Football: Washington game thread

Click here for my game story and a photo slideshow of Friday night’s game.

UPDATE: Injured quarterback Zach Maynard will undergo an MRI to check for damage to his injured left knee. Cal is not expected to have an update any sooner than Sunday, but if there is news in the meantime, we will report it here.

STATS: C.J. Anderson finished with a career-high 160 yards, his third 100-yard game of the season. Brendan Bigelow had 130 all-purpose yards, including 6 rushes for 49 yards. Maynard was 15 for 29 for 175 yards with one INT. Freshman Chris Harper had a career-best 7 catches for 101 yards. LB Nick Forbes had an interception and recovered two fumbles. Cal’s defense forced four turnovers. The offense gave four back.

FINAL SCORE: Washington 21, Cal 13. Bears fall to 3-7 overall and cannot reach .500, so they will miss out on a bowl game for the second time in three seasons. They are 2-5 in Pac-12 play and have lost three in a row. With 42,226 at Memorial Stadium, the Bears have lost four home games in a season for the first time in Jeff Tedford’s 11 seasons. Probably not the 51st birthday present he wanted.

1:08 4th Q: Bridgford throws incomplete to Anderson on fourth-and-5 from the 25. Bridgford was2 for 7 for 26 yards in his short stint.

4:01 4th Q: Maynard injures left knee. Comes out for Allan Bridgford.

4:11 4th Q: Bishop Sankey scores on 1-yard run. Washington leads 21-13.

6:13 4th Q: Shaq Thompson intercepts Maynard and returns it 28 yards.

8:23 4th Q: Three turnovers in a span of 1:53. Cal has the ball (for now) after Seferian-Jenkins fumbled to Forbes at the Cal 35.

13:55 4th Q: You knew it was too good to be true. D’Amato, after 11 straight made FGs, misses from 41 yards.

END OF 3rd Q: Washington 14, Cal 13.

0:41 3rd Q: UW’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins, a 6-6, 266-pound TE, outleaps 5-10 Steve Williams in the end zone for a 29-yard TD catch and Washington leads 14-13.

3:59 3rd Q: D’Amato strikes again — this time from 21 yards — and Cal leads 13-7. It’s the 11th straight made FG for the junior. Cal drive began when Robert Mullins forced Sankey to fumble and Nick Forbes recovered at the UW 36.

10:40 3rd Q: D’Amato kicks 23-yard FG and Cal leads 10-7. Bears began drive with a 21-yard loss on a botched lateral pass play. Then C.J. Anderson ran 64 yards to the UW 20 and Shaq Thompson — you all know him — was whistled for a horse collar penalty for a first down at the 10. Three plays went 2 yards and D’Amato made his 10th straight FG try.

HALFTIME: Cal 7, UW 7. Washington outgained Cal 267 yards to 226 in the half. UW’s Bishop Sankey has 18 carries for 124 yards, QB Keith Price is 10 for 20 for 138 yards with an interception. Cal’s Zach Maynard is 12 for 20 for 146 yards. C.J. Anderson is top ground gainer with seven carries for 45 yards. Cal has two turnovers, UW 1.

0:12 2nd Q: LB Nick Forbes intercepts Keith Price to halt promising Washington drive. Cal takes over at the 30 after Forbes’ 26-yard return. The INT was the first of Forbes’ career.

2:46 2nd Q: Bears show some creativity with Sofele giving ball to Chris Harper on a reverse on first-and-10 from the UW 14. Harper stretches to touch ball to the end zone pylon and Bears tie the score at 7-all. A personal foul penalty against UW’s Danny Shelton on the previous play — a third-down incompletion — gave Cal the chance to tie the score.

END OF 1st Q: Huskies lead 7-0. They have the ball and a 2nd-and-14 at the 50. Cal playing without DEs Kendrick Payne and Deaundre Coleman. OLB Chris McCain is playing, but has come out at times also. CB Marc Anthony has not played. Also, WR Bryce Treggs, after warming up, has not played.

2:08 1st Q: Bears get very lucky — WR Jaydon Mickens drops deep ball well behind Cal defense. A TD for sure.

4:06 1st Q: Bears drive effectively again, then Brendan Bigelow fumbles, recovered by safety Justin Glenn at the UW 11. This is not a workable strategy.

6:23 1st Q: Huskies march 79 yards in 11 plays and Bishop Sankey runs easily up the middle from 4 yards out for the TD. UW leads 7-0.

10:19 1st Q: Bears drive to the UW 29 after back-to-back receptions by freshman Chris Harper (23 and 16 yards), then Isi Sofele fumbles and UW corner Marcus Peters recovers at the 21. This is what bad teams do. Tease and disappoint.

COIN TOSS: The Huskies win the toss and want the ball first.

T-MINUS 4 MIN UNTIL KICKOFF: Do the words “late-arriving crowd” ring a bell? It’s pretty empty here so far.

HONORING CAL’S OLYMPIANS: More than 25 of Cal’s 46 London Olympics athletes are expected to be on hand for pre-game ceremonies. Led by swimmer Natalie Coughlin, water polo player Heather Petri, rower Erin Cafaro and coaches Teri McKeever (women’s swimming) and Mike Teti (men’s rowing), the group will serve as honorary captains and be part of the coin toss ceremony.

WELCOME: Getting settled in for the first-ever Friday night game at Memorial Stadium. Cal, at 3-6, 2-4 in the Pac-12, obviously has no margin for error if it wants to keep alive its flickering hopes of a bowl bid. Washington, at 4-4, 2-3, arrives fresh off a win over previously unbeaten Oregon State. Kickoff is 6 p.m.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Eric

    Important game against a “revenge” opponent that we lose by shooting ourselves in the foot on offense? Check!

    Silence by Bobby and Boaltblue. Check!

  • GoldenTrailsDave

    Just got back from the game. I will always support the kids. I do not support the coach and hope he gets fired sooner rather than later. But stopping to support the university? NEVER!

  • Nick

    Maynard does not look to be returning soon, he was putting no weight on his left leg and grabbing at his knee in immense pain as the trainers ran out. He was also down for a while before he even sat up. I tried to be upbeat for this game but I felt like I was cheating on myself. The 4th quarter was exciting briefly, Bridgford looked rattled but played his best. I heckled Sandy but she looked very displeased towards the 4th quarter as people poured out of the stadium. It’s so hard to see these guys lose, as mentioned this team has heart. I’ll be at the Oregon game next week and I feel it’s going to hurt. Roll on you bears!

  • Steve W

    Thanks for the memories, Zach. Your playing time at Cal is over. It’s time for you to decide if you want to be a student athlete and try and get your degree or pull a midnight move and slink out of Cal when the next class bell rings. Trust me, the NFL is not calling, so I would advise the books and classroom route.

    You may want to give a call to Kevin Riley, whose star-crossed career also ended abruptly with an injury. Don’t take it personally, but you have to be more accurate with your throws to get to the next level. I would love to see you be supportive on the sidelines and work to mentor Allen Bridgford over these next two games and help him get ready for the next season. If you can do that, my respect level for you will rise immeasurably. If you can do that.

  • Larry

    I just got back from the game too. What a nightmare. I was shocked that 40,000 showed up, I figured it would have been less than that. Maynard is one of the worst QB’s in Cal history. Threw it right to Shaq?

    Good points were Tagaloa got some time at tackle. Bridgeford got some quality game time. He looked pretty good, or should I say way better than Maynards. I noticed that when Bridgford came in the game, the CAL players perked up and seemed to show more effort and their body language changed. Maybe Maynard is a cancer in the locker room. I am purely speculating and have zero evidence about this besides what I noticed when bridgeford came in.

  • Larry

    I am mad that CAL has taken such a dive,however Tedford needs to step up and make changes. He should hire a real OC and let that OC hire the assistants. Cal won’t fire Tedford just yet. They will give him a Mulligan this season. I heard Joe Starkey interviewing Tedford and gave Tedford softball q’s and then lead Tedford to the answer which was always, “I have been around College and Pro football for 40 years and I have NEVER seen a team with so many injuries have affected the play of the team, would you agree?”

    So you can tell we will be on this ride w/Tedford for another year or 3. They will have to run out of excuses before they fire Tedford.

  • Dan

    Larry- if fear you’re right about Tedford and the built in excuses of injuries and so called equity he has built up- which is a joke- he has used all that equity and then some, IMO.

    Tedford has had 7 years to truly bring in an OC and let that guy truly run the offense, all week and on game day. With all the OCs that have come and gone over the past 7 years- since cracks in the armor have started to appear- the same predictable, boring, unimaginative, play not to lose offensive approach have been present. So what you are asking (pleading?) for is unlikely. Tedford is nothing if not stubbornly committed to his methods and ideals.

    He would have to be forced to change, he would likely not embrace it, and I’m not sure he could be forced… By who? Sandy Barbour? Ha! No one appears to have any leverage on Tedford, he has all the leverage via 3 more seasons at $2.3 mil – plus a $1 mil bonus or two for still being on the job.

    What you are suggesting I suggested as far back as 2006, when he brought in Mike Dunbar. I thought he was doing exactly what you are suggesting for next year in 2006, as I saw some head scratching things from the offense and play calling in 2005. Dunbar resigned and moved on after 1 yeaR – to Minnesota, which is a step down. What I saw from the offense in 2006 was an even bigger tendency toward head scratching offense in 2006. I knew then that no matter who Tedford brought in as the OC it wouldn’t matter. Tedford was/is the problem.

    At the end of the day, Tedford has proven he lost it, it happened gradually, like erosion, and now the program is a mess. It’s indicator under Tedford. Every year he’s here, add 2 extra years for the program to recover- if Cal picks the right next guy.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I called it! I said you guys would get shaq-ed by the Huskies.

    A couple of family friends (at least three were UC East Bay alums) were over last night. One of the men walked in while the game was on and asked – “How are the cubbies doing?”

    When he walked back to the party he said “Well the little cubbies are still hibernating in their den”.

    Then one guy said (by the way, a big donor who bought some of those ESP seats)- “I take it you mean they are tucked under that white pouch that Tedford wears?”


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    By the way here is an article in the Sac Bee. Looks like pucla is targeting Sacramento. We already know that USC gets the cream of the crop.


  • BlakeStreetBear

    Defense played well. The young receivers look promising, heck, even Bridgford wasn’t terrible. I am excited about this team for NEXT season, assuming a NEW coach is brought in. Also the O-line needs to improve.

    Bigelow reminds me of a certain disgraced Mr. Reginald Bush on the field, not off the field. He should have featured more LAST year, this season’s usage has been laughable.

    Cal fans and players DO have passion to compete and we compete in the classroom and in the real world. But in the real world of college football, Tedford has not coached in a competitive manner for the last 5+ seasons, save a game or two. This predictable and tedious season is the (hopeful) culmination of a coach and program gone STAGNANT.

    Despite the BEAUTIFUL and modern stadium upgrades, this program is in the DUMPS. And that fact rests firmly on the shoulders of the same man who in a sense was the impetus for the stadium upgrades! Ironic, huh?

    Fortunately, wins are what matter in the real world of BIG MONEY sports. And Cal cannot afford NOT to move on and replace coach Tedford with Willie Taggart, or some other YOUNG energetic coach. Not some older retread type who has had little success anywhere (Hue Jackson). I also like MacIntyre from sjsu, he seems to exude success like Taggart.

    And for the rest of the season let’s enjoy the energy of the team despite the lame duck coach. It may be that we will not have watch the same old ZM to KA routine and we will see some different QBs throwing to some different potent receivers! Add more Bigelow to the mix and there may be some actually exciting Cal offensive plays again!

    Go Bears!

  • rob bear

    Our O-Line is not very good. Plain and simple
    Our QB is not very good. Plain and simple
    Our Defensive front is not very good. Plain and simple
    Our Secondary gives up too many big plays. Plain and simple.
    Our coaching staff is not very good. Plain and simple

    Vince Lombardi could not get this group above .500. The pundits were right this year. We are mediocre at best. Expectations were about right. We did not underachieve like USC who was supposed to win a national title and will now contend for a bowl that wants a west coast team with 3 – 4 losses. Tough year fellas. Maybe next.

  • Larry

    We got Maynarded more than we got shaqed.

  • Larry


    Oh,I agree with what you say. I have been around BearTalk for a while and have seen all the opinions etc.

    I have just resigned myself to the conclusion that the University will not fire Tedford after this season or possibly let him finish out his contract. I absolutely do not agree with doing that, but all indicators I see is that it’s the way it will play out.

    I also noticed the 2006 Dunbar situation, but look where we are today, same old thing, so like I said, I have resigned myself to this Modus Operendi of Sandy & Cal, I don’t agree with it, but I see that is the reality.

  • Larry


    At the game last night, Sandy was backslapping the players and coaches as they came onto the field and was all smiles etc. Makes me wonder if she is clueless that this ship has just about sunk already or does she have a very good poker face?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Q: What do Chip Kelly and Jeff Tedford have in common?

    A: One coaches Ducks, and one is a lame-duck coach!

  • Juancho

    Two things became clear to me last night.

    1. There was a coordinated effort to start to use the injury excuse.

    2. Tedford is coming back.

  • Calduke

    Sofele makes a dumb-f*ck fumble in the red-zone

    Bigelow makes a dumb-f*ck fumble in the red-Zone

    Top CB 5′-10″(sure!) S Williams gets out-balled,
    out-manned for TD

    DL takes a break, waddles back to line as Washington
    makes quick snap, Sansky trots in for TD

  • That loud, sucking sound you hear is the sleazy cheaters’ NC hopes and Barkey’s heisman hopes evaporating into thin air. LOL!!

    I heard the sleazys’ radio announcer call out M. Lee for the interception in the end zone. Said he did not ‘play to the whistle’!! LOL!! Quitter!! He is a Boss Twit at best.

  • Eric

    U$C should be losing by at least 18 at the half, and Barkley should have thrown 3 picks. Only reason why it is 10 is a lucky catch by #15, a fumble by Mariota, and great individual play by the U$C DE with the sacks. But I’m guessing Oregon will simply wear the defense out completely, and Oregon wins by 3 scores.

  • Will

    $C definitely has a BCS caliber defense.


  • Eric

    The Pac-12 ref with the glasses is consistently the most embarassing ref in college football, and the rest of the clowns from the U$C/Oregon need to be fired. I was repeatedly astonished how the refs tried to bail out U$C, just like Arizona last week. Too bad talent and good coaching won out (wish we had either).

    Curious to see who wins the UCLA/Arizona game.

  • GOGO Bears

    The three most overpaid sports teams who aren’t worth the money: Red Sox, Dodgers, Trojans.

    Meanwhile, little not-a-lawyer will stay home all alone tonite and try not to remember that he told us all $C would win a NatChamp this year. All alone.

  • Dan

    Hey Cheeto Kid – what is that now, 3 losses for the Kiffen-ettes? You’re daddy and you remind me of the Kiffins- your daddy for drinking, Monte for being lucky not to have EIGHTY points scored on him, Lane for being the second biggest coaching under-achiever in the P12 and you for being the biggest under-achiever in your family. WIPE THE ORANGE DUST OFF YOUR FACE- IT’S EMBARRASSING!

    Noticed how you conveniently disappeared again from here once the Cheater$ got boat-raced. Too funny, too predictable like Tedford’s offense. Or the Cheater$ choking again.

    Please answer what I have asked you on more than one occasion-

    What happened to Barkleys Heismann? … That you predicted.
    What happened to $C’s P12 Championship? … That you predicted.
    What happened to the Cheater$ national championship? … That you predicted.
    What happened to 92,000 strong, that would guarantee victory? … That you predicted?

    How does a team with all that talent, all those 5 star recruits, choke so often???

    Why do you disappear from here after each $C choke job, while you you troll and stalk this site otherwise. You appear to be very cowardly, can dish it out but cant take it in return, and are also a very poor sport, typical loser $C bandwagon.

    That about says it all.

    Except as the scholarship reductions start to take effect, it only gets worse for the Toejams. What is it you always say? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I guess we all see why you like them so much. Because they are a big disappointment, just like you, and they are losers … Just like you.

  • Dan

    PS Pat … Will the Cheaters have more than the 40,000 actual fans that showed up for the Arizona game 2 years ago ahow up at the next Cheater home game? Remember when over 50,000 fair-weather, band wagon jumping fans had better things to do than go watch “their” team play? Yeah, great “fans”. What a bunch of LOSERS.

  • Larry

    I noticed all the empty seats after halftime. U$C has the most bandwagonish fans of any college team. They are all little bi@%h#s!

    Hey, has anyone heard from our little troll? Did she go into hiding?

  • SteveNTexas

    A few years ago I posted “Does Cal Football seem to have more injuries than other programs?”
    I was just curious but got pounced on for daring to question Tedford.

  • Easy Ed

    SteveNTexas I have notice the same ting about injuries. Think about it, Chase Lyman, Geoff Mcarthur, Marshawn Lynch, Jahvid Best, Nate Longshore, Kevin Riley, Keenan Allen… the list is long, I can’t remember the cornerback who was injured before Tennessee and result in Shaq Thompson getting toasted. Training? Conditioning? I don’t know but man we have a lot of bad luck.

  • GoldenTrailsDave

    @Easy Ed

    *Syd* Thompson

    Shaq toasted us on Friday

  • daredevilfan

    I have a solution for our injury situation on defense. Start playing some of our 28 x 10^3 QBs on defense!! (Moron, writing it that way means its a really big number. Like you can’t count it out on your fingers and toes.)

  • Easy Ed

    #128 sorry, I am still having visions of what could have been as I saw Shaq, Ellis McCarthy and Arik Armstead make significant contributions this weekend.

  • Seems like injuries become an issue for Cal every season. As soon as a few starters get hurt, we discover there is not much depth backing them up. Especially among the linesmen. I don’t pretend to have a solution, but I do know that when it happens year after year something needs to be fixed.

  • ScottyBear

    Moren: Record setting day for USC last night. Worst loss in school history as far as yards given up. Didn’t you recently say USC was in the hunt for the NC? Pathetic. We know we suck, but USC has demonstrated the biggest let down in college football this year. You suck and so does USC. Go on USC’s website and whine at them now. You are a broken record here. Bye Bye!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHAHA…look at posts 118-125! Your own football program is backed up to the edge of the cliff and ready to take the plunge into the abyss for yet another repeat performance and you guys care more about what happens to USC.

    USC will be fine. We still can work our way into the Roses. Our fans were out in full force yesterday unlike yours will be next Saturday when you play the Ducks. Some people think we would have won that game yesterday if the refs played fair. Maybe. Maybe not.

    Furthermore, don’t count out Matt for the Heisman. We have a national TV game with ND coming up. Frankly, I think Marquise Lee should win it. That kid plays with heart unlike your tempermental “hot-dogging” WR Allen who holds your whole program hostage just because he wants his brother to QB. LOL

    Welcome to the bottom again losers. You could only dream of playing competitively again like we did yesterday. Enjoy that $7 million rope around your necks.

    The rest of the Pac 12 is!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #122 – GOGOBears aka Sherm Boyson

    Look who finally shows up after a prolonged absence!

    Let me guess why you have been absent.

    #1 Your team is experiencing another one of its laughable seasons and you have gone into hibernation being the coward that you are.

    #2 The recently published results of the APR and GSR of your football program leaves you embarassed and humiliated. What’s the matter Sherm? Can’t the Social Welfare department offer more independent study courses on a Pass/Not Pass basis?

    So what accounts for your absence? Is it #1 which has been your pattern since the 2007 season (aka “The Greatest Collapse in College Football History”)?

    Is it #2?

    With all of the anger that these reports have generated amongst the fan base, I put my bet on #2. I wouldn’t show up either especially with your “AdvisingBear” handle on Bear Insider when you have contributed to such an epic failure.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHA…Ty Willingham!!!!!

    That’s what the front page on Bear Insider is recommending as your next HC.

    And don’t let Jon Wilner’s article get in the way of the truth. Here you go.

  • Eric


    Had the refs played fair, Oregon wins by at least 24 points. I was surprised that the Pac-12 conference would have let the refs be so one-sided in favor of U$C given Oregon’s NC championship possibilities, but when ref with the glasses is the head guy for a U$C game, you know he’ll whip out the knee pads and have his glass of water nearby.

    But you are right about Marquis Lee. He is, and has been, by far the best WR in the conference, and in the nation. Had U$C not been so blind in pushing Barkley, who is weak-armed and easily rattled by pressure, Lee would be a legitimate Heisman candidate. That was, of course, before Barner by himself totally embarassed the entire U$C football program.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Barkley is weak armed? HAHAHAHAHAHA. This maybe the dumbest thing coming from a UC East Bay fan in many years. Did you not see the 75 yard bomb to Lee yesterday? How about the one the 70 yarder he put between not one but two Duck defenders. You have been watching too many Sack Wayward highlights to know what is a weak versus strong arm (and an accurate one on top of it all).

    Because you are nothing but a fake football fan, there is no need to remind you that Lee got his head ripped off in the end zone which resulted in an interception. That was a PI but instead the refs awarded an turn-over.

  • Eric

    I did see the 75-yard “bomb”…that floated and Lee made sure to adjust the pattern. As I did see the pass to #15 that easily should have been picked if the Oregon defenders played it right. Of course, the Oregon defenders did, overall, play quite well, which is why Barkely was picked off 3 times (with one taken away by Idiot Ref) and should have been picked 2 or 3 more times.

    But for U$C’s receivers (and Stanley Havili over the decade, it seemed), Barkely would be a back-up at most Pac-12 schools. Those 5-7 yard dumps to Lee and Woods are turned into big games because those guys generally don’t give up and fight through dozens of tackles. I admire them. I wish we had them.

    It must be the QB coach. This was the same problem Leinart and Sanchez. Weak-armed and easily rattled, but surrounded by talent, so rarely tested. As soon as they got to the NFL, they have been extraordinarily bad.

    Sorry, but if you think the end zone INT should be called back because both players were pushing and shoving and Lee subsequently gave up on the route (which was called out by the announcers and is very unusual for him), rtaher than calling you Moron, I’m calling you Adam Morrison. Stop crying and take it like a man. I bet Lee isn’t bitching about it.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    BTW whatever happened to MikeD and that greasemonkey thing. If you look at the last 15 posts on this blog from the UC East Bay fans you will see that I win again for the 5th straight year.

  • Eric

    And Adam Morrison, sorry for piling on, but since you like to link to Wilner’s article, I’m sure you saw what he said about your Golden Boy:

    “Overrated QB of the week: USC’s Matt Barkley.

    Another big game, another multi-interception game — his fourth, if you’re scoring at home — for the one-time Heisman frontrunner.”

  • Steve W

    I live down here, and I can tell you that everyone in Southland is thrilled that Mattie came back to lead his Trojans to five losses this season. Yes, you heard that right, Moron. Loss 4 will be against Notre Dame, and Loss 5 will either be against a resurgent UCLA or Oregon in the PAC 12 championship game. When was the last time an SC team lost five games, Moron?

    Was Larry Smith the head coach, or was it Homer Smith? I can’t remember. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Dan

    Moron, you are such a loser. The only things you could win at is a Cheetos eating contest and a Sandy Barbour look a like contest. The school you leached onto wants nothing to do with you. So you spend all your time trolling Cal sites. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have to actually work for a living.


  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Just about everyone in the press hates USC. No one wants us to win and no one wants any of our players to top notch billing.

    Case in point: Why isn’t Marquise Lee being considered (or even mentioned) for the Heisman?

    It is because the press hates us.

  • daredevilfan

    It ain’t just a river in egypt.

  • Eric

    @Adam Morrison

    Rather than crying about a media conspiracy like Rush Limbaugh (but maybe that is a new nickname, since you have to be addicted to meds, love to troll around looking for attention, and happily respond to Moron), maybe it is because U$C decided to promote the clean-cut white kid from vanilla Orange County instead of the non-white guys from tough neighborhood surrounding Serra when everyone knew Barkley is pasta-armed whose kudos are directly related to a set of gifted receivers? I’ll let you draw whatever reasonable inferences you can muster from that fact pattern.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #145 – I love how UC East Bay posters turn everything into a racial issue.

    Could it be that USC promoted Barkley because he came back to play another year foregoing millions in NFL money?

    Could it be that USC knew that Lee had another year after this one whereas Barkley did not?

    Could it be that USC knows the chances of a WR winning the Heisman over a QB or RB is next to impossible.The last pure WR to do it was Desmond Howard in 1991. Of the past 20 winners 13 have been QBs and the rest have been RBs (with the exception of Charles Woodson who won as a multi purpose player/primarily DB in 1997).

    Keep exposing your infantile football knowledge. You will join most of the posters on this blog.

  • Eric

    @Adam Morrison

    You keeping shifting your target of inquiry, abandoning your previous baseless assertions and scrambling to find something else to latch on to. So let me crush this one as well, and we’ll see you spend countless hours trying to come up with something new, ending it with “Cal State” or “UC East Bay” and then add to something silly like “infantile knowledge.”

    You asserted that the reason why Lee was not in the Heisman discussion was because the media “hates us.” I pointed out that the problem was U$C was backing the wrong player – Lee was primed last year to be in the Heisman discussion this year (see DeAnthony Thomas for comparative purposes) but U$C decided not to do it. You acknowledge I was right, because you admit in #146 that U$C rewarded Barkley for coming back, knowing that Lee had another year of eligibility, and that WRs tend not to win the Heisman. In other words, the media had nothing to do with, it was an institutional decision. A dumb one, and possibly with racial overtones, based upon the clear evidence from last year that the WRs were making Barkley look half-way decent, as they have continued to do this year notwithstanding the massive chokes Barkley has suffered.

    And you (unintentionally?) sell Lee short, because he is more than a WR. He is also a kick returner, and, indeed, that is what makes him particularly unique. Note that in your list of prior winners, both Woodsen and Howard (and Tim Brown in 1987, before your cut-off) were return specialists in addition to their other roles. There is a good basis to push a candidate who is both a WR and a returner.

    In acknowleding that QBs and RBs tend to win it, I don’t dispute the obvious fact. That is a straw man argument, because the QB and the RB are, by far, the most high profile positions in college football, and the Heisman is determined by the media. Holmes arguably is the most valuable on U$C, but I’m guessing 95% of the media members have no clue who he is. It takes superlative effort for another position player to be in the running, but once they have broken through to the national consciousness, they can easily win (like Howard, who at the time he won had the biggest voting margin). But most importantly the relative success of the team is key. That is why T’eo is in the discussion this tear, as was the Honey Badger last year. That is why Griffin ultimately won and Luck lost. That is why, of the prior 20 winners, many came from teams winning the national championship or playing in a game that determined the national championship. That is why neither Barkley nor Lee can win – U$C, on a relative basis, has had the worst performance this year thus far.

    Since U$C serves only to provide a national stage for good to great teams look even better, it may very well be the case that U$C will boost the candidacy of Barner and T’eo, even if they had no shot at the start of the season.

    But what do I know? I only have “infantile knowledge” of football.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    In addition to possessing infantile knowledge you possess infantile reading abilties.

    Here is what I said in #140:

    “Just about everyone in the press hates USC. No one wants us to win and no one wants any of our players to top notch billing.

    Case in point: Why isn’t Marquise Lee being considered (or even mentioned) for the Heisman?”

    Please notice the word “considered”. The fact that Lee is not being considered (or even mentioned) for the Heisman does not rest with SC. It is the press! Where is the press?

    Are you saying that the press is getting its key from the SC media desk? Are you implying that the press is just waiting for SC to come out with a “Marqise for Heisman” billboard before they at least consider his merits?

    His merits speak for his own worth.

    88 receptions
    +1200 yards of receiving
    +9 TDs
    One of the most explosive return men in the country

    No one needs USC’s glorification of the greatest player in the country today before he should be considered. His merits speak loud and clear.

    SC has a winning record and that’s all it takes to win the Heisman. It doesn’t take a #1 team or even a 1 loss team. Just ask RGIII. In fact since 1998-2003 not one Heisman winner played on the NC. It wasn’t until 2004 that Matt Leinart won the award and SC won the NC. Then from 2005-2011 only Newtown and Ingram did it too.

  • Eric

    Wow. You really are stupid, or you at least intentionally ignore contrary facts. I love it when opposing counsel do that, because it means I will win.

    First, you blamed the media for not promoting Lee. Then when it was pointed out that U$C has done nothing to market Lee, but has marketed Barkley, you try to defend U$C by saying U$C is only going to market what it thinks is the best candidate. When it is pointed you are contradicting your earlier statement, you now state that the media is indeed not “considering” Lee, and that it has nothing to do with the U$C.

    So let’s see if the media is “considering” Lee.

    According to the 10.30.12 espn.com Heisman Watch poll, Lee was sixth, including one third place vote. Barkley is now 10th. Klein was first, with Te’o second, and Barner third.

    If you go back to the 9.11.12 poll, Barkley was first, Lee was 6th, with one first place vote. That was nonsensical, because if you look at the game prior to 9.11.12, the “pundits” are looking at U$C’s game against Syracuse and Barkley’s 6 TDs. But Barkley’s stats were actually mediocre – 187 yards, 23-30, and 1 INT. It was his WRs who made him look good – Woods ran one play for 76 yards, had a punt return for 31 yards, Xavier Grimble made a TD out of a 5 yard pass (breaking three tackles), and the last TD to Lee was a terrible underthrown fade pattern that Lee wrestled away from the defender. Not surprisingly, Woods was given the game ball by espn.com

    But now go back to May 2012. In that case, Barkley was on the initial Heisman Pundit list, along with DeAnthony Thomas, but no Marquis Lee. See http://espn.go.com/blog/pac10/post/_/id/38128/three-from-pac-12-on-heisman-watchlist.

    So it seems that the media was first in love with Barkley, then continued to give credit to Barkley when it was clear he was riding the coattails of his receivers (but starting to recognize love for the receivers), and now have correctly dropped Barkley below his receiver.

    Why? Because U$C had nothing to promote Lee, but, as you acknowledged before but now back away from, U$C wanted to push Barkley and did not push Lee. Had it made Lee a focal point, Lee probably still gets invited to NY, notwithstanding the poor performance of his team.

    You just can’t admit that U$C backed the wrong guy.

    Your statement about the merits just confirms what I was saying and you ignored. Lee is no doubt great – far, far better than Barkley is or ever was – and it is the stupidity of the institution that has denied Lee a prospect of greatness. And it further supports my point that Barkley is a weak-armed, easily rattled QB who, when he is drafted, will join the long history of disappointing U$C QBs in the NFL.

    Sorry, but a winning record is not enough. If that were the case, Stanford would have won three straight Heisman trophies. It is relative expectations, as a I wrote before and you ignored. Luck did not meet those relative expectations, but Griffin vastly exceeded them. That is why Griffin won. U$C was a near unanimous choice to play in the NC game this year, and Barkley was (totally incorrectly) perceived to the Heisman front-runner. Since both have failed miserably to meet those expectations, anyone who deserves recognition on that team is going to be short-changed. Lee will be first team all-american, and will have a very good pro career. Barkley will not be an all-american, and will not have a good pro career.

    You state that until Matt Leinart, not one Heisman played on a NC winner. Just in case you missed, I’ll write what I previously wrote:

    “But most importantly the relative success of the team is key. That is why T’eo is in the discussion this tear, as was the Honey Badger last year. That is why Griffin ultimately won and Luck lost. That is why, of the prior 20 winners, many came from teams winning the national championship or playing in a game that determined the national championship. That is why neither Barkley nor Lee can win – U$C, on a relative basis, has had the worst performance this year thus far.”

    Let’s take a look at the winners from the past 20 years, and count up how many came from teams that played in NC games. Recall that the Heisman trophy winner is selected before the NC game:

    1991 Desmond Howard Michigan WR Jr.
    1992 Gino Torretta Miami (Fla) QB Sr.
    1993 Charlie Ward Florida State QB Sr.
    1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado RB Jr.
    1995 Eddie George Ohio State RB Sr.
    1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida QB Sr.
    1997 Charles Woodson Michigan CB Jr.
    1998 Ricky Williams Texas RB Sr.
    1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin RB Sr.
    2000 Chris Weinke Florida State QB Sr.
    2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska QB Sr.
    2002 Carson Palmer USC QB Sr.
    2003 Jason White Oklahoma QB Jr.
    2004 Matt Leinart USC QB Jr.
    2006 Troy Smith Ohio State QB Sr.
    2007 Tim Tebow Florida QB Sop
    2008 Sam Bradford Oklahoma QB Sop
    2009 Mark Ingram Alabama RB Sop
    2010 Cam Newton Auburn QB Jr.
    2011 Robert Griffin III Baylor University QB Jr.

    The Heisman winner played for a team that was in the BCS championship game in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Thus, the only missing years were 1998, 1999, 2002, 2007, and 2011. 1998 and 1999 were record breaking years by running backs. 2002 was the Carson Palmer year, which was arguably the most undeserved Heisman of all time. 2007 was Tim Tebow, which is a great example of hype overcoming results. 2011 was, like Ricky Williams and Ron Dayne, the case of someone blowing away expectations and taking their team well beyond what was projected.

    Now anything pre-BCS is somewhat suspect, because teams with automatic bowl tie-ins may have been locked out of a NC game. But in 1991, Michigan played UW (one of top NC teams); in 1992, Miami played Alabama (NC); in 1993 FSU was the NC; in 1994 Colorado was not involved; in 1995 Ohio State was locked into the Rose Bowl; 1996 Florida was the NC; and in 1997 Michigan was the NC.

    So counting that up, 5 and out 7 were directly involved in a NC game. So 14 out of 19 Heisman Trophy winners played for teams that won the national championship game or played for the national championship.


  • Eric

    Oh, you might have noticied 2005 was missing. Reggie Bush won it, but it is subsequently revoked because of his and U$C’s misconduct. The runner-up was Vince Young, so no matter how you slice it, the Heisman Trophy winner played in the NC game for that season.