Football: Can the Bears cover in Columbus?

Imagine only the most optimistic of Cal fans believe the Bears will win at Ohio State on Saturday.

But I’m curious how you guys feel your team will fare against the point spread in Columbus.

According to odds we published Monday morning, the Buckeyes are a 17 1/2-point favorite.

If you were given $100 and told you had to place it on this game, would you take the points and pick Cal or go with Ohio State?

Cast your votes and I’ll tally them up.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Cal covers. Because were going to run the ball like crazy and win time of posession. Lasco and bigelows coming out party.

  • Kevin

    give me OSU -17.5

    easy money

  • Richard Williams

    I wouldn’t take Cal if you gave me 30!

  • rollonubears

    i only take cal if there’s an opportunity for an emotional hedge. when we’re favored in a fairly close game, i love taking cal, considering that if we lose, i get paid, if we win but don’t cover, i bought that victory, and if we win and cover, well, that’s even better. but when we’re dogs, especially big dogs, betting for or against us, you still have the likelihood of an emotional loss in the game, plus the 50/50 chance of not covering your bet.

  • rollonubears

    i was shocked when i head this opened at 13. i wouldn’t be surprised to see it get up to 19 by saturday.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    I will answer your question when you answer mine.

    1. What happened on the sidelines between Tedford and Wayward after UCB state decided to go for the FG on 4 and 1?

    2. What happened between Tedford and Asst Coach Goald? I heard they had a shouting match and Goald needed to be restrained by the other coaches from going after Tedford?

  • Jeff Faraudo

    I did not see either incident as it happened. Tedford told us the situation with him and Maynard was nothing, just a sideline football moment. Neither one seemed obsessed about it Sunday.

  • covinared

    When I was a sophomore at Calin 1979, we played a top 10 Michigan team at home. In a 5 game parlay(sp.?), I bet against Cal. I then watched them beat the spread, and almost win. It was my only loser of the parlay. A double bummer. Since then I have only bet on Cal one time. It was in 2004, where I took the points and we almost beat usc. If I were to again go against my rule of not betting on the bears on this game, 17.5 points seems like a lot for a team that is playing with its third string tailback, even against a team as apparently dysfunctional as ours.

  • MikeD

    I’ll take OSU and give the points.

    I just don’t see the offense doing enough, which means the defense will be on the field the majority of the time. Traditionally the Bears do poorly against the spread too. Happy to be wrong, but I don’t see this ending well at all. Sideline tensions already high, poor road record, early start, injuries.

  • CalBearister

    Let’s look at the objective facts:

    Tedford was 3-0 on the road against ranked teams in 2002. Since then he’s 2-10.

    Tedford lost to Urban Meyer’s Utah squad on the road – and before Utah was a BCS-buster

    Last time Tedford faced an opponent in a 100,000+ venue, his team was down 35-0.

    The only way Cal covers is if Meyer takes out the first string at halftime and Cal scores charity points in the second half like they did in Knoxville six years ago.

    My prediction, Ohio State 42, Cal 3.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    OK Jeff

    Fair enough.

    OSU easily covers. If OSU is way ahead at halftime eg the USC/UCB state game 2 years ago, Urban will call off the dogs and UCB state may even put up 10-20 points. However if the game is close after the first half, Meyer will keep the pedal to the medal and the final score will be 37-13.

    BTW Jeff. Tedford can blow off that incident as much as he would like but the TV cameras don’t lie. Now please ask him about his confrontation with his coach.

  • rotfogel

    I think Cal wins this game. I know I’m the only person to be this optimistic, but let’s look at some facts:

    1) Can Cal possibly play worse in terms of penalties? No, the can play the same or improve, but the amount of penalties is horrific. You’d hope they can play a bit smarter.

    2) Cal has 3 NFL WRs: K. Allen, Harper and Treggs will play on Sundays.

    3) Cal’s defense is better than Ohio St…at least in terms of talent.

    4) Ohio St is down to one third string RB. Cal has four Rbs who would start for Ohio St right now.

    5) Ohio St hasn’t exactly looked like world beaters.

    6) Maynard is in his second year in this system and should play better as the season rolls along.

  • rollonubears

    Rotfogel, ROTFLMAO. I would love to eat a full crow’s nest though. I do hope you’re right.

  • jabes

    Take tOSU. I expect this thing will be 17 points at halftime, and I worry Cal will be below my expectations for the third game in a row.

    I hope I’m wrong, I’ll be there in person.

  • DaveintheHills

    tOSU the line should 21.5

  • A-Dubble

    Rotfogel I agree with you on points 1-5, but on number 6 hmmm. That may be true, but since this is only the 3rd game of the season, and this time he’s facing an actual BCS caliber defense, id say we see more of the same or worse. I’ll be taking tOSU because I don’t think our defense is ready for another mobile QB so soon.

  • bigdruid

    I never bet on Cal – my only time I’ve ever bet on a Cal game was when I bet my friend $50 that Cal would win the Big Game (straight up, no point spread) in Kapp’s last game. Boy, that was a stupid bet, even though it turned out well 🙂

    So I’d take Cal and the points, even though there’s a really good chance that they get completely blown out and lose by 35+ – I think there’s a > 50% chance that they can keep this close.

    Also, $100 isn’t enough to get me to bet against my Bears.

  • H8sRed

    I think Cal will cover, but I would put my hypothetical $100 on OSU. My rationale: if Cal wins, or even just beats the spread, I’m going to be happy for my team; however, if they get blown out, at least an extra $100 in my pocket would help ease the sting.

  • discdude

    Brain: Cal will not cover

    Heart: Cal wins

    Brain wins.

  • LOL. The spread should be 30.

  • covinared

    Dude you remind me of some advice from my grandfather I will never forget. “Never bet with your heart.”

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Are you aware that USC is only one of 3 D1 teams never to have played an FCS or DII cupcake? It is beneath us to do so.

  • wehofx

    Rotfogel, I like your style and reasoning!

    Was gonna lay off after nv beating. black on Cal – spread should grow.

  • Oldcalfan

    Apparently there are respect problems between Tedford and some of his players and coaches. This is not a good sign, when combined with poor coaching, uninspired football, and Cal’s poor road record. Ohio State 51, Cal 3.
    I certainly hope I’m wrong.

  • Mike


    Does UC Davis care that you spend more time on the computer than doing your duty as a librarian there?

  • calbearclaw

    Davis has a library?

  • daredevilfan

    My money would be on TOSU. But I still am hopeful for the future. I’d like some of the freshman, and maybe some sophomores, to get together and build comraderie, and then talk to some coaches, and say that they want to take the program back. That type of emotional committment, along with Tedford getting the boot, could spark things again. Kline to Treggs, with handoffs to Lasko/Bigelo. My vote would be to start seeing that by the latter part of this year. Let’s just get the defense back on track because I expected better of them.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #25 – Mike

    This just got posted on BearInsider by a poster called “6Bear6”

    “Amy is a woman. Didn’t we establish that last year? She works in the library at Davis, I believe. However, it seems clear that Amy has returned to BI in the guise of another poster. Grey Bear can’t stop all the little mental cases that want to have their words printed on this site. All they need is a new IP address and they’re in. Foment hatred, distrust and undermine the program is what they’re about. When our fortunes are slipping that’s when the time is ripe for these mental midgets who are full of hate to stop by and offer their opinions.”

    This isn’t coincedental is it Mike?

    For the record, no I am not a librarian at Davis. A stupid poster named WisdomCow aka Inspector Clousseau bungled that one lead on by the one and only GoGoBear aka The Advising Bear on Bear Insider. It was comical relief but frankly I felt sick for the woman who had her identity plastered all over SF Gate.

    Lets not get started again. Losers

  • Calduke

    OSU is favored by 17 with an over/under of 53

    That translates to a 35-18 OSU predicted score.

    I don’t think Cal covers.

  • Will

    Taking a break for the troll ignoring, was JF responding to the troll?

    MikeD, send JF a link to greasemonkey. It doesn’t look like he was responding to any of the other posters. It’s one thing not to block him on your blog (which I still find ridiculous), but even worse to take him seriously.

  • konamike

    OSU & give the points. We’re a TERRIBLE road team, esp. in big games. This yr’s. version of Tedford’s Alfred E. Neuman What/Me Worry approach to coaching doesn’t much look and play like a team. Too bad because we’ve got some very talented players. 10 penalties and 2 turnovers (really 3 but we got lucky on Lasco’s fumbled ko return) speaks volumes re bad coaching. This team has no rhythum on either side of the ball. Last: Mora’s not exactly Bear Bryant but…he’s got mostly the same guys Neuheisel had playing very hard and fast. I’m no fan of the JV’s but if they keep playing w/ this level of energy and dedication the Bruins are gonna’ cause a lot of problems those remaing on their schedule…and that includes us.

  • Rollonubears

    Coulda been 5 turnovers witn maynard chucking the ball in the air while being called down for “in the grasp” and ka muffing the punt return. We got lucky. That was one of our worst games ever, against one of our worst opponents ever. That is indeed holmoe-esque.

  • 707 Bear

    Please, give me any evidence that we can:

    1. stop a spread offense with a dynamic QB
    2. stop the option run up the middle
    3. get off the field on 3rd down
    4. move the chains with our running game

    Our lines are being handled…this will not change.

  • Larry

    If it’s YOUR $100. I’ll take the Bears. If it’s MY $100. I’ll take the Buckeyes. I was at Tenn & Maryland for those games and we absolutely SUCK at early away games east of the Rocky Mountains.

    OSU-63 CAL-10

  • Boaltblue

    Easy decision. I’ll take my Bears.

    As for those of you who are scared of your own shadow, I am sorry for you.

  • Dan

    Guys – please don’t feed the troll.

    I would say no way Cal covers- ask me when we play Oregon or the Cheater$ down south. Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in the business, Tedford one of the worst- BUT – they are actually friends, and I don’t think Meyer tries to paste a 40+ point loss out of pity for Tedford. Cal may cover but it won’t mean anything. No chance to avoid (another) embarrassment against a ranked team.

  • rotfogel

    707 Bear,
    I agree that Cal hasn’t looked good on the Dline…yet. BUT, I HAVE to imagine things to change. Pendergast is the best d coordinator we’ve ever had. The D Line is LOADED with talent: Deandre Coleman, Jalil, Tipoti, Payne. For a college team, those are some good players and a few should play on sundays.

    I feel you though, we haven’t seen them play well yet but I know they weren’t 100% healthy to begin the year and that fact could have thrown off their timing last week when they all played. I hope they’re focused and can hone in on their assignments, if so, our talent is better than OSUs is.

  • John

    Cal looses BIG. >17pts.

  • ThisisCal

    Cal wins in what is known to posterity as “The Miracle in Columbus.” Game-winning hail mary is caught by Treggs.

  • jabes

    Rollon: This summarizes why I felt even more pessimistic after S Utah than Nevada. I would add S. Utah was a bad team that had 2-3 drives where the eye test says they were controlling the game, against the defense that many thought would carry the team.

    >> Coulda been 5 turnovers witn maynard chucking the ball in the air while being called down for “in the grasp” and ka muffing the punt return. We got lucky. That was one of our worst games ever, against one of our worst opponents ever. That is indeed holmoe-esque. <<

    Cal basically has a puncher's chance against tOSU, but Tedford doesn't go for the KO. More likely, we scrimp out a score or two in the first half, but can't stop tOSU from scoring on 75% of their drives and throw in a couple of turnovers to set up scores.

  • 707 Bear


    I agree with you about the D…..by far the biggest disappointment of the year….don’t know enough about football to know the problem/solution, but we have been driven on multiple times (i’m unaware of any plays over the top)….we can’t get off the field…over 50% 3rd down completion…weren’t we–statistically–the best defense in the pac 12 last year?

    Oh brother.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #36 – Dan (and Will & BluenGold & CalBearClaw & MoreSanctions & Juancho & Larry & Covinred & all the rest of you haters)

    I will tell you why JF keeps me on this board even though you whiners don’t want me and why he answers my questions. It is very simple – I talk football. I possess an indepth knowledge of the game which few if any of you do around here. There have been so many times I wanted to leave this forum but I stuck it out. The biblical command “Do not throw your pearls before swine” has really made sense to me.

    However not all UCB state fans feel the same way. Just yesterday one of your posters on Bear Insider wrote this about a post I put on Jon Wilner’s blog.

    ” I usually just skip her “cal state” rant.. That being said

    ‘The game has passed him by. He is a dinosaur. He likes everything he sees in Oregon’s offense and in the creative pistol offenses and even the spread offenses. And so what does he do? He just adds more and more plays to his playbook and then expects his QBs to know them. When it doesn’t work he begins to harp on them for their lack of fundamentals and he changes OCs like a compulsive shopper at the local WalMart.

    The fact that everyone of his QBs are failures except for Rodgers, a list which includes Ayoob, Longshore, Reed, Riley, Sweeney, Mansion, Maynard falls on Tedford.’

    She made a good point (for once). The game HAS passed JT. He tries to add new wrinkles to the offense. All this does is make the offense more confusing and harder for the players to “execute”. He can’t hang his hat on taking the high road in regards to academics. We were 11th in APR scores. Our facilities are brand new so he can’t make that excuse. I guess all he has left is to blame the players for not “executing”.”

    You see, real fans know I always speak truth (and sometimes in a profound way that even the sportswriters long to do).

    Frankly, I tire of reading the comments on here. “Tedford sucks”, “Maynard sucks”, “Our Defense sucks” is childish but that is what dominates this blog.

    I say to you posters – “Grow up. Get out an encyclopedia and brush up on the greatest game in the world.”

  • Steve W

    I think OSU easily covers the spread, but I’m not laying my money down for that. I would lay a giesal that Tedfat is through after this season. Even odds. Easiest money I could ever make.

  • BlueNGold

    Yeah right, the sleazy cheaters will only play DI cupcakes.

  • rob bear

    Cal 33

    Ohio State 20

    Someone please get that guy and / or gal some help.