t make up for the hundred over-the-top posts demanding the firing of a hall of fame coach who brought our first modern conference title.

  • SteveNTexas

    “Gracious” was the correct word because I was not happy with our choking last season. Nor have these recruits played for us yet. Some think we should be getting recruits out of our backyard as we have lost a bunch of them.

    So yes I was being gracious and optimistic -the way I think a Cal fan ought to be. I give Monty-Tedford or any Cal coaches and players the benefit of the doubt.

  • Juancho

    With all due respect takeoff i do not respect your comment.

    Steve contributes quite a bit to this blog and has for years. Get off his back. Focus on tedford and how he shoved maynard on the sidelines saturday yet nobody in the media will bring it up.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, R Gorcey tweeted, “Tedford on sideline tiff with QB Zach Maynard: “Nothing. Just game stuff.” I asked with #Cal #CalFootball if he asked tough follow up ?’s. He said, “Yes” but hawking it with podcast on his pay site. I’ve never read it and have no idea what kind of reporter rg is or is not. But my guess is anyone who makes his nut on a pay site doesn’t have the stones to ask jt the ?’s. There’s a d bag on la times named tj simers who I can’t read because he thinks way too much of himself. But in this case, I’d love to hear him interview jt about zm hissy fit. For those of you on previous thread who tried to re-invent history, zk’s tantrum had nothing to do with the wimpy-ass-punt on fourth and short.

    Steve, Facebook? You don’t think people like the troll have fake fb accounts?

  • Otro Dan

    I’m proud that I’m an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley, Steve. Thank you.

    And I can read, I’ve read scores of posts where you’ve trashed Monty for his supposed inability to recruit. Mea culpa that I didn’t read your comment on the previous post regarding Jabari Bird’s commitment.

    The fact remains that you’ve been stridently and consistently negative with regard to arguably the best coach Cal has had since Pete Newell.

  • SteveNTexas

    Otro I have been negative the last couple of years, and I try to look at things differently from my fellow Cal students and alums. Thanks Juancho.

    Part of the reason I see things differently is because I live in a sports mecca state far from Cal and I notice when Cal really makes news on a national scale. Its perspective,sort of like when I was Cal student working on the McGovern for President Campaign. Of course we hardly ever met a Nixon person in Berkeley and were sure that the rest of the country would join us in getting rid of Nixon…

    The other perspective is from the other schools I attended.

    Just by the law of averages Cal should have been winning the Pac 10 ( pre 12) once every ten years in bball or football. We have more advantages than some Pac schools ( OSU , WSU) and maybe less vs others.

    I was negative on Monty because the last few years were the WORST in Pac 12 history ( as far back as I could remember) we should have done better.

    NOw I will watch and see. Loving your school does not mean you worship each coach no more than loving your country means you had to like George W Bush.

  • Yoda

    Steve, you have been negative far longer than the last couple of years, and I’m laughing at your rip on anonymous posting. You’ve posted under different names on Cal boards in the past, and you’ve never been positive about much of anything.

    Just go watch Indiana do whatever it does.

    Texas is a sports mecca state? Not compared to California it isn’t, unless you’re talking about high school football crowd sizes.

  • milo

    Texass…spelled properly.

    BTW, the Pac 12, conference of champions.

  • I think it will be Marcus Lee who also commits. He plays with Mathews on AAU and he looks very good as well – he would greatly benefit from Monty’s coaching.

    Cal basketball is gonna start resembling the Monty-lead ljsu juggernaut of the last couple decades. But I think Monty will get even HIGHER rated athletes to come to Cal and should be able to put on a better show than just watching Mark Madsen (or the 2 sets of UGLY twins) offensive rebound to victory. That was boring.

    Bird, Mathews, Tyrone Wallace, Cobbs, Solomon, Crabbe, Kravish, Kreklow. I can’t wait to see these guys jelling together as Monty’s teams seem to do. Add a couple of capable bigs to the mix and the Pac12 should be ours for the taking. Monty is the man – were is the Cal football version?

  • SteveNTexas

    Yoda If I ever posted here under another name -it would have been in the beginning when I may have forgotten my password info.

    I challenge you find another post on here from me.

    Yoda you conveniently forget you were one of the ones saying Cal BBall was better than IU.

    As for Texas Milo and Yoda – you do know that Cal has played UT at least 3 times in football and lost each time. I guess it sounds good on a Cal Board to talk about how much better we are but I’m the one who has to take crap when UT or Tech beats us-lucky we beat A&M.

  • Calduke

    Is Jabari Bird a SG or a SF?