Football: What welcome awaits Bears? Meyer says he wants Ohio Stadium to be an`inferno’

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said the Buckeyes’ crowds for their first two games have been OK, but the former Florida coach expects more.

Will he get the atmoshere he wants in time for Cal’s arrival on Saturday? He’s campaigning for it.

“I expect the stadium to be an inferno. I expect players to be diving over each other to hit quarterbacks. I expect the offense to score a multitude of points and celebrate in the end zone,” he told the Columbus Dispatch.

“So no, it’s not that close (yet), but I understand the journey. It’s not a sprint, it’s a journey, a marathon to get it where we want it. What we’ve done the first two weeks is nothing like the vision I think this place should be like.”

“I think that stadium should be absolutely electric.”

Meyer conceded that part of the equation is the Buckeyes need to play better.

“You want to get a stadium going? Go hit a quarterback,” he said. “You want to really get a stadium (going)? Put a hand on a punt. That’s when people come out of their seats.”

Elsewhere . . .

— Ohio State running back Jordan Hall, who missed the first two games with a foot injury, is likely to play Saturday, Meyer said. Hall had surgery to repair a cut he sustained on his right foot in June, and was cleared to practice this week.

Senior linebacker Storm Klein has been reinstated after serving a two-game suspension, but Meyer said he wasn’t sure how much Klein would play against Cal.

Klein was dismissed from the team in July after being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and assault as result of an altercation with a former girlfriend in his apartment. The woman later changed her story, and Klein’s charge was reduced to disorderly conduct. He pleaded guilty, and Meyer let him come back to the team.

— Here’s a Columbus Dispatch feature on Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen and the odyssey that brought them together at Cal. There’s not much new in it for Cal fans, except for one amusing comment from Allen at the end.

Asked if he has any regrets about his de-commit from Alabama as a high schooler, Allen said, laughing,  “I definitely wished I could have been part of that national championship team. But it’s cool.”

Jeff Faraudo

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