Football: Can Bears stop Stanford running game and force QB Josh Nunes to shoulder heavy load?

Cal’s defensive approach in Saturday’s Big Game will be no different from what every team has tried to accomplish against Stanford: Shut down the running game and put the outcome in the hands of quarterback Josh Nunes.

“There’s no Andrew Luck out there,” Cal senior safety Josh Hill said. “We’re going to have to put pressure on (Nunes) and make him beat us.”

To do that, the Bears must stop the run, a formula only Washington and Notre Dame made work.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve W

    A far bigger question is whether Stanford’s defense can shut down the Cal running game and force Maynard to throw in long yardage downs. If that happens, the Bears are going to lose plain and simple. If Stanford could disrupt Matt Barkley, imagine what they are going to do to a panicked Zach Maynard. Yikes!

  • Beastmode

    Marcus should keep calling plays the same way. Complete short, quick passes on early downs to avoid third and long. Use the run as a counter to the short passing game, control the clock, tire out their defense, and good things will happen.

  • milo

    Here’s the mystery:

    Which Cal team shows up, the one that destroyed UCLA and stomped all over WSU, or team that got buzzed by $C?

    Which Furd team shows up, the one that kicked SC’s butt, or the one that UDub took down and ND rolled?

    I think home field is what’s the difference. Go Bears! Get the Axe!

  • Juancho

    Marcus lee announces his commitment tomorrow (wednesday)

  • Juancho
  • Jeff Faraudo

    Hard to beat the defending national champions. Expect Kentucky to be his choice.

  • covinared

    this game will be interesting for me to see how good the front 7 are. sc was a poor performance against a non spread running game. the more athletic young linebackers are better suited to the spreads but i think we’ll see more of mullins and hurrell and camporeale than recently. broussard seems to be better suited to stopping a traditional running game than mccain or scarlett. when is the big somaoan 5 star from sacto going to show something?

  • Uh Huh!

    Football: Can Bears stop Stanford running game and force QB Josh Nunes to shoulder heavy load?

  • ThisisCal

    Same old refrain: we have the talent to win this game, but will the players be coached to realize their potential or made to play in an inflexible and predictable system? If it’s business as usual for Tedford, we’re not going to win. I hate this feeling because I know we can win this. So frustrating.

  • Easy Ed

    Since Stanford plays in your face smashmouth football, Clancy P should not have to resort to some crazy scheme to deal with the spread or a running quarterback. We will get a real test to see exactly what is our defensive talent level.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    UCB state can have its Play. Stanford fans will gladly take two BCS bowls in a row, no Big Game losses between 1987 and 1992, no Big Game losses between 1995 and 2001, a Rose Bowl in the color TV era, Heisman finalists three years in a row, Luck running over Cattouse, I could go on and on…

  • BlueNGold

    hey moron- go away, parasite.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    You guys are going to get Cattoused this Saturday!


  • 707 Bear

    This is Lee Grosscup: Run and stop the run!

    Go Bears!

  • Easy Ed

    The Cheeto Kid re-emerges from “Daddy’s” basement. Please do something with your life, you are ruining “Daddy’s” reputation at the Club, he passed out drunk in the bar yesterday morning and people are starting to talk.