Football: Top prep RB de-commits from Oregon

In interesting story on Oregon prep running back Thomas Tyner — the guy who scored 10 touchdowns in a game this year. Tyner, who has rushed for 2,328 yards in seven games this season, de-committed from Oregon this week and now is looking at Oregon State and UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    This is the sad state of cal football recruiting. News about a top guy decommitting from one competitor to go to another competitor.

    We got a commit from a two star d lineman today. I think his last name is hughes.

  • ThisisCal

    At least it’s not Washington.

  • Beastmode

    Considering the aura of negativity surrounding the program, where fans are openly disappointed with wins over rivals for fear of retaining the coach, is it surprising that we aren’t pulling in five star recruits?

    Heck, I’ve had season tickets for over 20 years, and the negativity is so bad that this year will likely be my last. As a Holmoecaust survivor, that’s saying something. At least fans had a sense of humor back then.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    @Beastmode: I survived Holmoe too. But, Holmoe did not settle for 18 yd field goals against FCS teams. Holmoe did not punt at every opportunity. Holmoe was not a good coach, no doubt, but at least he had some balls. Tedford coaches like a wet rag. How can we not be negative about that? Do I hope we beat ljsu on Saturday, you bet. Do I hope Tedford is coaching game 1 next season, no way.

  • discdude

    Agree Juancho, who cares? And OLive is probably wrong “Top Oregon prep Thomas Tyner has informed Oregon he will not be taking any visits and is 100-percent committed to the program.” Can we get back down to Cal business, please?!? Go Bears, beat the trees!

  • Beastmode

    Blake, I came to the conclusion that Tedford wasn’t the right man for the job three years ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed. He should be released at the end of the season and the program should move on.

    What really bums me out is the reaction of SOME of the fans, the attacks on players and open rooting against the team, the constant infighting. Longshore, Riley and now Maynard have been trashed in comment sections and social media, booed on the field. Allen is one of our best players ever, and he’s been a victim. That sort of fan pouting is bush league, and it makes me dislike our fan base.

    Tedford gets paid a bunch of money to put up with criticism, he should be our target. Fans that target players and root against the team should be hounded by the rest of us.

  • Juancho

    Beast, here are my thoughts.

    I disagree with your premise because I find it too paternalistic for my personal view on things. If a Cal student is failing out of Organic Chemistry, too bad for him. That doesn’t mean he or she should be coddled. This is Cal. Go to a private school like Stanford if you need to be hand held and mothered through your ups and downs. Otherwise welcome to the real world.

    Also – I don’t use social networking because I feel like it would put me in the position of wanting to communicate “great job” to guys when they do well, and then make me feel uncomfortable when they don’t do a good job. I guess for me it puts me in a spot of hypocrisy.

    I think sharing your opinion on a blog for instance, that a certain player isn’t doing a good job, is perfectly fine. These are strong young men who hopefully are becoming tough at Cal, and learning the weight of expectations.

    When I say, boy I wish Maynard would be sat every once in a while for Kline, or when I was adamant that Bigelow should play over Sofele – I don’t feel like it’s over the line. And I find it awful subjective and somewhat condescending that it might offend another Cal fan or alumni, and that somehow others need to gang up on me.

    I just disagree with the concept of any Cal fans ganging up to hound any Cal fans.

    Tedford gets paid a bunch of money. And football is a big business at Cal more than anywhere else. Because unless we have a good product on the field – that stadium is going to bankrupt the school. So when people share their frustration about the play of a player, or decision making. I think that’s the cost of doing business for these folks who are on scholarship when there are a lot of other folks in Engineering, living a life of no glory, working crappy part time jobs to scrape by.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I do not EVER root against Cal teams, I want every Cal team to win EVERY game, EVER. But sometimes when they lose, for instance at the end of the Braun era, I leave the stadium thinking that quite possibly another nail was driven into that failing coach’s coffin and the loss is not SO bad. With Tedford, it would seem, there are a WHOLE LOT OF NAILS in the nail bag. Too many imho…

  • daredevilfan

    Like anything else in life, there needs to be a dual focus, partly on the present, but partly also planning for the future. This program only gets better if we somehow start to develop a plan to move up into the upper level of our conference. Maybe the Stadium drained too much of the focus. But I don’t see that plan right now. And with the coaching losses, we have taken steps backwards. Also like sometimes in life/business, when you are having a bad year, you need to take advantage of that (i.e. maybe make it even a bit worse as it is a sunk cost) to set yourself up for a better future. So as soon as this season is officially not going to be a bowl season (so we’ve lost that revenue sharing opportunity), I hope there is a focus on the future. That is mean to the seniors, but we’ve got to take step forwards. If we have some young guys getting ready, and if we make some coaching changes and find a way to put a priority and youthful spin on recruiting, then perhaps we will have a plan…

  • Beastmode

    Juancho, thanks for your thoughts.

    As one who survived and thrived in 112A/112B (the real OChem class), while surrounded by fellow students who saw their hopes and dreams crash and burn, projecting a “too bad for you” attitude seems a bit callous. No one believes that such failing students should be coddled. But should they be castigated, by fellow students no less?

    A well-reasoned critique is fine. I like Isi as a player, even though I would rather see CJ or Bigs carrying the ball. That doesn’t mean that Isi sucks. The line between critique and personal attack isn’t that fine — arguments focused on performance, rather than “worth” or “value” do not cross the line IMO.

    I’ve had the inclination to lash out against players many times. I’ve enthusiastically booed one of those QBs at a game. I even boycotted our last Big Game victory out of spite. It was selfish pouting on my part, and these are my biggest regrets in 25 years as a Cal fan. I became the person I most loathed, the bitchy, fair-weathered, post-college girlfriend with supersized expectations.

    The main point I was trying to make wasn’t a fatwa declaring jihad against fake fans who cross the line, it was to bring attention to the effect that such fans have on the health of the program. Not only on the morale of the team, not only on recruiting (players or the next coach), but on fellow fans who are integral to the long-term viability of Cal athletics.

    At this point, the only realistic way to contain/temporarily end this problem is a coaching change.

  • Larry

    Oh yeah, your PMS cramps are going to drive away a prospect. Get real. Prospects will go where they fit in. They go where they connect with the coaches and other players currently in the program. They don’t go on BearTalk and look at your complaining and say “never mind” and commit somewhere else where the fans are so nice.