Football: Post-game notes

A few post-game updates and statistical notes:

— Sophomore Jacob Wark joins a growing list of Cal tight ends with lower-body injuries. He hurt a foot in the fourth quarter and did not return. No immediate report on his status. Would-be starter Richard Rodgers (foot) did not play at all . . . until Wark left the game. Then he was out there for one series.

— As expected, the news on TE Spencer Hagan is not good. The junior sustained what is apparently a serious right knee injury at Ohio State. “Hagan won’t be back,” coach Jeff Tedford said. “His knee is shot. He won’t be back this year.”

— Redshirt freshman Daniel Lasco, blasted up around the head on a second-quarter punt coverage play, did not return. Tedford did not know whether the running back sustained a concussion.

— Without senior tackle Matt Summers-Gavin (knee) for a third straight game, Cal’s offensive line was badly outplayed. The Bears netted just 77 rushing yards (a week after gaining 224 on the ground at Ohio State) and QB Zach Maynard was sacked seven times. That’s 13 sacks in two games.

— No miracles from sophomore TB Brendan Bigelow, who included TD runs of 81 and 59 yards in his 160-yard performance at Ohio State. Of course, Bigelow got just four carries (none in the first half) and gained 31 yards — 7.8 per attempt. Tedford was vague on why Bigelow wasn’t a bigger part of the game plan after suggesting earlier in the week he had earned it.

— The Bears were no match for the Trojans at the line of scrimmage on the other side of the ball, either. USC, which was averaging 130 rushing yards per game, had 296, including 158 by Penn State transfer Silas Redd and 115 from Curtis McNeal.

— Cal PK Vincenzo D’Amato, after missing three field goals wide left at Ohio State, was wide right on his first try at the Coliseum. Then he made three short ones to account for all of Cal’s points.

— WR Keenan Allen had nine catches for  93 yards and moved to No. 4 on the Bears’ career receptions list with 173. He passed Na’il Benjamin (165) and Brian Treggs (167), the father of freshman teammate Bryce Treggs.

Jeff Faraudo

  • gobears49

    All Cal needs is good QB play and to get a bit healthier. Receivers were open but Maynard couldn’t deliver the ball to them, especially in the red zone. That is why Cal couldn’t complete their comeback against USC, which they were on the verge of doing. The good running/erratic passing play of Maynard reminds me of Ayoob.

    Cal is on hold till next year, when we get a new QB to play. If there is no disaster this year (which, if it occurs, Tedford should go for sure)), I’m not sure that Tedford should keep his job and we should hire a hungry young assistant coach (just like Tedford when we hired him — any BTW, I have heard that Tedford has lost his desire to do a great job, probably a function of how much Cal is paying him).

    I favor Kline and Boehm (if he can prove he is an accurate passer), as both are run. You need the running threat to stretch the defense.

  • calbearclaw

    Covina –

    So since I am not personally paying Jeff Tedford’s salary I don’t have a right to lobby for a change at my alma mater? That’s some wobbly logic.

  • Woj

    On behalf of the long term success of Cal football, Go ASU Sun Devils. I hope they thrash Cal this Saturday. If/when they do, please make sure Sandy the AD has a seat in the front row. The only way Cal becomes elite in the modern Pac12 is under a different head coach.

  • Steve W

    This is going to sound nit-picky to Nth degree, but here goes: I have noticed that our head coach has taken to wearing long, flowing jackets to hide the considerable girth he has gained on his mid-torso over the last several years.

    I believe that the appearance of the head coach speaks volumes about what he expects from the team; namely to be disciplined, focused and fully conditioned to withstand the rigors of a 60-minute game. I still maintain that Cal lost the Nevada game due to poor conditioning. I want my head coach to be one of the fittest guys on the field. If he demands it from his players, he should demand it from himself, dammit. You are the head coach of a sporting team, and you were an athlete yourself, once.

    So take some of that $2.7 million annual salary to buy yourself a 24-hour gym membership,Jeff, and use it. (I pay $39 a month for mine). Otherwise we are going to think that you have become careless and slovenly and don’t really care about how you look anymore. A far cry from that guy who bunked out in his office on a cot when he started.

  • covinared

    what about that fat slob coach of that really good Kansas team a few years back?

  • covinared

    ucla’s last success was with the big gutted Toledo, and Dorrell and Neuheisal were trim and fit.

  • scottybear

    Not just 40 lb.s more than when he was hired, but so much less animated. He really is a bad example from the bulging belly perspective. And what is with those f’in sunglasses? Tedford stands there as if he is a scout or spectator. No emotion or expression. Players feed off that, and JT gives none. My take is he finally has several millions in the bank and he has lot that hunger he brought 10 years ago.

    What pray tell makes Tedford think he can win in this new Pac 12 with the game plan and personnel he trots out these days? Even the TV announcers second guess him. No balls whasoever. No more wasted Saturday afternoons getting emotionally involved then emotionally drained watching. And hell with this new Pac 12 network. What a scam!

  • covinared

    John Madden big gut good coach.

  • BlueNGold

    Why does this happen every season? The first or second string players get injured, and there is no one to step up and pick up the slack. Is there a reason Cal seems to have a perennial lack of depth problem that bites them badly?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Ayoob or Maynard…which one was worse?

    By the way do you think that being a JC and Fresno State graduate limits Tedford in anyway? Harbaugh went to Michigan (which some publications say is the #1 public university in the country).

  • Steve W


    Those guys you mentioned were always girthy guys. Madden was an O-lineman in his college days. Tedford came in as a fit and trim ex quarterback with a work ethic that was not matched by anyone. When you let yourself go to that extent, the message he is sending me is that he just doesn’t much care anymore.

    I am not saying any of this if the guy is pulling down 600K a year. With his salary, he deserves this kind of scrutiny. BTW, both Toledo and the Kansas guy were fired, one for improprieties and the other for not getting it done on the field. Tom Holmoe once beat a Toledo coached team 17-0.

  • Stick a fork in him, Tedford is done…

  • Caladan

    If the Bears end up going 4-8, I wonder if Cal fans could use Kickstarter.com to collect funds to buy out the last three years of Tedford’s contract.

  • Easy Ed

    Chip Kelly ain’t exactly Mr. Olympia. Let’s not get silly, whatever is going on, Tedford’s weight isn’t the issue. Heck for all we know, the guy may be at the facility 24/7 eating junk food and not getting out to live much (although the level of preparedness of this team does not suggest that scenario).

  • tc

    This season while still early, is over in my opinion. It is sad that our expectations have gone so low. It was not too long ago that our goal was to one day make it to the Rose Bowl. Well, here we are trying to see if we can even make it to a bowl game and this guessing game has been going on for the past few years. Please Santa Claus, give me a good xmas gift by letting go Tedfurd and surprising us Cal fans w/ an inspirational, young, smart, energetic coach from a D-1 school or NFL. Look what UCLA has done? Look what Stanfurd has done w/ Harbaugh a few yrs ago? WE Cal fans can slice and dice every game on why/how our team lost but it all comes to preparation, discipline, and most important the drive from the players and who else provides all these intangibles? It aint Tedfurd. He’s got none and the players show it on the field.

  • bigdruid

    Y’all need to chill out. No apologies for anyone, Dan – Let’s review the season *after* the season is over. Lots of football still to be played, and I still see lots to like about this team.

    Maybe we’re a 4 win team and Tedford gets fired, maybe not. Let them play the games.