Football: Big Game thread

FINAL SCORE: Stanford 21, Cal 3. Bears’ final shot at comeback ends when Maynard is picked off at the Stanford 2 with 5:14 left. Cal’s two-game win streak is history. Bears fall to 3-5 overall, 2-3 in Pac-12 and must win three of final four to become bowl eligible. That means beating Utah and Washington, plus either Oregon or Oregon State. A very tall order. Cal outrushed by the hard-to-believe totals of 252 yards to 0. UPDATED WITH OFFICIAL STATS: 252 to 3.

Here’s my game story and a Big Game notebook.

11:39 4th Q: Good news is that Tedford goes for it on 4th and 1 from his own 44. Bad news is he gives ball to Sofele and the entire Stanford defense seemed to know what was coming. Sofele loses 2 and Stanford gets the ball. Still 21-3.

END OF 3rd Q: You’re still here? Stanford leads 21-3 and it feels like the past 35 minutes of my life have simply disappeared. Total offense: Stanford 371, Cal 103.

9:43 3rd Q: Never mind. Cal goes minus-9 yards in three plays and punts.

10:58 3rd Q: Cal stops Stanford on 4th and 2 and regains possession at its own 40. Very good opportunity if they can do anything with it.

HALFTIME: Stanford 21, Cal 3. And it could have been worse. And it will be, unless the Bears do something. Cal has 90 total yards and 51 of those came on two plays — the 21-yard pass to Bigelow and a 20-yard completion to Chris Harper. Otherwise, Cal has run 27 plays for a total of 42 yards — that’s 1.5 yards per play.  Cal has 6 rushing yards on 14 carries — and it was zero until Sofele gained 6 on the final play of the half. If they cannot run the ball, they will not win. The Bears have six first downs, and three of them are courtesy of penalties. Stanford has 301 total yards. Nunes is 12 for 23 for 183 yards. Taylor has run for 82 yards.

8:15 2nd Q: Keenan Allen fumbles after reception and Nunes passes 20 yards to Ertz for a TD on the next play. Stanford leads 21-3 and this is quickly getting out of hand.

11:33 2nd Q: Brendan Biglow coughs up fumble on handoff from Maynard and Stanford recovers at its own 48.

12:12 2nd Q: Stanford goes 75 yards in three plays to make it 14-3. Cal blows coverage on first down and Nunes throws 68 yards to wide-open TE Zach Ertz to the 7. Two plays later, Nunes throws 9 yards to towering TE Levine Toilolo for the TD.

13:47 2nd Q: Vincenzo D’Amato kicks 21-yard field goal after three running plays net minus-1 yard. A promising drive nets just three points — a disappointing result for the Bears. And evidence they may have trouble winning the line of scrimmage when they have the ball. They may not get many opportunities as good as that one. Stanford 7, Cal 3.

END OF 1ST Q: Cal has second-and-goal at the Stanford 3 when the 2nd Q begins. Keenan Allen had a 29-yard punt return to the 25. Then, on second-and-18 from the 33, Maynard passed to Brendan Bigelow, who ran over safety Ed Reynolds for a 31-yard gain to the 2-yard line. CJ Anderson was shaken up while losing one yard on first down. Stanford leads 7-0.

4:35 1st Q: Brendan Bigelow just ripped off a 40-yard KO return to the 40. One step from gone.

8:29 1st Q: A 39-yard run by Stepfan Taylor gets Stanford deep into Cal territory, but Jordan Williamson misses wide left on 40-yard FG try. Stays scoreless.

11:33 1st Q: Josh Nunes fumbles to Deandre Coleman on Stanford’s first possession. Zach Maynard fumbles (Cal recovers) on Bears’ first third-down play, leading to punt. Both offenses a little shaky so far.

COIN TOSS: Cal wins the toss and defers. Will kick off.

T-MINUS 6 MINUTES: Must almost be game time — the sun just came out.

WELCOME: One of my favorite game-day moments at Memorial Stadium is arriving here early, seeing the fog still resting in Strawberry Canyon, watching the stadium slowly fill and come to life. Stanford players just beginning to trickle onto the field. Cal not yet out of its locker room. Sunshine is coming, so is the crowd. Should be a great day of football.

Jeff Faraudo

  • calbearclaw

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    MoreNCs is a virgin. Isn’t that entertaining?

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    More NCs got molested by Daddy and takes it out on Cal. Poor NCs.

  • calbearclaw

    Hey NCs – You weren’t smart enough to get into Cal. How does that make you feel?

  • calbearclaw

    Go Bears.


  • calbearclaw

    Juancho – a true goddamned California Golden Bear. Respect.

  • calbearclaw

    Hey VDs: Remind us what year you graduated from USC. Thanks.

  • Easy Ed

    Cat’s out the bag Cheeto Kid. Everyone knows you dropped out of community college, you live in the basement at “Daddy’s” house, “Daddy”is a drunk and frustrated that one of his offspring is such a loser, you were rejected at Cal, you sit in the basement eating cheetos and searching blogs to insult Cal at every turn. We all know your life story. So when you Troll, you won’t make us angry, we’re all laughing at you.

  • konamike

    The perfect ending. That should be the nail in the coffin for Tedford. We’re not going to win 3 of next 4, the only way he survives so…Sandy, get out your calculator, figure out the buy-out and replacement cost and go see the Chancellor. If not, you may be gone also.

  • calbearclaw

    My personal best case scenario is the following: Beat UW for obvious reasons and get blown out by everyone else, including Utah.

    Whatever hastens Tedford’s departure is what’s best for the program at this point. Yesterday was an abomination of historic proportion, as absolute disgrace.

  • Eric

    Still waiting for the Tedford defenders – Bobby and Boaltblue – don’t you have a post in your pocket that shows it was everyone else’s fault but Tedford’s and anyone who is critical of Tedford is a fake Cal fan?

  • 0 TDs vs $c and ljsu. 🙁

    Fire Tedford.

    And…Go Giants! 🙂

  • I would prefer NO head coach than Tedford…anarchy provides more potential for victory that any Tedford “game plan”… lol.


    Go Giants!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I ama a very objective person and when I see a comment I agree with I like to express my agreement. Here is a comment from BI.Kudos!

    I’m sick of hearing about The Play – Today, 08:33 AM


    I was there in ’82. And it truly was the most incredible etc finish in the history of college football.

    But when we bring it up over and over and over again, while we’re getting our asses kicked, we just look pathetic. We look like someone who’s poring over an old scrapbook because the present day is so miserable.

    So I propose that any year in which we lose the Big Game, we implement a moratorium on The Play. We don’t sell t-shirts, we don’t run the video on a loop in the ASUC store, and we especially don’t show the clip at the stadium. When we win the BG then we can bring it back.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    I like to visit other team boards so that I can interact with the fans. Stanford is actually my favorite board. When they disagree they have a very intelligent way of doing so.

    Their use of irony, sarcasm, and wit shows how very intelligent they are. And their comments are clean. Those are smart people over there.

    The UCB state fans, on the other hand, are really the exact opposite. Their combined intelligence is about equal to two posters on the Mississippi State board. Just like those fans, there is a predisposition toward fecal and anal matters that border on a sick fetish.

    Some of your posters do what no others do. They invent stories and anecdotal material in attempt to assassinate and intimidate. Unfortunately it just shows a discernible lack of mental skill. Why sink so low?

    The posters here can learn a lot from the Stanford boards. Just visit over there. You can tell which one are my posts too. I have been doing it for about 1 1/2 years and it is really great to interact with intelligent people.

  • wehofx

    Man, oh man. Yesterday’s loss is still affecting me. Time for brunch and a coupla four bloody mary’s.

    Nick, Dave Doeren is another great find. Good coaching pedigree.

    I still think Josh McDaniels or Todd Haley should also be considered.

    Go Bears!

  • Eric

    So, entering into today’s NFL games:

    Aaron Rodgers is the highest rated QB

    Marshawn Lynch is leading the league in rushing

    Thomas DeCoud is leading the league in interceptions.

  • calbearclaw

    Simple questions: Did you go to USC? Are you from LA? Thanks.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    This is a follow up to my post #115

    Stanford fans who post on their site are far more intelligent than you guys and sue wit and sacrcasm and irony so much better than UCB state fans. However I will give compliments out to GldnBear71 (RIP 2012) who was also very good at what he did.

    WE (and I mean WE) pulled the wool over quite a few people including a couple of posters who visit this board. He also knew when enough is enough especially when the personal security of an innocent person was being compromised.

    He could stand toe to toe with those Stanford posters. Like Jeff Teevans likes to say – No doubt about it.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHA…Daddy just left the house for a walk with his blue and gold California sweatshirt on.

    Two minutes later he came back into the house saying “Can I borrow one of your USC sweatshirts?”


  • calbearclaw

    MoreVds favorite baseball team: The Tigers

    MoreVds favorite basketball team: Was the Heat, now the Lakers because of the Nash acquisition.

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    Your parents are gravely disappointed in what you’ve become, as are we.

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    Inexplicably, MoreNCs often smells like urine.

  • calbearclaw

    Hey MoreNCs, when did you graduate from USC? Where are you from in LA?


  • calbearclaw

    Hey MoreNCs, let’s say that you applied to a Stanford graduate school. How would you gauge or chances of admittance?


  • calbearclaw

    Hey MoreNCS:

    Let’s say you developed an interest in attending law school. Given your standardized test scores, academic record and professional history, do you think you would get in to Boalt?


  • calbearclaw

    Hey MoreNCs:

    You intertwine your self-worth with how effectively teenagers at a school you didn’t attend and never lived near chase around a leather ball.


  • calbearclaw

    Hey Moron:

    Go Bears. Forever.

  • calbearclaw

    MoreNCs as a college senior: “I know I’m not all that smart and that my SAT scores are more more suitable for a junior college but I really want to go to Berkeley. Will you consider me as for admission?”


  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Sorry Calbearclaw but the Stanford fans and posters are still more intelligent than you.

    Thanks for being my exhibit #3. GoGoBears/Sherm Boyson/TheAdvisingBear is #1 and BlueNGold a close second.

  • Beastmode

    Getting to this point with Tedford, where there is near consensus that he should leave, and resignation that the team is done for the season. With no more divisions to exploit or buttons to press, the troll is now slowly realizing it is irrelevant and impotent (and the last one to realize it).

    This sideshow is pretty entertaining.

  • calbearclaw

    Are your feelings hurt MoreNCs?



  • calbearclaw

    MoreNCs as a pimple infested high school senior:

    “Now that Cal made a paper airplane out of my application and chucked it towards the admissions office garbage can, I figured I would lower my sights and apply my talents here at Chico State University. That’s assuming my poor SAT scores and 2.4 GPA are enough to get me in, right?

    After taking a long pull on a hastily assembled joint and blowing out a massive plume of cannabis smoke, the Chico State admissions chair:


  • calbearclaw

    Rejected by all accredited colleges at this point, Moren has accepted its limitations and applies for a job at a Sbarro’s.

    “Granted, I’m physically repulsive and relentless lampooning throughout my high school years has turned me into a social vegetable. To be frank people generally don’t enjoy being in my presence. I’m thinking that this might have soured my chances with Chez Panisse. But this is Sbarro’s. I figured I can really excel here with a bit of training. So I have the job, right?

    The overweight Sbrarro’s manager who still stinks of the Newport he smoked on his 15 minute mid-morning break:


  • Has Tedford resigned yet? Please, please, pretty please?

  • calbearclaw

    No such luck Blake. He won’t leave on his own.

  • wehofx

    Finally got around to checking the other scores.

    U dub got smoked by zona. Hope sark’s azz is on the hot seat, too, along with wilcox and the ‘ho.

  • 707 Bear

    Only positives for the game: Cal student section stayed loud until the bitter end, weather, Top Dogs.

    Question for the group: In the JT era, has the Cal offense ever been shut down like yesterday?

    Go Bears!

  • Pug

    Worst offensive line I’ve seen at Cal…ever. I can’t even blame this one on Maynard, though I’d like to. Until that’s fixed, forget it.

  • Easy Ed

    I don’t know if Coach Arroyo and Coach M are not on the or if Tedford is running an antiquated system but something is very wrong because it doesn’t matter who plays QB, this thing does not work. I don’t know what the future is but I still bleed blue and gold. One exception. When Sarsleazeian and his staff are blown out at UW I don’t want to see that unmitigated piece of dog crap Lupoi ever near my beloved Golden Bear program again. I’ve hear others say that there are two sides to every story but there is no justification for his deliberate efforts to destroy this program. Tedford took a mediocre linemen and brought him on his staff when no one else would even look at him. So if Tedford offended him or underpaid him or whatever, there are ways of leaving that say thanks for the opportunity not screw you and the university!

  • Steve W

    Easy Ed….my take is that the Cal O-line is not tough enough. It points to a laxness in strength and conditioning. Same thing for the D – line. They can’t find the opposing quarterback with a road map. I knew something was very wrong early on when the D linemen got so gassed in the Nevada game. Of course it all points to the coaching staff. They set the tone for all the conditioning and off-season work. And they are supposed to teach technique, footwork and assignments.

    Of course I could be wrong on all of this. Maybe our bigs are just not very talented.