Football: Jeff Tedford dismisses sideline exchange with Keenan Allen as `just part of game’

What happened on the sideline between Cal coach Jeff Tedford and quarterback Zach Maynard early in the second quarter against Southern Utah?

Here’s Tedford’s explanation, with a Youtube video clip attached.

Jeff Faraudo

  • DaveintheHills

    i think the headline is factually wrong

  • Stay Golden

    It’s very troubling that this happened in a game vs. a team you should be clobbering. What’s going to happen when we are getting slaughter by OSU & USC on the road?

    Punk moves like that from your starting QB make me believe that either JT has lost his team or Maynard is just a punk and is still pouting over being benched.

  • Hungry

    I really didn’t see much other than Maynard feeling frustrated at himself and everybody else is blowing it out of proportion.

  • Steve W

    It may be part of the game, but JT’s selection of Maynard as the man to lead his team over a 2-season span will be his undoing.

    Cal reminds me so much of UCLA last year. It was clear last season that Rick Neuheisel had lost control of the team despite years of good recruiting classes. Neuheisel couldn’t get any consistent play out of his quarterbacks, either, but he had one of the nation’s best waiting in redshirt status.

    Now Tedford can’t get consistent play out of Maynard, but he has one of the nation’s best sitting in redshirt status. There is a lot of talent on the team that is being poorly coached as evidenced by stupid mistakes, penalties and players not being on the right place on the field at the right time.

    Tedford goes bye-bye after this season, and the new guy will be stepping into something pretty good. Jim Mora recognized that situation when he took the job at UCLA. He ran a really tough fall camp in the 110-degree heat of San Bernardino, put some discipline back into the program and quickly realized his redshirt QB phenom was the real deal. Look where they are now after upsetting Nebraska last week.

    Help is on the way, just not this year.

  • bigdruid

    That is the exchange everyone is up in arms about? Seems pretty innocuous to me.

    And watching that YouTube clip of Maynard’s plays, I have to say he didnt look bad at all. My impressions were colored by that awful miss on 3rd and goal, but his overall performance was sound, albeit vs an FCS school blah blah

  • CalBearister

    Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. I’d like to see Tedford and his coaches show a little more emotion. To coach and play like they give a damn. I want a QB who is pissed off when the coach sends on the FG kicker on 4th and goal. Now I also want the coach who has the stones to go for it on 4th and goal when it makes strategic sense (see, e.g., Tedford’s horrible decision in 2009 to kick a FG for a 6 point lead – which would have led to a Stanfurd win had Andrew Luck not thrown a pick – instead of going for it on the 2 yard line – which either ends the game with a TD, or forces Stanfurd to go 68 yards just to kick a long tying FG). But a little competitive fire and anger is a good thing.

  • bigdruid

    I suppose you liked harbaugh’s “stones” to have Luck throw the ball in that situation instead of pounding the ball down our throats? How’d that work out for them?

    I’d say that is an example of conservative play calling paying off – we make them march the field and score a TD and they couldn’t.

  • MikeD

    I think its more around the issue that ZM feels he can shoot his mouth off vs the interaction itself. I’m feeling like this team is divided on many fronts. Would you see this type of interaction between coach and player at Alabama with the player being this disrespectful of Saban? How do you think this might play at WSU if it happened right now with Leach?

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find a current head coach who would receive that level of interaction with his QB and then leave said QB in the game and then play the whole thing off as nothing post game. That JT let him get away with that only means that worse is coming at some point later in the season. ZM is pushing to see how far he can go, like a teenager testing a parent. No good will come of this

  • daredevilfan

    Steve W, I couldn’t agree more. This can be fixed is Sandy will actually take the step and get rid of JT, and if they will pay out more money to get a big name that excites the players/alumni and instills a new mental toughness and swagger.

    Ang Big Druid, I also agree that the youtube plays didn’t look as bad as things sounded on the radio. If we can have more discipline and more running game, maybe Saturday morning won’t be as embarrassing as I was anticipating. But we need a coaching change, so I’m not sure what I’m actually hoping for….