Football: OSU’s Mannion to start vs. Huskies

Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion (Foothill HS-Pleasanton) is scheduled to start on Saturday against Washington, less than three weeks after undergoing surgery on his left knee.

The unbeaten and seventh-ranked Beavers (6-0) won twice behind backup Cody Vaz in Mannion’s absence, beating BYU on the road and Utah at home. But Mannion was averaging 339.5 passing yards per game before he was injured.

In other news . . .

Oregon and Ohio State have agreed to play a home-and-home, beginning in 2020.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, over unders for how many of us regulars will still be alive in 2020. How many rose bowls we will have won by then? How many times keenan allen has slipped in the nfl by then.

  • wehofx


    Still alive ’20 – over (I’m guessing you’re referring to cardiac arrest and apoplexy from frustration. Amigo our day will come.)

    Rose Bowls .5 – over (see above)

    ka slips – 120 – under (1 per game including some play offs 18 X 7= 126)

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Mannion with one artificial leg is better than a perfectly healthy Wayward. And to think that both Mannion and Vaz came right out of UC East Bay’s own backyard.

    Tedford stocks up on…


    And none of those guys are as good as OSU’s two current QBs.

    But you always have Calvin Klein ready in the wings.


  • Juancho

    On lives, I’m taking the over.

    Rose bowls, the under.

    Keenan slips, the over on the off chance he gets drafted somewhere with bad weather. Imagine him in Buffalo ?

  • BlueNGold
  • MoreNCsarecoming

    More easy classes for UCB state football players. Here are excerpts from an interview from Aaron Rodgers.

    “So, I’m in this food appreciation class, and there’s about 10 football players in the class of 200”.

    Wow what a class! Do you sit around for the entire class period eating Skittles? And notice the veiled reference to the “clustering”. 5% of the class are football players!

    More from Rodgers. After receiving an ‘F’ he said “We started [football practice] at 2pm at Cal. The office hours for one of the teachers [also] started at 2. So I told my coach I was gonna be late, that I was gonna go down and talk to this teacher at Cal at her office hours.

    I went in there and she was ready for me.

    She basically ripped me apart and said that athletes always want stuff given to them, that I wasn’t gonna be able to re-write my paper, and on and on and on. She went into this tirade about athletes and entitlements and whatnot.”

    Well who would have guessed that was happening at the No. 1 Public University in the country for graduate studies.