Football: Tedford feels your pain

Cal fans aren’t the only ones unhappy with the Bears’ 1-4 start.

Coach Jeff Tedford isn’t thrilled, either.

Asked how he deals with criticism of himself and his team, Tedford said, “Try not to pay too much attention. I’m in my coccoon here and I try not to pay attention to it. That’s not going to help me or the team, meeting sitting around thinking about that, waste energy thinking about that.

“We’re going to work our hardest. I love this program, love this place. We’ve worked very hard here, continue to work very hard here. No one would be happy to be where we are, so I don’t blame anybody for being unhappy. I’m not happy about it, either.

“But I can’t sit around and worry about what the people are thinking. It’s not going to change the way I conduct my day.”

The Bears return to action Saturday with a 7 p.m. home game against UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • daredevilfan

    Whew, I’m off the hook for that one. Was up last night worried that Tedford was blaming me.

  • wehofx

    LAWYERS/CPA’s in the house:

    (Re-Post) I tried to post link to coupla sites with jt’s contract. iba won’t post so you’ll have to google: “jeff tedford’s contract.” I’m looking at one dated “Sept 4, 2012″ and another “.pdf 2012.” I could easily be wrong but it seems to me that 1 mil + of the 2.8 annual salary sited by numerous sources are retention bonuses, blackhawk membership and cars.

    How much are we on the hook for to jt? Is it 3 x 2.8 mil? Or more like 3 X 1.6mil?

    AGENTS/LAWYERS should jt’s contract have escape/buyout clauses that protect Cal?

    Would any agent worth their 10% let a client with jt’s record in ’07 permit any contract outs?

    Do they exist in any hc contracts? (rich rod, todd graham and the mad pirate all have had their seasons but were also all damaged goods to a certain extent when they joined pac12. speaking of damaged goods, I’ll google C Weiss’ contract info at Kansas.)

    If standard hc contracts do have out protecting the school then sb is responsible. If not, she has once chance to do right and fix the problem.

  • CalBearister

    I don’t think anybody questions Tedford’s love of Cal, his loyalty to the University, or the fact that he’s a good guy. I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s always been incredibly gracious and non-douchey.

    That said, at $2MM+/year, results matter and I haven’t seen improvement in the team. To the contrary, it’s been a painful backslide ever since Kevin Riley decided to run for a touchdown against Oregon State in 2007 – a losing bowl record, losing conference record, losing road record, losing record against quality opponents, etc. And it doesn’t look like a talent problem.

    If Coach Tedford could fix what’s broken, I’d want to give him a chance. I just don’t know that he can. It makes me sad, but facts are facts and don’t change just because someone’s a nice guy, or trying hard.

  • Concordbear

    Good to hear Tedford say those things.
    But, why is this season in the brand new stadium going down the tubes?
    It’s a tough job and he needs to produce answers and get wins!

  • Juancho

    Bearister I question it.

    I think he loves his football program, whether he loves the University or athletics department or alumni is up for debate. He has closed down the program and closed off practices, etc. etc. and like he said he’s in his cocoon. This is a disservice to the community and to alumni. So that is my contention with him and why I don’t universally agree he loves the institution. I think he loves his job and his football team and his football program. But he acts like it is HIS alone.

    When was the last time anyone saw him looking happy talking about something other than his team.

    As soon as I read the word “cocoon” I cringed. I think that’s what I worry about. That he’s become so out of touch and has become the victim that all he can do now is “hunker down” and bang his head against the wall even harder. They even had to hire someone (using UC money) to manage his twitter account and tweet for him. We cannot ignore how huge of a redflag that is. You think Stanford would hire someone for David Shaw to shadow tweet for him? Same for Sarkisian? Tedford is afraid of stepping out of his cocoon and looking at his program objectively.

    My recommendation, change every doggone coach’s responsibilities and expectations to now include recruiting success. Pendergast doesn’t recruit, that’s insane. Tedford doesn’t recruit, that’s insane. Every single coach should now have X% of their job performance be based on how well they recruit.

    I like Coach Tedford as a person. I respect what he’s done at Cal. Up until a few years ago he was a really good coach. The game has just passed him by. I think he could do himself a favor by lightening up some and not seeming like he’s always brooding.

    Did anyone see the post-game press conference, the video is on the Cal Rivals site. He’s become such an A-hole to reporters. He acts like he’s above it all. It’s like he intimidates the reporters everytime they bother to ask a non softball question.

    Questions I’d like to get answers for:

    1. When are you going to start giving playing time to another QB to prepare him for next year

    2. What recruiting structural changes are being executed to mitigate the Tosh loss

    3. We lost all the top recruits in the Bay Area this year b/c of the Tosh loss, what is being done to re-win the bay area – Tedford did a GREAT job of building our recruiting locally and it’s a shame it’s all being undone b/c one guy left

    4. Is there anything systematic that is causing all the injuries so far this year? Is it because the program has to learn how to best use the new workout facilities without overdoing it, etc.?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    We are in for some painful times fellow Golden Bear fans, no way around that with the mess JT’s gotten us into.

    But, the future is bright! I imagine a 2014 backfield of Zach Kline and Brandon Bigelow, with a great group of veteran wideouts, and monster TE R Rogers. If the OL and D can be decent to good (the D hasn’t really been a problem lately) and if the new head coach has a good, imaginative system as yet unseen by the other pac12 teams, I think the 2014 team could challenge for the RB! $c and nike u should be on probation again by then, ljsu will be down (hopefully) and it may come down the the 2014 home game vs udub! Can I already be excited about a game 2+ years away?? Yes, cuz right now, there ain’t nothing to be excited about around here…JT, step down now, please.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Juancho, great questions.

  • Dan

    Yeah I love that place too. And I would LOVE it if I were getting paid almost $3 mil a year to be the man there. But between the huge bucks he gets and the HUGE debt on the new facilities, he NEEDS to go. The cash flow is being negatively affected right NOW because the program he runs and is so handsomely paid to do so SUCKS.

    He has a LOSING conference record over the past 6-7 seasons, and it is even worse over the past 3-4 seasons. And his teams are typically blown out against really good teams. We have ZERO chance to win when we play SC, Oregon, Stanford. Programs we used beat every season – UCLA, ASU, UW – now make Cal look sad. The coaching bar has been raised tremendously in this conference, and just about every other school has figured that out but Cal. Perhaps because we have as weak an AD as our HC.

    I’m not really sure if Tedford is a good guy or not- he seems pretty aloof on the sidelines towards his players. Im not sure Jim Harbaugh is a great guy, or Chip Kelly is, but I wouldn’t care if they were if they were my coach, as long they didn’t break any rules. Do any of the top coaches in D1 football seem like really great guys? Saban, Miles, Kelly, etc.? They seem like pompous, arrogant guys. But they are GREAT coaches. If Tedford was as good as them, then it would be cool that he loves Cal so much. But he’s not and it doesn’t.

    I guess we’ll see how much he loves Cal. Or whether he loves money more. If he really loves Cal, he’d realize he doesn’t have it anymore and he’d negotiate a fair settlement and step aside so someone who can get it done can come in and do so at the place he proclaims to love so much.

  • Dan

    Juancho- spot on your entire post. I could have written it myself. While I think most coaches are cocoons, Tedford has been so far in for so long he lost touch and relevancy a long time ago.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Thomas Decoud with some much needed comic relief, I like the last “MEOW!!” the best, wait for it:


    Super Troopers – genius.
    Tedford – former genius.

  • Dan

    Also – Tedford feels our pain? At nearly $3 mil a year? He doesn’t come close to feeling the pain the large majority of diehard Cal fans do.

    Plus, he clearly doesn’t truly look in the mirror, so he doesn’t feel the pain we all do watching his negative influence on this program.

  • Dan

    Saw DeCouds meow interview already. Genius use of it in the Espn guy. Not sure he knew what hit him.

    Decoud repping Cal big time! I’m going to watch that interview again, right meow!!

  • rollonubears

    If you build it, he will come. A new memorial. A new HC.
    Ease his pain. JTs
    Go the distance. Pay off the 10mm now, save many more millions in lost ticket sales later.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Dan, the good times will once again return to CMS – bet on it. We’ve got most of what is needed for a good to great program, just waiting on the coach part of the equation. 1-11 will force the issue and I don’t see us beating ANYONE else this season – forget about a bowl, lol.

    With a new head coach and a new starting qb, Bigelow and Lasco running the ball, Richard Rogers actually being utilized…next year could be sweet, you never know…

  • BlueNGold

    The big problem with JT’s perceptions and attitude is that something is definitely wrong with what he and his staff are doing now, so for him to say that all the negativity is not going to change the way he conducts his day is pretty discouraging to hear.

    Something does need to change. Perhaps he should start by addressing the horrible penalty problem. Start holding players out for committing penalties, like he used to do. Hold them out for committing turnovers and bad plays. It may not fix the problem, but it would certainly address the lack of discipline that has been plaguing the team recently.

    MEMO TO JT- Do something significant to address the negative perceptions!!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Well said Rollon.

    You can trash me for not being a real Cal fan or whatever, but I’m not going to anymore games this year save the one vs ljsu – got better things to do than witness a dazzling array of ineptitude on Saturdays.

    BUT, if a new coach was named today, I would be there on Saturday night for sure 100%!! I would bring friends too and we’d be sure to buy Cal merchandi$e and lots of concession$$!

    I bet by hiring a new coach today, Cal would actually profit on the buyout owed JT, there would be that many more folks (like me) buying tickets. Keep JT around and there goes the season and the butts in the $eat$. Meow…

  • BlakeStreetBear

    BlueNGold, exactly. When Isi fumbled vs asu I thought “sweet, now we’ll get to see Bigelow for sure.” Nope. That was how it worked in the old days…gawd I miss the old days…

  • Juancho

    Did anyone notice Tedford’s comments on Avery Sebastian?

    “It’s a matchup deal. We gave those other guys an opportunity, but Avery plays fast. He plays hard. He’s earned the right to have more playing time.”

    So for Avery he is involved. But for Bigelow it’s Ron Gould’s decision? More Tedford chicken shi* hypocrisy.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #5 Juancho

    That isn’t the kind of check-down list asked by a perennial football program with a tradition for winning. Those are the kind of questions asked by cupcakes.

    1. Our standard for achievement every year is a BCS game and a league championship. Are you up to that kind of pressure as the HC at SC and what would it take from you as the HC to achieve that mark;

    2. In our quest for excellence we also expect to contend for the national title every year. Why have we not been able to hit that mark this year?

    3. Every game is to be a display of our tradition. We are playing every game knowing that many of the greatest players in college and professional football played on the same field of play. Play in a manner that resemblances and comparisons are made on a regular basis.

    4. Always have the best personnel on the field at all times.Let it be known that every game a position is up for grabs by those who play stellar in practise and in game type situations.

    I hope you see the difference.

  • Calduke

    I’m reconciled to losing 5-6 more games in 2012.
    It’s losing the recruits that is going to be painful and difficult to deal with.

  • rollonubears

    What I really don’t understand about Sebastian, is how JT didn’t see what an impact he could make, earlier. Just watching him on special teams you could tell he was head and shoulders above everyone else. He didn’t even give him a chance. Finally, when he does, the guy explodes. Just like Steve Levy did. Just like Kevin Riley did (initially). I have never seen a coach so oblivious to the talent he has on his bench. At this level, heart matters a lot more than JT thinks. Some may argue that every player gives it his all on every play, but I don’t see it. The charlie hustle guys, The vocal ones who sprint on and off the field, like freaking Rudy…those guys make a difference. There was a guy I went to high school with, a safety that played for washington. Nigel Burton. He’s head coach at portland state. He absolutely lit it up at safety for UW. He was 5’5″ tall. He was 100% heart, and you could see it the moment he stepped onto the field. He never would have seen the light of day on a Tedford squad. Frankly, I’m sick of the bs.

  • Easy Ed

    Moron you are real close to crossing the point of no return. “Daddy” is already tired of being the sire to a loser and college drop out but you’re really making him mad by your constant criticism of his beloved Bears. Keep it up and you’ll be totally out of the picture. Isn’t it embarassing enough for you to have been passed over in favor of your younger and smarter sibling?

    You can run but you can’t hide

  • GriZz

    How does he “feel our pain” when he says he doesn’t pay attention to what fans or the media says? By stating that he exists in his own “cocoon” — clearly he does’t know, doesn’t want to know and doesn’t care about his fan’s pain…

    His statement isn’t even speaking directly about his own fans, but rather in general terms regarding the expected attitude surrounding a 1-4 start.

    It’s sad that Cal fan’s still have to preface that “He’s a nice guy” before saying anything remotely negative about Tedford.

    People feel no remorse about bashing the 20 year old kids risking their long-term health playing football for free — but when it comes to their multimillionaire grown man coach its all about “I think he’s a good guy”…

    Cal fan’s have to stop falling for the vague, moderate, PC, canned public persona from their coaches. Clearly Tedford’s humdrum moderate attitude is a direct cause of his teams playing with no fire, no edge, no toughness and no killer instinct.

    This naive, gullibility from Cal fans overrating coaches “niceness” and ability to seemingly say the right things when lobbed softball questions, HABITUALLY sets Cal’s athletic programs back…Ask Ben Braun who hustled Cal out of millions for being just so gosh darn nice.

    He says “it’s not going to change the way I conduct my day,” and that’s his problem…He doesn’t make adjustment on or off the field and is clearly unwilling to admit when things aren’t going the way he intended. By saying he doesn’t care and doesn’t even bother to consider what his paying customers think about his product reeks of pure arrogance.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Why can’t your AD reassign Tedford and hope that he quits? Make him the Facilitator of Twitter Information. I heard he has gotten good at it. If he quits there is no buy-out. If he stays at least you are getting something for the money.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #23 – Another very good post. I will show Daddy. I bet he agrees.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Just can his azz already Sandy…jeez…imagine the excitement and buzz if RG was promoted IMMEDIATELY!

  • rollonubears

    But if RG was promoted, wouldn’t Bigelow still be riding pine, or is that more BS from JT?

  • Juancho

    Rollon that’s Tedford BS. I’m of the belief that Tedford calls the shots on Offense, on Defense he gives Clancy carte blanche.

    That’s why on defense you’ve seen young guys get the job. A la Forbes, Jefferson, Sebastian, and Kam Jackson earlier in the year.

    He’s using Gould as the fall guy the same way he did with Tosh for the Oregon game where everyone cramped up.

    If we promote internally – it’s got to be Coach Gould. That would light a fire under everyone. That man can recruit. That man is hungry. That man shows fire on the sideline. That man is the one who started the program where he takes freshman up to visit inmates at San Quentin to remind them of real world problems, and also to do a good thing for those inmates.

    Promote Gould and give him a box of money to bring back Tosh as D Coordinator. I don’t care if Tosh isn’t “ready” to be a D Coordinator yet. Let him learn on the job and recruit. Imagine the buzz it would create if we brought Tosh back?

    I know none of that will ever happen. But right now being a Cal football fan you have to live in the world of delusional speculation in order to find some happiness and optimism.

    Rollon I agree with your point about heart. To be honest there are guys I don’t think hustle or go all out. I think Maynard dogs it and sets the example. Remember that play he thought was an offside and he downed it? Remember two weeks ago when it was third and long and he walked out of bounds. That’s one of the reasons I’m glad you NEVER see Maynard talking with the other QBs on the sideline. You always see Maynard sitting with Keenan and Harper. Maybe that’s why Harper was pouting two weeks ago. Maybe he’s picking that up from Gumby.

  • Don’t we wanna see some Kline and more Bigelow this season? More Sebastian and Rogers too? This team has talent, there has gotta be a coach out there just licking his lips looking at the Bears’ roster…

  • Eric

    We’re not going to see Kline this year, and, if there is any chance Tedford is fired, I don’t want Kline burning up his redshirt just to save Tedford. The one thing I credit Neuweasel for doing at UCLA before he was canned was saving Huntley, and look at the pay off. If we want to play other QBs, give Bridgford and Hinder chances. The season is lost, so what’s the harm?

  • covinared

    how do you rate a particular coach’s recruiting success, Juancho?

  • Juancho

    Covina, as part of the recruiting process guys get assigned as “lead recruiters” for certain guys.

    For instance Tosh was the “lead recruiter” for Shaq Thompson. Ron Gould was the lead recruiter for DJ Foster. Tedford was the lead recruiter for Kline. Kiesau was the lead recruiter for just about all of our wideouts.

    Grade them on how many of the guys they’re assigned to as lead recruiters, commit.

    That’s why Tosh became one of the top rated recruiters in the country. Because he closed on a hell of a lot of the 4 and 5 star guys that he was lead recruiter on.

  • Juancho

    And more importantly don’t let guys not participate in recruiting. One of the things that bugs me is that Pendergast doesn’t recruit. That is unheard of. He is our D Coordinator but recruiting isn’t part of his deal. He leave it up to the position guys like Kenwick Thompson and Ashley Ambrose.

    Make each coach lead recruit a minimum amount of guys and grade them on how they close. Essentially grade them like salesmen. Where it’s ABC. Always Be Closing. And coffee of course, is only for closers.

  • scottybear

    Don’t waste Kline at this point. Save him for starting next year and have at least three years of stability at QB. Using Bigelow was a waste last year to run back kicks against Presbyterian and spot carries at HB. Same with Tagaloa. Either start him or he shouldn’t have been used at all until next year. Keenan is gone next year so why coddle Maynard. Give Hinder or Boehm a shot.

  • Larry

    I don’t want to see Kline this year. I want him to keep his RS year so that when a new coach comes in on the 2016 season, Kline will be a RS Senior.

  • Larry

    I agree. Give Bridgford & Hinder some playing time. Forget about Maynard, he isn’t good, although some of the plays he isn’t getting a chance to do anything, he still hasn’t shown enough and is a SR, so he is done.

  • rotfogel

    I’m kinda starting to believe that there MUST be a better option at QB, there just has to be.

    BUT I’ve said the same thing with Longshore and Riley…

    Perhaps this time is different though as there are 3 other QBs not named Kline who are available right now.

    Give em’ shot…remember the year that Levy was the QB? He was light years better than Longshore and we only saw him because Ayoob got injured.

    Give ANYONE ELSE A FREAKING CHANCE!!! We know how good Maynard is and he’s not very talented, period. Little arm strength, poor change of direction when running almost negating his ability TO run. Lengthy delivery mechanics, slow to process information and is easily rattled….

    How about Boehm, he’s a big kid who can run, give em’ the rock let’s see what he can do.

  • discdude

    Levy took over for Ayoob late in 2005, not Longshore. Longshore got hurt in the first game. In 2006, Longshore smoked him in the off-season and there weren’t any complaints about Longshore until he effectively broke his ankle in Oregon.

    I’m all for giving someone else a chance, but I’d actually push for Kline if he’s ready. I look to guys like Luck and Barkley and they struggled the first year. So, let’s get that out of the way now. If you think he wins the job next year, it’s going to be yet another transition year, so if he really is beating out Hinder and Bridgford (I don’t know that he is), I’d start him the next 7 games and get him ready for the next 3 years.

  • discdude

    Broke his ankle in 2007, that is…

  • covinared

    juancho, how is that any different than what currently exists?

  • Easy Ed

    The way our offensive line is playing I really have doubts if Maynard will finish the season on his feet. Do you guy really want Kline to get the crap beat out of him behind the worst offensive line in the conference?

  • Dan


    As long as Teford is here, with his ridiculously complex offense, his lame play calling, his play not to lose mentality, any QB is doomed. He is the QB killer. I actually think several of the QBS that have kind of tanked would have been pretty good playing for someone else. At some point, with all these highly rated QB prospects, some of them should have been good, maybe 1-2 real good. But no. Tedford is the constant. But some of our QBS may be better than others. Start the parade to see what we’ve got.

    Eric- I’m not inclined to think that Kline will FOR SURE be the next Aaron Rodgers. One of the other guys might be really good. The other side to not burning his RS year will be if he ends up being as good as you all are convinced he will be (I’m willing to let it play out to see), he’ll probably not stay 4 years. So might as well get him out there too. ASAP. But we all know Teford will NOT do that, and he aint going anywhere in the foreseeable future- the end of the season at the very earliest.

    And Juancho- Actually … “Coffee is for Closers ONLY!” Love it!! MEOW!!!

  • Dan

    Great point Easy Ed-

    I watched the 1st quarter last night with all plays in slowmo- LOVE the DVR. Our O Line is horrible- MSG, Rigsbee, Schwenke. They are get manhandled and beaten like a drum OVER AND OVER. It’s embarrassingly bad. Something’s really amiss there.

  • Juancho

    Dan meow good catch. Meow.

    Meow covina currently there are guys on the staff who dont have to recruit. Clancy and tedford dont. That should change.

    Currently the system is kenwick thompson meow is recruiting coordinator. So meow he gets graded on how the whole class is meow. Thats meow not gonna fly now meow bc tosh is gone meow.

    Tosh had cart blanche meow to be lead recruiter on ghe star meow recruits. Now every coach on staff including assistants like arroyo need tl deliver a certain value via recruiting.

    Meow i think meow id rather see kline play a series a half this year. To show that ges playing next year. Otherwise bridgeford gets next year and kline will become another car rusting in the meow garage.

    Maynard is responsible for a lot of hus sacks bc he takes too damn long to make his progressions.

  • daredevilfan

    Why do we need so darn many QBs on our roster anyway? Is there any reason to have more than 3? Why not use the extra spots for more OL or DL players? Seems rediculous to me. Ruff.

  • konamike

    We’re not going bowling this yr. so that should be enough to show him the door. However, w/ Sandy as his fullback to stave off Bear Backers, Old Blues and the media I think we’re gonna’ have to be 1 & 11 or 2 & 10 before she’ll take action. If not, it’s up to the Chancellor.

  • Easy Ed

    Thanks Dan, when I look at Cal’s offense it’s almost like we’re playing checkers and the rest of the conference is playing chess. I don’t know how a guy with JT’s know how and skill can be so out of touch but it sure looks like it.

  • Bobsac

    These are desperate times. With 7 games to go, 5 are against ranked teams, and the only 2 unranked teams left on the schedule are both road games. JT will probably last another 1, 2, or 3, more seasons no matter how badly the team plays. A huge, albeit possibly correctable, problem is that JT has driven out 4 offensive coordinators. Having refreshed my recollection, the coaches pushed out in order were George Cortez, Mike Dunbar, Frank Cignetti, and Andy Ludwig. All 4 of them are still in coaching, with Cortez being a head coach in the Canadian Football League.
    There needs to be a true offensive coordinator(OC) who is up and coming, and can coach a winning Pac 12 caliber offense. Jim Michalczik who presently has the title OC/ offensive line coach could be kept as offensive line coach if possible. This disaster is not his fault. Given the history of JT getting rid of one OC after another, it may be necessary to think outside the box on contract issues. If possible, the new hire as OC could be given a contractual provision that he could only be fired if JT is fired or resigns. That might enable the hiring of a good OC who otherwise would not consider what has been a graveyard for OC’S with one after another having been driven out by JT.

  • rob bear


  • Juancho

    Warching the A’s game. They just showed a commercial for tickets to the Cal vs ASU game. Fitting for how much of a mess our program is. Good grief.