Football: Rehashing Big Game defeat to Stanford not high on Tedford’s Tuesday agenda

Cal coach Jeff Tedford was all about looking forward to Utah during his weekly address to the media on Tuesday morning.

Talking about the Stanford loss was not what he had in mind.

But the Bears’ offensive woes in their 21-3 loss were an unavoidable topic. Here’s my Cal notebook.


    Here’s a synopsis of Cal’s red-zone play in their five defeats this season:

— Nevada: Cal had two RZ opportunities, cashing in one for a touchdown on a 13-yard pass from Zach Maynard to Chris Harper. The other one featured a 3-yard loss on a run and a 7-yard loss on a sack and yielded a missed field goal. Total in RZ: 4 plays, 3 yards, 7 points.

— Ohio State: Cal’s most efficient RZ performance among its five defeats. The Bears converted two of three chances for TDs, one on a 19-yard pass from Maynarad to Harper, the other on a 1-yard run by Maynard. A personal foul and holding penalty on the third possession led to a missed field goal. Total in RZ: 8 plays, 49 yards, 25 yards in penalties, 14 points.

— USC: Cal had five RZ opportunities, managing just three field goals by Vincenzo D’Amato. The Bears were 2 for 7 passing (one of those INC passes by running back C.J. Anderson) for 2 yards with an interception, and had seven rushes for 6 yards, including a sack. Total in RZ: 14 plays, 8 yards, 9 points.

— Arizona State: The Bears cracked the ASU 20-yard line just twice, getting a field goal and a touchdown on a 10-yard pass from Maynard to Keenan Allen. Total in RZ: 2 plays, 11 yards, 10 points.

— Stanford: Cal reached the RZ twice in the Big Game, emerging with just a field goal. The other drive ended with an interception. Total in RZ: 7 plays, minus-3 yards, 3 points.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    I think whether or not Tedford starts to play another QB at least some during these last games will be very telling in terms of Tedford’s future.

    I get a sense that if Maynard continues to get every snap Tedford knows he is gone. But if we start to see Bridgeford or Hinder in there for a drive or two, I think that’s a subtle sign Tedford expects to be back and is concerned with getting someone ready for next year.

    I’m convinced that if Kline doesn’t play this year he won’t play next year. Or rather, that he will not start next year as our starter. Nothing in Tedford’s history makes me think that a redshirt freshman would jump past so many upperclassmen (talent be damned) in the pecking order.

    Kline you are the wind beneath my wings. I await your greatness.

  • Juancho

    Jeff any chance someone will eventually ask Tedford something about Kline? Just because Tedford has tried to hide him all year doesn’t mean that alumni and fans have forgotten about him. I’m all for giving the kid a chance to grow – but let’s call a spade a spade, a lot of us expect Kline to be our best shot at greatness. Especially now that our recruiting is back to middle of the Pac (pun intended and enjoyed) Kline and last year’s class has even more pressure on their shoulders. If they can’t get it done, it will be another 5 or so years before we have a shot at upper conference results.

  • daredevilfan

    It’s clear that Tedford is someone who is clearly structured and not willing to think outside the box. Unless everyone is totally prepared and trained and in sync on something, it won’t be considered. So for an offense that is supposed to be so tough, it really means there are only a handful of plays that he is really comfortable running. That sort of leadership will get us….well, right where we are.

    Juancho, I’m still optimistic that we will get a new coach next year, and not one who is gonna try to turn the program into something it is not (ala RichRod at M). I think we get a brilliant young new mind, and he will see the talent of ZK (or who ever truly shows the most talent out of our 423 QBs) and play that person. That’s my hope.

  • Juancho

    A little recruiting research. Went back to 2008 to see who the guys are that came in with 2 or fewer recruiting stars per Scout.com:

    Matt Rios – 2
    Kendrick Payne – 2
    Josh Hill – 2
    Donovan Edwards – 0
    Bryant Nabuife – 0

    Vince D’amato – 2
    Lucas King – 2
    Chris Moncrease – 0

    Adrian Lee – 2
    Kaelin Clay – 2
    Terrance Montgomery – 2

    ZERO with 2 or fewer stars

    Hardy Nickerson Jr. – 2
    Jeffrey Coprich – 2
    Damariay Drew – 2
    Cole Leininger – 2
    Willie Fletcher – 0
    Antoine Davis – 0

    Shon Akins – 2
    Torry McTyer – 2
    Garrett Hughes – 2

  • Juancho

    Guys with 4 or more stars:

    Spencer Ladner – 4
    Trevor Guyton – 4
    Tyler Rigsbee – 4
    Marvin Jones – 4
    Covaughn Deboskie – 4

    Mark Brazinski – 4
    Steve Williams – 4
    Allan Bridgford – 4
    Dasarte Yarnway – 4
    Jarred Price – 4

    Keenan Allen – 5
    Cecil Whiteside – 4
    David Wilkerson – 4
    Alex Croswaithe – 4
    Gabe King – 4

    Vei Moala – 5
    Stefan Mclure – 4
    Moose Jalil – 4
    Jason Gibson – 4
    Jordan Rigsbee – 4
    Todd Barr – 4
    Kyle Boehm – 4
    Daniel Lasco – 4
    Brennan Scarlett – 4

    Bryce Treggs – 5
    Zach Kline – 4
    Michael Barton – 4
    Cedric Dozier – 4
    Kenny Lawler – 4

    Cameron Hunt – 4
    Jared Goff – 4

  • Juancho

    My top 5 players on current team:

    1. Keenan – 5 star
    2. McCain – 3 star
    3. Bigelow – 3 star
    4. Scarlett – 4 star
    5. Harper – 3 star

  • Juancho

    More research, currently per Scout, there are three recruits (each rated at 3 stars) with “High” interest level in Cal. No 4 or 5 stars. And again, that’s only three guys who are 3 star each who list us as “high”.

    So the comforting thought that there are still a lot of top guys out there we’re in the mix for is wrong. These rankings don’t always end up meaning a whole lot. But if you look at it from an investor perspective – there’s definitely correlative elements worth considering.

  • Juancho

    Did the same search at Rivals, they also list three 3 star guys considering Cal at “high” in addition to one 4 star (Terrell Newby – the stud running back).

  • Eric

    We won’t get Newby – having seen him play in person, he is the real deal, and I guarantee he will go somewhere else (unless Tedford is replaced and someone very exciting comes in).

    Who are the 3 recruits you found?

    Sadly, my guy Khalfani is said to be leaning towards Notre Dame university.

  • Juancho

    Rivals lists newby a 4 star, Jd hinnant a 3 star o lineman, Riley sorenson 3 star o lineman, Tyler foreman 3 star db.

    Scout lists Brandon arnold a 3 star db, Riley sorenson, Edward tandy 3 star lb, and Caleb coleman 2 star wr.

  • Steve W

    Tedford isn’t going to play anybody at QB this season other than Maynard, period. He is wrapped up in his littlle unimaginative cocoon and isn’t thinking about anything other than the next game. Besides, playing Bridgford or Hinder would expose his sheer ineptitude in developing capable backups.

  • Easy Ed

    With this offensive line I don’t want Zach Kline anywhere near the field. He will be injured, beaten up and lose confidence. Start anew next season running him with the first unit and hopefully…a better offensive line. I don’t know if its the recruit, weight training, technique or scheme but this line sucks. Maybe we need a steroid program of our own, like U$C.

  • Larry

    “You can’t just throw caution to the wind and say we’re going to do these crazy things and not be sound in your run blocking, not be sound in your pass protection,” he said(Tedford).”

    Jeff, this quote is the most telling of how Tedford has become. The very first play against Baylor was exactly throwing caution to the wind. Why doesn’t Tedford get that when you run the ball 3 consecutive times is very predictable and sad.

    What does Tedford think, that the 3rd time he runs the same play the defense/coaches on the other team will think that nobody will be that stupid to run the same failed play over and over again, therefore it will work?

    Tedford needs to throw the double pass on the opening play of the Utah game to announce we are back!

  • wehofx

    Juancho, (I coulda easily missed on speed read) but how many stars for Kam Jackson, R. Rodgers, Avery Sebastian and N Broussard – an lb I’m starting to like a lot

  • Juancho

    All those guys were 3 stars per Scout.

  • konamike

    Why talk about using another QB at this point. Let Tedford continue to do what he’s doing which is…working himself out of a job. Every game we lose, just another nail in his coffin. Let’s just thank him for his past service, pay him off and move on. Whether it’s Zack Kline or anybody else, nothing will improve until we get a change at the top.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wayward will start this game because Jeff Teevans is still holding out the possibility of a bowl game. It will take an injury or another loss before Teevans pulls Wayward. However don’t count on bowl ineligibility to cause a change. Senior day is coming and Teevans will want Wayward to receive the appreciation of the 5 fans who will be there.


  • Easy Ed

    Hi Cheeto Kid. You don’t have to ever worry about being a senior, at least until you finish up at Community College. How is “Daddy” this morning? Several Club members saw him passed out drunk on the veranda last night.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Why is Cal still even dealing with Tedford? This is Cal, an excellent university with excellent staff and personnel, at ALL levels. (Save that UC police officer who shot himself the other day!)

    Tedford’s team is akin to that of a lab on campus in that he is in charge of a group of dedicated Cal personnel who are trying to succeed at a specific goal, whether it be providing the football fans with a positive Cal experience or publishing relevant research. If Tedford’s team really was a lab on campus I think he would have been out of a job at Cal 3-4 years ago.

    This scenario must really piss off ACTUAL researchers etc, who could use an extra buck or two to provide ACTUAL positive results.

    I’ve got $100 towards the buyout. Where do I send my check?

  • covinared

    Juancho: i thot you quit.

  • Juancho

    Covina, my arch nemesis, I hate to dissapoint you. But I returned to the support group.

  • Will

    Covina thinks that $C is a good school. So Juancho, you will always be #1 in my heart.

  • calgrizzlybear

    With this offensive line I don’t want Zach Kline anywhere near the field. He will be injured, beaten up and lose confidence. Start anew next season running him with the first unit and hopefully…a better offensive line. I don’t know if its the recruit, weight training, technique or scheme but this line sucks. Maybe we need a steroid program of our own, like U$C.

    i am going to say this hope i am totally wrong but …i think the O line has injury / depth-talent / coaching / coaching up issues BUT looking at close at the loses THE LINE BLOCKS SOMETIME FOR MAYNARD IS THIS ON PURPOSE ? do they see a very ok qb stuck starting because of other in house issues .. THIS MESS NEED TO BE HANDLED ASAP …WHO IS ASLEEP AT THE EFFNNN SWITCH …. SOMEONE ANYONE MAKE A MANAGEMENT DECISION!!!!!!!!!

  • covinared

    Will: you can continue in denial, but the reality is that sc can’t be truthfully bashed on the quality of its academics.

  • Steve W

    Does anyone really care about Saturday’s bottom tier bowl elimination game in SLC? It has been readily acknowledged you can’t run unto the middle of Utah’s stout interior line. Utah has the best nose guard in the country. Any bets on how many times Coach Teddy tries to run it up the gut with little Isi in the game?

  • gobears49


    I think it would be crazy to play Kline with only four games left in the season, resulting in him burning a year.

    I am not a big fan of Maynard, as I don’t think he has a very accurate arm, but he has been absolutely brutalized with all of the hits he has been taking, and has stood in there pretty strong and not backpedaling while he throws in spite of all of those hits. Have to admire the guy for that. He’s a pretty tough guy.

  • Juancho

    I think playing kline means they clean up this offense and remove a lot of this spread option nonsense.

    I think the line will block for him. I think hell get rid of the ball faster and be hit less. I think hell be accurate with the deep ball which will stretch the defense amd not let them bring the house every play like they do against maynard and the 2 yard pass offense.

    And i think it gives keenan pause for a second about coming back next year with a real qb and a heisman poster in oakland like desean.


  • gobears49


    Even if you are right, it is not worth using up a year of Kline’s eligibility with four games left. Regarding your point regarding Keenan staying, he should already know what Kline can do from all of the practices he has had with him.

  • daredevilfan

    Agree, can’t burn the year at this point. But no downside in playing a couple of our other 4,728 QBs to see what they are worth. Keenan is likely a done deal after this putrid season. Gotta clean house for coaching and come in with a big splash of hires to show we are committed to a top-notch program with new facilities.

    Steve W, yeah I have no excitement about Saturdays anymore. Any excitement is really just to see the coaches show just how out of touch they are to make this obvious.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jon Wilner just came out with a new APR for Stanford, San Jose State and UC East Bay. Once again yours is deplorable.
    Read it and weep.


  • Easy Ed

    Hi Moron (aka “Cheeto Kid”),

    Speaking of graduations, have you picked up that AA Degree from the Community College yet? Maybe it’s like “Daddy” slurred during a drunken tirade at the Club, “…damn loser is still a couple of units short”.

  • Juancho

    I think the Redshirt idea is ridiculous. If Kline is good he’s leaving for the NFL as soon as he’s eligible just like DeSean and everyone else always does.

    So I could care less if he goes pro as a Redshirt Sophomore like Andrew Luck, or a true Junior.

  • Juancho

    The whole Redshirt thing is just part of Tedford’s propoganda machine to buy him more time, and like the rest of the offense, it’s based on let’s play not to lose, and take no chances in what we believe will work.

  • Juancho

    Gobears, but Tedford playing Kline this year will show Keenan that Kline is playing next year. Instead of the safe assumption. Until I see Kline on the field I’m 99% sure Bridgeford will start next year.

  • Dan

    Covinared- I’m not sure many, if any, on here knock SC for academics much anymore. Though it is much easier to get into SC than it is to get into Cal. I don’t believe that’s debatable.

    One thing, amongst several things, that people do knock $C for is cheating. It’s justifiable- Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo, next up is Joe McKnight and others. I don’t think that’s debatable either.

    But hey, they usually are really good, so maybe the end justify the means when you operate like SC does.