Football: Sunday night updates

A few quick notes from Sunday’s interview session with Cal coach Jeff Tedford:

— LB Brennan Scarlett had his broken left heavily wrapped, but Tedford said he will be able to play Saturday against UCLA.

— Tedford said both OT Matt Summers-Gavin (knee) and TE Richard Rodgers (foot) came out of the Arizona State physically OK.

— WR Keenan Allen, who was throwing up during the ASU game, said he was feeling better a day later.

— LB Khairi Fortt, the Penn State transfer who has yet to play after undergoing knee surgery last spring before arriving in Berkeley, still isn’t ready for contact in practice. No decision has been made on red-shirting him this season, but Tedford conceded that time is nearing.

— OG Dominic Galas (torn pectoral muscle), who has missed the first five games, will begin contact practice this week, but likely is at least two weeks from being ready to play in a game.

— Tedford said there are no plans to make lineup changes this week, although competition in practice could alter that, as usual.

— Courtesy of the Arizona Republic, this remark from ASU safety Keelan Johnson, “Cal (was) a difficult team to prepare for. Their record may indicate 1-4, but they play like they’re 4-1 at home. To come in here and dominate (defensively) like we did is a great feeling.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    We need MSG & Galas both at full strength for the OL to move forward. And kudos to Schwenke for improving his shotgun snaps the past 2wks.

  • ConcordBear

    That ASU S has a future in sales. Ha!
    Tedford appears to not have any answers. We’ll see if he has any Saturday vs UCLA.
    He has been very successful and brought in a lot of talent. For some reason he has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and has been unable to produce an all Pac QB since Rodgers.
    Not sure why he is having so many problems but the facts are issues exist.
    If he loves Cal and wants to be here he needs to find a way to get his coaches and players together to go on a big winning streak!
    Things are not looking good, Cal players, donors and fans deserve better.

  • Juancho

    This confirms that Keenan Allen was hungover Saturday. His comment, tied with Tedford’s post-game comment: “Keenan was sick today with I don’t know what” prove that.

    Let’s just hope Keenan isn’t mailing it in and preparing for the NFL combine.

    If he comes back for a senior year and Kline plays, Keenan will be a top 10 pick. This year I think Keenan will be a second rounder, unfortunately. Unless he runs a fast 40 time, which isn’t really his skill set.

  • discdude

    Juancho, that seems highly unlikely that he was hungover. People do get sick, you know. They have curfew at home like they do on the road and they typically stay in a hotel the night before the home games. But even if was true, you wouldn’t be able to verify it, would you? Stop making guesses. And if NFL scouts even sniff stuff like that, he’s dropping further in the draft. I just don’t seem him jeapordizing his draft pick the night before a game. After the game, when there are no NFL scouts around and he’s kicking it with his buddies, completely different story.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Concord Bear- the conference QB’s have gotten alot better since Aaron Rodgers.

    Juancho- he was not hungover. His head was hanging coming out of the locker room, across Goldman Plaza, to go down into the North Tunnel. He was sick.

    I highly doubt Keenan is a back next season. There is no guarantee that Kline will be the QB,and JT is reluctant to play young guys (See Bigelow). And, yes, the Bears always stay at a hotel for home games.

    Fortt still has a slight limp in walking. I’m 99.9% sure he’ll redshirt.

  • rollonubears

    Doesn’t your head hang when you’re hung over? I’d be really disappointed if that were the case, especially after calling out all the fans like he did. Mysterious illness that goes away in one day and isn’t food poisoning can only be one other thing, in my experience. You’d think he’d want it known that he was sick with either the flu or food poisoning, for the very reasons we’re talking about, speculation and nfl perception.