Football: Bigelow earning praise from coaches

Be on the lookout for my story on breakout tailback Brendan Bigelow, who had 160 rushing yards and two long touchdowns runs last Saturday in the Bears’ 35-28 loss at Ohio State.

He will get more carries Saturday at USC. How many more? Bigelow isn’t sure and the coaching staff won’t say.

But running backs coach Ron Gould told me Bigelow is beginning to become the complete player the Bears need.

“His focus and concentration have been there, and the attention to details on how we do things is really starting to come to fruition. I’m really starting to see it more in practice,” Gould said.

“We’ve had an opportunity to showcase his talent in practice. He’s working really hard, not just from a physical standpoint but from a mental standpoint, which is what the game is.”

Bigelow will share carries with seniors Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson going forward, but his speed makes him a rare talent.

“The sky’s the limit,” Gould said. “He’s a young man who obvious has got some talent. One thing we talk about is you’ve got all that talent, you’ve got to put it to good use.

“By having a great work ethic, the sky is the limit for him. He’s conscientious, he wants to do well and I think he has a very bright future.”

Sofele, who rushed for 1,322 yards a year ago, understands Bigelow’s emergence could mean fewer carries for him.

“If he can do what he did against Ohio State, I’m fine with it,” Sofele said. “We’re all going get our carries — I’m not really too worried about that.”

Gould believes that Bigelow’s low-key approach allows his teammates to celebrate his success.

“He’s a great young man. He takes time to say hi to everyone. He’s very humble, unassuming. He has a smile on his face and he’s really a treat to be around,” Gould said. “That’s infectious and guys want to be around him because he’s so positive and he works really hard.

“He’s not arrogant. People see how he works. He cares about winning. It’s anything he can do to help the team win. Most kids aren’t like that. Most kids are, `Hey, how can I score a touchdown?’ With him, it’s `Coach, whatever I can do to help the team.’ He’s really embraced his role.”

Bigelow came off very much that way during a group interview session on Wednesday, saying that he couldn’t enjoy his individual success as much because the Bears lost.

“It’s not just about me,” he said.

Bigelow said he had no inkling he would be part of the attack at Columbus, but said the experience changed his outlook.

“It gave me a boost of confidence to really know I can run the ball,” he said.
“I wasn’t expecting to get that many carries. It’s not a lot but I made the most of what I got.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I will make this prediction.

    This kid will not do to SC what he did to a slow footed OSU team.

    Speed on D is our trademark. TJ McDonald will put his lights out just like Taylor Mays did to about 5 of your WRs in just one game. Why don’t you go onto YouTube and check out Taylor Mays’ best hits. All of them are of UCB state games. LOL

    UCB state will be lucky to score at all against SC. You aren’t Stanford. You guys are soft on the OL and you have zero ability to comeback to claim a win.

    Matt has always had his best games against you guys and we don’t fear your team.

    Let’s hear your coach enter the Coliseum for Saturday’s game saying “How many disappointed fans?”

    The answer will be 90K less than he thinks (although it is debatable that Tedford thinks he can beat an SC team again).

  • Dan

    Stanford 21. C$ 14. Everything down the drain C$. Perfect.

  • Easy Ed

    Taylor Mays minus steroids? Anyone seen his NFL highlight reel on youtube? Oh, that’s right, there is none!

  • ScottyBear

    6:36 a.m. ?? Kidding?? No life. Besides, that rambling post just plain drivel.

  • Rocko

    We have three really good backs, run them wide and often, wear out the cheater monkeys who have half the team they use to have both in quanity and quality. The USuck defense has given up plenty of points so far this year.

  • bigdruid

    Sorry, Moren. Even if you do manage to eke out a win at home over an inconsistent Cal team, your season is still a massive disappointment. With all that talent, too, and a 4-year-starter at QB – what a shame.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    NOW they discover him. I’m still reeling over the failure to use him more in the second half last week.

    I love what Isi did last year, and I like CJ as a bruiser (too bad the OL never gets a push in short yardage situations for him), but the coaches should be giving Bigelow every opportunity in the world to take the top back job. He still has to earn it, but he needs to be given the chances.

  • How is taylor mays doing in the XFL? I hear he got cut again by the las vegas avengers. The dude is a total bust. Just like ALL USC QB’s.


  • milo

    Let Bigs loose against the cheaters.

  • BlueNGold

    If Cal can go to Ohio stadium and play with confidence, there is no reason they can’t do the same at the u. of south central. The key is not to be overconfident and to keep making improvements as the season progresses. The weaknesses of the sleazy cheaters have been exposed. It is up to the Bears to capitalize on them and contain them.

  • ConcordBear

    What’s up Golden Bears!
    Excited to head down to LA and party in south central Saturday.
    Fight for California

  • BlueNGold

    moron must have to get up pretty early to get all the trash talk posted before heading out to that job at WalMart.

  • Boaltblue

    Moren likes to come to this blog to get bi*ch-slapped.

  • Robert

    Great, Coaches. If you’ve noticed this incredible talent and great person THAN WHY IN THE WORLD DID HE NOT GET THE BALL ON THE DRIVE AT THE END WITH THE MISSED FIELD GOAL?????????????

    CJ had a run and Stevens up the middle!!!! No Bigelow!!!!!!!!!

    Brain-dead gameday coaches!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the loss Tedford and Gould!!!!

  • Steve W

    No, Moron is on stress disability and has been for the last six years from the job he had selling salted pretzels at the Coliseum. Studies have shown that long-term rock salt exposure can disrupt left brain activity and make someone fall slovenly in love with their oppressors, in this case the USC cotten candy and salted pretzel vendors. By association, he fell in love with the football team.

  • daredevilfan

    LOL, some great stuff above, too funny. On a more serious note, I just read about the fire they had at the USC library today. Unfortunately….both books did burn. (sound of keys dangling and credit card waving to drown out that stupid repetitive band)

  • PappysBoyProgeny

    No carries in the first two games…

  • “Unfortunately…both books did burn.” LMFAO!

  • Dan

    And Moren’s heart is broken, as he hadn’t gotten around to reading either book. Apparently it was on his bucket to learn to read, but the greeter job at WalMart and her basement curfew just kept getting in the way.

    Anybody happen to know the titles of the 2 books were?

  • daredevilfan

    I believe one of them was….How to deal with Life after College and Steroids with no Job and a Diaper. Does anybody know the other?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey fake fans

    Lay down your final score predictions for this Saturday’s game between USC and UCB state or use greasemonkey.

    2004 – SC victory (although UCB state fans still claim a victory based upon stats)
    2005 – SC victory
    2006 – SC victory
    2007 – SC victory
    2008 – SC victory
    2009 – SC victory
    2010 – SC victory (although you guys won the second half)
    2011 – SC victory

    Hopefully you clowns will show up this time. There hasn’t been much of a game since 2003 when we lost for the last time in 10 games.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Who wouldn’t love this Kevin Ellison highlight!!!!!


  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #10 BlueNGold

    BlueNGold Says:
    September 20th, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    If Cal can go to Ohio stadium and play with confidence, there is no reason they can’t do the same at the u. of south central. The key is not to be overconfident and to keep making improvements as the season progresses. The weaknesses of the sleazy cheaters have been exposed. It is up to the Bears to capitalize on them and contain them.

    This post has all of the makings of a fake fan. You went to Columbus gained some confidence but still lost. Whooppeeee for your moral victory.

    Now you claim the key to beating SC is NOT to be overconfident. HAHAHAHAHA. UCB state is one win against Southern Utah away from 3 straight losses. How does that result in being overconfident. I guess that’s what moral victories to an overrated team like OSU does to you fans?

    And how laughable that this fake fans thinks the same Stanford strategy for victory will be matched or exceeded by UCB state. Only in your dreams do you have the same personnel, coaching and winning attitude like Stanford.

    Only a fake fan would even consider that your program is equal to or better than Stanford.

    LOL losers.

  • BlueNGold

    Only a fake fan would claim to be a diehard supporter of one team of questionable repute, yet spend most of a decade trolling a fan blog of a different team that the fake fan claims to hate and posts nothing but trash talk, name calling and insults there? How much
    more fake can you get than that?
    Get a clue, moron, the only FAKE fan here is YOU.