Basketball: Marcus Lee picks Kentucky

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As expected, Deer Valley-Antioch PF Marcus Lee announced this afternoon he will attend Kentucky next season. Lee had narrowed his choices to Cal and Kentucky, but picked the defending NCAA champions after a campus visit last weekend.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. You know – good for him.

    Realistically I’m very biased as a Cal alumni. But if I were his coach and he asked me, Coach where do you think I can win a champsionship or experience BIG TIME college basketball – of course Kentucky.

    If he asked me coach, where would I have a better future in case I blow out my knees. Then it’s Cal.

    But a kid who dreams of playing big time ball and winning titles and being a star – I can respect their decision to go somewhere else. We’re not a big time sports school. That’s just the honest truth.

    My perspective is this, when a lot of us chose where to go to college for Academics, we probably based it on where we thought we could get BIG TIME academics, and not social life or something else. I chose Cal because it’s a top academic school. I could have stayed closer to home and gone to a good school – but I didn’t.

    I wanted to go where my skills would be showcased in a contextually relevant sense. That’s the same thing this kid is doing. Same with big time football recruits who go to USC or Oregon. They have a shot at titles and big time games and big time environment and a platform for what they may consider their most important skill set.

  2. SteveNTexas please post a comment on Montgomery’s recruiting. It’s time for you to shine again. Since now it’s obvious we’re not going to have the possible monster class. Lee’s commitment to UK means that Aaron Gordon isn’t coming here either. So if you subtract Jabari Bird because his dad is an alumni – the recruiting is good, probably even better than previous years. But definitely not the mega-class where for a moment we thought we might get.

  3. Rob Bear can I also request that you drop your line here about extreme prejudice. Thank you.

  4. Covina can I request you disagree with something in my comments ?

  5. You know how some of us really enjoyed as students telling people we went to Cal? Or now as alumni enjoy telling people we went to Cal? Because there’s that little intrinsic something extra about what it represents in that sense?

    Maybe that’s what these athletes feel when they say that. Kentucky has that extra something else when you say you play basketball there. I’m sure Alabama has the same for football.

  6. If Jon “The Godfather” Calipari tells you to jump and you are a 17-18 year-old HS basketball stud, you just ask, “How high coach?”

    Will there be a new SUV or two rolling through Antioch soon? 😉

    Get another stud Monty, or wait. No need to sign a mediocre recruit when next year you can go for the 5-stars again.

  7. Who’s left on our radar after this big blip dropped off?

  8. Juancho: the only thing i can nit pick is that you seem to suggest sc is lacking academically. for all some of us want to believe, recent undergrad rankings would suggest otherwise. it brought its standing up considerably is the last 20 years. its time we stopped the denial. its alot closer to Cal than Kentucky academically.

  9. True Covina. I have no disdain for USC academically. I have a couple of friends who went there. I guess that’s what makes them even harder to recruit against.

  10. No worries. In Monty I trust. He always gets better results out of less talent …… opposed to our football team that consistently does the opposite.

  11. Zack Kline is in our hearts and minds at all times. He’s omnipresent.

  12. Man. Lets hope kline can still play qb after a year rusting in the garage.

  13. Okay, lets change the mood. Best Big Game memory? Mine was either when the band would come marching through our lecture halls, blaring so loudly that my ears would bleed (good times)….or when Oski used to kick the Tree’s a$$. Can’t remember much of the games as we sucked during my years and I always snuck in too much of my happy juice. Others???

  14. Freshman year. It just was one of the moments where you feel like youve arrived. I grew up wanting to go to cal. And for whatever reason that game was one of those moments where i felt proud and optomistic about my future.

  15. (crickets)… nice memory Juancho. Now I’m feeling guilty about my drunken, fighting mascot happy thoughts. You are probably just trying to make up for your carnal lobbying the other day though…

  16. My best big game memory was finally seeing the stadium full. We absolutely sucked when i was there, so it was a big deal to finally see some bodies in there.

  17. I remember, not sure when, maybe 1994, when a couple of students sprinted from the student section and absolutely destroyed the tree mascot during a tv timeout. They beat him up bad and the whole “costume” was destroyed too. I hate that “tree”, I hate its annoying bouncy eyes, I hate its weird acid-trip “dance”, I hate it hate it hate it. I would love to see a repeat of that on Saturday…

  18. Daredevil rest assured i was hammered that day freshman year. Most of that year actually.

  19. Blakestreet,

    Although there were several years when students would jump out of the stands to go after the tree, you may very well be referring to 1994, my senior year. We drove to Stanford Stadium to watch that awesome spectacle of the tree getting it’s ass kicked, won the game as well which I think ended a Big Game losing streak for us, and to top it all off we all rushed their field after the win and started tearing up grass from the end zone. I had some colored turf in a plastic cup from that day which I kept on my shelf until graduation the end of that year. GOOD TIMES!

  20. I can recall going to a lot of games as a kid, including the BG, and then during my Cal years and afterwards. As a kid, it was an impressive and somewhat overwhelming spectacle, and I do recall going to the old furd stadium and huge crowds would swarm the field after the game and tear down the wooden goal posts. During college it was the whole package of getting big groups together to walk up to CMS or travel down to the farm together. I had good friends from home who were furdies and that added a lot to the rivalry aspect. Of course there was a lot of drinking, and I also have fond memories of some students bringing laboratory tubing into the game and using it to launch water balloons at the dreaded furd band and yell leaders.
    The best memory from the post college years has to be The Play, even though I was sitting in the northeast corner and was not able to see the TD very well(due to the stupid furd band!)There have been a lot of ups and downs with Cal through those years, and the down years are still painful to recall, so I try not to remember the BGs during those times.

  21. Oh I forgot to mention my freshman year when some rally committee types did a stealth mission down to the furd farm and stole the axe from its display case. It remained hidden until the BG bonfire rally at the Greek where it was displayed to a delirious crowd.

  22. 1992 – 10 year Play anniversary, and Mark Bingham destroyed the Tree at half time. Mega slingshots were launching the oranges and bananas at the bands. Yes, we lost, but as a freshman it was freakin awesome to watch.

  23. One more amusing memory. In 1993, I was on RallyComm to get free tickets. Against (I think) Washington State, PowerBar had us give away 20,000 bars, but only 16,000 people showed up. So we had boxes and boxes of PowerBars left over. The Cal women’s tennis team showed up, batted their eyes, and kindly asked if I had help them out by giving them a box or 20. How could I say no?

  24. These memories make for great Big Game week reading. Too bad this thread was not posted in the ‘football’ section so more people could add their stories.

  25. Jauncho sorry just saw your post and have been in Houston campaigning.

    Of course I’m disappointed about Lee- Even though Kentucky backed down on continuing the home and home series with Indiana they are still competitors -so it stings double.

    I give Monty some credit for coming in second for Lee If he can be in the hunt for top recruits I am happy- as long as we get some.

    What made me critical is for a couple of years we were at or near the bottom of the conf in recruiting.

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