Football: Bears determined to find a place in backfield logjam for sophomore Brendan Bigelow

Ron Gould, who has coached Cal’s running backs for 16 years, said the first player that came to mind when he initially saw Brendan Bigelow run the ball was Jahvid Best.

After watching Bigelow’s double-spin, 81-yard touchdown run against Ohio State, Gould called it one of the greatest runs by a Cal back ever.

Here’s more on how the Bears intend to fit Bigelow into the backfield mix that also includes Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson.

Cal’s 10 best single-game rushing performances since 2008:
1. Jahvid Best:  19 carries for 311 yards,  TDs vs. Washington,  Dec. 6, 2008
2. Jahvid Best:  19-201-2  vs. Stanford,   Nov. 22, 2008
3. Jahvid Best: 14-200-3  vs. Washington St., Sept. 6, 2008
4. Shane Vereen: 19-198-3  vs. Nevada,  Sept. 17, 2010
5t. Isi Sofele: 23-193-1  vs. Oregon St.,  Nov. 12, 2011
5t. Shane Vereen: 42-193-3, Stanford,  Nov. 11, 2009
7. Jahvid Best: 20-186-2,  vs. Miami, Dec. 27, 2008
8. Brendan Bigelow: 4-160-2 vs. Ohio St.,  Sept. 15, 2012
9. Jahvid Best: 13-159-2 vs. Washington St., Oct, 24, 2009
10. Shane Vereen: 17-154-1 vs. UCLA, Oct. 17, 2009

    Note: Best’s 311 yards vs. Washington is a single-game Cal record.

Jeff Faraudo

  • bigdruid

    “How much bigger is pretty much up to Gould, the Bears’ 16-year assistant, who will decide during the flow of the game whether the ball goes to Isi Sofele, C.J. Anderson or Bigelow.”

    So, apparently the playing rotation has always been Gould’s call, not Tedford’s.

  • Can the Bears beat USC on Saturday? Hell, yes!

    Here’s how they do it, in spite of Tedford, alias Ol’ Sourpuss

    The recipe is this:

    See sportskaster.blogpsot.com

  • wehofx

    #1 yeah. had a feeling.

    thanks, Jeff

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Sportskaster, we got enough craziness here already, leave the bible thumping at home…please. Jesus was a basketball player anyway…the oblong football, not really his thing…

  • milo

    Bigs needs 10-12 touches and a couple of passes. I want to see a screen/swing pass. Could be trouble.

    Put him in, get a big gain and now you have a decoy like few others. Put him in for 20-25 plays, get him the ball half the time.

  • shaka

    Sportskaster, thumb all you want. Enjoyed your blog.

    Game assignments for Coach T:

    – Coach T makes the call to kick or receive
    – Coach T authorizes quick huddles every 4th down between the 30-40 yard line, no questions asked
    – Coach T gets more air time out of the Cal Band
    – Coach T uses his allotment of 11 okole pats per half
    – Coach T prays for and receives divine intervention

  • But BlakesStreetBear, we need Biblethumping, which is a way to catch the ear of JC. I’m calling to JC for divine intervention. JC the Bears need you, badly. If He ignores this plea it could mean he’s too busy helping USC.

  • Shaka, you missed an assignment for Ol’ Sourpuss.
    He needs to pray for some coaching skills and plain ol’ football sense. Does he have any? Answer: does USC always whip Cal?