Football: Report says Keenan Allen injured vs. Utah; status for Friday game vs. UW unclear


Cal junior wideout Keenan Allen, who broke the school’s career receptions record last Saturday at Utah, may also have been injured against the Utes.

His status for Friday’s game at Washington is unclear.

I was at Memorial Stadium for an interview (with Avery Sebastian) this afternoon but there was no word on Allen’s status. An athletic department spokesman said afternoon that Cal would have no comment on the situation for now.

Let me make this clear: I was not on hand this morning when players came off the field and walked past reporters to the dressing room. But Ryan Gorcey of Bear Territory reports that Allen did not appear to be at practice and that he was told Allen may have been injured during an onside kick try in the 49-27 loss to the Utes.

Will update as information is available.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

    I still hope against hope that he comes back for his senior year. Seems unlikely. But it would be great to see him as a senior with Harper and Treggs, and Powe.

  2. That will give us a Stanford guy as football, baseball, and basketball coach. Great.

  3. If we can’t get Petersen, at least we can get a guy who had great success on his staff. He might be a nice head coach.

  4. If Kennan doesn’t play Friday, can we at least sit his brother as part of a package injury deal?

  5. Give me the San Jose St. current coach. That guy has turned it around.

  6. Sandy usually hangs out right of front of my section talking to the guest during games. I’ve heckled her slightly this season but Friday she will hear me constantly. Besides the ucla game each game had been highly underwhelming. Sitting amongst the parents there had been very little excitement. Maybe another night game brings out a fired up squad but it’s Tedfords answers to the obvious questions that scare me this Halloween. Go Bears!

  7. Rotfogel, I like McIntyre at San Jose also. He like Dave Esquer with our baseball program literally helped save football at San Jose State. They were going to cut it and he was one of the ones that helped ensure it stays.

    I think he’ll get scooped up by a big program this year. Maybe it’s Cal. I think he’s in my top 5. But probably closer to 5 than 1 at this point. I’m starting to prefer a HC or Coordinator with experience from a big conference or NFL over the smaller schools. I think the smaller school guys might fall into the Cal syndrome and get watered down by Sandy.

  8. Steve W for head coach. The above is the best decision making I’ve heard all year.

  9. Steve W are you willing to accept a large guaranteed contract with no buy-out clause, that includes membership at Blackhawk Country Club ? Are you also willing to make sure you make the program as private and secretive as possible, and commit yourself to being very closed-minded and stubborn?

    Can you guarantee you will be cantankerous with the media and have an air that you are above the program, nay – that you are the program?

  10. Steve W @ #5 – when I saw the headline, that was my first thought. Beat me to the punch, still gave me a laugh.

  11. I still find it interesting that over the summer Petrino was hanging around the program. I think he may be the choice that will help Sandy keep her job. She gets a proven winner that will excite the fan base and make us an instant contender in the north division.

  12. Juancho,

    All of the above. But I don’t think there are enough Twinkies on the planet to give me JT’s
    girlish figure.

  13. Didn’t D Jax sit out and was ‘injured’ the last few games before entering the NFL draft. Something smells funny here. Cashing it in to keep his NFL 1st Round stock away from injury?

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