Football: Another De La Salle commitment

Cal got its second commitment this fall from a De La Salle High linebacker when Victor Egu announced he will join teammate Michael Hutchings in Berkeley next fall.

Here is our story on the 6-foot-3, 220-pound three-star prospect.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Calfan1

    May be I’m missing something but is Michael Hutchings coming to Cal? Per the story link, he’s going to USC?

    If you don’t mind clarifying. I’m sure others will pick up on this too. Thanks.

  • Matt

    Yeah, Michael Hutchings is definitely going to SC. I hope we can sway him though.

  • Juancho

    I think it was supposed to be michael barton.

    This is a great get. Guy had blue chip offers.

  • The Wisdom Cow
  • Eric

    Underinflated balls. That explains U$C on multiple levels, doesn’t it?

  • calgrizzlybear

    they are cheaters

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wow this guy really dominates at this position. Here are his stats.

    “In seven games this season, Egu has 24 tackles, four sacks — including two last week against California — and one fumble recovery.”

    He averages about 3.5 tackles a game which is just about equivalent to the number of accurate passes Maynard has thrown in his career.

    BTW with this recruit you have finally got the magic 5 star recruit. You know 1* + 1* + 3* = 5*.


  • BlueNGold

    Speaking of underinflated balls…

  • Dan

    Hey everybody – Moron/Pat/Cheetos Kid put the his orange crack long enough to … Post what could be the lamest of all his lame posts. And then laughs so hard at his lame quotes, as usual. It not funny when you laugh at your own “jokes” Loser Boy.

    Oh, and I see he/she just ignored what is just most recent cheating episode for the Cheater$ of $outh Central. Cowards gotta be cowards, I guess. Robert Smith and Trevor Matich of ESPN both said today that there was no way that equipment manager did the ball deflating on his own, that some $C or several $C higher ups had to have given this guy the directive to do it.

    So after what has to be at least thousand times The Moron has tried to throw Cal’s injury faking into his pathetic trolling here (why is that loser here again?), he just weakly ignores the $C Cheating News of the Day.

    Also, I wonder how it feels to live in a basement, have a Cheatos stained existence, be a huge disappointment to his daddy, be unwelcome on “his” teams websites, so he comes to his daddy’s teams websites to troll and post the most lame, weak, pathetic posts seen here? And to be stupid as to not so that in setting up his own name on thisnsite notice he has essentially spelled out his handle as “moron”. Classic.

    So now we have “The Moron”, kind of like “The Gimp” in Pulp Fiction. What a loser of epic proportions.

  • Dan

    BlueNGold @ #8 – Pat would have to have ball$ for them to be under inflated. True?

  • calgrizzlybear

    she wont be laughing when hutch decommits to stay home to be with best Linebacking crew in the country

  • BlueNGold
  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • MoreNCsarecoming

    From Kawakami…

    –Cal is a good job, with MUCH better facilities than just a few years ago (thanks to Tedford and Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch, et al) , but it’s not a premiere job in the national scope and maybe not even one of the top 5 on the West Coast.

    Welcome Ty Willingham has your next HC. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Larry

    “Coach Lane Kiffin then spent a soggy Thursday morning on campus explaining why the Trojans’ latest brush with questionable tactics was an isolated misdeed by an overeager student, not an indication of a somewhat sleazy culture building around a program still attempting to emerge from the clouds of heavy NCAA sanctions in 2010.”

    —By GREG BEACHAM (AP Sports Writer) | The Associated Press – Thu, Nov 8, 2012 7:58 PM EST

    Says it all.

  • Larry

    Moron, your U$C team cheats and still they are 6-3. How sad & pathetic. Your favorite team can’t even cheat right.

  • Larry

    “The school says it was reprimanded and fined by the Pac-12.”

    Whose paycheck does this come out of, Lame Kiffin’s or Matt Barkly’s?

  • Check out the SFGate/ SFChronicle website for an article about “most overrated coaches”. JT is ranked 8 out of 20, but sleazeball Kiffin is #2. LOL!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Lee sparkles with another Heisman performance and SC plays with heart to beat ASU even though the refs were obviously favoring ASU.

    It’s called heart. Something UC East Bay has no clue what it means.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Matt Barkley broke the Pac-12 record of 11,818 yards passing. The four-year starter already holds the USC records for touchdown passes, completions and total offense along with several single-game superlatives.

  • BlueNGold

    Cheat on!!