Football: How to find Cal-Utah game on TV if you’re not in the specific Pac-12 Networks region

Courtesy of the Pac-12 Conference, here’s a link to directions for fans of Cal or Utah who don’t have access to the Pac-12 Bay Area or Pac-12 Mountain TV channels. If this is you, give this a try.

Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    looks like another gametracker game.

  • Easy Ed

    I F’in hate Direct TV and the Pac 12. They (and Jeff Tedford) have ruined my fall.

  • Eric

    I’m watching Arizona-USC. I saw three terrible calls on one drive, all in USC’s favor, and yet Arizona still scores to go up 32-28 (calls were offensive PI, missed more collar, and missed defensive PI in the end zone). Then, on the next drive, two pretty remarkable headshots by USC defenders on the QB. Given the thinness on the defensive, one would think Kiffin would do better on instilling discipline.

  • Shawn

    Dirty hit by USC, I hope Scott is ok. They should pull him out.

  • Juancho

    Jeff, riddle me this. How do we find excitement for the rest of this year?

    We play Kline some in each half, maybe a drive a half, or two. All this redshirt propoganda is BS by the Tedford camp to buy him more time and for him to try to conservatize the alumni and fans. Just like the way our play calling is conservative and unimaginative, so it this idea that if Kline loses his redshirt somehow we’re hurt by it.

    If Kline is a success he will go pro as soon as he can, like they all do.

    So it shouldn’t matter to us if he goes pro as a true Junior, or a redshirt Sophomore like Andrew Luck. Play Kline, give us some hope, give Keenan assurance that Kline will start next year, and start to build that recruiting momentum again by showing we’re not afraid to play the top guy even if he’s young and a QB.

    This also does a favor to Bridgeford because it gives him time to transfer and play a year somewhere else.

  • Juancho

    This way – we see what Tedford and Arroyo and the Michalzik and co plan on doing with Kline next year. If the offense still looks unimaginative and putrid, it should hasten the need to fire him so we don’t ruin Zach the warmth of my heart Kline.

  • Shawn

    Ahahahaha droopy face Barkley

  • SteveNTexas

    Just watched USC choke with stupid plays and penalties. Its ranking as one of the 15 least ethical programs will stand but the other ranking will plummet.

  • Eric

    I feel bad for Marquis Lee. He is the reason why Barkley has even been mentioned in the Heisman conversation (since every 5-10 yard dump pass Barkley throws to Lee turns into a big gain).

  • Larry

    U$C choked on their own c_ck! Barkly is a big sissy crybaby. Lee & Woodz are chodes too. I loved the dump they took all over themselves in the desert!

    F_g On!!!

  • Dan

    Hmmm, I thought Barkley was going to win the Heismann, I thought $C was going to win not only the P12 championship but the National Championship? I thought Lane Kiffin was the second coming of Pete Carroll? Doesnt $C have more talent than any team on the planet?

    Didn’t someone posting on this site say all this – repeatedly- just a few months ago??

    What a bunch of overrated, cheating, choking losers. Where is Pat today? She’s usually posted like 17 times by now on gameday? What a coward. They deserve each other, a perfect match. LOL, LMAO!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    What did Shaq say to Kobe? How my A– taste??? Too funny.

    I feel bad for the Ducks. Now when they humiliate the Cheaters, it’ll actually hurt the Ducks in the ratings.

    Man I feel better now.