Football: Maynard MRI shows no ligament damage, but his status for Oregon is uncertain

Cal quarterback Zach Maynard, who injured his left knee in the loss to Washington, was on crutches Sunday but did not sustain ligament damage, coach Jeff Tedford said.

Tedford said an MRI exam was negative and Maynard’s status for Saturday’s game against No. 2 Oregon is day to day.
“It’s an old-fashioned knee sprain,” Tedford said.
Tedford said Maynard was better Sunday than he was the day before, and he’s encouraged that there was no ligament damage. “But there’s obviously something there,” he said. “It’s how he responds to treatment.”
If Maynard cannot play, junior Allan Bridgford would start against the unbeaten Ducks.
Cal’s starter the past two seasons, Maynard was injured with 4:01 left in the fourth quarter of Friday night’s 21-13 loss. He was taken down by Washington’s Danny Shelton with what Tedford called “a gator tackle.”
“It was unfortunate, but it wasn’t dirty,” he said.
Tedford described the tackling technique as grabbing a leg and rolling to take down the ball carrier. Maynard’s right leg was planted at the time, so the manuever caused his left leg to torque.
Tedford said he expects defensive ends Kendrick Payne (broken finger) and Aaron Tipoti (knee) both to play against Oregon. Linebackers Jalen Jefferson and J.P. Hurrell and cornerback Marc Anthony, all sidelined Friday by concussions, will be evaluated through the week.
Among offensive starters, tackle Matt Summers-Gavin (knee) is questionable, freshman wide receiver Bryce Treggs (ankle) likely will be ready to play.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Glad for the kid.

    But to be honest dissapointed because I thought we’d see a new guy at QB for the last two games. Which would give me more reason to watch and maybe even enjoy our offense for once this year.

    Jeff you should do a post on which units have dissapointed, or been pleasant surprises, or beenjust about where they were predicted to be this year. Might be fun.

    One thing I realized earlier is that Chris Harper has had a much bigger impact and has been more impressive than Bryce Treggs. Which I would have never thought coming out of high school. I was a Chris Harper critic – but he proved me wrong big time. Can’t wait to see him next year.

  • JimInChico77

    Maynard’s not playing. Tedfords statement is an effort to keep Oregon guessing about our QB. Same reason there was no announcement about Keenan until late. In the case of the QB position, it really doesn’t matter.

  • Dan

    Juancho- great, and correct, point on Harper. Also, this guy Bigelow, who has had a few carries, has looked OK. Might be pretty good, maybe look forward to seeing next year too.

  • daredevilfan

    Bigelow who? Tedford, please play one of your other 46982 QBs to see what we have there? We know what ZM brings and doesn’t. Nothing left this year to shoot for, please think forward and get some guys ready…

  • Steve W.

    I will be very disappointed if Maynard plays another down this season. He’s had all the opportunity to show what he can do, and the result is one of the worst records of the modern Cal era. I know it’s not all his fault with the weak offensive line and all, but I truly want this team to start building towards next year.

    Bridgford showed me enough in his minutes in the Washington game that he just might improve with game experience. Some might say it’s throwing the young man to the dogs with the best team on the West Coast coming to Berkeley this week, but we shouldn’t forget that Ohio State is going to come calling early next year. From what I have observed, Bridgford has been a very suportive team guy on the sidelines and deserves this shot. And then let the quarterback competition open up in earnest over spring ball.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Maynard should rest his knee. He has a bright future up ahead in the NFL!

    He has the second most impressive stats next of all of the Tedford era QBs next to Erin Rogers.

  • Larry

    Carson Palmer is another reject U$C QB who sucks. 4 INTs to single handedly lose the game for the Raiders! Bring back Kyle Boller!

  • CalBearister

    “The program is fine; we had a down year.” – Jeff Tedford.

    Really Coach? Just one down year?

    3-7 this year, on our way to 3-9 (just one fewer game lost than Holmoe in his final season).

    Last year, a 7-6 record and a Holiday Bowl embarrassment.

    2009, a losing record.

    2008, a mediocre season followed by a loss to a non-BCS school in a bottom-feeder bowl.

    2007, an epic meltdown resulting in a free-fall from #2 in the country.

    2006, Rose Bowl within our grasp, but your QB chokes @ Arizona and @ $UC (after an epic choke @ Tennessee).

    2005: Starting 5-0 but then going 1-4 before Levy saved the day by being a decent QB.

    Eight seasons. Zero quality quarterbacks. Two seasons with massive mid-year meltdowns (2005, 2007). Two losing seasons (2010, 2012). Two mediocre seasons with embarrassing bowl losses (2009, 2011). One mediocre season with a bowl victory that featured some of the worst offense I’d ever seen (thank goodness for Follett). And one good season (2006) that could have brought us a Rose Bowl but didn’t thanks to a lack of mental toughness in November.

    Sorry Coach Tedford, but if you think that’s a program that’s “fine,” you’re delusional.

  • jabes

    Jeff — you need to make the point that the play where Maynard was hurt was a dirty play. The Pac12 should not tolerate that, any more than Tosh recruiting Shaq for UW with a Cal shirt on should have been tolerated. Isn’t that the role of the third estate?

    We know Tedford will give the same answers regardless of his real beliefs. Don’t be surprised. He won’t call out a player, opponent, referee, AD, or coach in public. The last time he did was Tosh at Injurygate. He’s completely shut down, he knows this should be his last season as Cal’s HC, and he doesn’t want to offend any potential employers/references for his future. Which of us would do any differently in the same circumstance?

  • calbearister

    Oops – 2009 should be 2010. 2008 should be 2009. And 2008 was Awful Offense Bowl.

  • BlueNGold

    Hey parasite moron- what, exactly, is your point in calling Aaron Rodgers ‘Erin Rogers’? Are you trying to amaze and impress us with your extensive knowledge of football? Are you not concerned that you will be perceived as an idiot? Do you actually have a point?

    Let us know your rationale. I am sure it will make all the sense in the world.LOL!!!

  • Tom S

    A dream come true if barely Div. 2 Marnard can not play. Ride out Bridgeford the rest of the year, and get Cline ready for 2013 and beyond. Hopefully with better coaching.