Football: A debut to remember for Lasco

Daniel Lasco’s first carry as a college football running back was one to forget.

His next time with the ball — on the very next play — felt like a dream.

The Bears’ redshirt freshman from The Woodlands, Texas, ran 77 yards for a touchdown on the second carry of his career, capping the scoring in a 50-31 win over Southern Utah. And he did it in front of four family members watching at Memorial Stadium.

“Oh my gosh, my family is so excited,” Lasco said after practice Sunday. “My family couldn’t be more proud of me. It’s just exciting they were up in the stands and they got to cherish the same moment I did.”

Lasco’s relatives probably cringed seconds earlier. He was stuffed for a three-yard loss on the previous play, a rude introduction to college football for a guy who rushed for 3,821 yards during his prep career.

“I should have broke the first play,” Lasco said. “I watched it on film and the line opened up a huge hole. I just missed it.”

The Bears were trying to run the clock down and Lasco figured he was going to get the ball again.

“If we run it, you’ve got to make it happen,” he told himself. “Our offensive linemen drove their defensive linemen all the way back. While I was running I was like, `Wow, this hole is huge.’ I didn’t have to really do too much besides take the crease and get it.

“It was nothing but enthusiasm once I saw the hole open up and I started going, I was so excited. The fans started going crazy. My heart started racing. At first I thought it was a dream — too good to be true.”

In fact, given the number of penalty flags thrown at the Bears Saturday, Lasco actually looked around immediately afterward to look for one.¬†“I saw my team running toward me and I was just so happy,” he said.

“To me this was a huge game — my second actual college football game, and I had a touchdown in it. That’s a lifelong dream.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Raf

    Just watched the replay… kid looks like he has wheels. and i thought bigelow was supposed to be the burner.

  • Calduke

    For some reason, Bigelow seems to have dropped a bit.
    Am I just a pessimist?

  • Calduke

    Did Lasco have a fumble??

  • covinared

    I always was more impressed with Lasco than Bigelow from the high school video. All I saw of Bigelow was runs around the end. Lasco runs hard between the tackles. He is bigger and stronger. Maybe he’ll be in the mix before the end of the year.

  • JLC

    Yes he fumbled and recovered it. He also made a great stop on kick off…..He is # 42 on kick offs. You can’t have two…..#2’s on the field at the same time. The announcer didn’t know either so don’t feel bad.
    Cal has a great stable of running backs and some great linemen and some future stars in their own rights.
    All the backs have speed to burn CAL is in store for a great few years going forward. Great recruiting in “2011”…………. GO BEARS

  • Easy Ed

    For us Direct TV customers, does anyone have a link that i can see the Lasco run?

  • rollonubears

    why doesn’t the other #2 wear the different jersey? why is the onus on the highest profile guy on the field in that play?

  • Jethro

    Freshman always have to wear the different jersey when two numbers conflict on special teams.

    Jahvid Best (#4) had to wear a cover jersey when he and Decoud (#4)were on the kick-offs together during Jahvid’s freshman year.

  • Larry

    What happened to the #42 on defense, Fanua? He was a JR and on the roster until recently. Anyone know?

  • Matt

    Fanua quit i think.
    And Bigelow is the burner, however, Lasco is almost as fast and is bigger. Bigelow needs to get more touches.

  • covinared

    finally saw the replay of lasco’s run. saw 2 cal holds. did anyone else?

  • BlueNGold

    Obviously, the refs did not. In the end, thats all that matters.

  • covinared

    I’m not complaining…