Basketball: Marcus Lee to announce school on Wednesday — is he headed to Kentucky?

Deer Valley HS-Antioch LeChet Phillips said that power forward Marcus Lee will announce Wednesday morning whether he will sign with Kentucky or Cal.

Lee visited Kentucky last weekend and reported having loved the experience. He was scheduled to make an official visit to Cal this weekend, although he has made more than one unofficial trek to Berkeley.

Sounds like Kentucky to me.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Agree Jeff. Calipari was on sportscenter this morning. And espn is having a special on kentucky basketball at 4. Maybe lee moved up the decision to get mentioned there.

  • discdude

    Aren’t there enough other talented players out there nationally for Calipari to get, rather than taking one right in Cal’s backyard. Dang. Well, it’s not unexpected.

  • For a 17 year old its like choosing between a Ferrari and an Audi. Both are great cars, no doubt, but its gonna take a special kid to realize the Audi is actually the better value.

    I am sure in 5-10 years Lee will wish he had chosen Cal…but for the next couple years he will be in hoop mafia heaven.

    Calipari is kinda like the godfather of college hoops – he usually has an offer that cannot be refused.

  • Juancho

    Disc lee will make the fifth 5 star player in kentuckys recruiting class. All five are top 15 players nationally. Thats obscene

  • Eric

    He’ll go to Kentucky because it pretty much guarantees he’ll get drafted barring injury. Think of what the Kentucky recruiting classes have done in the last few years. How many freshman were lottery picks?

  • rotfogel

    He’ll be a God at Kentucky. Those backward folk don’t have lives other than college basketball. He’ll be treated like a king over there whereas if Lee were to go to Cal, there’d be some dorky Cal fans salivating over him but that’s about it. The entire state of Kentucky will be in infatuated with him: Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles cousins…you name it they’ll all treat him like a God. At Cal, only the nerds will adore him.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    rotfogel, nerds at Cal? Never seen any…you sure you got the right school? 😉

    And don’t nerds usually end up rich? That seems to be the trend these days…

    Marcus, let the nerds of Cal adore you…I will be one of them…please? pretty please???

  • covinared

    Lexington is in a beautiful area, especially in october. Smart for him to visit now. February is another story. Sounds like he is a likely one and done anyway. Best of luck to him.

  • rotfogel

    Well, nerds like Zuckerberg end up rich (in that case a thieving nerd)…the rest of them end up working a normal job like everyone else.

    When I say nerd I’m referring to the dorks dressed up in the suit and tie being the ‘male cheerleader’ role at the bball games. Those guys make me wonder about the future of humanity. And those are the guys I’m referring to when I say that they will ADORE Lee and salivate over him.

  • Raf

    He just picked UK =(

  • BlakeStreetBear

    He chose the flashy Ferrari over the smart Audi…can’t blame him…he’s only a (dumb) kid.

    And the cold Kenfucky weather won’t be an issue as he will no doubt have a gaggle of, um, well, let’s call them “warm co-eds” attending to him. We all saw He Got Game right?

    Who’s next Monty? Let’s get another local stud instead!