Football: Tedford said he hasn’t talked recently with AD Sandy Barbour about his job status

Coach Jeff Tedford said Sunday afternoon he has had no recent conversations with Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour on his job status.
“Not at all. I guess there’s written enough in the blogs and the papers and everybody keeping track enough of that outside, but we haven’t (talked),” said Tedford, whose team is 3-7 and has lost three in a row.
Asked if he expects to have that discussion before the season ends on Nov. 17, Tedford said, “I wouldn’t expect that. I would expect after the season we’ll probably talk about everything.”
Cal plays its home finale on Saturday against No. 2 Oregon. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. and the game will be shown on ESPN.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    It’s hard to like Tedford at this point. Not just as a coach but for the way he represents the University in a piss poor fashion in my opinion. So condescending, so stubborn, so above it all.

    He inherited the Holmoe program, and like someone who borrows anything, he’s returning just as he found it.

    Rollon – fair prince of knowledge, did you see that Kentucky fired their coach? Does this mean that your chosen candidate Willie Beamen will be swooped up by them ?

    When reading through that article one interesting piece of analysis came up. Kentucky chose to act fast before the bigger programs swoop in for coaching changes. For instance it is expected that Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas will all making coaching changes. So Kentucky wants to start looking first before it’s too late for them.

    We could take a page from that book. Announce the change, give the recruits time to reconsider whether they still don’t want to come to Cal, and more importantly start to get to some of these top coordinators before bowl season starts, and before the other big programs who will make changes get to them first.

    Whether it be Willie Beamen, or Mike MacIntyre, or Chris Peterson, or John Gruden, or Bobby Petrino, or some guy we’re all not even thinking of – we need new blood.

  • daredevilfan

    The recruiting angle is a big deal. Right now we have dead coach/dead program walking. Who would want to sign here? You make a change now, put a bunch of energy behind it, you can save that. But I have no hopes of such proactive progressive thinking.

    Tedford’s failure list includes: legacy of horrible QBs, offensive stagnation, not making use of great players in past to really solidify the program, not making use of Tosh/potential 2012 class by sharing some pay around, pathetic gameplanning, pathetic in-game adjustments, seemingly below par conditiioning/injury avoidance, poor mental attitude/confidence/enthusiam coaching, anemic academic numbers….sorry am tired of typing. Anyone else want to add to the list?

  • Larry

    Playing Zach Maynard at QB for the past 2 seasons.

  • Steve W.

    Let me add one more glaring failure: Cal is going to finish 2-9 this season (the Southern Utah win doesn’t count), making it the second worst season for losses over the past 25 campaigns. Bruce Snyder in his struggling early years never had a 2-win season, nor did Keith Gilbertson. Except for his much publicized last year, neither did Tom Holmoe.

    And all of this failure comes under the addded glare of the unfunded stadium renovation and the unsold PSL’s. Cal proved with its win over UCLA this season it has the talent to succeed. It just doesn’t have the coaching.

  • ScottyBear

    Chris Conte is another example. Languished for three years as a back-up DB, then finally as a senior talks the coaches into finally moving him to safety. 1st team All Pac 10, 3rd round draft pick. Another wasted 3 years. Bigelow is another example here. Wasted his freshman year, half wasting this year. The list goes on.

  • Easy Ed

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Tedford will be back next year. I think that the stadium, playing on the road all of last season, the injuries, the Mike Riley factor and defections will all act to give the Coach another year to turn this thing around. The only question is, does he clean house with the coaching staff of try to get a different result with the same group? Any thoughts?

  • jabes

    There is 5% chance we see Mr. Tedford on the sideline of CMS after this Saturday night. Let’s provide as much dignity as possible.

    Please stay until the end of the game Saturday so that as the Seniors leave throught the tunnel for the last time they see more fans than empty seats. Mr. Tedford deserves that, too.

  • 707 Bear


    I agree on the respect thing, but just remember, some of us Old Bears have long drives home; heck, with all the scoring, I won’t start for home until 11 or 11:30.

    College football should be played in the fall sunshine.

    The Pac 12 TV contract sucks.

  • Woj

    @Jabes –
    I’ll call him Mr. when he rightfully changes his last name to Tedfraud.

    Until then its Jeff Holmoe or Mr. Tedfraud.

  • gobears49

    If Tedford had given up 10% or so of his salary to keep Tosh from bolting to UW, he would have had a decent argument to keep his job, even with the very likely three-win season this year. Had Tosh stayed, Tedford could point to 1) the top 10 recruiting class for this year, raising the likelihood Cal will be good to very good in the near future, along with 2) really bad luck on injuries to justify at least one more year to head the Cal football program. But instead he kept his $2.3 million salary all for himself. Bad decision and shows a lack of creativity on his part and also Sandy. I don’t think Cal’s high injury rate this year, by itself, will save him, though I think he is a very decent guy.

    If only we could find a motivator and innovator like Chip Kelly to be Cal’s football coach. Tedford used to be somewhat of an innovator but never that much of a motivator.

    As can be seen, I’m not a Tedford fan (like many, I used to be), but wouldn’t it be great if Cal somehow pulled off a win against the Ducks, even if it allowed Tedford to keep his job?

  • BlueNGold

    If in fact JT has had no discussions with SB about his status or the state of the program, I do not find that remarkable. I would expect a meeting of that nature to take place after the season is officially over. And I would not expect any moves by the AD on the head coaching position until then, either. Not that a move would not be warranted; just do not see it happening while there are still games to play.

  • Eric

    Oh well. With no evidence of a resignation, my rumor source did not pan out.

  • Shaka

    Hard to muster a case for firing given the fact that JT has the third highest win% in Cal history at 59% (assuming 2 more losses in 2012); Andy Smith at 76%: and, Pappy Waldork at 65%.

    An unlikely SB conversation with JT: “Jeff, we appreciate all that you have done for the program over the last 11 years especially in 2004 and 2006. But you know, that was eons ago, and you know about the memory of those old blues who are hammering for a trip to the roses before they all pass on. That gawd awful stuff is all I hear at all those alumni events I really dislike to attend. Got to say you did a nice job pushing for the high performance center, but that was done under the guise of being more competitive and delivering results which haven’t happened. I’ll give you one that it just opened. And I have concerns about the quality of the recruiting class, why should I expect anything different?

    You have one year to turn the numbers around to 9-3, anything less and you will need to go, preferably as your choice to save us the boat load of cash we need to pay for all those facility improvements, save my job, and as a noble consideration to the university you profess to love.

    While we’re at it, can you get into better shape for next year, no beer belly, maybe a little workout schedule at the the new center would be good, and jettison the gum chewing and sunglasses. I’ll try to support scheduling no night games, that squinting makes you look mad all the time…these are offered as just a few coaching opportunities from your AD if you know what I mean. LOL.

    Pause, JT in deep thought…

    JT: “Pound sand, Sandy.

    And btw, to support our Cal fans, can you schedule Stanford as the last game of 2013…”

    Go Bears!

  • gobears49


    Very funny comments. Thanks. I would have added that maybe Tedford should consider having his #2 QB practice with the first team, given the pretty bad performances they have put in in recent years when given a chance to perform in a game. Maybe she should say that every other coach she has heard of does that, so why not Tedford.

  • Tom S

    Agree with all of you. Tedfford must be bought out now. Get Tony Gonzales lined up for 2013 as head coaxch. Hire a quality recruiter coordinator now, and do a realistic pay scale with More money for qualirty coaches.

  • Shaka:

    Funny, clever parody, but also disturbing. The thought of another year of Ol’ Sourpuss chills my blood. Would prefer a scenario that has him bought out now, so the Bears can get on with their next chapter.

    Yes he’s done some good things, but that was yesterday. Ever since that Oregon State loss, when that win would have boosted the Bears to No. 1, it’s been downhill ever since.

    Go Shaka!

    Go Bears!

    There have to be some alums with extra cash who can buy him out and put us out of our misery.