Football: WSU names Halliday starting QB

Washington State coach Mike Leach has named sophomore Connor Halliday his starting quarterback for Saturday’s game against Cal.

Halliday threw three interceptions in the Cougars’ 19-6 loss to Oregon State, but Leach is sticking with him over senior Jeff Tuel.

Halliday has completed 105 of 196 pass attempts for 1,284 yards this season, with nine touchdowns and nine interceptions.

Halliday’s freshman season ended last November when he suffered a lacerated liver in WSU’s loss to Utah.  Halliday actually played the final three quarters of the game with the injury.


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    Hmm that coaches name sounds familar- we really need to give them a beating.

  • Rollonubears


  • rollonubears

    I’ve been down on tedford since 2004. After seeing this, I honestly think the team has turned things around. We’ll see how it shakes out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up .500 this year, and JT gets at least one more year. He actually shows emotion in this thing. Posted on bearinsider by okaydo.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey UCB state fans

    You want revenge against Leach and the beatdown he put on you guys in 2004? (BTW it is no secret I called the final score of that game perfectly).

    Just remember when UCB state wants revenge it usually turns into a route just like what Mack Brown and Texas did to you in the 2011 Holiday Bowl.

  • Easy Ed

    Moron! I have warned you. One more comment from you and I will reveal the identity of “Daddy”. He will be embarassed to have it known that you are his offspring and he will have to answer to his Cal buddies about your so called inside information.

  • clonedoc

    Please fellow Bear fans/Cal alums, let’s not get distracted by last week’s win (admittedly very impressive) over a UCLA team that played very poorly. It changes nothing, nor does anything change if we win in Pullman this week, which I do think we stand a good chance of doing. The culture of this team needs to change. We still do not have the mindset/energy to play well or up to our talent level (on offense or defense)when the stakes are high or when we’re on the road in a hostile environment. Penalties reflecting a lack of concentration still run rampant. I’m not stating anything nor giving any rationale that hasn’t been stated for years already. The fact is we are mediocre at best and I don’t believe we will rise above that level under the current regime. Our expectations given the recruiting classes we bring in, the players we send to the NFL, and the facilities we now have need to be higher than the Poulan Weedeater Fighting Hunger mediocre bowl. No more “…as long as we beat Stanfurd” mentality.

  • Juancho

    Nice video rollon. I just wish the program wasnt so closed off to fans and alumns and tedford didnt act like it was a nuissance to him to answer questions or let us see more of this.

    Agree with the doctor of cloning science above. This win just means were getting enough to pacify us into another kraft hunger bowl at best while oregon and usc are still on another planet from us. Great win. Fun to watch. But if were looking to win a rose bowl the current coach isnt going to do it.

    Maybe we won bc it was a night game and he couldnt wear his sunglasses ?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Found this one on Wilner’s blog. I wished I had written it.

    Pluto99 says:
    October 9th, 2012 at 11:20 am
    So, how are the Cal faithful dealing with the realization that Andrew Luck is going to be better than AR? For the past three years, you’ve comforted yourselves at night with murmurs of “but, but, but Aaron is a better pro….right?” and now, as a freakin’ rookie, with one of the worst assortment of offensive personnel in the league (Mr Reggie Wayne aside), Luck beats Rodgers in their first NFL match up?

    So you got shafted for the Rose Bowl, your coach is down hill, your stadium is going to bankrupt the school, and now, the only real hope to carry the legacy for Cal football gets shown up by a rookie from Stanford.

    It’s wonderful the way the world works sometimes.

  • clonedoc


    Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of the league and quite possibly the best QB in football right now. He’s a Super bowl champion and MVP as well. I like Andrew Luck and think he’ll also be a great pro but does not yet have these accolades on his resume and to say he
    “showed up” Rodgers because the Green Bay defense is looking poor for the 2nd year in a row and couldn’t hold a lead is asinine. This has nothing to do with me being a Cal fan. Do you understand/watch football?

  • Steve W

    The hurt that somebody from Cal laid on the Moron must be indescribable. I’m inclined to think it was a Cal co-Ed who had to keep from laughing when she rejected him based on looks, physical size and most importantly lack of common sense.

  • Juancho

    Jeff faurado, my spiritual leader, moon of my sky, black of my tan, paper bag of my 40 ounce, i beg of you how about a little love and post for cal alumn and a’s skipper bob melvin. We need a little extra luck right now to make sure the swingin A’s stay alive tonight.

  • Beastmode

    Empty promise, Easy Ed.

  • BlueNGold

    The truth is that moron has spent all its time hanging out on Cal sports blogs, with people it claims to detest, for the last 10 years is because it is hoping to score a date with Oski. Perhaps someone with connections to the Rally Committee can remedy this situation so that moron can finally retire to Daddy’s basement and live the rest of its life on the dole.

  • Cal n’ Roses

    When time permits, I always try to catch up with Cal football via BearTalk and CGB to get a finger on the pulse of the team.

    Moron is pathetic and should not be encouraged to waste his time anymore. I am scrambling just to keep tabs on Cal football and I can’t fathom spending countless hours trolling other team’s websites no matter how much I hate them.

    This behavior simply screams loser (for moron’s case, not USC vs. Cal’s won-loss record). Moron is clearly a lonely person with no true friends who care about him or else he would not have this much free time. If he is married with kids, they all think he is an ass and are happy that he spends so much time trolling so they don’t have to deal with him. Unfortunately we all have encountered nasty, negative people in our lives and they are indeed the most unhappy when they feel a need to prod others in difficult times to make them feel better about themselves. Sorry, this behavior is not the solution to your sorrows.

    I have been on faculty at UW and USC over the years and developed friendships with them. I can’t say that I have had the upper hand going to games at Husky Stadium or the LA Coliseum. It has been downright painful at times.

    One thing I learned about USC fans is that they are all scared about playing on a level playing field. Excellence is defined as won-loss and having superior athletes with little emphasis on competition. In the few times when they were underdogs, I have not seen so many people squirm about being a pick ’em or 3 point underdog. Hard times will hit USC again.

    None of my experiences at the other games have topped being at Memorial for the play.

  • Easy Ed

    Moron I spoke to “Daddy” this evening at the club. He told me that Cal football means more to him than anything and while he was getting quite tipsy he begged me not to reveal his shame…YOU!

    BTW, bad news. “Daddy” says he tired of you sitting in the basement eating Cheetos and beef jerky playing on your computer and running down his beloved Bears. No more! I promised to keep his secret if he made you take that job at Home Depot. Get familiar with the inventory, “Excuse me, can you tell me were I can find the wax rings for my toilet?”. He he he!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #14 –

    “I have been on faculty at UW and USC over the years and developed friendships with them.” Who are you kidding? You must have been a TA for the Social Welfare, Sociology, or Ethnic Studies departments (programs not requiring academic excellence)!

    First, notice the historical inaccuracies with the statement – “Unfortunately we all have encountered nasty, negative people in our lives and they are indeed the most unhappy when they feel a need to prod others in difficult times to make them feel better about themselves.” Hey pal, I was here when things were the best they have been in 50+ years. Do your research!

    Second, I noticed the preponderence of words such as “all” as in – “One thing I learned about USC fans is that they are all scared about playing on a level playing field.” Really? You know “all” USC fans? You know “all” 95000+ USC fans that show up for game day? Don’t let the facts get in the way of your biases professor.

    Once again this remarkable trait is demonstrated in the next statement – “In the few times when they were underdogs, I have not seen so many people squirm about being a pick ‘em or 3 point underdog.” How about Oregon 2011?

    You are a USC hater, one who his envious of a team which excels at excellence and you project your hatred out on me. What else can explain your many biases

    Therefore, I will conclude by saying – Sorry, this behavior is not the solution to your sorrows.

  • BlueNGold

    Moron is obviously the King of De-Nile. You are unable to dispute what the person posted, so you engage in ridicule and deny the accuracy of what was posted instead. Just more clowning from the clown in chief.
    Finally, after 10 years of trolling here, you still have no clue and don’t get it- “I was here when things were the best they have been in 50+ years”- Get a clue, moron! You do not belong here, You do not belong here no matter how well or how poorly Cal football is doing, and when it does well, you have even less reason to hang on here to troll and spew trash talk. You are nothing but a parasite, moron. Time to leave, you pathetic no-life psychotic liar and coward. Permanently.

  • Steve W


    The USC fans I know are all smug, arrogant and over confident about their team. They would not stoop for even one second to obsess about a lesser football program like Cal. And then there is you, the ultimate definition of an obsessed loser lurking on the fan site of team that is cellar dwelling in the conference.

    Please tell us the truth about your obsession with all things Cal. You were either rejected for admission to Cal, kicked out of the school after gaining admission or just plain crushed by a Cal co-Ed who sized you up and found you lacking. This could be great group therapy if you would just man up and admit it.

  • Easy Ed

    Here is the truth about the Moron. “Daddy” is disappointed that his offspring was too stupid to get into Cal in spite of “Daddy’s” financial contributions. Moron is miserable because of the shame of being denied a family tradition, being a BEAR! Moron is a sorry human who has no degree, job or career. Moron sits alone in the basement eating Cheetos and taking a drag on his Big Gulp of Mountain Dew. Moron doesn’t love USC, he hates Cal and he talks up USC because it provokes us. What a sorry existence.

  • Dan

    Normally I find it so easy to ignore the Moron by just skipping or dismissing his drivel. However I happened to catch his comment about 95,000 SC fans-assuming he is referring to their home crowd. So Pat, if SC fans are so great, how do explain the “crowd” of 40,000 at the UofA game 2 seasons ago when SC sucked and was on PROBATION? I mean, what loyalty. What a bunch of front-running, band wagon jumping losers. Especially when they all claim such superiority.

    Most of SC fans now are wannabes. They haven’t stepped foot on campus yet go to games. Heck, most of them haven’t stepped foot on ANY campus. SC is SO lucky to have all those ex-LA Raider thugs as fans. It’s such a class event to go to an SC game.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    You are a proven coward and a liar…enough said.

  • rollonubears

    Can we keep the comments here on the topic of cal athletics please?

  • BlueNGold

    Enough said? Because you have no response? Because you know what was posted was true? You post on this blog almost as much as JF, which is really amazing given your countless claims of detesting Cal, its football program, its alumni and its fans. So who is the psychotic here? Why do you stay here for 10 years and counting if you are so repulsed by everything this blog stands for and promotes? Its because you are a parasite. You are totally dependent on this blog and its posters to feed and nuture all of your psychoses and abnormalities. You come here to insult, demean, be condescending and generally obnoxious so you can feed off of the reactions you get. What a sick, sick puppy you are, moron.

  • scottybear

    Moren: You are really stale and meaningless. If you are so obsessed with USC, why are you insisting on hanging around with us “losers”? Go hang with “your” team and enjoy that. We don’t need you. Why do you need us? Reflects oh so poorly on you. Pathetic comes to mind. Retarded loser is spot on. Why don’t you switch to the Colorado Buffs site if you want to hang with losers. Or have they exiled you too?

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Here is what you siad – “So Pat, if SC fans are so great, how do explain the “crowd” of 40,000 at the UofA game 2 seasons ago when SC sucked and was on PROBATION? I mean, what loyalty. What a bunch of front-running, band wagon jumping losers…Most of SC fans now are wannabes.”

    Here is what one of your players said about UCB state fans – CJ Anderson called you “Fake Fans”.

    It can’t get any lower than that.

  • H8sRed

    #25 — further confirmation of why you go by the name Moron and why you couldn’t get in to Cal: total lack of analytical skills and utter disregard for the truth.

    CJ was commenting on those who continually post negatively on Bear Insider. I agree with him. Those who continually want to tear down players and coaches, and who refuse to acknowledge achievement or improvement — especially those who hide behind blog/chat room anonymity — are indeed Fake Fans.

    In fact, that makes you the #1 Fake Fan of all time. You have nothing positive to offer and use every opportunity to tear down others simply because they play/coach/attend/root for a school you apparently could not get into, while hiding behind your self-righteous “Daddy is a long-time Cal fan” facade. How pathetic.

  • BlueNGold

    moron, please explain to all of the posters here why you apparently believe that you have a legitimate reason to be on this blog dominating the conversation at every opportunity? Why is that in any way reasonable and why should it be considered normal behavior by people who happen to be normal?

  • Easy Ed

    BlueNGold have sympathy for a sorry excuse of a human. Moron was born with all the privilege that life could offer. “Daddy” is a wealthy Cal Alum (albeit a serious drunk!) and Moron is that offspring that makes a man wonder if the mailman made an extra call to your house while you were at work. “Daddy” cannot hide his shame at this loser. Rather than to work hard, go to Cal and earn “Daddy’s” respect, Moron sits at home, a loser, no degree, a dropout, no job and no prospects. So, the only thing that Moron “The Cheeto Kid” has is this blog where he can get noticed. You know I’m telling the truth because he never responds to my posts. Come on Moron, show a little pride, stand up for the spoiled, rich, stupid dropouts of America!

  • wehofx

    Out of a 28 post thread, 23 are by or about moron.

    Successful Hijack.

  • milo

    Seriously, ignore the Moron. Get the greasemonkey add on: blockamy. Haven’t read any of its crap for a year+.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    25 out of 30…and counting!

  • Dan

    Moron- of course you ignore the comment/question. If the mighty SC and their fans are so great and so loyal, how do you explain the 50,000 fans that showed up masquerading as empty seats at the Arizona game 2 seasons ago? You can’t. All a bunch of wannabe posers who didn’t go to the school, former Raider fan gang bangers or orange county nouveau riche (but not really) elitist snobs- who when the going is tough, they bail. The toejams had 40,000 people- maybe- at that game. Yeah, great fans. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    And before you fire back with some lame Cal retort that once again ignores my point, which is what cowards do, let me remind you that we are not on here popping off how great we are, how we walk on water, blah blah blah. Putting us down is pointless as we are not professing to be the God’s gift like you prattle on about.

    If you want to talk facts- you did not go to SC. SC will soon be on probation again thanks to Joe McNight and another cheating booster. SC is going nowhere this season thanks to a loss to a mediocre Stanford team, and they’re going to boat raced by the Ducks – TWICE! And of course you’ll be nowhere to be found when all that happens. Like you’ve done in the past.

  • BlueNGold

    The primary reason that the sleazy cheaters have such a large fan base is the lack of an NFL team in LA. If LA ever gets its act together and scores a pro team,the fan base around south central is bound to shrink. And the full effect of the loss of schollys is just kicking in. Not a great future in the immediate term.

  • Beastmode

    LA is a Laker town, first and foremost. Second favorite local team cannot compare, whatever it happens to be at the moment — It’s all about the bandwagon.

    Looking at the numbers, it’s pretty clear that SC fans don’t show up unless the team is hyped:


  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Not only are you are proven coward and a proven liar but you don’t know your history.

    When John McKay and John Robinson were coaching SC, the LA Rams were a fixture. SC never had a problem filling up the Coliseum.

    I would recommend you spend less time in Social Welfare classes. You might learn something relevant.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Not really. LA has always been about the Dodgers but this statement of yours – “Second favorite local team cannot compare, whatever it happens to be at the moment — It’s all about the bandwagon” is just laughable.

    Are you another Social Welfare student?

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    I love how you cite one game in the past 10 years to build your case opposed to what was the pattern over the past 10 years.

    Nice try but bad example.

    I did go to SC and I have never avoided coming back to this blog after an SC loss unlike other posters on here like GoGoBears who hasn’t been seen the entire season after the Nevada loss. I guess the humiliation of being blocked as “MoreSanctionsareComing” was too much.

  • rob bear

    Beat the Cougs with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • BlueNGold

    moron you make me laugh. What a stupid, pathetic twit you are! You have not proven anything, other than your own cognitive deficiencies. You post lie after lie and continue to call every one else a liar. You cannot even be a successful troll, much less a productive human being. Go back to daddy’s basement and slip a big one up there. Its the only thing that will pacify you.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #39 – Yes BnG it is a proven fact that you are a liar and a coward.

    I said and you denied that 90% of your posts are to me or about me. I was right.That makes you a liar.

    You said I would never meet you in person to call you a coward. I took you up and gave you the exact place to meet me and you never showed. That makes you a coward.

    I put a bet to you not once but many times over the past few seasons and you have never taken me up on it.

    You are just trying to save face now with your denials. It is laughable.


  • BlueNGold

    I suppose you think that if you keep repeating the same lies, someone might be gullible enough to finally believe them besides yourself. Keep lying, moron- its all you have had for the last 10 years, it is all you have going forward. That and trash talking are all you know how to do. You will probably still be here 10 years from now, telling more lies, spewing more trash talk and being as obnoxious as possible, just because you can. Pathetic.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Don’t you find it interesting that I cite facts re. your lies and your cowardice which you don’t deny.

    Did I put a bet to you and you have refused season after season to take me up on it? Yes.

    Did you challenge me to meet you in person and I took you up on it but you didn’t follow through? Yes.

    Did I say that 90% of your posts were to or about me and you denied it even after I proved it? Yes.

    Then you turn around and call me a liar but you show zero examples. Zero.

  • BlueNGold

    moron I do not have time to post denials of every lie that you post here. There are so many, so often. I have a life outside of this blog. I am really sorry that you do not, but don’t think for a minute that your behavior here is normal and everyone else should follow your lead. Truth is, you are a sick puppy, you are universally despised by the posters who have a legitimate reason to be here, and you insist on posting all these outlandish responses to what I post. So who is stalking who here? Its you who has the sick fixation, not me, Its you who needs serious [professional help, not me, and all of your stupid, petty attacks on me only reinforce the truth of those facts. You are really a pathetic and psychotic sorry excuse for a person.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #43 –

    I hand out facts

    You hand out excuses and name calling

  • BlueNGold

    No, you don’t hand out facts. You spew lies, you insult, you talk trash and you call names. You are a liar and a fraud, in addition to being a parasite and a troll.