Football: Arizona State game thread

FINAL SCORE: Arizona State 27, Cal 17. Bears drop to 1-4, 0-2 in the Pac-12. Would need to win five of final seven games to become bowl eligible. But December football is not part of the Bears’ thought process right now.

“As far as making a bowl,” linebacker Nick Forbes said, “that’s a little farther down the line than I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about the next one.”

Here’s my game story.

5:56 4th Q: Cal offense goes 3 and out and punts.

6:17 4th Q: ASU answers back with 74-yard scoring drive. Kelly pasases 22 yards to WR Ozier and ASU leads 27-17.

9:33 4th Q: Keenan Allen’s right toe scratches turf on 10-yard reception in the left corner of the end zone — incomplete call overturned for TD on video review. Cal trails just 20-17.

11:27 4th Q: Nick Forbes gives Cal a chance by blocking 38-yd FG try by Garoutte. Bears still down 20-10.

1:12 3rd Q: Tedford opts for FG on 4th-and-7 from the 18 and Vincenzo D’Amato delivers 35-yarder. But will it be enough? Cal trails 20-10.

4:28 3rd Q: Alex Garoutte’s 33-yard field goal makes it 20-7. Cal in a deep hole, with just one TD over nearly the past seven quarters. The Bears need two more today to win.

HALFTIME: ASU 17, Cal 7. Bears leave field to smattering of boos after Tedford tells Maynard to take a knee with 25 seconds left one play after 34-yard pass to Chris Harper was wiped out by holding call vs. Jordan Rigsbee. Sofele has 12 carries for 89 yards with a TD and a lost fumble. Maynard is 3 for 8 for 63 yards. Brendan Bigelow has not carried the ball — hasn’t been on the field on offense as far as I could tell. Total offense: ASU 184 yards, Cal 139. Cal will get the ball to open the 3rd Q. 

0:53 2nd Q: Taylor Kelly throws 9-yard TD pass to WR Kevin Ozier, capping 37-yard drive after lost fumble by Isi Sofele.

6:08 2nd Q: Alex Garoutte kicks 28-yd FG and ASU leads 10-7. Sun Devils goes 52 yards in 12 plays.

13:06 2nd Q: Isi Sofele runs 24 yards up the middle for the TD that ties score at 7-all. Maynard-to-Allen for 44 yards helps set up score. Cal goes 76 yards in 3 plays.

7:11 1st Q: ASU goes 67 yards in 7 plays with Taylor Kelly passing 1 yard to TE Darwin Rogers for the TD. Sun Devils lead 7-0.

MSG AND RODGERS UPDATE: OT Matt Summers-Gavin making his first start since the opener vs. Nevada. He did allow a sack on Cal’s first possession. TE Richard Rodgers also playing, although freshman Maximo Espitia started. Scoreless after one possession by each team.

TIPOTI OUT: Cal DE Aaron Tipoti will not play. Mustafa Jalil starts.

COIN FLIP: Cal wins flip and defers. Will kickoff, defending north goal. Game captains for Cal: Keenan Allen, Josh Hill, Brian Schwenke, Kendrick Payne.

WVA-BAYLOR FINALE: Mountaineers hold off Bears 70-63. Geno Smith 8 TD passes for West Virginia, giving him 20 with 0 INTs for season.

LINEUP CHANGE: Sophomore safety Avery Sebastian will make his first career start for the Bears in place of Alex Logan.

PSA: In case you’re missing it, Baylor just scored again and trails West Virginia 63-56 with 10:49 left in the 4th Q. That’s right: 17 touchdowns! Game is on FX.

WELCOME: We’re back at Memorial Stadium after treks to Ohio State and USC the past two Saturdays. Perhaps the homecoming is just in time for the Bears (1-3, 0-1 Pac-12), who have little margin for error but are unbeaten at home against the Sun Devils (3-1, 1-0) since 1997.

If the Bears don’t win this one, things could get ugly fast.

Gonna be a warm, sunny day in Strawberry Canyon. Will update as we get closer to kickoff.

Jeff Faraudo

  • JimInChico77

    #41. Juancho.

    Please do not dis Chico.

  • Woj

    Yes, I was 20 years old when the ’89 Quake hit. It put into perspective quickly how important baseball was when the loss of life and property was so severe. The Giants were put into a tough spot b/c the A’s had better #1/#2 starters than the G’s but not so much at #3/#4. The quake allowed the A’s to bring back Stewart/Welch and close out the ’89 WS in an odd formality.

  • Calfan1

    did anyone else have a problem with the punt with 6 minutes left and down 10???????

    I thought that was INSANE.

  • Woj

    @ Calfan1
    did anyone else have a problem with the punt with 6 minutes left and down 10???????
    I thought that was INSANE.

    LOL. Most Cal football fans are beyond micro-analyzing game time decisions by Tedfraud that make no sense. You get a couple of those per game with him and you just accept it.

    Most Cal fans yearn for the macro-analysis which says this team desperately needs a good innovative proven better Head Coach.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Well I just quickly went through the DVR of your game.

    You guys stink. You really do on both sides of the ball.

    2-10. Enjoy it. It beats the last year Holmoe coached at UCB state.

  • Eric

    Sadly, the Moron is probably right – 2 wins is all I would expect now.

    @707 – no, this was the most important game in Tedford’s career (not the most important in the Tedford era, but the most important for his career). And he stunk it up. Even if we pull off a few upsets, everyone will wonder why he let this one go.

  • Steve W

    The season is over in my view, and the UCLA game is meaningless. This team has no pass rush, the worst quarterback in the conference and a seive for an offensive line. And a burned out, out of shape and overpaid HC who is blocking a chair, as we like to say in the business world.

    I saw lots of empty seats in Memorial today, and I am guessing a bunch of fans will find reasons to avoid Berkeley for a night game next Saturday.

  • 707 Bear

    Sandy B as Macbeth:

    If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
    It were done quickly:

    Are we there yet?

  • calbearister

    Moron is too generous. My bet’s on 1-11. Tedford is a joke. Sandy needs to fire him or Birgeneau needs to fire her. I’m done with this program. What a laughable joke we’ve become.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I was listening as closely as I could and I thought I heard the first boos about the time when you guys took a knee at the end of the first half.

    Then I distinctly heard the booing in the third quarter when Wayward overthrew a couple of WRs

    Finally a whole chorus of boos in the 4th Q when you guys punted on 4th down.

    Can you tell me if there was any booing before the first half and was it fairly constant?

    Also it looked like the one end zone was completely empty as it stretched over to the student section. I also saw quite a few empty seats in the rich ESP section. Is that true?

    Pressf5 for more Bear Talk and GoGoBears

  • calbearclaw

    Moron for AD!

  • calbearclaw

    No one is more focused on our program’s flaws than our local moron!

  • calbearclaw

    So Moron, help us fix this program. You are the resident football savant, what do we need to do to save the program?

  • Juancho

    My apologies jim. I think tedford is having a negative effect on my performance and discipline on this blog.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    1. Fire Jeff Teevans now;

    2. Appoint an interim head coach;

    3. Sit Maynard – his career is done;

    4. Build for next year. Play your young guys at least one half of every game

    5. Pray

    6. Go to church

    7. Hire Pete Carroll (although he wouldn’t come and I have that on good word too)

  • JimInChico77

    Juancho, thanks.
    I share your frustrations even though I have not voiced them on this blog.
    I got re-energized in 2003 when AR made a difference. He was from my kids high school. I watched him play and he was special. I expected that the program would progress but other than the rebuilt stadium, it has not. I went to the camps in 2007 and 2008. I enjoyed meeting the coaching staff and players. I was disappointed Cal did not continue the fantasy camps and this have may been an indication of things to come.

  • CalBearister

    On being 1-4 for the first time in his tenure:
    “We have got to get better. We got beat by a team who played better than we did. We have to improve and keep working. Each and every week is a different week. That is a good football team. I’m not going to take anything away from ASU. They played a very physical game, did a good job. The only way we are going to get better is by working at it.”

    No, the only way Cal is going to get better is by firing Jeff Tedford. Period, full stop, end of story.

  • konamike

    After today’s loss there’s still hope…that we can go 1 & 11. Even his main support, Sandy Barbor, will have to step-up and dump Tedford. If not, she’ll be gone herself.
    PS – Nice use of Bigelow as in no touches and…are there two worse O linemen in the Pac-12 than the Rigsbee bros.?

  • Woj

    It is now known how inept Maynard, the O line, and Tedfraud are. So, let’s examine the schedule and game location and opponent and find out how low Cal can go. And the lower Cal stinks the better for Tedfraud to be gone by season’s end.

    Sat. Oct. 6 vs. UCLA (LOSS, UCLA is playing well, coached far better than Cal and this will be a resounding L)

    Sat. Oct. 13 at Washington State (I’m worried about this one, WSU looks bad but it is on the road, call this one a close loss b/c WSU hasa much better coach and is home)

    Sat. Oct. 20 vs. 8 Stanford (No doubt, a loss, could get ugly except Stanford’s QB looks inept at times, I hate to predict a loss against the red menace but it is coming, Stanford will be motivated)

    Sat. Oct. 27 at Utah
    (see WSU comments, likely a close loss but a little worried Cal may get this one)

    Fri. Nov. 2 vs. Washington 6:00 PM PT (LOSS, Sarkisian treats Tedfraud like his dog)

    Sat. Nov. 10 vs. 2 Oregon (BLOWOUT loss, moving on)

    Sat. Nov. 17 at 18 Oregon State (Riley has always owned Tedfraud, LOSS)

    So that’s a loss in every game. I’ll assume Cal splits with WSU and Utah finishing 2-10. THAT will get Tedfraud canned for sure and there will finally be hope in Berkeley again.

  • calbearclaw

    1. Thank you for instinctively answering to “Moron.” At least that part is settled.

    2. I agree with your first four suggestions completely.

    3. Your fourth and fifth directives are also duly noted except for the fact that the Golden Bear family encompasses people of all faiths.

    4. Pete Carroll is doing just fine in Seattle. Let’s be a little more creative in fantasizing about our next head coach.

  • calbearclaw

    1. Should we be concerned that a national newspaper penned an article about the fiscal fault line Memorial sits on? I mean Jesus, that was a scary article.

    2. Is anyone else wondering about Tedford’s mental health? The sunglasses, the girth, the steakhouse lifestyle, the robotic, autopilot post game quotes, the closed practices, etc.? There must be a clause in his contract that protects the university against mental illness.

    I’m actually kind of serious.

  • Easy Ed

    Somebody explain this to me. I played 3 years HS Football, 2 yrs JC Football and rode the bench one year at Cal. I thought I knew something about football but clearly I don’t. How can a team with a 2 million dollar a year coach be this bad? I’m serious, explain this to me.

  • daredevilfan

    I love how the announcers are starting to make all of our points for us. Sloppy, undisciplined team. Questionable play calls and decisions. Lack of aggressiveness. Why are they not blitzing and adjusting to the game situation? The kids at times show their potential. But the coaching is so benign. This is the opposite of what we need. We need to capitalize on our new facilities with excitement. Instead we have dead man walking. At this point, I believe it is obvious to all around college sports that JT has lost his edge and needs to go. The new realization maybe that Sandy needs to go. All of this is on her watch and what we have is disaster. You need to divest yourself of those who make all kinds of bad decisions. Time for new blood and energy at AD too.

  • Steve W

    If Maynard got permanently sat down for the rest of the season, I wonder how long he would continue to go to classes, or indeed even stay at the university. I say he is outta here after this semester no matter what. To me, he totally fits the description of a mercenary who is not truly invested in the team or the school.

  • calbearclaw

    Here’s the sad part – JT’s departure didn’t necessarily need to be this ugly. He energized the program, he led us to some good years, he put us on the map, etc. He’s etched himself on the Mount Rushmore of Golden Bear coaches, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s become clear that his tenure has run its course and that it’s time for a change. There is no shame in that whatsoever. The shame comes in his not recognizing that the program is reeling under his leadership. He escorted us from the early Internet years into the Twitter era and it’s time for him to hand off the baton. Tedford is like a boxer who does’t know when to hang up the gloves. He can either exit with some modicum of grace or leave us cringing at him being pummeled on the ropes.

  • Easy Ed

    I am sad about JT. Maybe he should have left after 2007. It seems that JT took Maynard to get Keenan so the good news is that you get a great receiver the bad news your quarterback sucks. some package

  • GriZz


    Just saw the awesome post by Calbearclaw #100…Holy crap!

    Tedfraud’s pathetic football program is not only an embarrassment but is costing all of Berkeley’s students as well?!?!

    Tedfraud and Sandy Barbour HAVE TO GO NOW!

    I’m effn pissed.

  • Rollonubears

    Please tell me someone at the press conference asked why bb didn’t get a single touch.

  • calbearclaw

    From SF CHRON Bruce Jenkins: Pay attention to the last three paragraphs:

    The novelty of a renovated stadium has worn off quickly in Berkeley, where a month of bad football has plunged the Cal Bears into irrelevance.
    Memorial Stadium remains a priceless venue for Bay Area vistas, and they say the place can stand up to an earthquake, but you wonder how long coach Jeff Tedford can stand up to scrutiny.
    His team is 1-4 after a gravely disappointing 27-17 loss to Arizona State on Saturday, a game the Bears had to win and yet lamely gave away, serving up every known brand of mistake. It’s not such a catastrophe on the Bay Area sporting landscape, not with the Giants, A’s and NFL teams drawing such richly deserved attention. Nobody pegged the Bears as a Rose Bowl contender, and with Ohio State and USC on the schedule, a few setbacks seemed likely at this stage.
    It’s the quality of the Bears’ play – especially in pressurized situations – that’s disturbing. They let their fans down from the very beginning, losing the stadium-unveiling opener to Nevada, and haven’t offered more than scattered, fleeting glimpses of hope since that colossal downer.
    The Ohio State game, while thrilling, became a referendum on Tedford’s crunch-time play calling. The Bears were within striking distance against a vulnerable-looking USC before coming up small. On Saturday, they were up against an Arizona State program that had gone 1-8 against Tedford’s Bears, with five straight losses in Berkeley. “It’s the weirdest thing,” ASU President Michael Crow surmised in a weekday interview with the Arizona Republic. “It’s like a hex.”
    So much for science fiction. The Sun Devils deserved their win, simply on the basis of pure execution, but they were helped immeasurably by a Cal team sadly lacking in that department.
    There were 12 penalties for 119 yards, covering the spectrum: grabbing the facemask (twice), interference on the punt returner, roughing the passer, too many men on the field – you name it. Isi Sofele’s lost fumble led directly to an ASU touchdown (and a 17-7 lead) just before halftime, and after all that talk about an improved offensive line, quarterback Zach Maynard – while being wildly inaccurate most of the day – was sacked six times, for a total of 19 over the past three games.
    These Bears will always have their moments, and sure enough, there were some inspiring long-distance forays involving Sofele, C.J. Anderson and Keenan Allen, who played gallantly through an illness and was virtually absent for two quarters. But the truth was in the trenches, where the Bears were outclassed, and also in the stands, where thousands of empty seats revealed the growing exasperation with this Cal program. There were occasional boos, and cheers of derision, and that’s a heartbreaking development when a bunch of college kids are trying their best to win.
    As someone who has followed the Bears for 50 non-Rose Bowl years, including a memorable undergraduate experience in the turbulent late ’60s, I have a simple motto for Cal football: It never ends well. Simply never. As such, I look merely for entertainment on autumnal Saturdays, and in recent seasons I’ve found Tedford to be an honorable, likable man with a knack for recruiting talent. He conducted a calm, forthright news conference after the game, assuring everyone that “we’re not gonna quit,” and I would find it distasteful to call for his head.
    Then again, that’s not my call. I’ve heard that the Cal alumni haven’t mustered sufficient anger to force a coaching change and that the university wouldn’t consider buying out Tedford’s contract, paying him some $2.8 million annually through 2015. But that’s not what I was hearing Saturday.
    Before the game, I visited a tailgate party full of wealthy, influential alums. One of them, particularly well-connected and in the know, cast a grim outlook on Tedford’s future. He asked not to be quoted by name, and that’s always an unsatisfying experience for the reader, but there are times when off-the-record comments reflect the tone of a crisis, and that could well be the case here.
    “I’m the last one off the bus when it comes to (firing) Tedford,” he told me. “But we have to move on. His game management has been awful. I mean, that 4th-and-1 call at Ohio State (opting for a field goal) when we’d already racked up 500 yards! I like the guy, personally. This beautiful new stadium doesn’t get done without him. But it’s so frustrating. If this doesn’t turn around, I really think they’ll buy him out. I’m predicting that if we finish under .500, he’s gone.”
    A .500 record would be considered an outright triumph at this point. So would a bowl game, which would require five wins in the next seven games. It all seems a bit far-fetched just now in Strawberry Canyon, land of gorgeous views, a handsome venue and fallen expectations.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/college/jenkins/article/Latest-letdown-turns-up-heat-on-Tedford-3905721.php#ixzz27vNkq3Oi

  • Juancho

    If im kline i have a serious sit down with tedford. All bs aside just a confidential talk. And i need to know if im starting next year or not. If so i ask to play a series a game down the road.

    If tedford is vague or intimates bridgeford will get the first crack next year i transfer immediately and play at a football power like auburn.

    As much as i like kljne the tedford mess really has the potential to ruin his potential career. No play this year. Then sitting behind bridgeford next year. Then tedford is fired and the new coach runs an oregon style offense kline doesnt fit. Or he brings in his own qb and kline becomes another in a long list of never weres in tedford qb recruits.

  • Rollonubears

    maybe a good move for him personally, but maybe a bit of panic. There are guys in the nfl who never took a snap in college. If he’s that good, he’ll play, and he had a better chance of playing with a different HC, I think.

  • Rollonubears

    Check that, Matt cassel just didn’t have any college starts. And he’s the only one to do it.
    But still, I think Kline will be fine. Goff could beat him out anyway. Who knows? I think Kline takes his team to the rose bowl tho.

  • Easy Ed

    Can’t sleep. Looked at the DVD of Cal 2004 season. What the hell happened to that lean and hungry coach whose team played like crazy and was super aggressive?

  • Dan

    Easy Ed @ 133- I answer your question. First he turned into a “play not to lose” puss. Then he turned into a stubborn, arrogant, obstinate, paranoid fool. Now he is a lazy, mail it in state employee… Who steals $2.7 M a year. Does that sound about right?

  • Dan

    Bigelow zero carries. Even as I type this, I just can’t believe it. Maybe thats because I like to think I have at least a modicum of common sense. But nothing is as it should be in Tedfraud Bizarro World- otherwise known as Strawberry Canyon.

  • Dan

    Meanwhile in an NCAA video game today, I plugged Bigelow into Oregon’s offense and he went off for 248 yards on 18 carries and scored 4 TDs rushing. Also put him occasionally in the slot and got him 4 catches on bubble screens for 57 yards and another TD in a 70-7 victory over the Cal “not so” Golden Bears. He is being mentioned as a dark horse Heismann candidate.

  • Dan

    Bigelow should be very well rested and prepared by the OSU game. In post game press conference after a 3 TD loss to the Beavers, capping a 2-10 season, Tedford states he is very much looking forward to unleashing Bigelow next year, when he will be the best college running back in America.

  • Dan

    John Crumpacker had a great line in his SF Chron article about Cal post game cliches and platitudes. Yep, sounds about right. Been that way for about, oh, 6-7 seasons now.

  • Dan

    I say if you have to pay Tedford all his remaining contract dollars, don’t fire him. Re-assign him. Make him do some $hi7 job on campus as far away from the football facilities as possible. Hopefully something really humiliating. And DON’T EVER put his name on anything as a tribute to him.

    If Cal is stuck with him for another years or two, he mat large with a losing record, certainly in P10/12 play.

    Anybody still read Glenn Dickey? Is he still defending Tedford, calling him the greatest coach in Cal history and saying that Cal is lucky to have him?

  • Pug

    Zach Maynard was 9-for-28 yesterday. I miss Kevin Riley.

    The replay of that ASU DT blowing by Jordan Rigsbee like he was a tackling dummy at practice was unbelievable. Worst pass protection by a Cal line in more than a decade. They still ran the ball, though.

  • Uh Huh!

    Wow. 141 comments!
    Too bad so many were juancho re the a’s. Or moron being moron.

    But Tedford seems to be the main draw here. Sounds like he is a goner. And I’m now not surprised, as seems to lack any cheer in his persona. No fire. Mechanical.
    You can’t lead troops into battle that way. At least I don’t think so. Gotta be a bit crazy with the emotions on the sleeve. Though, there are many coaches (patriots) who succeed in this game that way to prove me wrong.

  • Eric

    Still waiting for the Kool Aid Drinkers to defend Tedford. Bobby, BoaltBlue? You’re very good at insulting Cal fans who have pointed out for years the many flaws of Tedford, especially when there is the occasional win, but now you’ve gone into hiding? Defend this or admit you were wrong!

  • covinared

    Eric: I think it really comes down to money. Theder Kapp Gilbertson and Holmoe all were let go once their contracts expired. Tedford is owed about 7-10 mil once he is canned. I doubt its a personal services contract that he could be reassigned to janitorial work until he quits. Money is so tight in the state and the U that it is hard to justify eating so much $ just to please football fans. Maybe the loss of fan interest and money coming in will set off some or all of the money, but it seems that all those screaming for Ted’s head are assuming somoene else will pay his severence before we go out and get another $2 mil coach and over $1 mil for his staff. Its a big consideration.

  • Larry

    Yesterday’s game was so depressing to sit through. The stadium was emptier than I expected (yes the team sucks, but still, 1PM on a sunny Saturday in Strawberry Canyon, hard to beat). It was just as bad in person than on T.V.

    Not too much to say that wasn’t already said. Tedford continues to coach this team passively, no Bigalow, OL pourous (#73 completely sucks), Maynard is a head case who can’t throw and continues to get pounded. Defense tires due to being out there the whole game.

  • Larry

    Oh yeah, one observation. They kept announcing that they upgraded 200 season ticket holders to the ESP section to show their appreciation to the fans. However, I realized these were the fans that were sold a seat that did not exist in sections U/UU etc. Nice PR. Framing it as though they upgraded out of the kindness of their hearts and not because they f’ed up placing stickers on the benches, thus overselling seats that didn’t exist. Nice!

  • Larry

    I also am wondering if Tedford’s trip to New England could have been a job interview for an QB coach or OC position with New England instead of the TE story Tedford gave. Not that NE would be dumb enough to hire Tedford, but just a thought. Could have been a way to have the CAL Ath Dept. pay for the trip. Just a thought…

  • Eric

    @Convinared – What Cal would actually owe if it fired Tedford is something that might require more analysis than simply adding up the math for the remaining years. I haven’t looked for the clause, but unless the amount owed is liquidated damages or has other odd provisions, I would think there are at least two issues:

    (1) under boilerplate contract law, the amount owed is reduced to present value.

    (2) Tedford has a duty to mitigate, so if he gets another coaching gig, that should offset the damages.

    And think of it this way – if Tedford demands full boat given what he has been paid and his lack of success, he is likely costing himself considerable damage in re-employment opportunities.

    But this debate is different than the typical Tedford debate, because rather than defending him on the merits, you are raising a purely economic argument. In other words, Tedford could equal or beat the Holmoe futility and it wouldn’t matter. So the counter is this – firing him now likely renegerates significant interest in the team, with fans coming back. But having him stick around likely continues the rapid erosion of Can fan support for the administration, and people will stay home, not buy t-shirts, jerseys, and collectible pens, and not donate any dollars.

  • Dan

    Eric- people that you mention, that would and did hurl insults for fair criticisms, are also the same type of people that are self-righteous cowards. I wouldn’t hold our collective breaths waiting for an admission that people like that are wrong… WAY wrong- let alone an apology. They’re bigger losers than Moren.

    In reading the posts here, at California GoldenBlogs, SFGate – wow. Seems everybody has jumped way past me screaming for Tedford’s head. Listen, I believe I was one of the first to post comments about puzzling things I was seeing from the team and JT going back to what I call the pre-Mike Dunbar year of 2005. I know I was the first one to say he could be Ben Braun, and I was the first one he WAS Ben Braun- but now he IS Tom Holmoe and a lot of people have caught that as I have.

    I have been commenting on a downward spiral for years, but Tedfraud’s has picked up serious momentum. If Tedford goes even 3-9, I will say that’s on par with Holmoe’s 1-10- Tedford has and has HAD way more talent than Holmoe, Holmoe never had several top 20 recruiting classes, an administration that supported the football program, or the facilities that are now in place- which Tedford has had as a recruiting tool for the past couple of years.

    As far as the large buyout eliminating the opportunity to to can Tedford, I have said that all along- but I now think it can pencil out in lost revenue if Tedford stays. With the HUGE debt (that Tedford and Sandy built), you cant screw around. CMS will be a ghost town, and people won’t come back immediately once JT is gone and a new coach is here.. They still haven’t at Haas as Braun killed the program so badly as Sandy Barbour waited 2-3 years too long to ax Gentle Ben Braun.

    By the way, can we help in the financial picture by canning her too? She’s horrible in too many ways to count. She’s nothing but a cliche tossing AD to match our horrible platitude tossing HC.

  • wehofx

    It’ll be interesting to see how sb handles jt’s contract. The debt on cms/hpc does seem to put her into a box in cost analysis of terminating jt. Without the debt over her head, I’m almost certain he stays for the life of his contract. I know most of y’all are down on sb. I think she’s made some good hires, monty, women’s soccer and bb. (I know baseball. imo she did it right. one of the most expensive sports with virtually no revenue.) Getting anything big like cms/hpc done requires risk, now it’s time for sb to earn her pay.

    From jf’s game article: “But sophomore Brendan Bigelow, who rushed for 191 yards on eight tries the previous two games, did not carry the ball. “If there’s not things we feel he’s suited for and other guys are better suited for them, they’ll be in the game,” Tedford said.


    Michlaczik(sp) and Gould – 2 of my fav coaches – seem to have caught jt’s dissociative loss-of-stones disease. 2nd year back for jm, line should be playing better even with injuries. Maybe being oc is negatively effecting his time/work with o line?

    jt is ultimately responsible for bigs not playing but rg has to share some of the blame. I sure would love to know the real story behind big’s carries going from 4 to 0 as jt’s hot seat gets hotter and hotter. Nero?

  • BlueNGold

    If JT has honor he will negotiate a settlement of his remaining contract money. He can’t claim he deserves the full package, given his record, and he certainly can’t claim he has not been given ample time and opportunity. He actually is lucky that he has been able to recruit as well as he has, given the obstacles he has had to deal with and work around. Perhaps the AD should tell him he will have to stay on as an assistant OC unless he agrees to accept a reasonable buy out.