Football: Understanding Tedford’s contract

My Bay Area News Group colleague Jon Wilner provides an excellent step-by-step breakdown of coach Jeff Tedford’s contract and how those finances impact the decision athletic director Sandy Barbour may have to make regarding his future.

Check it out here.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Why not sell brown paper bags on Saturday with proceeds going to the buyout Jeff Teevans fund?

    Why not have the Social Welfare, American studies and Sociology departments hold cupcakes sales?

  • SteveNTexas

    A couple of thoughts.

    They need “cause’ to fire him and that is probably defined somewhere- my guess is losing all the games may not be cause. As for the $15 million talent fee- I suppose that lasts a lot longer than any actual talent he brings to the table.

    He has an obligation to seek employment as a coach. Perhaps Praire View A&M would find him an improvment. Do we have to make up any salary differences (Probably)?.

    Its easy to have hindsight and say we shouldn’t have big multiyear contracts but they are necessary to be competitive,however what about a “win” Clause -that would be legal. If a coach balked at having to win -the fallout for his/her reputation might not be so good.

  • Easy Ed

    Hi Moron,

    I saw “Daddy” this morning at the Club and he had a brown paper bag with him. I asked if he was nursing a hangover since he is quite a drinker. “Daddy” said that he carries the bag so he can hide his face since he is ashamed of his loser dropout offspring. I told him that since you are in your mid 30’s maybe it was time he forgave you for not getting into Cal, he refused. What a bitter old drunk! Maybe if you stopped your trolling he would stop his drinking?

  • Concordbear

    It’s pretty simple. Win and you keep your job.
    Lose and you are out
    Tedford has to do a lot of winning to save his job.
    Without a miraculous turn around it appears Cal must move on.

  • Dan

    Any turnaround would be miraculous, and not a sign that Tedford is anywhere near his old self. He’s done, stick a fork in him.

    He just keeps “working harder” to “fix” this. He’s been saying this since 2007. SIX SEASONS of the same tired cliches and same tired approach. It doesn’t work anymore, it’s not going to work. Face it.

    The stars could align for a game here and there, a certain match up might be favorable, we have plenty of talented players that a really good game can happen – occasionally.

    But truly consistent excellence due to inspired coaching and play? IT AINT GOING TO WORK. We are not going to a Rose Bowl, we are not going to WIN a Rose Bowl to be sure. We aren’t going anywhere. Maybe to maybe the occasional “Who Cares Bowl”. Maybe. But I doubt even that anymore.

    The coaching talent in this conference has improved dramatically, there few, if any, gimmes anymore. Tefrod is low man on the P12 coaching totem pole, or least down there with/near the low man.

    Tedford has ALWAYS ALWAYS struggled against teams with really good coaches- even in his “heyday”. It has just gotten extremely magnified with more stellar coaches/programs in the P12.

    Our choice? Turn the page or definition of insanity. If we can’t/don’t due the former, we are stuck with the latter.

  • Dan

    2 things-

    1) Wish they had “edit” capabilities here. I cringe when I see my typos or use of wrong word- “Due” instead of “do”. Ouch. I may not be that smart, but I swear I’m smarter than that.

    2) Juancho- going to Cal game Saturday night? If so, wearing Cal gear, A’s gear, or mix and match?

    How ’bout them A’s? They’re everything Tedford’s Bears are not. Indescribable what they’ve accomplished so far. I think they can win it all. Why can’t we aspire to have Cal excel and inspire like the A’s? I do.

  • ThisisCal

    @ Dan –
    Tedford is turning Cal into a gimme.

  • Juancho

    Dan my amigo, I’ll be watching the UCLA game from home, after watching the A’s game of course. And as a mexican-american and soccer fan, I will also be enjoying the Mexican Soccer Clasico between Chivas of Guadalajara (my team) and the hated Club America (think of the Yankees).

    Some folks might hate on me and say I’m not a real Cal fan or alumni because I’m not going. But the program doesn’t deserve me going there in person the rest of the year. And to defend myself, my love for Cal goes beyond Football and sports in general. Which is why I sprinkle the baseball kids I coach with a ton of Cal gear, and take them on trips to watch games or just tour the university – or like I did with my best kid, to talk to the admissions folks so he can start putting together his game plan for getting in and hopefully playing Baseball for us.

    The only game I’m considering attending is Stanford. Because even though our program’s leadership stinks – the rivalry of the Big Game itself sets it apart.

    Back to the A’s. Who the heck saw that coming? Preseason I figured 100 losses was a slam dunk. I was at the game this past Tuesday. Never have I enjoyed a baseball game so much. And I’ve been to some good ones. Was at the Cal vs Stanford game this year that went 18 innings, and we won it of course. And when I was younger went to watch the Tim Hudson vs Roger Clements battle that went about 14 innings.

    Dan – you know the beauty of it, Bob Melvin went to Cal.

  • Juancho

    I got sidetracked by my positive emotion for the Oakland Athletics of Alameda County.

    The more time passes the more I worry that maybe there was a reason we had never updated the facilities and stadium. Maybe it’s just not realistic to think it will ever get paid off.

    The whole ESP thing scares me. Cal doesn’t have a huge fan base. Cal fans tend to be alumni. It’s always astounded me how in the bay area there isn’t more Cal fans. This isn’t the south though, and people don’t follow college football unless they have a horse in the race. Even with a new coach I’m not sure the ESP thing will ever work out. There’s just too much to do in the bay area. And support for sports in general, and ESPECIALLY college sports is really passive.

    Even when Andrew Luck was lighting it up for the bad-dancing cowardly geeks of Stanford, their stadium wasn’t full.

    I remember our stadium being relatively full when DeSean was here. But that was about 50% of ticket prices ago. Do I foresee non Cal affiliated people trekking to Memorial to watch football, even if we become a top 25 team again? Not really. The parking sucks. You have to walk up a huge hill. If it’s a day game it’s going to be unbearably hot. And while for most of us that doesn’t matter because have a love for the university and our time there – for those people who just see it as a time out, it does matter.

    So in retrospect – maybe the new facilities was a huge mistake that will screw up not just our program but the finances of our university (as that Wall Street Journal) article pointed out.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey UCB state fans

    What kind of season would it take in order for you to wear the brown paper bags?

    A. Another Great Collapse like 2007
    B. Another season when the record is the same as the 2000 Holmoe record
    C. The next time Maynard points to his left arm and berates his OL in public
    D. Another beatdown to pucla like last year when half their team was suspended
    E. The next 7 sack game by the opposing defense
    F. If Jeff Teevans gains 15 more pounds and his belly actually touches the field of play

    BTW where oh where is MikeD?

  • Steve W


    I am not an alum, but went to almost all of the home games during the Snyder/Gilby/Holmoe and early Tedford years. I moved to So Cal a few years ago, but still made three trips last year to see the Bears. I am officially done with spending one more penny on over priced tickets. I had the UCLA game penciled in for a trip, but cancelled after watching the USC debacle. I would imagine there are a lot of non alums like me who just love Cal football, but can’t stomach the product on the field anymore.

  • wehofx

    JF and JW thanks!

    Sure seems like sb has a fiscal gun to her head and/or jt’s. seems like she has to pull the trigger on jt at the end of the season or there is an excellent chance they’ll both go down next year.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wow, wow, wow. It is really getting ugly and uncivil in UCB state land. Here is a post off of Wilner’s blog. I hope it makes you guys really proud to associated with this kind of vitrol.
    Woj says:
    October 4th, 2012 at 1:26 pm
    Totally agree that Jeff Tedfraud has to go.
    The equation really boils down to fire him at the conclusion of this season and pay him something less than $6.9M or keep him and suffer greater financial damages due to very few butts in seats, no ESP $$, tanking fan interest, lack of concession/merchandise sales, etc. etc. Even suffering those financial penalties in 2013 alone would be > ~ $5M.

    As for JT being hired as a HC anytime between 2013-2015. Look at him. He is a lousy coach. No school worth their gravitas wants him. My guess is that EVERY FBS school sees what a complacent, retread, play not to lose, mediocre, stinkpile Tedfraud is so it would take > 3 years for Jeff Teevans to get another HC gig.

    I’m not even sure a Big Six conference hires him as an offensive coordinator becasue his QBs and offenses are offensive! So I’ll assume he lands in Canada somewhere or in the FCS ranks with a slary close to $333K/year tops.

    3*$33K = $1M lopped off the ~$5M — $7M he is extorting from Cal.

    This PIMPLE has been many years in the making. And now it i sa full blown raging Zit that needs to be popped. The stench that is Cal football is strong. Many have said It will hurt more financially if we keep him and the fans stop showing up at Memorial.

    Fire Barbour too. She inked this asinine contract and it was her job to watch the $$ and protect Cal in this not bend over to JT and his agent.

  • Juancho

    Steve W, I applaud you for being one of us. As I told a friend of mine, Cal sports is pure pain, and stress, and dissapointment.

  • Dan

    I read Wilner’s article on Tedfraud contract. Barbour should go too. NO doubt.

    RIDICULOUS contract even if JT was successful. Where’s the balance in the contract, where’s the protection of the university, the football and athletics programs?? Major negligence by Barbour.

    UN – BEE – LEAVE! – UH- BULL!!

  • Easy Ed

    Moron, put down the Cheetos turn off your computer and get out of the basement. Bad enough you didn’t get into Cal, dropped out of college and still live with “Daddy” but you’re in your mid 30s, no real job and your “Daddy” thinks your too stupid to be a part of the family business. Stop hating Cal, see if you can take an extension course and maybe “Daddy” can at least tell his friends that you are “attending” Cal.

  • BlueNGold

    another idiotic post from the moron. That guy (woj) posts the same stuff on this blog. Why did you have to go elsewhere to find it, you loser-tard?

  • Dan

    How the worm turns. All the Tedford sniffers and sunshine pumpers are nowhere to be seen after years of then hurling insults at anyone who dared to criticize “Saint Jeff” for the slightest reason. Cowards and hypocrites!

    Juancho, no bad words from me for deciding not attend Saturday night. I get it. I don’t blame you one bit. I don’t blame anyone for saying no mas. In fact, if that in anyone’s personal demonstration, I respect that.

    I am going Saturday night for several reasons-

    * social bonding with my Cal-family friends (I have only been to the Nevada game for various reasons),

    * Family bonding, my daughter is home from her college and we have gone to Cal games together for years, and she’s dying to see the stadium and hang out with her old man- and no team at her school.

    I feel like with only 1 game attended this season, I haven’t gotten my fill yet. It’s still a pretty great thing to spend a Saturday in Berkeley, walk up that hill in pre-game anticipation, and gaze upon one of the most glorious settings in all college football. The excitement of being at the game is surely tempered and falls very short from many of the great moments in Cal history.

    I have gone to almost every home game for years, even travel most seasons to an away game- but not anymore. It’s just too frustrating and futile. So this game may be my last this season. But I still watch every game on tv/dvr, whether I attend or not. I love to watch every play twice- once normal, the other in slow mo. Doing that, you really see what’s going on, and these days unfortunately, can really see who didn’t do their job on almost every play. Very informative.

  • Easy Ed

    Dan I disagreed with you about JT but never insulted you. Let me say gain, you are apparently right about JT, I was wrong! I like you bleed Blue and Gold and want what’s best for the program.

  • Eric

    @Easy Ed – thanks. Sure would be nice if Booby and BoaltBlue came out from hiding and apologized.

  • Dan

    Easy Ed- thanks, classy, but totally unnecessary from you. I wasn’t alluding to you as a name caller.

    But… the 2 that Eric mentions… and there were quite a few others- one in particular whose name I remember quite well, just posted “Dan, you’re an idiot”. Nice, huh? Of course, that guy is nowhere to be seen anymore. Could dish it out but couldn’t take it.

    And to be clear, I wasn’t calling for Tedford’s head while pointing out criticisms all the way back to 2005, but my criticisms were valid then as they are now. In fact they were a sign of what was coming.

    I saw the same thing much earlier in Braun’s tenure. In both cases I was in the minority pointing out what I saw as shortcomings during reasonably successful times- my friends rolled their eyes from time to time, but all eventually became part of the throngs of frustrated and fed up Cal hoops and football fans.

    Like the movie line “I see dead people”, I see dumb coaches.

    Ouch, just hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back.

  • Woj


    Fact: Tedford = 13-19 last 32 games and 3 of these mesley wins were over FCS Cupcakes Presbyterian, S. Utah, and my alma mater UC Davis.

    So that’s 10-19 against FBS teams last 29 games. That is putrid. Utterly putird. You can call my language vitrol but I call Cal football under Tedfraud the last 3+ years brtual and abysmal. Undisciplined, poorly coached, play not to lose mediocre QBing dribble.

    Cal is flat boring to watch. Every 3rd road game is a woodshed whooping not worthy of a Pac12 school.

    I’ll quote another fed up Cal fan ….
    Tedford and Sandy got us in this mess and it should cost them their jobs. Just the fact the we’re even in this fiscal debacle/situation and having this conversation says it all…They gambled with house money and lost. Fire them both!

  • It will be a good day soon my friends…Cal football will be back…it is too desirable a job to not attract top talent.

    If we can have anything resembling the Bruan to Montgomery basketball renaissance then we will be relevant again real soon – too much talent.

    We ALL love going to Cal games at beautiful Strawberry Canyon, anywhere for that matter. But obviously, it is SO much better when your team actually has a chance to win a tough, meaningful game, something I haven’t felt for many seasons now. But those days will be back! Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey UCB state fans

    I know you are going through some tough times and don’t need salt rubbed into your wounds so I thought I would give a shout out to a deserving poster. Here is what one of your own posted and I concur wholeheartedly.


    Cal fans are stupid – Yesterday, 11:13 PM


    Like many of you, I’ve been pretty critical of Tedford recently. A lot of the criticism has been fair, harsh, or in some cases overly harsh.

    But recently there have been lots of posts from infrequent posters that are so irrational in their criticism that they are just plain stupid. They are so dumb in their observations and criticisms of our athletic dept and university that at first I found them funny. Now they’re not so funny because I think these stupid posters are serious. I thought they were trolls but the sheer magnitude of stupid threads leads me to believe that most of them are Cal fans.

    Keenan was right. Cal fans have no idea what’s going on.

    The typical stupid poster will respond by saying “every fan base is like this”. Bull. In a few days, some poster will start yet another thread with rankings that say UC Berkeley is one of the world’s top universities. Despite this pedigree and intellect, poster on this forum (many of whom are Cal alum) will continue to post ridiculously stupid threads. Congratulations!!! You attended one of the top universities in the world and yet are as dumb as all the other posters from “inferior” universities. ROLL ON YOU BEARS!!! LOL

    All of this leads me to believe that the average Cal football fan is among the most dumb in the country. The average Cal dude here is so dumb that not even receiving an education from one of the finest universities in the world could enlighten them. They remain irrational and stupid. I feel more and more dumb every time I read this forum. The same way I felt after watching Idiocracy.

    So revel in your stupidity Cal fans! Go Bears! Lets read more posts about how all the sacks are not the fault of the oline. Or how the over/under for attendance for the UCLA is 30K. Or how Tedford is losing on purpose as a part of some conspiracy. Go Bears!

  • Yoda

    Hey Amy:

    I truly am sorry your life is so pathetic. Maybe you should try getting into Diablo Valley College and taking some sort of secretarial course. It’s the first step to actual employment, which could just possibly lead to a life.

    I know, it’s a longshot, but do think about it. Don’t let the failure of your 12-step program get you down.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #25 – Yoda says “I truly am sorry your life is so pathetic.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…says the one named “Yoda”.


  • BlueNGold

    I have a great suggestion for moron- Why not take one of those paper bags you keep posting here about, duct tape it over your arse and use it to catch some of the she-it that you have been spewing on this blog for the last 10 years or so. It would not cure all of your social defects and shortcomings, but it would at least be a start in the right direction toward becoming a useful and productive member of the community. And you probably will smell a bit better than you do now. Just a thought…

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #27 – Coward

    What’s with your anal and fecal fetish? It appears so often in your posting, one wonders if your potty training left hurtful experiences for you? Maybe that is where the roots of your cowardice came.

  • BlueNGold

    You always try to transfer your own neuroses and psychoses onto other people, don’t you, moron?