Football: Cal-Utah game thread


FINAL SCORE: Utah 49, Cal 27. Bears lose their second straight, fall to 3-6, 2-5 in Pac-12. Must win three in a row — Washington, Oregon and Oregon State — to become bowl eligible. Utah snapped a four-game losing streak and improved to 3-5, 1-4 in the conference.

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0:29 3rd Q: John White just ran 7 yards for a touchdown and it’s 42-6 Utah. That’s more points than the Utes scored against FCS school Northern Colorado.

4:26 3rd Q: Keenan Allen’s 15-yard catch ties Geoff McArthur’s Cal career record of 202 receptions. It’s 35-6 and Utah is threatening. What a spectacular night for a record!

HALFTIME: Utah leads 28-6. Do yourself a favor, flip the channel to the ninth inning of the Giants game. Cal’s offense has not scored a touchdown since 10:27 left in the fourth quarter at Washington State — a span of 100 minutes, 27 seconds, if you don’t count all the days in between. Bears have 119 yards of offense in the half, meaning they had 4 yards in the second quarter. That is definitely not good.

0:22 2nd Q: QB Wilson runs 6 yards up the middle for the TD and Utah leads 28-6. Wilson made a 24-yard completion to Kenneth Scott on a third-and-17 play, giving the Utes a first down at the Cal 25.

6:33 2nd Q: Maynard’s pass behind Keenan Allen is tipped and intercepted by Ryan Lacy and returned 12 yards to the Cal 24. But two dead-ball personal foul penalties against the Utes move the ball all the way back to the Utah 46.

6:41 2nd Q: Utes take advantage of great field position and push lead to 21-6 after 1-yard TD plunge by Kelvin York. Utes went 49 yards in seven plays. The key moment: QB Travis Wilson escapes grasp of Dan Camporeale and scrambles 13 yards for a first down at the Cal 34 on a third-and-8 play.

14:52 2nd Q: D’Amato makes his ninth straight FG attempt — this one from 38 yards — and Cal trails 14-6.

END OF 1st Q: Utah leads 14-3. Cal has third-and-12 at the Utes’ 21. Cal has 115 total yards, Utah just 27. But the Utes have made the game’s two big plays.

2:13 1st Q: Utes lead 14-3 without scoring an offensive touchdown. On second-and-14 from the 13, Maynard threw an inside screen to Chris Harper, who was hit by Jason Whittingham and fumbled. Reggie Topps scooped up the ball and ran 17 yards for the TD.

5:06 1st Q: After encouraging first possession, Maynard has been sacked three times on past two. Cal just punted. Utah 7-3.

12:33 1st Q: Junior Reggie Dunn returns the kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown and the Utes take a 7-3 lead. It was his second career 100-yard KO return.

12:49 1st Q: Bears lead 3-0 after 49-yard FG by Vincenzo D’Amato. Cal gained at least 7 yards on each of its first four plays, then stalled when Maynard was pressured and threw incompletee on third-and-3.

COIN TOSS: Utah wins the toss and defers. Cal will receive the opening kickoff. Team captains for the Bears: Isi Sofele, Kendrick Payne, Keenan Allen and Josh Hill.

WELCOME: A cool but beautiful evening in Salt Lake for the Bears (3-5, 2-3 Pac-12) vs. the Utes (2-5, 0-4) at Rice-Eccles Stadium. In case you missed it, Cal offensive guard Dom Galas suffered an appendicitis attack on Saturday and will not play. Awaiting further details.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Larry

    The highlight of Phoenix was walking by the post office where the guy from the Meat Puppets got killed. How exciting was that.

  • Larry

    Agh! Is that our friend Tosh on the UW sideline wearing a black hat and black coat? What a P.O.S.!

  • Larry

    Tosh’s DL just got the critical sack. Damn!

  • Larry

    Looks like UW will win this one. I’m outta here.

    Good night bear fans….

  • Steve W

    I will root for Cal to beat Washington next week as always. But if we lose, and I think we will, I hope it’s big. It’s the only way to make sure Tedford goes nite nite.

  • Calfan1

    let me help you. This post should be #96

  • Calfan1

    @Rollon #100 i’m feel the same

  • Calfan1

    correction to my previous comment

    I’m feeling the same way

  • Larry

    I was about to shut down when I noticed your post Calfan1.

    Are you Sandy? If so, when are you going to fire Tedford?

  • Woj

    Go Utes!!! Thank you for taking Cal to the woodshed and opening a can on this patheticly coached team. Tedfraud’s gig is almost up. How is that real estate sale going Jeff Holmoe? I hope well b/c your days are numbered in the single digits by my count. Is Tedfraud fired yet?? If he’s not gone in the next 10 days, fire Sandy Idiot Barbour for ‘negotiating’ that asininely 1-sided contract for Tedmoe and then fire Tedfraud. Cal is beyond irrelevant.

  • Dan

    Hey Eric- Bobby and Boltblue went with Milo to a Halloween party in Morens basement – all dressed as Sandy Barbour. Moren tells them it’s like looking In a mirror. Highlight of the night is bobbing for Cheetos. Fight on and Roll on you Tedford supporting losers.

    Do I seem bitter? And I haven’t seen the game yet. Sitting on my DVR at home when I get back from Yountville. Much better way to spend a weekend.

  • rob bear

    How about those Trojans and the Heisman hopeful, Barkley?

  • daredevilfan

    I’m reading elsewhere that Tedford gave Sandy a big hug as they were going off the field. Its being read as a goodbye hug. Maybe not this week, but at the end of the season. Anyone else hear about this?

  • Will

    Cal lost. So disappointing. But shouldn’t there be someone else commenting to rub it in?

    Oh wait. LOL ARIZONA!!!

  • tc


  • Woj

    Has Tedfraud been fired yet?? I check back daily to the Cal football news hoping to read it. Note to the AD: You should be thankful Cal was playing opposite the Giants World Series game and win. That meant tons of fans weren’t paying attention to this team coached by a sad joke of a coach. All Sandy should be doing now is negotiating a buyout and playing hardball with that loser soon to be ex-coach. Fire Tedfraud now and be done with it.

  • Steve W

    I volunteer right now as the interim HC, and I will take the job for nothing. My first head coaching move will be to sit Zach Maynard forever. He’s a senior and ain!t coming back, and I bet he drops out of classes on the last snap of the year anyway. It’s time to start thinking about next season. I want to see what Bridgford or Hinder can do in a game.

    My next move: take all 10 guys running down the field on kickoffs and demote all of them. I will replace them with guys holding tackling dummies, doesn’t matter. And Bigs starts and plays the whole game against Washington.