Football: Keenan Allen out of UW game with knee injury — don’t know yet how severe

Cal announced Thursday morning that star junior wide receiver Keenan Allen has been ruled out of Friday’s home game against Washington due to a left knee injury.
“Keenan won’t play against Washington,” Cal coach Jeff Tedford said in a statement. “We’ll continue to evaluate him on a weekly basis.”
Allen, regarded as one of the nation’s top wide receivers, was expected to leave school for the NFL draft after this season. His injury, depending on the severity, could impact that decision. He has one year of college eligibility remaining, if he opts to return.
Scuttlebutt is that Allen’s injury is more serious than a one-week deal, that he could be out for the season.
Allen set Cal’s career receptions record with 205 catches during the Bears’ 49-27 loss at Utah last Saturday, but suffered the knee injury in the final minutes while playing on an onside kick coverage team.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Easy Ed

    Obviously Keenan Allen is one of the greatest receivers ever to play at Cal but The Allen/Maynard recruiting and signing might be Tedford’s final undoing. In any event, perhaps this will force Tedford to play Bigelow more and open things up. One can always hope.

  • Juancho

    This cant help draft stock. Maybe it increases the chances he comes back.

  • covinared

    too bad. Keenan suddenly stopped the taunts after a couple games, and has become a class act to go with his top notch talent. I hope to see him play for Cal again. To get hurt when a game has already been decided hurts more.

  • 1brsfan

    that’s the worst… getting hurt during garbage time trying to recover an onside kick. This will force Maynard to find other options. Perhaps he will play so bad that Tedford will be forced to play someone else.

  • Without Keenan to worry about, the Washington D can focus on smothering the running game. Which means the only RB with a chance to do damage is a fast, slippery runner who can navigate a minefield of linebackers and safeties. Do the Bears have a RB that fits this description? Of course they do, Brandon Bigelow, but the Idiot in Charge, Jeff Tedford doesn’t think he’s really ready and is saving him for God knows what.

    By the way, what was Keenan, the Bears’ best player, doing on special teams late in a hopelessly lost game?
    A real blunder by the special teams coach. But what do you expect from a coaching staff headed by man who does nothing but make boneheaded decision after boneheaded decision.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Keenan is done. Why risk playing anymore? His million$ are locked up as long as he doesn’t take another snap for Tedford. Can’t blame him…

  • rollonubears

    “Allen hurt his left knee falling on Cal’s failed onside kick attempt with 1:18 left in the Utah game. He was not hit on the play, Tedford said.”

    Wow. How many slips is that? This one is critical, but something about it affecting exactly 3 remaining games seems really fishy. Whatever. Next year is going to be such a better year.

  • Larry

    Does anybody know what time the Oregon game will be?

  • Larry

    Cal Vs.Oregon…

  • Dan

    Just watched a YouTube video of Bigelow’s runs vs the Buckeyes. They were eye popping. What an absolute WASTE of a supreme talent this season. When you watch that video and realize what a special player he is and how little Tedford has played him- you want to fire him on the spot for such blatant stupidity. He is either so stupid and/or so clueless that he has no right to be a leader of young men or coach at a D1 football program.

  • scottybear

    Agree with Dan. If Bigelow doesn’t know the plays yet, TEACH HIM!! If Bigelow can’t comprehend the offense, CHANGE THE OFFENSE!! Just give him the damn ball. Interesting stat is that Bigelow hasn’t lost a yard yet on any of his carries.

  • Dan

    Now I just finally finished watching the 2nd half of Saturdays game, and as per my post #10, Bigelow in very limited action, the guy is frikkin ridiculously great- explosive, great vision & balance, tough, breaks tackles, and when he gets past the 2nd level … Bye bye. Oh and great hands too.

    He is beyond a supreme talent, and Tedford is beyond a supreme dolt. Bigelow is as special a game breaking player as we’ve seen at Cal- he is easily every bit the game changing talent that Desean Jackson and Jahvid Best were- quite possibly more so. How can Tedford not have him in all over- as RB, slot, wildcat- you HAVE TO create special packages and plays for a great talent like that. The announcers were all over this in the game, wondering whybare they seeing him sooner, more often, in a bigger role. They were
    as befuddled as we all are. I mean … W-T-F !!!

    Like Bigelow into the secondary, Tedford … BYE EFFIN BYE. LOSER!!!

    Bet he likes Cheetos.

  • Dan

    As long as Tedford is coach, the Cheato Kid is right about ONE thing. Cal is Loserville.