Football: USC game thread

FINAL SCORE: USC 27, Cal 9. Sorry for the second-half absence. Had wireless problems at the LA Coliseum, then deadline. My game story.

The Bears (1-3, 0-1 Pac-12) lose their ninth in a row to USC. They’ve been outscored 152-38 in the past five, and have not beaten the Trojans in LA since 2000.

Obviously, the two-weekend road trip from hell was a black hole for Cal. At least they were competitive at Ohio State. USC dominated the line on both sides of the ball, stuffed Cal’s run, sacked Zach Maynard seven times and unleashed their own two-headed ground game that accounted for 296 rushing yards.

To a man, the Bears still maintain they can recover and qualify for a bowl game. Of course, what else would you expect them to say about just four games?

The fact is, only one team in Cal history — Jeff Tedford’s second team in 2003 — has rebounded from a 1-3 start to reach a bowl. Only one other team (1970) overcame 1-3 to finish with a winning record.

The problem is not merely math — although having to win five of their final eight won’t be easy.

The problem is that several of the teams still ahead on their schedule — Oregon State, Arizona State and UCLA — are better than we might have guessed a month ago. Then there are Oregon and Stanford, both very troublesome.

Not sure yet what to make of Washington, but at least the Huskies are playing at Berkeley. Cal must go on the road to play Utah and Washington State.

Point is, remove Oregon and Stanford (as likely losses) and the Bears must win win five of the remaining six. And most of those are toss-up games, at best.

A tall order.


HALFTIME: USC 17, Cal 3. Updated stats. USC has 300 total yards, Cal a season-low 98. Maynard is 8 for 14 for 66 yards with one INT. Barkley is 15 for 22 for 135 yards with one TD and two INTs. USC has out-rushed Cal 158-32, thanks to 113 yards on six attempts by Curtis McNeal. C.J. Anderson is Cal’s top rusher with 19 yards. Brendan Bigelow has been on the field for one offensive snap and caught a 1-yard pass. Has not run the ball.

0:03 2nd Q: Andre Heidari kicks 40-yard FG for USC, which leads 17-3. But Cal gets a break when Barkley trips over own feet and falls for 7-yard loss on third-down play.

4:16 2nd Q: Cal LB J.P. Hurrell’s first career INT at USC 26-yard line gives Cal possession. 

7:01 2nd Q: USC answers decisively, going 75 yards in six plays with Barkley passing 11 yards to Marwise Lee for the TD. USC leads 14-3.

10:15 2nd Q: D’Amato makes one — a 24-yard FG that cuts the USC lead to 7-3. Cal converted a 4th-and-2 play when Maynard passed 11 yards to Keenan Allen, then a 3rd-and-10 play on a 10-yd pass to Allen. Bears went 62 yards in13 plays. Maynard also ran the ball four times for 27 yards on the drive.

END OF 1ST Q: USC leads 7-0. Total yardage: USC 155, Cal 67. Turnovers: USC 1, Cal 1. Botjh QBs are 6 for 9 with one INT. USC has 119 rushing yards, Cal just 22.

1:56 1st Q: Vincenzo D’Amato tries 35-yard FG — misses wide right this time. That’s 0-for-4 past two games. Still USC 7-0.

5:15 1st Q: Deandre Coleman hits Silas Redd in the backfield and Marc Anthony finishes him off. Bears stop USC on 4th-and-1 from the USC 49.

6:40 1st Q: Maynard intercepted by USC’s Jawanza Starling at the USC 40. Bears had five turnovers vs. Trojans a year ago. that’s No. 1.

7:54 1st Q: USC leads 7-0 after 6-play, 71-yard drive capped by 33-yard run by Silas Redd, the Penn State transfer. Total yards: USC 139, Cal 9.

PERSONNEL UPDATE: Neither OT Matt Summers-Gavin nor TE Richard Rodgers played on the Bears’ first possession. Cal goes three-and-out and punts. USC starting at own 29 with 10:43 left.

12:39 1st Q: Steve Williams intercepts pass intended for Robt Woods in the end zone. Cal takes over.

COIN FLIP: USC wins the toss and wants the ball. Cal will kick off. Game-time temp: 88 degrees.

CAPTAINS: Game captains for Cal are Keenan Allen, Josh Hill, Isi Sofele and Marc Anthony.

PERSONNEL UPDATES: Backup DE Keni Kaufusi did not make the trip due to an undisclosed injury. Mustafa Jalil will move into his spot. Robert Mullins is expected to start today over Nick Forbes at ILB. Josh Hill will play the nickel back when Cal goes to a five-DB formation. OT Matt Summers-Gavin and TE Richard Rodgers are on the trip and will be game-time decisions.

WELCOME: Here at the warm and (very) muggy L.A. Coliseum for today’s 3 p.m. kickoff between the Bears (1-2, 0-0 Pac-12) and No. 13 Trojans (2-1, 0-1).

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    I wonder what tom holmoe is going to say at the press conference. Whoops meant tedford

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Mike, I wasn’t arguing, just expanding.

    I’m done. I mean done. I won’t spend a dime on anything Cal, no gear, no tickets, nothing, not until 2 years AFTER Teford is gone. Sandy fires him tomorrow and I still won’t spend a dime for 2 years.

    I sick of him. I am disgusted by his ineptitude. I hate myself for continuing to care and watch.

    The longer he stays, the more time I add onto how long I will never donate or spend on anything Cal, UC (that adds Hastings), or Pac 12. Thats’ my promise.

  • calbearclaw

    At this point I want a seasonal meltdown save for a win against UW.

  • Juancho

    Bear claw as an fyi shaq thompson was a player of the week award nominee last week

  • calbearclaw

    Tedford needs to go 3 and 9 so we can get him and his salary and his entitled steak dinner lifestyle out of here. Thanks for all your efforts here and a few nice seasons but things have run their course.

  • Juancho

    What always interests me is you never see maynard on the sideline with the other quarterbacks. Not once. Its like hes in a separate non accountable group bc of his brother

  • CalBearister

    3-9? Name two teams you think we can beat. I can’t. Maybe WSU. Maybe Utah.

  • Juancho

    See thay. Kiffin getting a younger qb a series for experience. We should do that

  • The Wisdom Cow

    And just so it’s known that I am not talking out my rear . . .

    My birthday is April 2nd, and a Bucket List activity of mine is a Final Four trip to watch Cal play.

    I’ll be missing it if it happens in the next 3 years, more likely than not.

  • calbearclaw

    Objection sustained Bearister. I’ll take 2-9. I just don’t want to lose to UW. That’s my Big Game this year.

  • calbearclaw

    I repeat: Bigelow: 4 carries, 32 yards, that’s 8 per.

    And the A’s blew a 4 run lead in extra innings.

  • calbearclaw

    Also: Bigelow three returns for 22 average.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    tOSU game sucked. This swallowed.

  • calbearclaw

    I talked to Barbour in Ohio last week,. Trust me, she’s a shifty bureaucrat. Spews the same tired cliches as our coach. I implored her to become more vocal, to convey to the fanbase that’s she at least aware of the intolerable direction of the program. I told her to make this known via the media, to actually behave like a leader and to broadcast her unwillingness to accept the status quo. Instead of actually engaging me she took the pandering route. She said she’s not interested in the media, she’s interested in alumni. Unbelievable.

  • wehofx


    I sure hope someone asks jt at the presser why bigelow only got 4 carries. with the tough follow up question to what is sure to be his usual evasive answer.

    just looked at schedule. time for zk? Not sure. some tough d’s coming. today’s la times had interesting article about how the best thing slick rick did for bruins was giving hundley a red shirt year. like rick n, jt has to know the hot seat just got a lot hotter. zm’s played as well as he can and it’s not enough.gotta think he’s going to be tempted to play zk.

    juancho, after you recover from this beat down, if it interests you, can u research exactly how much jt is owed? on some speed google researches, i’ve read from 1.8 to 3.6 mil inclu (sometimes not inclu) retention bonuses. also read guaranteed until ’14 also read ’15.

  • rollonubears

    This team doesn’t please me.

  • SteveNTexas

    CALBEARCLAW Thanks for trying! I like your approach.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx i accept your challenge. Im going to need some liquid courage first.

  • covinared

    I saw the game from the 77th row on the goal line. It was clear that sc won because they dominated on both sides of the line. They were able to consistently run between the tackles most of the game. Maynard was pressured all game, Barkley rarely if ever. Still, we could been in the game at the end had Maynard hit Allen the two of the three times he missed him wide open for scores. Without a mobile qb we have no hope of moving the ball with this o line. Bigelow looked good running inside. Its time for him to replace sofoele. We moved the ball but had no big play threat. Sofeole is not fast enough. Also at the end, it looked like Maynard quit on a third down play. We may have run out of tight ends. Wark was hurt and the coaches would not let him come out of the game. He was limping later on when he lined up wide.

  • Easy Ed

    This hurts, it hurts bad. This team is stupid and that’s because either the coaches are stupid or inept in their preparation. In the 4th quarter there was a play in our red zone where the USC receiver was uncovered, yes UNCOVERED. How the hell does that happen after the blown coverage against OSU?

    I’m in LA so I listened to the Trojan post game show and they think we are a joke. Silas Redd said he couldn’t believe our spacing and how big the holes were in our defense.

    Finally, did Bigelow wreck Tedford’s car or something? How can you keep that guy on the bench with only 4 carries.

    I never thought I would say this during the Tedford era but I’ embarrassed to be a Cal fan.

  • Eric

    Wow, Covinared lists all of the flaws. Sounds like coaching, doesn’t it.

    This reminds me of 12 angry men. In 2008, I think Dan and I were the only ones saying Tedford had to go. We were ridiculed, lambasted, called fake Cal fans. But, just like the movie, over time people began to look hard at the evidence. And one by one, folks have come to see Tedford as the anti-QB guru and the opposite of creative genius. Maybe we’re down to one or two ostriches.

  • Woj

    My weekends are wide open. I’ve tuned Cal out. Their coach has sucked for years and now finally everyone is seeing it and the losing will continue ad neuseum e stench that is Jeff Tedfraud is power washed out of Berkeley unfortunately with millions of $$ he doesn’t deserve. This team is boring!! No TDs, no offensive ingenuity, a gutless emotioless stiff has been in sunglasses on the sideline.

    And the Raiders – total bag on my head for that trainwreck. The team would be better served Eastwooding it for a head coach. Stick a chait and Raiders cap on the sidelines. Allen is useless.

    I like football too just not the putrid crappola rolled out by UC Berkeley and the raiders.

  • Juancho

    Anyone watching dj foster continue to impress for arizona state? Thats one of the guys we lost in tosh gate. He and shaq are the two biggest immediate impact guys we lost so far.

    Although foster would suffer like bigelow probably if he came here.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    You know someone without class would just sit here all day and night and taunt you fake fans. I am not going to do that. I have too much class to highlight your misery.

    For one thing, we act like we have been there before. In your case that’s 9 straight victories against you

    Second, we are not a great defensive unit and haven’t been for the past two years even though your pathetic team hasn’t scored a TD against us in two years.

    Third, our HC is still learning which is a lot more than can be said about your old dinosaur.

    Fourth, our fanbase expects perfection so even though it was a beatdown today we aren’t completely satisfied in our performance on both sides of the ball.

    Fifth, our fans were there in force after a tough loss. We support our team unlike 20K fans who won’t be coming to see UCB state games for the rest of the year.

    Finally, Tedford = the second coming of Holmoe but I sure hope you keep him around. HAHAHAHAHA

  • CalBearister

    The only place Trojans act like they’ve been before is jail. Because they have.

  • BlueNGold

    the toejam fan base expects perfection from the football team because thar is all they have to feel good about. Ever. And no, moron is not part of the sleazy cheaters, but keeps referring to them as ‘we’ because its the only positive identity moron has to cling to.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    What do BlueNGold and MikeD have in common? Both are cowards.

    He won’t use greasemonkey on BlueNGold, a poster who contributes absolutely nothing of football value to this blog.

    BlueNGold won’t take me up on a bet which would send me away from this blog for good.

  • EastCoastCalFan

    Amy, you are a pathetic doosh. Go back into your basement and keep avoiding the sunlight, you troll.

    CHEAT ON, Toejam scum.

  • BlueNGold

    Coward? moron’s favorite word, because it has so much personal experience with the concept. It called both JO and JF cowards, then weakly tried to deny doing so. Now it calls everyone who tells the truth about moron a coward. Obviously, the only coward here is the same poster as the only fake fan here. That would be moron.

  • BlueNGold

    Cower on, moron!

  • calbearclaw

    Hey gang, MoreVDs is simply not a factor. Stop replying. If you don’t go to a school and didn’t grow up near it then you’re not a legitimate fan. Simply as that. You’re only legitimizing the illegitimate by engaging.

  • BlueNGold

    ‘illegitimate’ is an apt and very appropriate description. Illegitimate as in bastard. Illegitimate as in fake, phony or contrived. Illegitimate as in not belonging in the place in question.

  • Easy Ed

    Hey Moron,

    I spoke to “Daddy” and he says that you aren’t really his child. He knows this is true because you couldn’t get into Cal (like him) Heck, you couldn’t even get into U$C. “Daddy” is convinced you were conceived by the Garbage Man while he was out making a fortune!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #183 – Easy Ed

    Is that all you got?


    BTW Easy Ed should visit Cowboy.com

  • BlueNGold

    #184 – Coward

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #185 – BlueNGold

    Once again you validate my point that 90% of your posts are directed at me. You aren’t a UCB fan. You are a stalker.

    On this thread (ending with post #185) you have posted 5 times and everyone is directed at me.

    That’s 100%.

    In another thread it was 4 for 4 (wouldn’t Maynard like that rate of pass completion).

    You have a sickness and it is called stalking. Please seek help. You are very dangerous to the public.

  • BlueNGold

    No moron, it is you who are very dangerous to the legitimate posters on this blog, which you are not. Get a clue and get professional help. Ten years of trolling here should be enough of a red flag for anyone to recognize that you have serious mental health issues.