Football: Big Game set for noon kickoff on Oct. 20

The 115th Big Game between Cal and Stanford has been set for a noon kickoff on Oct. 20 at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. The game will be broadcast on Fox.

The game will be the 30th anniversary of the 1982 meeting that feature “The Play,” the game-winning five lateral kickoff return by the Golden Bears.

The start time for the annual Big Splash, the men’s water polo match between the Bears and Cardinal, will be 9:30 a.m. at Spieker Aquatics Complex at Cal.

Jeff Faraudo

  • H8sRed

    I cannot believe the disrespect the Pac-12 has shown Cal and the Cal-Stanford rivalry. No byes, rivalry game moved to October — to accommodate other schools’ games with non-conference foe Notre Dame — and now a noon kickoff. How many families will have to skip the game because of soccer, SATs etc.? These are conflicts that don’t exist in late November.

    Larry Scott has done some good things for the conference, but at what price? He should be embarrassed and owes Cal (and to a lesser degree Stanford) an apology and a promise that this nonsense will not be repeated.

  • DaveintheHills

    co-sign H8sRed comment

  • And let the drinking commence when…is 9am too early?? Go Bears!!

  • Larry

    I’ll be there in Memorial Staudium with my family.

  • Larry


  • 1brsfan

    The new PTN deal means that every rivalry will get this sort of treatment on a rotating basis. it just happens that the Big Game went first. It won’t happen again for another 5 years. Hopefully by then they can figure something better out.

  • Dan

    Time brings some changes.

    This change brings Cal football TON$ of money. Worth the sacrifice once every 5 years, great time on the schedule for Cal coming off the UCLA win, great time slot for TV and on a major network. Lots to be thankful for. A worthy tradeoff to me.

    Many smaller schools in lesser conferences (hello San Jose State) would love to have this problem with all the related benefits, including almost 60,000 people showing up in a gorgeous remodeled stadium to watch a 1-4 team. Things could be way worse than the occasional re-located Big Game.

    Will be worth it for a win over the weenies. If a loss- who cares.

  • BlueNGold

    The Big Game traditions have been eroding for awhile anyway. It started when the furds built LegoLand stadium and decided to bsck out of the traditional seat allocation where each school got half the tickets regardless of which one was the home team. That was a major blow to the game atmosphere that the BG was known for.

    I don’t mind the noon start time as much as moving the date up. Not being able to play on rivalry weekend kinda sucks. But that tradition has been eroded a bit as well.

  • BlueNGold

    Oh yeah- I hope there is a major celebration of The Play at the BG this year. Nothing like that to shut the furds TF up.

    I was there in ’82 and it was one of the most electric large crowd experiences of my life. Especially all the partying that spilled out of CMS onto the streets of Berkeley.

  • Steve W

    As a non alum who thinks the Big Game every year is against hated USC, I love the fact the game will have some national exposure and also have a ton of meaning if Cal can get past WSU this Saturday. And if Cal can beat Stanford, the Bears are going to a bowl game, no doubt in my mind.

    Cal is playing the first vulnerable Stanford team since Luck was a redshirt freshman in 2009. It’s going to be electric, if…….this Saturday night.

  • Joshiemac

    As a father of 4-year old twins, I’m happy the game is at 12 and not at 7 or 7:30. If I’m going by myself I love those night games but with young kids it gets a bit late with those 7pm starts.

    In any case, college football was made to be played on autumn afternoons. I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be a great day for the Bears!

  • rob bear


  • Juancho

    Rob bear if i ever get married im going to ask you to come give the toast and end it with your extreme prejudice line.

  • wehofx

    LOL $$$

  • Eric

    The saddest lost tradition – the mega sling shots where both sides would target the bands. I think it ended in 1992 (same year Mark Bingham destroyed the Tree in one of the great mascot massacres of all time).

  • 707 Bear

    Mr. Scott: Please tell Our Lady of South Bend that the last two weeks of the year are set aside for traditional rivalries. SC and Stanford would be happy to play you any other time.

    Now that Our Lady of Our Own TV Contract must commit to 5 ACC games, maybe we can dump the gold domers and return sanity to the Pac 12 schedule.

    Go Bears!