Football: Can Jeff Tedford survive as coach?

Here’s at my story that will run in Friday’s print editions on the status of Jeff Tedford. To survive, there is more for him to overcome than merely winning on Saturday night against UCLA.

A look at Tedford’s win-loss record at Cal, broken into 32-game chunks:

Past 32 games: 13-19
Previous 32 games: 19-13
Best 32 games: 25-7
First 32 games: 20-12
Pre-Tedford 32 games: 7-25



Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    If we win out except for Oregon, he survives. Galas, wark and msg must return soon for that to happen. I also don’t think Maynard has it in him.

  • Eric


    I would be curious in comparing the opponent quality of pre-tedford 32 game run the last 32 games. Since 2005 through 2011, Cal has played:

    UC Davis
    Eastern Washington
    Portland State
    Sacramento State

    Three of the five are 2009-2011. Now add Southern Utah, which is another creampuff, to the win total. The last 32 games is even further skewed.

    The only season where none of the OOC opponents were creampuffs was in 2008.

    By contrast, in 2002-2004, Cal generally played strong OOC opponents.

    I then went back to the Holmoe years 1997-2001. The worst OOC opponents we played were Rutgers (which now would be considered a quality opponent) and Louisiana Tech. There were several Houstons, Nebraskas, and Fresno States, but no D-1AA schools.

    That is 5 easy wins in the 2005-2011 era, with three coming in the last three years.

    As bad as the Holmoe years were, the team generally played better OOC competition. That 4-28 record as compared to our last 32 games, on an even schedule strength basis, are pretty comparable.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I hope Jeff Teevans stays a long long time.

  • milo

    If Cal wins 3 or 4 of the remaining games, with 1 BIG win (Furd or UO), Tedford will survive until next season. Do-able if some things go right, like the Oline gets healthy and they can be integrated quick enough to make a difference.

    Bottomline: it’s very difficult to win in a BCS conference without a decent/average OL. Cal’s line is messed up big time. 1 returning starter, 2 projected starters out, 4 newbies, all TE’s out for a couple of games. You simply can’t win with a front like that.

  • milo

    Man I enjoy Greasemonkey…no Moron!

  • Juancho

    This is easy because were only going to win one more game. He gets fired. Sandy leaves for miami.

  • ThisisCal

    The impassable gulf of writing quality that elevates and separates Cal fans from Moron and her kind is really quite striking. She is on this board to bridge the gap through osmosis.

  • Dan

    Eric beat me the punch.

    How about his record just vs. FBS opponents- ruling out the FCS cupcakes?

    How about his record in the Pac 10/12 over the past several years.

    Those are the real stories.

    With that said, it’s about time the Bay Area media woke up and actually reported on what’s going on at Cal with Tedford. I cut JF some slack as he’s only been on the beat for year- but this slide has been going on for 6-7 years.

    The media that reports on Cal seems to either be afraid to ask Tedford tough questions or too lazy. I know most of the bay area doesn’t care, but this mess is noteworthy and has been going on for several years- especially since Sandy Barbour gave Tedford such a one-sided ridiculous contract that creats so much risk- AND – since they broke ground on the new $474,000,000.00 faclities.


    C’mon with the excuses for Tedford. You sound just like him with all the excuses and rhetoric.

    If you know football, your eyes don’t deceive you. Even with these injuries, Cal put WAY more talent on the field than Nevada. NONE of Nevada’s players were even considered by Cal. Cal’s back ups should be able to play with and beat Nevada. Their starters couldn’t.

    And how do you explain the Southern Utah game? Or the annual beat downs to Oregon and SC. You can’t. It’s all humiliation and embarrassment.

    This isn’t about competing in a BCS conference right now. It’s about an utter lack of everything that resembles a well coached, disciplined football program.

    There is no chance for this to end until we have a new coach. Hopefully that hire is the right one. He and his staff will need to be a game changer.

  • Eric

    I said 4-28, but obviously meant 8-24. Take out the D-1AA games, and assume a 50% win rate, and we’re just a few games better than Holmoe.

  • wehofx

    jf’s article:

    “$$$’s not an issue, according to one ardent Cal fan who has attended football games with her husband since the 1950s. She said there are plenty of deep-pocketed boosters ready to pay off Tedford’s contract.”

    if true, then unless jt engineers a miraculous run – which to state the obvious is highly doubtful – he’s gone.

    Dan, I disagree w you about sb’s negligence in negotiating jt’s contract. I showed a coupla agent friends jt’s contract. They said it’s pretty standard – with the caveat that they have no experience w college hc’s.

    No agent worth his 10% would permit any outs from the employer/athletic dept for an in demand hc like jt was in ’07. Their analogy was guaranteed contracts for baseball, basketball players and managers. The contracts are filled w plenty of incentive bonuses similar to jt’s. But there are no “Outs” for lack of production or catastrophic injury.

    assuming sb hires a high profile or in demand up and coming hc, she will have no choice but to sign the new hc to a an incentive laden guaranteed contract with no “Outs” protecting Cal from lack of wins.

    $$$. It’s the way of the world in D1 football. Makes me kinda sympathize w the players who say they should get a substantial stipend in addition to scholly.

    To state the obvious, $$$ is also the reason the Big Game is going to be played in fracking October.

  • Juancho

    Everyone start watching san jose state games. My prediction is we hire coach macintyre away from them. Recruiting real well in california at san jose. Hell clean up at cal.

  • rob bear

    Beat the Bruins with EXTREME PREJUDICE! Go Bears!

  • Dan


    I know you are on the Mike McIntyre to Cal bandwagon- in fact, you’re driving it. No issues. I know he’s doing a GREAT job- he just beat my Aztecs with less talent.

    My concern with him- he hasn’t taken them to the point yet where he’s a slam dunk to me. He’s doing great, but if I saw him there for another season after this, with further improvement, taking the Spartans to the next level or two, then I would be more on board.

    Now, I haven’t seen them play yet, maybe if I did, I’d see what I’m not sure of at this point. I need to reach out to a big time SJSU alum buddy of mine and see what he thinks. Chris Peterson, likely not an option, would be a slam dunk. But I would try HARD to get him.

    Justin Wilcox is very intriguing to me, especially if he brings Tosh Lupoi back as DC and head of recruiting, and also depending on what his vision of offense strategy and philosophy are, who would be his OC, how does he envision conditioning, toughness, discipline, culture,team camraderie, etc. I have no idea as he has not been a head coach yet- but I’m intrigued.

    Is there a Chip Kelly disciple up in Eugene? I want aggressive, smart, visionary, some swagger, integrity, proven success.

    If Tedford is gone, we’ll see. All I know is the longer he’s here, the more fans will drift away, the further the program will need to rebound. The bigger the gap between where the program is and where it could be, the more the new coach needs to build huge excitement, improve dramatically, inspire the fan base and win immediately. High stakes in play.

  • jabes

    It seems that in the media 1-4 is the big news. It isn’t. The big news is:

    * Big losses at Oregon when there wasn’t a huge talent gap
    * Not looking competitive against USC in almost a decade
    * Being blown out many times, topped off by a UCLA team with a coach that got fired and a deeply flawed Texas team
    * Multiple games where the team started the first and/or second half flat
    * Questionable decisions in the heat of battle
    * No significant comebacks since Air Force
    * And, finally, squandering the new-car-smell at CMS

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey UCB state fans

    I know you are going through some tough times and don’t need salt rubbed into your wounds so I thought I would give a shout out to a deserving poster. Here is what one of your own posted and I concur wholeheartedly.


    Cal fans are stupid – Yesterday, 11:13 PM


    Like many of you, I’ve been pretty critical of Tedford recently. A lot of the criticism has been fair, harsh, or in some cases overly harsh.

    But recently there have been lots of posts from infrequent posters that are so irrational in their criticism that they are just plain stupid. They are so dumb in their observations and criticisms of our athletic dept and university that at first I found them funny. Now they’re not so funny because I think these stupid posters are serious. I thought they were trolls but the sheer magnitude of stupid threads leads me to believe that most of them are Cal fans.

    Keenan was right. Cal fans have no idea what’s going on.

    The typical stupid poster will respond by saying “every fan base is like this”. Bull. In a few days, some poster will start yet another thread with rankings that say UC Berkeley is one of the world’s top universities. Despite this pedigree and intellect, poster on this forum (many of whom are Cal alum) will continue to post ridiculously stupid threads. Congratulations!!! You attended one of the top universities in the world and yet are as dumb as all the other posters from “inferior” universities. ROLL ON YOU BEARS!!! LOL

    All of this leads me to believe that the average Cal football fan is among the most dumb in the country. The average Cal dude here is so dumb that not even receiving an education from one of the finest universities in the world could enlighten them. They remain irrational and stupid. I feel more and more dumb every time I read this forum. The same way I felt after watching Idiocracy.

    So revel in your stupidity Cal fans! Go Bears! Lets read more posts about how all the sacks are not the fault of the oline. Or how the over/under for attendance for the UCLA is 30K. Or how Tedford is losing on purpose as a part of some conspiracy. Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Valid points Dan. MacIntyre isn’t my first choice. He’s who I think will get hired.

    I think they’ll be looking at him b/c he’s local, has relationships here, showed the fire to 1. help save the SJSU football program from being eliminated, and 2. has them on the brink of being a top 25 team – and most importantly 3. he won’t break the bank

    My top choice is Gruden. After him it’s Justin Wilcox.

    After him it becomes a huge group of guys I’d like to consider. Hue Jackson. Ron Gould. Steve Mariucci. MacIntyre. Any of a number of SEC assistants.

  • scottybear

    Agree with Dan about the other coaches out there. Wasn’t Justin Wilcox the offensive coordinator at Boise State that called those three consecutive plays to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl? Hire him for that reason alone. Titanium kahunas! Chris Petersen, Mike McIntyre, Greg Roman, anyone else please!

  • ThisisCal

    I’m a “No” on Bobby Petrino, but how about Jim Tressel? The guy can recruit, has a system that actually works and he obviously cares about winning.

  • milo

    No way Petrino or any other possible NCAA cheat comes to Cal. The cost of a dozen compliance officers offsets any benefit.

  • covinared

    Macintyre’s dad was the coach at Vandy during my time there in law s a chool. He was the ncaa coach of the year in 1982. Mike ended up starting at safety one year. He was small and slow and was described in the scouting magazines as “heady” mike macintyre. He returned punts, but rarely did anything more than fair catch, even with lots of daylight. One night I got rounded up to play an intramural bb game against him and some fb players. I had just taken a couple bong hits and beers. I guarded Mike 1on1 and had trouble keeping up with him. From what I have heard he’d make a very good c. oach for Cal. He transferred to GaTech after his dad got fired and did not play much. He has experience in programs that have higher academic standards than most.

  • BlueNGold

    Those who are adamant in demanding that JT be fired should be mailing the AD on a daily basis telling her so. And if you are an alum, a donor or a season ticket holder, your emails should identify you as such.

  • rollonubears

    I’m all in favor of a year-end resignation/removal, but if we don’t show up Saturday, I’ll be writing Sandy for sure.

  • wehofx

    Covina and Juancho, checked on McI’s cv. Impressive. esp like he coached under the big tuna – another example of hc’s physique and w/l having zero correlation. imo, having hc experience makes him more a better pick that j wilcox. like h jackson and mooch. you know gruden is #1 on every D1 school and nfl team looking for a new hc.

    so caught first qt of $c/utah. (lame k is a petulant bitch who has lost the la media.) NOT to feed moron but I really liked the way bark encouraged his teammates on the sideline, the way a leader should. don’t see zm ever showing such leadership – but I guess we can hope. actually I’d rather see jt do the sane thing and play someone else at qb, bridge/hinder/boehm. (gotta save zk’s redshirt for next hc.)

    re: moron. It revels in hate and anger. the more hateful and angry, the better. why you expect a lonely freak that is a sociopath with dissociative pathology to exhibit honor, logic, or consistency is its own statement. greasemonkey. Please.

  • Nick
  • @Nick, YES!!!! I like this guy.

    Sandy (or whoever): “Willie Taggart, will you accept an offer for the vacant head coaching position at Cal?” \

    Taggart: “Yes, I’d be honored.”

    If only…sigh…

  • daredevilfan

    I like the idea of raiding Washington for coaches to get them back. Or anyone else in the Pac12. Double whammy, we benefit, they take steps backwards. And we get some of their recent recruits to restock the shelves. Sounds slimey, but I’m sure we could do it in a not-as-slimey-as-possible manner. That’s the way it works now. We gotta be willing to play the game at least a little. Let’s get some young guys with energy and enthusiasm and a connection to the kids so we can get top recruits each year. You bring those attributes here, with the recent history of our players going to the NFL and with the new facilities, we can still turn this around. But we need to stop drafting so many dang QBs, get the young ones we have to play well, and draft a ton of good linemen who will compete with each other until we have a group that controls the trenches. This is all doable if UCB will take the right steps now and turn the momentum. Its just like a football game. Time to read the situation and make some in-game decisions to turn the tide.