Football: Arizona State game thread

FINAL SCORE: Arizona State 27, Cal 17. Bears drop to 1-4, 0-2 in the Pac-12. Would need to win five of final seven games to become bowl eligible. But December football is not part of the Bears’ thought process right now.

“As far as making a bowl,” linebacker Nick Forbes said, “that’s a little farther down the line than I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about the next one.”

Here’s my game story.

5:56 4th Q: Cal offense goes 3 and out and punts.

6:17 4th Q: ASU answers back with 74-yard scoring drive. Kelly pasases 22 yards to WR Ozier and ASU leads 27-17.

9:33 4th Q: Keenan Allen’s right toe scratches turf on 10-yard reception in the left corner of the end zone — incomplete call overturned for TD on video review. Cal trails just 20-17.

11:27 4th Q: Nick Forbes gives Cal a chance by blocking 38-yd FG try by Garoutte. Bears still down 20-10.

1:12 3rd Q: Tedford opts for FG on 4th-and-7 from the 18 and Vincenzo D’Amato delivers 35-yarder. But will it be enough? Cal trails 20-10.

4:28 3rd Q: Alex Garoutte’s 33-yard field goal makes it 20-7. Cal in a deep hole, with just one TD over nearly the past seven quarters. The Bears need two more today to win.

HALFTIME: ASU 17, Cal 7. Bears leave field to smattering of boos after Tedford tells Maynard to take a knee with 25 seconds left one play after 34-yard pass to Chris Harper was wiped out by holding call vs. Jordan Rigsbee. Sofele has 12 carries for 89 yards with a TD and a lost fumble. Maynard is 3 for 8 for 63 yards. Brendan Bigelow has not carried the ball — hasn’t been on the field on offense as far as I could tell. Total offense: ASU 184 yards, Cal 139. Cal will get the ball to open the 3rd Q. 

0:53 2nd Q: Taylor Kelly throws 9-yard TD pass to WR Kevin Ozier, capping 37-yard drive after lost fumble by Isi Sofele.

6:08 2nd Q: Alex Garoutte kicks 28-yd FG and ASU leads 10-7. Sun Devils goes 52 yards in 12 plays.

13:06 2nd Q: Isi Sofele runs 24 yards up the middle for the TD that ties score at 7-all. Maynard-to-Allen for 44 yards helps set up score. Cal goes 76 yards in 3 plays.

7:11 1st Q: ASU goes 67 yards in 7 plays with Taylor Kelly passing 1 yard to TE Darwin Rogers for the TD. Sun Devils lead 7-0.

MSG AND RODGERS UPDATE: OT Matt Summers-Gavin making his first start since the opener vs. Nevada. He did allow a sack on Cal’s first possession. TE Richard Rodgers also playing, although freshman Maximo Espitia started. Scoreless after one possession by each team.

TIPOTI OUT: Cal DE Aaron Tipoti will not play. Mustafa Jalil starts.

COIN FLIP: Cal wins flip and defers. Will kickoff, defending north goal. Game captains for Cal: Keenan Allen, Josh Hill, Brian Schwenke, Kendrick Payne.

WVA-BAYLOR FINALE: Mountaineers hold off Bears 70-63. Geno Smith 8 TD passes for West Virginia, giving him 20 with 0 INTs for season.

LINEUP CHANGE: Sophomore safety Avery Sebastian will make his first career start for the Bears in place of Alex Logan.

PSA: In case you’re missing it, Baylor just scored again and trails West Virginia 63-56 with 10:49 left in the 4th Q. That’s right: 17 touchdowns! Game is on FX.

WELCOME: We’re back at Memorial Stadium after treks to Ohio State and USC the past two Saturdays. Perhaps the homecoming is just in time for the Bears (1-3, 0-1 Pac-12), who have little margin for error but are unbeaten at home against the Sun Devils (3-1, 1-0) since 1997.

If the Bears don’t win this one, things could get ugly fast.

Gonna be a warm, sunny day in Strawberry Canyon. Will update as we get closer to kickoff.

Jeff Faraudo

  • BlueNGold

    From that quote JT gave JF about Bigelow, it sounds like the coaches don’t think he is able to play as a starting back. If that is so, they should say so. It might keep a lot of fans like Juancho complaining about it all the time.

    On the other hand, if BB has limitations and can only succeed in certain types of situations, then they should be designing offensive plays that allow him to succeed in those situations. Cater to his strengths. The offensive scheme obviously needs that for all the play makers.

  • covinared

    We did not lose because Bigelow got no carries. Sofele and Anderson got yards. We lost because we made too many penalties, missed too many tackles and tried to pass from a non existent pocket.

  • covinared

    Eric: my understanding is that there is no buy out. What market exits for him as an assistant is probably not strong.

  • Dan


    I think you maybe miss 2 points-

    1) Bigelow is a game breaker, Sofele and Anderson. How do you/we know he wouldn’t have broke a few longs ones if if he got 8-10 touches?

    2) Bigelow getting no carries, no passes, not even being involved in the gameplan make ZERO sense and is one more symptom that this whole program is a mess under Tedford.

    Everything else you said is accurate.

  • Dan

    You know, I have always understood that there is no buyout or out clause- which is inexcusable. So essentially Tedfraud was/is guaranteed these tens of millions he’s “earned” and will continue to get- not matter how he did. Again, inexcusable.

    The ridiculous length of this contract, the undeserved, out of context dollar amount, the lack of clauses to allow for the poor performance we are seeing now- all are just more evidence that SB made a HUGE mistake, got taken to the cleaners and is damaging the university as we all witness the implosion of the football program- despite some very good talent, beautiful top-notch faclities.

    By SB’s own words, Cal’s goals are to compete for conference and national championships- I have heard her say that in interviews, I have read the same. So how does what is going on now in the most important sports program at Cal compare to her stated goals?

    So she set this whole contract travesty, she has not protected the football program, the athletic program and the university. Add in the butchered dropping of the 5 sports (not the decision necessarily, but how it was mishandled initially and throughout the many months).

    She has failed as badly, maybe more so, than our football “coach”.

  • Ron Rivera as HC? Can he be pried from the Panthers? Probably not…oh well…just day dreaming here…

  • Juancho

    Blakestreet i was thinking the same. Maybe we can bring in another former cal guy in herm edwards.

    I was thinking about how tedford has changed his assistants on offense so much over the past ten years. My gut tells me marcus arroyo will be the fall guy who gets axed this year. Which sucks bc hes the only young and promising recruiter we have.

    Im just speculating but i bet tedford makes changes to his staff again. And arroyo was the last guy in.

  • Juancho

    So i think most of us agree to this. Tedford isnt getting fired this year regardless.

    Assuming that is true. What now? What could we do short term to improve? Here are my ideas:

    1. Reduce ticket prices across the board as a showing of goodwill. Think less margin per but greater volume so the money could be about the same with more butts in the seats.

    2. Work out a program where local high schools football programs get tickets to a game a year or something. Something to build our brand with local recruits and coaches.

    3. Add recruiting to EVERY coaches job responsibilities. No matter of tedford and clancy not recruiting.

    4. Demote michalzik from o coordinator and promote arroyo. He was a top up and coming young coordinator a couple years back. Give him a shot to fly or fail. No more of this bs where three guys share the job. As we all know those types of situations lead to nobody being accountable.

    5. Fire jeff genyk. Special teams has never improved. Also hes the tight ends coach but did you ever hear him talk about visiting the patriots?

    6. Scour the sec for fiery vibrant yiung assistants. Hire one to be an assistand d coordinator and one to be an assistan d coordinator and special teams coach. We need new young blood to breathe some life into these dinosaurs.

    7. Change the defense. The 3-4 hasnt worked. Go back to mixing 4-3 and 3-4.

    8. Open up practice. Open the program back up. Tedford isnt our program. Tedford is an employee. Not even an alumni.

    9. Fire todd howard. There has to be a better d line coach. Evaluate wes chandler and consider a change as well. Their hires havent proved to be beneficial yet. This is collegebnot the pros. We need guys who can recruit and motivate.

    Other ideas, beg hue jackson to be our o coordinator. Have sandy barbour play o line. Name ron gould assistant head coach. Start to make him be the face of our program.

  • Juancho
  • BlueNGold

    Dan you are right- there is no buy out clause. What I was suggesting above is there may be a way to negotiate with JT to get him to accept less than the full amount due under the contract.

    It is easy to criticize the contract based on what we know now. But remember that at the time JT was getting feelers from other teams and there was a big push to get him signed to an extension. I don’t recall much if any criticism of the terms then, or of SB for offering it to him.

  • wehofx

    LAWYERS/CPA’s in the house:

    I tried to post link to coupla sites with jt’s contract. iba won’t post so you’ll have to google: “jeff tedford’s contract.” I’m looking at one dated “Sept 4, 2012” and another “.pdf 2012.” I could easily be wrong but it seems to me that 1 mil + of the 2.8 annual salary sited by numerous sources are retention bonuses, blackhawk membership and cars.

    Lawyers/CPA’s how much are we on the hook for to jt? Is it 3 x 2.8 mil? Or more like 3 X 1.6mil?

    AGENTS in the house: Dan, I don’t know if you’re right about the escape/buyout clauses that should be in hc contract.

    Would any agent worth their 10% let a client with jt’s record in ’09 permit any contract outs? Do they exist in any hc contracts? (rich rod, todd graham and the mad pirate all have had their seasons but were also all damaged goods to a certain extent when they joined pac12. speaking of damaged goods, I’ll google C Weiss’ contract info at Kansas.)

    Dan, if contracts of hc’s like the above do have such outs, then you’re right, sb F’d up. Bad.

    If not, she has one chance to redeem herself by fixing the jt situation by the end of the season. If she doesn’t, then, I’ll agree w you whole heartedly, she should be gone, too.

    Juancho, agree about genyk and howard. I sorta agree with you about jm except I’m pretty sure a big reason he came back was because jt promised him the vertical move to oc. But it sure seems like money in the bank the o line would be performing better if he didn’t have the added duties of oc.

    Not sure about chandler. It seems to me that the wr’s are getting better separation than last year. But that’s one of those things better judged from the stands. Also treggs and harper are balling for frosh, esp considering they have zm throwing to them.

  • wehofx

    #160 agree about negotiated buyout. if jt is owed 3 x 2.8mil = 8.4mil. one time lump sum buyout payment of, for example, 6 mil can be advantageous to both parties, ie jt and cal. CPA’s?

  • Juancho

    Wehofx i also tried to post the link to his contract.

    I gleamed this. 1.8 x 6. 10.8 million plus his laughable blackhawk country club perk. And the quarter million in money to give assistants bonuses and raises. Money that would have saved the program if used for tosh.

    Tedfords at 1.8 per through 2015. But has a clause that adds a year of guaranteed money for each season they win 9. That happened 3 times.

  • Juancho


    The clause where if tedford wins 9 a season it adds a year to his contract is obscene and not best practices. Every season he has won 9 essentially is a 1.8 millikn doar bonus. Whoopdy do! 9 wins gets him another year of money and a bcs bowl gets him like 250,000. Talk about ridiculous incentives and poir negotiating and lack of vision by sandy rick moranis barbour.

    Maybe we didnt complain bc we didnt know the details of the extension.

  • Juancho

    Lets say we promote internal.

    Who would you guys want to be the new head coach and who would you keep from the current staff

    I guve it to gould i promote arroyo to run the o. I keep michalzcik and pendergast and thompson and ambrose.

  • Dan


    Maybe I am missing the obvious but you gotta clue me in on the “Rick Moranis” reference for SB. I see SB as more closely resembling a certain SNL character.

  • Juancho

    Dan i guess i just think they look alike.

  • wehofx

    Dan, snl character being Pat. for the time I did feed the troll, I always thought of it as pat turned dissociative sociopath but with same gut, fat ass, wearing same cowboy shirt and glasses.

    Juancho, rg is still one of my favorite coaches – he’s doing hella job with isi and cj – but I think he comes in a very, very close second to jt in bearing blame for Bigs not getting any carries.

    Also I’m pretty sure – but not positive – jt’s contract is only guaranteed until 15. The only 1 year automatic add occurred for 9 wins in ’08 extending contract to ’15.

  • Dan

    Wehofx… Bingo!

    What if SB = Pat = Moren? That would explain A LOT!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    This is no joke…

    Daddy was asked this afternoon by a very influential alum if he would be willing to contribute to a buy-out of Jeff Teevans contract.

    Daddy said if the AD would contribute he would too.He would match her gift. He said he objected to the extension (and he knows others who did too). At point he said, no more money to the program.

    Stay tuned.

  • 707 Bear

    JT is the highest paid employee working in any government building in California.

    The bulk of his salary is paid for with alumni donations.

    I’d like to hear from anyone who has paid into the Jeff Tedford salary fund. How do you feel? Do you get a private line into Sandy’s office?

    With all the problems in the world, who has the means and desire to pay a king’s ransom for some Fresno State Phys Ed major?

    I truly enjoy college football, but this is pure madness.

    I feel better now and must divert my attention from the real problems of the world by watching the season premier of Revenge.

  • Easy Ed

    Moron, “Daddy” and I were sharing Bloody Marys this morning and he was saying that his disappointment with Cal football doesn’t come close to having a loser as his offspring. “Daddy” asked me if I could perhaps hire you to do some work for me but I told him a college degree was necessary. “Daddy” said that after 6 years of college you’ve given up on a degree. I said it wouldn’t help, “Daddy” sighed and ordered a 3rd Bloody Mary. Poor man!

  • Steve W

    While most of the derision on this blog is deservedly pointed at Tedford, I am beginning to wonder if this is the least talented team in the Tedford era. I know there are some young players making an impact like Todd Barr, Chris McCain and Brendan Scarlett, but are there any juniors and seniors on this team that would make an NFL scout sit up and take notice? (Keenan Allen doesn’t count).

    The offensive line is getting pushed around like a bunch of rag dolls. And that much vaunted D Line of Coleman, Jali, Kaufusi, King, Moala, Payne and Tipoti has two sacks – TWO SACKS! – between them in five games. I think the lack of a defensive pass rush is the number one reason that Cal is sitting at 1-4. The atrocious third down conversion rate that the defense is allowing is directly attributable to a lack of real defensive pressure on the quarterback.

    The assumption is that Tedford teams are always loaded with talent because so many of his players are on NFL rosters. I’m asking, is there a lot of talent on this team?

  • rollonubears

    Steve, I think the team Tedford has chosen to field is indeed the worst in his era. Unfortunately, I think there’s plenty of talent on the team overall, and I hope we’ll finally get to see that next year with somebody else at the helm. Someone had mentioned crowdsourcing as a possible way to raise funds for a buyout. I think it’s a great idea. Embarrassing for JT, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem embarrassing himself every week anyway. I am poor, but I think $100 contribution would be worth it. Cheaper than a mental health visit, and with a far better result.

  • BlueNGold

    Steve W- given that all the pre season polls had Cal in the middle of the conference, at best, I do not find it very surprising that this year’s team has some serious and glaring weaknesses.

  • wehofx

    Steve, you’re right. (Other than ka) the only jr/sr with a shot at getting drafted mid to late rounds is steve williams.

    first time in years we haven’t had a rb jr/sr rb who isn’t going to get drafted. what a great run vereen, best, forsett, lynch, ????played for cardinals…

  • Juancho

    Steve W, I think that’s a fair point.

    But – if we think about the future this is going to be the norm now. Remember Tosh left. If you’ve been paying attention to this year’s recruiting class we’ve swung and missed on all the local stars. Currently Cal’s recruiting class is ranked in the 40s (I believe). A lot of time left of course. But we lost our star recruiter.

    So if Tedford can’t figure something out to get around the average talent (get Mike Riley on the phone) then what we’re seeing every week is what we’ll see next year.

    But you are right that the talent on the field isn’t up there with the best years, the Rodgers teams. Other than Keenan there isn’t anyone on this roster that looks like a starter in the NFL. Not yet anyway. I think Scarlett has a lot of promise. I think another solid year from McCain and he’ll be a top pick. He is a physical beast, and plays fast and with heart.

    While this season has been very dissapointing so far – Chris McCain has been the guy on defense I feel has represented our university very very well. The linebacking core got rocked with the Wilkerson loss, and with Whiteside, and McCain has become a leader.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx – JJ Arrington.

  • Juancho

    707 how was/ is that Revenge show? You recommend it? I’m looking for new TV stuff to watch.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #179 – Juancho

    Try the Walking Dead on AMC.

    Come to think of it. Just come to CMS for your next home game and watch your HC.


  • Juancho

    Pat – I don’t think I get AMC anymore. I believe Comcast removed it from their lineup, or I may be wrong.

    Pat, also you might as well take it down a notch. Nobody on here disagrees with you anymore. You’re wasting your time and energy.

  • Dan

    Pat at #180 –
    Are you related to Sandy Barbour? Or are you actually Sandy Barbour?

  • Easy Ed

    Moron you are real close to crossing the point of no return. “Daddy” is already tired of being the sire to a loser and college drop out but you’re really making him mad by your constant criticism of his beloved Bears. Keep it up and you’ll be totally out of the picture. Isn’t it embarassing enough for you to have been passed over in favor of your younger and smarter sibling?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey Losers

    Read my post #170 and then read this. Do you doubt me now?


  • Will

    Easy Ed, unless you’re writing a paper on why abortion should remain legalized, there’s no point in engaging with Moren.

  • Easy Ed

    You’re right Will but the Moron is such low hanging fruit. BTW Moron, as much as I hate to admit it, thanks for the link to Bear Insider, very interesting reading.