Basketball: Halloween at Haas

I’m at Haas Pavilion this evening for Cal’s open basketball scrimmage — “Halloween at Haas.”

There are maybe 50 fans here so far, so to call this a low-key event is an understatement. One fan decked out for Halloween, wearing a penguin costume.

— Kravish may have gained 10-15 lbs, but still has that nice, soft tippy-toe mid-range jumper.

Notes and observations . . .

— The “blue” squad features basically Cal’s starting five: Allen Crabbe,. Justin Cobbs, Richard Solomon, David Kravish and Brandon Smith, plus Jeff Powers and Bak Bak. The “gold” team: Tyrone Wallace, Robert Thurman, Khalil Johnson, Kaileb Rodriguez, Christian Behrens, Garrett Galvin and Geoff Frid.

— Wallace, the freshman combo guard from Bakersfield, looks like a player. Already. Early on, he’s made two quick drives into the lane and finished, once in halfcourt, once in transition, when he also drew a foul from Crabbe.

— For those unclear, Galvin and Frid are freshmen walkons. Galvin is a 6-4 guard from Torrey Pines HS in the San Diego area. Frid is 7-1, 200 — and looks it — from Impact Academy in Las Vegas.

— Wallace just made a 3-pointer. This guy will play. A lot. Right away.

— Freshman Khalil Johnson also hits a 3-pointer and the underdog gold squad has tied the score at 18-all.

— Not playing tonight is sophomore guard Ricky Kreklow, potentially a starter on the wing. Kreklow, a transfer from Missouri, had foot surgery Oct. 8 to repair a stress reaction. Due back around the start of December, give or take. But he was out shooting before the scrimmage began.

— Place isn’t exactly filling up, but there are perhaps 100 or 150 here now. Timing probably not ideal. Halloween. Giants parade. A forecast of rain. Hey, this isn’t Lexington.

— Wallace forces a 3 over Brandon Smith. Misses. Still, the best player on the gold team.

— End of 12-minute first half. Blue leads 21-18. (Not that it matters)

— Bears beat the scrimmage trade deadline and alter the roster for the second half. Now in Blue: Smith, Solomon, Galvin, Crabbe,  Behrens, Wallace and Thurman. Wearing gold: Kravish, Rodriguez, Powers, Bak, Cobbs,  Johnson and Frid.

— Wallace transition drive swatted by Cobbs.

— BTW: Kravish appears bigger, so does Solomon.

— Bak with an authoratative drive to the hoop and finger-roll finish.

— In the house, a couple members of the 13th-ranked Cal women’s squad. Good for them.

— Funniest moment of the scrimmage so far: A media timeout.

— Bak drills the 15-footer from the elbow. Is this just an October thing?

— Halloween garb or a fashion statement? Crabbe wearing brown mustard-colored Nike socks.

— Solomon, wearing uniform No. 35 this season, with a two-handed slam putback.

— Powers bangs left knee in collision under the hoop. Seems fine.

— Second “half” ended. Figured the scrimmage was over. Turns out this is ice hockey. Three halves, er, periods.

— Wallace with a steal and breakaway jam.

— Galvin, the walk-on freshman, undercuts Crabbe, trying to catch long pass. Kid, it’s a scrimmage. Ten seconds later, Crabbe drops in 3-pointer.

— Solomon bangs his left knee while getting called for a charge. Comes out, but seems OK.

— Kravish may have gained 10-15 lbs, but still has that soft, tippy-toe mid-range jumper. Hit a couple of them.

— Brandon Smith just got the wind knocked out of him on a crazy drive to the hoop. These guys are playing for keeps.

— No winners, no losers, no one hurt. Bears play exhibition game on Tuesday (election day, are you kidding me?) against S.F. State at 7:30 p.m. Season opener is Sunday, Nov. 11 vs. Cal State Bakersfield at 7 p.m. That’s all for now.


Jeff Faraudo