Football: Golden Bears understand fans are in a panic over 1-3 start, ask for patience

I talked with three Cal players who seem to have a finger on the pulse of Cal fans. They know there is panic among Old Blues, but suggest this isn’t the time to surrender.

Check out my Tuesday notebook, which also provides updates on running back Brendan Bigelow, tackle Matt Summers-Gavin and placekicker Vincenzo D’Amato.

Also, Cal on Tuesday took down the two large poles that support the net behind the north end zone goal posts after complaints from fans who say their view was obstructed. Find out what  is planned for the south end zone and what happens if you catch a football at the north end.

Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    Robert M. and the rest of the squad. I haven’t given up on you. Play hard. Play smart. Good things will come. You still are my team. You still make me proud.

  • GC

    I am a LTSCF. In case you don’t know what it means: Long Time Suffering CAL fan. I have not given up on the team or the players. Let’s be honest unless there is a big turn around this looks like a 3-9 season maybe.

  • wehofx

    Regardless of what I think of jt, I, too, am still a Cal fan. I’m with you boys. I hope you’ll win Saturday, go on a run and get bowl eligible. And if you don’t, I’m still with you. Just don’t quit. Never give up.

    Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    …Juancho, did you get a chance to look at jt’s $?

  • 707 Bear

    In an otherwise difficult year for Cal football, a Dan Ratherism to describe the mood of the team as it prepares for ASU.

    “No question now that Cal is rapidly reaching the point where its got its back to the wall, its shirttails on fire and the bill collector’s at the door.”

    The next two weeks should be very interesting.

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Wehofx its on my itinerary. Waiting for a bit of downtime to dig i to it.

    Also obviosly still a cal fan. It kind of bugs me that its a thiught that bc people are unhappy means they will stop being fans.

    I love my school. Do i think tedford is the best man for the job. No. Do i hope for wins on saturdays. Of course.

    I read ltscf and knew exactly what it was.

  • Steve W

    I think Cal has a really good shot of pulling off a win against ASU on Saturday. The Sun Devils haven’t really played anybody yet. Utah is not very good, despite what they do to BYU every year. They absolutely gagged against Colorado and Cal last year, and the inconsistency seems to carrying over.

    The Tedford coached teams of the past four years have shown they cannot show up on the same field with the elite teams (USC, Stanford and Oregon), but they stand a fighter’s chance against everyone else. And I love it that the players are asking the fans to stand up for them. Show up guys, and win despite coach Slothford.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Who’s in a panic? Depressed and suicidal, sure, but panic? No.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    “I think Cal has a really good shot of pulling off a win against ASU on Saturday.”

    That says it all, really, Steve W.

  • Dan

    “I hear all the talk. If I was a fan, I probably would (be panicked) too,” senior safety Josh Hill said. “We just ask that they stick with us. We haven’t given up on ourselves, so hopefully they haven’t, either.”

    I would never give up on the kids. Never. As long as they are out there busting it, I am all in for them. Maynard makes me wonder a bit, but I’m still pulling hard for improved play from him.

    On the other hand ….

    Coach Jeff Tedford said sophomore tailback Brendan Bigelow will continue to be mixed more into the offensive game plan as he absorbs all aspects of playing the position.

    “It’s a work in progress with Bigelow still,” Tedford said. “You want to make sure he has an effect on the game. But there’s a lot more to it than running the football. He continues to learn.”

    I have given up on Tedford a long time ago. I can’t believe the rhetoric on Bigelow. I’ll go back to Chip Kelly- if Bigelow was on Oregon, he’s be playing a LOT- last season. DeAnthony Thomas played a TON for Oregon as a true freshman, the same with Colt Lyerla this season. Can it be that they are SO much smarter than Bigelow?? Highly unlikely.

    The fact that Tedford says Bigelow is “still learning” as if he hasn’t yet learned enough to play a lot is only a strong testament of negativity about Tedford and his infamous complex playbook. What a joke.

    Juancho, anything to add?

  • ConcordBear

    The fans are not the story, it’s sports. Any sport that a team wins a lot, people that root for you will be excited. You will also pick up lots of band wagon fans when you win and it’s much more fun when you win.
    Losing sucks. Simple as that.
    Facts are winning every game possible in always important in college, you don’t get a #1 draft pick for losing, nothing good comes from losing in college. These players are preparing for the next step in their lives either as a professional football player or in the real world. Either way, winning helps college players find more future sucess.
    These guys are in the spot light as young men, I hope they pull together, fight as hard as they can to win as many games as possible and have fun.
    Winning is fun. It’s worth the extra time and effort to get things right.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dan, you don’t get it.

    In practice, Bigelow has been stealing the ball from the QB during his drops instead of pass protecting. Then he runs the wrong way and rolls the ball into the end zone so the D can recover it for a touchdown.

    You don’t want that to happen in a game, do you?

    At least, as Tedford says, he is making progress. Earlier in the year he would take his helmet off and hit maynard with it to steal the ball before running the wrong way. It’s all about baby steps with Tedford.

  • ConcordBear

    Just read the story about the poles. This is not the only thing that has had to be corrected. It’s a lack of attention to detail. Plus, a waste of money.
    Whoever is in charge of this project really needs to up their game.
    Those poles were a joke, not in my sight line but noticed how out of place they looked first time I walked in the new stadium.
    Overall the stadium is beautiful and glad they are fixing the poles, just wish they had gotten it right in the first place. It’s not that hard.

  • Dan


    There is a #1 pick for the Golden Bears at some point if we lose too much. The pick will be a new Head Football Coach.

  • Will L

    Wisdom Cow — sometimes Bigelow wears his helmet backwards in practice by accident, and does not remember which color pants to wear. When he’s in navy blue, rest of the team is in gold. We cannot have that in actual games. Fans don’t understand all this behind the scenes stuff nor should they be expected to. All they see is a guy going for 7.8 yards per carry, which is not even close to the full picture. If you were part of the team, you would know that these 7.8 yards per carry (and 160 yards the week before) hide what’s really going on. It’s not pretty. Hopefully Bigelow can try to have more of an effect on the game this week, by getting his act together in practice.

  • SteveNTexas

    Wisdom Cow’s comments 8 and 9 probably sum up how most of us feel. The advantage of living far away when Cal is playing poor is that you have to hunt for scores as the teams drops far off the radar.

  • southseasbear

    If Bigelow isn’t sufficiently familiar with the offense in his SECOND YEAR as an active player, then (1) he should not have burned his red shirt year last season, and (2) Tedford’s offense is too darn complicated. Hope Bigelow is ready before his senior year!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Panicking UCB state fans.

    Now that’s hilarious.

    Panicking about what?

  • ThisisCal

    I will always have the players’ backs so long as they are playing hard and playing to win. Tedford, however, is a different story. Since Tedford doesn’t coach to win, the players have to win IN SPITE OF him. Makes for a difficult task. He fights our progress every step of the way. Hoping the kids can win without a head coach on Saturday. I’ll be there rooting them on. Go Bears!!

  • rollonubears

    Why does it cost 10grand to remove two poles?

    These kids have to know the fan base isn’t upset with them. The vast majority of the fans have been saying over and over how much talent we have, and how it’s wasted week in and week out with subpar coaching.

    Thinking about this a little more, if we do go 3-9 and don’t fire tedford this year, imagine how hard it’s going to be to recruit. What would tedford say to a recruit? Come here because we have all the pieces in place to get a great coach next year?

  • A-Dubble

    Def haven’t given up on the team, just on the head coach and his ability to coach this team to success this season. He went from being a so called QB guru to a qb killer. He’s not a good judge of a qb’s talent, just see Zach Maynard running out of bounds like an azz clown on Saturday. If hes the best we go then its gonna be a long season. JT, simplify the friggin playbook and get ur head our of your rectum.

  • rotfogel

    Can I be the first one to declare this a ‘backward’ Cal season? Many a year under Tedford hath the Bear started out fast, this year nay, tis opposite. The bear shall wake up this weekend to go undefeated throughout the reminder of the season.

    I still love the talent on both sides of the ball. That said I’d really like to see one of, whomever is the best of the freshman Offensive lineman bunch.

    Defense does give up big plays, but against SC they were on the field way too much…Brennan Scarlett is going to be a great LB, heck he already is. It was also encouraging to finally see Jalil in there.

    Steve Williams…8 ints this year?

  • gobears49

    All Cal needs is good and consistent play from our QB. If done, itt will help the running game and keep the defense off of the field more.

    Maynard just needs to step up and show he can throw accurately on a consistent basis. So far, in my opinion, he hasn’t shown that, and I have my doubts that he can, but maybe he can accept the challenge and finish his Cal career on a high note. If he does, he will also be helping his half-brother, Keenan, get a higher NFL draft, as he is expected to leave Cal for the NFL after this season.

  • Rollonubears

    The running game seems to be doing just fine when bigelow touches the ball. Why can’t it be that the running game opens the passing game? Is he really oblivious to blocking assignments when he doesn’t carry the ball? That’s pretty sad if so.

  • Cre8tivguy

    Most of us probably expected the team to be 2-2 right now, so 1-3 is not ideal but not panic mode. Winnable games: ASU, WSU, UW, Utah. All Cal needs to do is win one of these: UCLA, OR, OR ST, FURD (which is doable, since 3 are at home)and we’ll hopefully be bowling.

    I agree with most that Tedford did a lot of great things at Cal, but it’s time for a new coach, new energy. That will probably mean waiting out Tedford’s contract, which I’m OK with that as long as Cal goes to bowl games and Sandy doesn’t wait till the team hits rock bottom.

    I want to win, but not at all cost. When I think of how clean Cal’s program has been over the past decade, and the consistency of bowl games, and the number of guys in the NFL, I sometimes think we take Tedford for granted… but then I also think of how much he FRUSTRATES THE HELL OUT OF US!

    Not panicking. GO BEARS!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I have never seen a season when the UCB state fans have been called and described by so many different names.

    First,posters on this board called each other “losers”;

    If that wasn’t enough, one of your players called you “fake fans”;

    Next came “panicking” fans.

    Finally I thought this was worth posting. It comes from Wilner’s blog.

    Pluto99 says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 5:51 am
    Cal fans are always thumping their chest about being “true fans”, as opposed to the bandwagoners who support Stanford football. That’s not how your players view you:

    “If we lose, we expect fans not to have our backs. If we win, we expect everybody to be there,” [senior safety Josh Hill] said.

    Sounds like you’re developing a reputation with your team for being a bunch of fair weather, bandwagoners.

    What’s next?


  • covinared

    I remember not so long ago going to the colusseum, hanging out at the peristyle and scoring 2 20th row 35 yard line seats below face value 30 minutes before kickoff. A few years later, rim seats in the corner went for $100.

  • gobears49


    Just because some of us criticize the Cal team doesn’t mean we are not fans of Cal football. I think all of those who post on this blog, except for you, desperately want Cal to win their games, and follow Cal football closely. Most criticism on this blog is centered toward Tedford and comments as to whether he should not continue as our coach, especially if Cal continues their recent losing ways or even just continues their mediocre performance in recent years.

    But all of the criticism of Cal football on this blog is not consistent with the people making comments on this blog not being fans of Cal. It really shows that they are fans of Cal, as it their comments show that they care deeply about how the Cal team does. I have not checked, but my guess is that blogs about Cal football receive far more comments from readers than do blogs about Stanford football. That difference, if it exists, shows the extent of the comparative interest in fan interest in Cal vs. Stanford.

    Fans across the country feel it is their right to criticize their team, the coaches, and even the players (to some degree), if they are frustrated with their performance. It is all part of being a fan of the team. I think the number of comments regarding such criticism reflects the true interest in a team and indicates the level of interest, as fans, in the team.

    In short, you don’t have to refrain from negative comments about Cal football to be a true fan of Cal football. Venting frustration about how a team performs, and providing suggestions about how that performance can improve, is a natural and national phenomenon and a high level of blog comments about this subject, pro or con, reflects the true level of fan interest in a team. Measured on that basis, I think fan interest in Cal football is probably very high when measured against other teams in the country, particularly when compared to west coast teams.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #28 – Thank you for your respectful answer. I appreciate the time you took to think through such a clear but unemotional answer refraining from the personal attacks and the vitrol.

    When did you graduate and with what degree?

  • gobears49

    I got a BS (which was not bull****) in business at Cal. No need to tell you the year.

  • BlueNGold

    Moron if you knew anything about honor and loyalty you might understand why Cal fans remain so and don’t jump ship every time things go bad. Unfortately, you are dishonest, have no honor and cannot comprehend the concept of loyalty, so you are, once again, completely clueless.

  • CalBearister

    I haven’t given up on the players. Nor do I blame the players for the poor results. Nobody on this team was on the 2005 meltdown team. Or ther 2007 meltdown team for that matter. There is only one common factor tying together the last eight years of Cal football, and his name is Jeff Tedford. Much as I like him, much as I wanted him to succeed, he has not. The blame lies with him, not with the players.

  • Easy Ed


    “Daddy ” and I were just having a couple of Long Island Teas when your name came up. “Daddy” says that you pretend to love U$C to make up for the fact that couldn’t get into Cal. “Daddy” says he donated enough bucks to the football program to gain admission for you if you had a 78 IQ, which you don’t.

    So “Daddy” says he will send you to the Lair of the Bear next summer and buy you an Oski hat. If that doesn’t work then he’s through with you and will put you out on the streets. Welcome back, GO BEARS!