Football: Brace yourself — Bears set for most challenging 2-week road set in school history

 How tough is this two-week road stretch for the Bears?

Well, perhaps the toughest in school history.

I did some research and Cal’s games the next two Saturdays at No. 12 Ohio State and No. 2 USC mark just the 10th time the Bears have played road games on consecutive weekends against teams ranked in the Associated Press Top-25.

Never have they faced teams both ranked No. 12 or higher in a back-to-back road situation.

So welcome to the most challenging two-week road schedule in school history.

Here’s how the Bears fared the previous nine times they went back-to-back on the road vs. Top-25 teams:

Nov. 8: lost 17-3 at No. 7 USC
Nov. 15: lost 34-21 at No. 23 Oregon State
Oct. 5: won 34-27 at No. 12 Washington
Oct. 12: lost 30-28 at No. 20 USC
Oct. 18: lost 63-37 at No. 13 Washington State
Oct. 25: lost 35-17 at No. 13 UCLA
Nov. 5: lost 13-6 at No. 18 Arizona
Nov. 12: lost 31-19 at No. 22 Washington
Oct. 10: lost 35-16 at No. 1 Washington
Oct. 17: lost 27-24 at No. 18 USC
Oct. 27: lost 46-7 at No. 7 Washington
Nov. 3: tied 21-21 at No. 21 USC
Nov. 8: lost 49-0 at No. 5 Arizona State
Nov. 15: lost 28-3 at No. 13 USC
Oct. 27: lost 31-7 at No. 20 USC
Nov. 3: lost 44-14 at No. 1 Washington
Sept. 11: lost 36-24 at No. 16 Georgia
Sept. 18: lost 28-17 at No. 4 Oklahoma


Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve W

    You had to love Tedford’s 2002 team that went on the road and beat a Top 25 Michigan State team and later took down No. 12 Washington in Seattle. The narrow loss at USC that season was a hard-fought nail biter that saw Cal take a big lead only to lose by two points.

    Tedford’s teams now just get mercilessly destroyed by Top 25 teams, especially on the road. Tevo the games my friends and fast forward through the agony. If the HC is not giving us his heart and soul, why should we give it back?

  • rob bear

    Nothing better than beating schools that get caught red-handed by the NCAA such as these two model programs that are as corrupt as they come. Go Bears! Shock the world and the football programs of both of these no-shame football programs.

  • tc

    Seriously, we are going to get our butts kicked up and down, side to side in the coming weeks. Tedfurd is a terrible coach on the road, lacks any skills in making adjustments after halftime, and most importantly, lacks vocal leadership and passion. Just look at him…he commands no presence nor respect from his players. Hence the penalties, verbal exchanges, and lack of discipline on the field. I can’t believe the state is paying him $2+MM for shoddy performance.

  • CalBearister

    If you’ll recall, the Pac-12 officials gave the game to $UC back in 2002. Carson Palmer one-hopped a touchdown pass, and the perpetually incompetent officials blew the call.

    Oh what I’d give for the Tedford of 2002 back. Gutsy and creative play-calling. Wins as an underdog on the road. I miss that guy.

  • rotfogel

    C’mon Bears! Play like you are possessed and focused, especially the defense, go nuts and have a few big plays!

  • rollonubears

    I think the D steps up in this game. I think it’s a low scoring affair, a-la Oregon at home in 2010. I still think ohio state will cover, but if not, I’d bet on it being something like 28-14. Or more like 13 as we’ll probably miss an extra point.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I wonder if Tedford’s motivational talks will put more players to sleep for OSU or for USC. It is a toss-up.

    You guys are going to get clown stomped in Columbus and then LA.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Don’t read Jon wilner today if you are a UCB state fan. Wow does he expose the fraud.

    I am taking bets right now how many of you will still inhabit this blog after you get trashed the next two games. If it was anything like the 2007 and 2008 seasons I know of at least one poster who won’t be around. LOL

  • Eric

    How about that 1976 team? We never see any BCS conference teams schedule like that anymore.

  • Sorry to say but I think Cal football has been standing on the edge of a cliff for the last few years with Tedford at the helm and that cliff is FAST APPROACHING. I think that the Bears will give up 100+ points combined in the next 2 games and have difficulty scoring 30 total.

    The cliff is here, will Tedford take the whole program down with him, or is there a chance he steps down on his own and lets someone else take over mid-season? Someone who will not settle for a fg from the 1 against an FCS team, hopefully. Will he resign before going 1-11, that is my point. Who else on the schedule will we beat, honestly?

  • MikeD

    > Who else on the schedule will we beat, honestly?

    Oct 13 at WSU is the only game on the sched that looks like there should be a high % for a win. The rest are so up in the air…

  • I just want to say that I am disgusted by my own cynicism and negativity regarding coach Tedford and by extension this Cal Bears team. I have Golden Bear blood in my veins and was practically raised in Strawberry Canyon in the autumns of the late 70’s and 80’s. I love the Bears and want them to succeed as much as the next guy.

    But I cannot continue to support a coach who for the last several years has done so little with so much and who seems to be actually REGRESSING! And I cannot support a coach who CHOOSES to kick an 18 yd fg against an FCS opponent, or ANY opponent for that matter (unless its a game winner). I seriously doubt that I will have the fortitude to watch the games live on the next 2 saturdays. I’d rather watch the EPL to be honest. Does that make me a piss-poor fan??

    Sorry for the downer mentality guys, but I think if you check my past posts, I am generally optimistic and I have been VERY positive when the team(s) have deserved it.

    It was ten years ago exactly that we were absolutely astonished by the very OBVIOUS turnaround in a once moribund program. It seems we have gone full circle, except we now have a much nicer venue in which to watch our beloved Bears lose… 🙁

  • Steve W

    I just went back and checked Cal’s record against back-to-back Top 25 teams in the Gilbertson era. Say what you want about Gilbertson, but he kept all of those games relatively close and exciting in the 92 and 94 seasons. And I still maintain that his 93 team was the best Cal team I have ever seen with a healthy Dave Barr at the end of the season.

    Wouldn’t we all be feeling good if Cal kept the games close – win or lose – in the next two weeks? Recent history shows that’s not going to happen.