Basketball: Marcus Lee says Cal 1 of 3 finalists

Deer Valley HS-Antioch big man Marcus Lee tweeted: Louisville, CAL, Kentucky. Presumably his three finalists.

Cal and Louisville already have made him offers, Kentucky is expected to do so, possibly this weekend.

Lee, rated as one of the nation’s top 50 prospects,┬áplays on the same AAU team as guard Jordan Mathews, who gave Cal an oral commitment over the weekend.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    teams like ucla and arizona get 3-4 guys like this every year, and still struggle to make the sweet 16. we get one, and we make the tourney. 2 and we make a run in it. same with football. i don’t know what it is, but can you imagine what we’d do with 3-deep 4 and 5 stars at every position in football, and 2-deep in hoops? we’d win titles every year. it’s so strange.

  • bigdruid

    I’m guessing the mindset of a player going to ucla is different than one who signs with cal which explains this. Give us Reeves Nelson and it’s not clear we get better production out of him.

  • rollonubears

    I’m not trying to figure out why we don’t get all the top recruits, I’m just saying we get one guy, like a leon powe, who’s not even a top tier nba prospect, and we compete for the conference title. just one guy, surrounded by decent, but not great players. it’s rather strange to me.

  • Juancho

    Good sign he tweeted cal in all caps. Lets hope washington doesnt come take our recruiter decuire.

  • ConcordBear

    Need good big men to be great. Montgomery is a tremendous big man coach. Got two star guards committed, now fingers crossed the big men join the party!

  • milo

    Part of the deal at Cal is if you come here, be ready to study and go to class. Not every kid is willing to do this.

    Richard Solomon knows the drill, and so does his parents who told him to sit up straight and fly right.

    Say what you want about Monty, he recruits character kids and/or the non-character kids (hello Gary Franklin) leave. Look at who Monty’s first recruit was – Jorge!

  • @ Rollonubears post #1, not to be a downer, but we HAVE HAD 4/5 star recruits at nearly every position in football for several years now, and we know how that is working out…you need a 4/5 star coach too.

    But yes, give MONTY a handful of studs and you better believe they are gonna not only achieve, but OVER-achieve!

    If Lee comes too (along with Bird and Mathews) and the Bears can get Ricky Kerklow and Tyrone Wallace going this season, along with the continued improvement of Kravish, Cobbs, Crabbe and RSolo. Monty is gonna sweep the pac12 in 2014!

    Can you imagine a Kentucky recruit coming to Cal, I wonder if Kidd was the last one who did that, or maybe Shareef? Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Blake crabbe is gone after this year. Thats why they offered aaron gordan a scholarship. They expect him to enter draft.

  • Juancho, would Crabbe go as a 2nd round pick? I don’t know if he is first round NBA material yet, although maybe if he gets 20/8 with 50% fgs and +40% from 3 this season he could be at that point. You’ve heard differently?

  • Juancho

    Blake my source is the bear territory podcast. I think we have 4 scholarship spots for next year. But wed take gordon at 5 bc the staff expects crabbe to do real well and go pro. He started last year by breaking his nose if he goes strong should be a first rounder.

  • Rollonubears

    Crabbe was really quiet all year. It’s going to take a huge turnaround for him to go the the nba, let alone the first round. A cast of studs would free him up, but Leon powe was triple teamed and still dominated every game. That was the last top prospect i can remember.

  • SteveNTexas

    Hes ranked #27 a great get.

  • rob bear

    If Crabbe is a second round NBA pick, I am Batman. Sorry, I love the kid like all of you, but he is no 2nd round NBA draft pick. Too soft, too quiet and a needed game off of the dribble. Good PAC 12 player. Love him like the rest of the Bears. 2nd Round NBA pick, nope. Stay in school Allen! Get your degree! You will need it!